Lauren Elaine Fall/Winter 2011 Collection Review - Venetian Flair Weaved Throughout her Black Label Collection

As part of the LA Fashion Week, in the industrial part of North Hollywood, Lauren Elaine created an enchanting, Venetian flared evening titled “Unmasked”, which unveiled her fall/winter 2011 Black Label collection.

Elaine’s vision and inspiration from a recent trip to Venice clearly resonated in the Hollywood lieu as she sad in an interview “When I visited Venice for the first time, I fell in love with the city- it was so unique and magical. The idea of drawing on the Old World concept of masquerade really appealed to me.”

So imagine being that guest who stumbled into a dimly chandelier-lit warehouse decorated in pure decadence, sophistication and with elegant ladies and gentlemen dressed in colorful Venetian costumes and masks that revealed mysterious beauty in an entourage of LA’s finest antique furniture, some of which have been in the movies such as “Titanic” and “The Dutchess”. Magical was the ambiance, almost giving an element of an “eyes wide shut”, yet not. And hearing Elaine say “I wanted to create something very romantic and regal, but with a decidedly dark and dramatic twist”, could not have been more apropos.

Entourage of beauty

As the costumed guests roamed the surprisingly gigantic warehouse while sipping champagne and nibbling hors d’oeuvres, one could easily confuse it with a scene from a Marie Antoinette film set in the modern day.

Lauren Elaine Guests

Another mention was the unavoidable anticipation as many guests sat well before the start of the trunk show hoping they would not loose their seats, as it was apparent the turnout surpassed the expected attendance.

To many though, the biggest anticipation was to see how Lauren Elaine would translate the element of the Antique Venetian flair which was her point of inspiration into “a modern, wearable collection.” as she says.

And the minute the show began it was apparent right there and then that no one would leave the show disappointed. Lauren started the show with a clip of a man and stunning woman dressed between modern to shabby chic attire roaming the dry desert in a motorcycle.

This set the stage for what came next. The next amuse bouche would be the opening act of a theatrical ballerina performance, which left our eyes wanting more.

Artistic Ballerina

Then came the moment we were all waiting for: One beauty after another transcending the stage in decadent gowns which made any modern oscar gown designer seem so passé.

Lady in Green

Women in Lace Dress

Head Model and Lauren Elaine

With an element of exotism, mystery, sensuality, and class, she managed a look that could not keep photographers from clicking their cameras. Elaine said, “This season, I’m playing with more exotic textures, like feathers and laces, and the pieces are less precious, and a little more raw.”

Lady in Red Drapes

Lady in a Mask

Finale Moment

Lauren Elaine Models

It would be no surprise that Elaine left the audience mesmerized with the allure of the entire experience. From a theatrical performance, to a decadent entourage of beautiful models who made her gowns come to life, Lauren Elaine managed to weave the fantasy and magic of Venice into a beautiful fashion collection right in the heart of Los Angeles.



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