ISM Mode Spring 2013 Presentation Review – Classic Meets Casual

Credit: Felix, Lookbook LA

At the ISM Mode Spring 2013 presentation the eternal question, “What can I wear for work and play?” was answered.  Filled with grayish hues, shape hugging silhouettes, and interchangeable pieces, the collection showed a casual yet sophisticated line made for the modern women.

Credit: Felix, Lookbook LA

Inka Sherman, the Munich-born and Berlin trained designer, presented her first installation to an anticipating audience at the Carondelet House in Downtown L.A. The open architecture of the location was the perfect companion to ISM Mode’s relaxed and chic collection. The looks meant to please were full of character. The color choices were true to the classic-styled nature of Ms. Sherman.

Credit: Felix, Lookbook LA

ISM Mode was first revealed at Concept LA in 2011. Since then, it has matured into a line aimed at brining fashion forward design to the everyday woman. With the Spring 2013 presentation Inka Sherman’s artisan upbringing were evident. Silhouettes were carefully designed, emphasizing the most heralded parts of the body while minimizing the most unflattering. Dresses clung and gathered well and pants, designed with the same skill in mind, formed and fitted without suffocating the legs. 

Credit: Felix, Lookbook LA

What made the line even more impressive was the knowledge of the detail and care wrapped within each piece. Ms. Sherman masterfully tie-dyed the different garments and created the patterns. It is therefore no wonder the pieces spoke of a great precision, while maintain a relaxed feel. The line becomes even more noteworthy when the company’s vision of eco-consciousness and its ultimate goal of becoming totally sustainable are added.

As her line grows audiences, fashionistas, and chic soccer moms can be certain to expect more creativity, a deeper focus on design, and more innovative pieces.  Currently, the looks can be purchased at local L.A. area boutiques or online at



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