Isabel Lu Fall 2010 Collection Review - Ready for War with a Romantic Flare at LA Fashion Week

Box 8 in Downtown LA Hosted LA Fashion Week for the Collection of Isabel Lu

Sophia Kim, owner of Isabel Lu offers a competitive edge on her vision of style and fashion that attracts the eye of many celebrities as Eva Longoria and Nicole Ritchie. She has encompassed the fashion industry for 13 years. Spending vigorous time as a creative director for a local contemporary brand in Los Angeles, inspired her to transpose her knowledge into a brand of her own. Her quest in fashion was to brand an affordable style for the modern, strong, and independent women that is not afraid to wear a sense of cutting edge fashion with a feminine style balanced with her business side. Her choice of classic silhouettes, rich fabrics, and tailored clothing create an essence of fine design and structure with an eagle eye for perfection. She transcends from her last season Fall 2009 of exotic Bohemian way of life to a military theme of strength, character, with a romantic flare.

War Paint is used to highlight the Military Theme

The Collection this Fall season signifies a cutting edge inspiration of a military theme which is not shy to present itself by her dominant presentation of war paint. War Paint being a transcending craze this season that seems to be in the mainstream is clearly present in this season's Fall Collection. In the days of ancient Indian tribes, war paint was used to mask their identity and symbolize the war like presence to ward off their predators from battle. This was an interesting concept for women in today's society that parallel a similar “war-like” responsibility of relaying a dominant presence to be successful in business, in the home, and in her personal life, which was shunned to not show such defiance in the ancient times because of the roles they took on inside the home. Isabel Lu masters this idea of war paint slighted by an undertone of romance to not loose sight of her feminine side.

The Isabel Lu collection lures the audience by mysterious nights airing the room of a back drop style of strong armor and steel honing in on harsh bright lights against silver steel backing formulating a corner of a 90 degree angel in the middle. The production team dazzles us with the creative billowing multicolored palette of lights dancing around the base of the steel wall. When a photograph image is taken it belays a faded background of a mystical dreamy night walking down a busy street with an air of dark, musty London streets, the underground subway rushing by, or fancy cars driving by in a rapid movement creating this unmatched effect in the dashing lights. The ambiance transforms us into believing that true fashion is not unattainable, but can be captured with a clear concentration and purpose for life that diverts our attention from the stress of normal everyday challenges. The mystique of the stage presence is her signature style of strength, focus, and romance to brand her message to the aspiring Fashionista or everyday women wanting to evolve into a state ambiance. Her collection rivets the audience to a realization of bold clarity that teases her audience to introspect on the definition of fashion.

A Black Jacket, Spike Heel Boots, and Fish-Net Hose Highlight Military with Romance

Her brunette model wore an open-toed high heel leather boot laced up in front with black ties with open silver zippers in the front with a sexy flirtatious sharp pointed heel to finish it off. She wore black designed panty hose of a sexy, trendy design mirroring the 1960's pin-up girl fish-net hose idea. For that touch of romance, ash ads a half-strapped black cotton leotard that was form fitted from her high-thigh area up to her mid-waist. Her black leather jacket was a completion to her strong style with an off the shoulder strap covering her right shoulder to add that extra sexy, military feel to her outfit. The collar of the jacket folded upwards around the models neck adding even more sass and assertiveness to her look. The jacket was embroidered with a square pocket and zipper with black fringe to finish off her look. Her hair and make-up was a spin-off of military or Indian war paint style with her hair in a Mohawk which is a popular trend, but with her own original eye. The models make-up theme made her look. The model's make-up consisted of red and pink hued war paint on her right cheek detailed of sharp pointed arrows and sparkling glitter to finish off the idea.

A Military look is not complete without Boots with a Combat feel.

The blonde model presented a more assertive elaborate idea of the military theme to Isabel Lu's collection. She wore a silver themed war paint on her right cheek that had a sparkle hue to her make-up. Her hair was presented in a double Mohawk by hair pulled back in a ponytail with the back of her wrapped around to the front middle of her head to created a simulated version of a Mohawk. Isabel Lu presented her with a beige colored high-thigh short cotton dress with a see through design from shoulder to thigh. To finish the look with ultimate grace, a circle type wrap around her neck that was made of sheer chiffon fabric in white accessorized with red around the base of the garment adding a sense of color balance and sassy flare to her expression. The bright red ribbon around her chiffon wrap off set the beige and conservative colors used in this look, but does not neglect at add the subliminal boldness blended into her look.

TheFall Collection 2010 of Isabel Lu was inspirational and informative to the modern women and how she should dress in a an everyday style, from dressing the modern business women in a high-profile firm in Beverly Hills, to the sassy chick on the college campus, to the super sexy club trotter looking to be seen amongst the crowd in her original state of high fashion LA. Her strong high energy undercut theme in her collection toys with our own perceptions of who we are as women in today's society, how our standards thread at having to balance the feminine and masculine side of our lives not loosing the idea we are women with a purpose. She continues to overcome the challenges of our depressed economical society with a driven sense of authority over her life ready for anything that unexpectedly comes her way. A well-cultivated futuristic sense of where women are headed and the fashion they present mirror a concept of who they are today with an affordable price for such luxurious fabrics.

Her eclectic style elaborates a vintage twist paralleled with modern sensibility. Solid prints, black fringe, short cut boots, printed cocktail hose, short leather jackets collaborated with a kaleidoscope of neutral palette colors (black, white, tan, and gray) and a splash of vibrant colors (red, gold, silver) to contribute strength and defiance to her military theme collection. Meticulously tailored garments with a sharp, but symmetrical cut from edge to finish undertones the defiance and strength of the Modern female. Romance, balance and strength were her key antidotes in this season'sFall Collection giving her a sharp edge over the mainstream designers letting us know she is ready for battle!

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