Funktional Fall 2010 Collection Review - 1980's Vintage and a Modern Twist at LA Fashion Week

A Sexy Rocker Chic in Tie-Dye Leggings is the Center of Attention

Jennifer park, owner of Funktional educated by the elite FIDM in Los Angeles majoring in Design and Merchandising worked with several retailers then became inspired to pursue her passion of a collection geared towards the women of a budget. She designs garments of a modernized style, complete details, and rich fabrics exuding wearable edgy silhouettes, to soft fabric blouses and dresses and year round season knitwear, and to form-fitted jackets and outer wear for the Autumn seasons and colder days in the Winter Solstice in Los Angeles.

Her innovative trendy style can relate to casual collections for that lunch out with friends, a twiddling stroll on the beach, to the ultimate glam trash chic with heavy eyeliner and neon angle bracelets that wants to be the center of attention at a wild rocker concert. Hmmm....what a kicky cool chic!

A back low cut dress show off a bit of a naughty side

The Funktional collection was a perfect expression of a collection for the realistic trendy cool chick that offers an affordable brand comparable to Bebe. Her collection was simply feminine, basic, but a versatile color palette themed of black, white, and gray making it easy for women to color match with a variety of accessories. Her collection presented a form fitted style for the trendy women 18 to 40ish.

The FunctionalFall 2010 Collection in Box 8 at Los Angeles Fashion week presented a red haired model that possessed that vixen girl-next-door Ava Gardner type ready to step out into a world of vintage style with garments that can be worn in more conservative everyday looks, but with the right accessories can be easily dressed up for the hot, sexy night life style. Her collection had a sense of classic style from the 1980's vintage Madonna type star style with a spin-off of evolved modern day fashion. Her mere sense of feminine beauty captures the inner magnetic sensuality of the modern women. In today's society, women merely question their identity where Funktional presented a sense of clarity to the indecisive women's style with funky trends that have a bit of a nasty, naughty flare.

Black, White, and Gray are Basic Neutral Palette Colors to any Waredrobe

A palette of mostly solid colors (black, gray, white), a touch of tie-dye, of simple cut garments, a black cottonform fitting dress off the should to accentuate her figure, a black long sleeve short coat, black leather open toes silver zipper boots with a double breast of leather. A black, gray and white mixture of tie-dye effect to the leggings, off-set the solid black top.

She caressed her style as if she was ready for a hot night on the town into a warm summer breeze with a fancy bottle of Dom Perignon and a few sassy girls to add to the fun. She wore her open toes buckle down boots as if that was the only thing to ad to her mischievous smile on her face with no care in the world. Its a wonder what a hot pair of leather strap laced boots and a kicky zipper can do for a girl ready to bare it all into the mysterious nightlife with her friends and a few star-studded boys.

The Funktional collection evolved over the entirety of her live editorial presentation, in the second look dividing each look with black simple cut garments that are versatile to use in a multidimensional way relating to the curvature of the woman's body. The curvature of the females legs became the center of attention in her presentation of club wear emphasizing the woman's a sense of security with what she is presenting in her own collaboration unafraid to flaunt her curves from head to toe. Vintage glam has never been so fun and sexy!

That little black dress is a must for every woman's waredrobe

A1960's decompressed tied-dyed form fitted legging give a message of rebelliousness, free spirited and a constructive way to vent daring creativity. In the 1960's tie dye was a unexpected craze stumbles upon by and brought back 20 years later into the 1980's Glam Trash Vintage look lurking around every corner of Hollywood Boulevard, cool chick kids riding their skate boards, punk rockers getting their next tattoo, or the Madonna wild chick with tons with multicolored accessories, trashy hose and low cut see through tops.

A worn vintage black high-cut fur jacket can add any enticing effect to her look without taking away from the rest of her curves. She accentuates the female form in a way of showing bare skin from the mid navel, open toed black leather silver zipper boots with a double layer of leather to add the sexy curvature of the female leg.

TheFall 2010 Season of the Funktional Collection is flirtatious as it is vintage sexy. She is made to feel rebellious and free-spirited as in the 1980's when Americans were first liberated from the oppression and restrictive idealized standards of fashion not show any skin, trashy or naughty suggestions. She opens the door to go back in time and re-think the Revolution of the 1980's and how this has brought us where we are today as free Americas of choice, vigor, and power. This inspires our creativity, opening our minds, transitioning into the modern times with re-living the 1980's by are own standards.

Box 8 Proudly Hosts The Funktional Spring 2010 Collection

For more about the Funktional Collection please click here

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