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Fashion designer, Vivienne Tam launches - The Modern Woman’s Dream Yoga Collection

By Megan Wilson

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 Vivienne Tam + Li Ning Presents
“Live Sculpture Garden” Fashion Yoga Presentation
at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week


New York, New York, August 31, 2011 – Internationally acclaimed fashion designer Vivienne Tam will present her first-ever Fashion Yoga collection in the form of a “Live Sculpture Garden,” during Mercedes – Benz New York Fashion Week on Tuesday, September 13th at the Barclay’s Capital Grove in Lincoln Center (10:30 – 1:30). During the presentation, 20 leading female yogis, dressed head-to-toe in Tam’s new line, will perform choreographed yoga led by International Yoga experts Rodney Yee and Colleen Yee, creating a living and breathing fashion yoga installation. For the collection, Tam tapped into the mind of leading Chinese athletic apparel brand owner and Olympic Gold Medalist, Li Ning, creating a truly harmonious partnership between the fashion and athletic apparel world.


Photos By Peter Cameron Dominkovits

An avid Yogi herself, Tam’s mission was to create the modern woman’s Fashion Yoga Collection, a lifestyle line that takes women from Yoga to everyday living. Her idea came to life in 1998, around the opening of her first store. It was then that she designed her Yoga Collection’s logo - an OM symbol made up of expanding layers to represent the ripples of sound, an ancient symbol of harmony between universe and life. The peak at the top of the OM symbolizes the “gassho” of the hands, a pose practiced in yoga to show respect to both heaven and earth.


Tam explains, “I’ve been practicing Yoga since the early 90’s as it provides me with a sense of peace and focus. With my crazy schedule, regularly flying back and forth from Hong Kong to the United States, Yoga has been the one thing that not only keeps me focused but provides me with a sense of peace and better energy. My one frustration was that I could not find athletic apparel in fashionable styles and colors that I could wear to the Yoga studio and then to the office or anywhere else in my everyday life. Because of this, I decided to create a Fashion Yoga Collection.”


Tam has made a career of exploring the creativity and positive energy from mixing people and cultures, which made her Eastern culture and Western modernity collaboration with China’s own Li Ning so symbolic. With his brand, Li Ning has proven himself to be at the forefront of athletic apparel expertise much as Tam is to the world of fashion. The two made an obvious pairing as they both represent symbols of Chinese patriotism and possess expertise in both the fashion and athletic apparel world. Tam is credited to have bridged the gap between East meets West in the fashion world, while Li Ning is a triple gold medalist. In the 2008 Olympics, Li Ning was the final torch bearer and lit the cauldron that created a dazzling historic moment in the history of Olympic Games.


Photos By Peter Cameron Dominkovits

Presented to International and United States Press, Tam’s Live Yoga Fashion Installation will be the all-encompassing wellness experience. Vivienne’s partnership with Monster Cable takes a new twist with the addition of the iSport headphones which will be donned by the yogis.  These inear beauties are designed for athletes, workout enthusiasts and everyone who wants to enjoy enhanced music listening. They are fashionable and functional and are perfect for those who are fully in tune with their active lifestyles. (www.monstercable.com) Gaiam, the leading producer and marketer of lifestyle media and fitness accessories, will be co-partnering the event as they embrace the same healthy and eco-conscious living ideals as Tam.(www.gaiam.com)


The 20 yogis will be applying Origins 100% organic makeup products which are long lasting and all natural. (www.origins.com ) To highlight the Yogis’ beauty, their hair will be styled by Tela Hair Organics by Philip Pelusi. www.telanyc.com

For more information on this please visit www.viviennetam.com

Published on Oct 12, 2011

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