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Custo Barcelona Spring 2013- Print Perfection

By Olivia Randall

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Spring has never appeared so bright. Custo Barcelona’s Spring 2013 collection is an alluring mix of color, texture and print


A bright mix of color and texture convey a playful message for spring.



The show sets the mood with a Spanish inspired jam, coolly blasting through the room. The models all appear effortlessly chic, most adorned with sunglasses and relaxed, beach-inspired locks; none of which over power, but simply enhance the amazing collection Custo Barcelona has put together for Spring 2013.


The fusion of elements is predominant in his entire collection, and is done extremely well to say the least. Bright, eye- catching tones compliment architecturally sound pieces and result in a successful mixing of the elements, which takes extreme talent to do well. 


In Custo Barcelona’s many looks featured for women, the designer is able to compile an entire look without even the slightest similarity in color, combination or cut to the next look. The tones used throughout all of the designs are one of the most important aspects in his spring collection. Luminous shades of lime, mango and caribbean blues are complimented with a darker spectrum of slate grays, midnight metallics and camo greens. Some models adorn airy, leg-bearing dresses with flowy jackets and vests. Others bear briefs and midriff showcasing cuts, accented with structured, printed jackets. The dresses that are featured sans jackets and vests are all about texture. Party-favor like fringes decorate seams and hemlines, and quite frankly make you want the dress for dancing and island hopping; you want to move. To the other dresses, decorated, geometric pieces of fabric are attached and also convey a playful take on movement. All looks are not without decorative sequins, graphics and other forms of studding and accent. Various looks are accompanied by playful studded and printed sneakers, while others are paired with sky-high wooden platforms.



Prints, prints, and more prints. The designs for the men are all about the vivacious, colorful prints. From bright, pastel florals to camouflage and polka dots, there is no lack of interest in these uniquely structured suits. Almost each look has a different cut from the rest, some featuring sleeveless vests, others wear a full jacket and cropped pants. Full jackets feature the mixture of differently printed fabrics and are then paired with a completely different print in the pant. The texture in the collection is mostly taken by the women, but the collaboration of the prints is what makes the men’s extremely eye catching. The fabrics appear to be light-weight and extremely comfortable and who says comfortable can’t be fabulous? 


Most would say that Custo Barcelona’s mixing of such intense colors and prints would be a huge fashion felony, but there’s something about the insane blending factor that makes his Spring 2013 collection ever so appealing. 


Photos courtesy of Zimbio.com (low-res)

Published on Jan 26, 2013

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