Civil Society Fall 2010 Collection Review - An American Dream meets Industrial at LA Fashion Week

Acquelition jackets layered with Tribeca shirts, pull-over sweaters and sunglasses are irresistable

We the People” was suggested as the opening line underlined beneath the sign of Civil Society on the Runway, a message to me as I sat there in pure amazement at a posh star-studded crowd of how that American Dream is not so far away. Looking across the room inside Sunset Gower Studios Canope for Brand Equity's Fall Collection 2010 Showroom of designers, I see Candace Cameron ready for a whirlwind of what Brad Schwartz, owner of Civil Society make have to relate to her celebrity high-end casual style. The air of excitement, anticipation fill the room for the once a year event where every she-shee cool chick and stud walk the red carpet and talk about their fancy new one of a kind cars, VIP parties, and the latest fashion trends not just everyone can afford, and of course Mena Suvari arrives in style.

Acquelition jackets are the craze this season

The high-rise runway platform slated with a classic simplistic white backdrop, the audience to the left and right of the runway, and the riser where every paparazzi photographer awaits for that million dollar snapshot of the original first seen collections on La's hottest rising supermodels. The opening song began to play of “Praise You” highlighting a sense of the All-American girl or boy next door look that has Abercrombie & Fitch looks and charisma. Can we all just sing along?

Herringbone vests suggest a more formal look, but with a casual twist

The first segment of the show focused in on casual menswear, the black and navy colored ankle length galosh rainproof boot with back-stitched trim be the shoe of choice for every look. The high-end raw denim look in variations of white, black, and navy fitting to the low waist just above the hip, double back-stitched square back pockets, was a hip trend for the metro sexual male. Crinkle look rainproof Acquelition jackets in a kaleidoscope of colors, twill sweaters in bright colors of original square boxed patterns, dark-colored Herringbone vests over long-sleeve Industrial designs shirts in square patterns, and skinny-short cut ties in bright hued colors flourished on the runway for very male model. The Tribeca button up shirt, textured solid with triple needle stitch, front and back yoke, accented with front double plackets laced with twill taping, eyelets with triple button cuffs are perfect for the office, or a casual day out. Let's not forget the short black nylon glove exposing the fingers to the base of the knuckles to ad to every look this season only suggest he has been working-out at the gym to impress the ladies.

The Tribeca short for casual and at the office is an obvious choice

In the second segment, things started to heat up a bit...occasionally there was the daring super-stud that would waltz down the runway in his signature walk with an form-fitted shirt to show the audience the meticulously sun-tanned pectorals and six-pack abs what every woman's fantasy of a one-night-stand is. Taking a trip down memory lane, in the hottest club on the college campus starring across the room holding a half-drank Corona and the hottest guy in the bar ogles you as if he is undressing you with his eyes...hmm, time to break mom and dads rules and lure him back to your place while the roommate is gone for the weekend. Hot tubs, back rubs, and a bottle wine anyone? Bow ties, pants folded up to mid-calf, and cardigan sweaters in gray and black fabricated in soft cotton suggest a clean-cut boy-next-door 1950's style, but with a modern look.

1950's skinny mini bow ties show a popular trend

A super sexy trend on the Runway this season for the guys is single-layered  suspenders hung draped over the hips and back pockets of the pants in off-set colors of white, red, and black. Of course we cannot forget large rimmed dark-tinted sunglasses in variations of brown, black, and blue to make every guy so super cool and approachable to the in crowd Sorority Chicks and talk of the town socialite debutantes on the upper east side of Manhattan.

Twill cotton blend sweater suggest a casual sexy look

A clean-cut industrial look was the mainstream of fashion for men this Fall 2010 season as Civil Society interprets that concept in away of American boy-next-door meets borderline Goth Mechanic Dude. This concept was highlighted in the presentation of silver double wrapped chains secured at the left and right pockets of the pant draped down to the lower hip, almost a borderline Goth style. A variation of a palette of silver metallics was a color of choice to off-set the kaleidoscope of classic All-American casual wardrobe colors of black, denim, navy blue, brown, gray, and white. An American dream meets Industrial at this star-studded event produced by The Brand Equity Showroom at Sunset Gower Studios.

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