Charlotte Ronson Fall 2013 Collection Review – Flower Power is Alive and Well!

Love those flower power kickbacks. Set against the scenic backdrop of a series of mysterious photos of trees lined up in different gradations of colors - the purples, greens, greys and browns stood out in Charlotte Ronson’s stunning new Fall 2013 Collection (officially Autumn/Winter). It was a treat to witness. In a fresh, floral, fun way! Plaids and mini-skirts galore. Not to mention Royal Purple and Hunter Green Leather Tea Dresses. Like I said - love it!


The show took place in the Box at the Lincoln Center Tents for Mercedes-Benz NYC Fashion Week on Friday evening, February 8th and this was the par perfect setting for Charlotte Ronson’s run of show. Especially with the blizzard outside snowing down on NYC outside. A perfect contrast. Pure delight. It was a happening.



 The nifty vibe was set by Charlotte’s celebrity twin sister Samantha Ronson, who rocked the show away with proud sis love and just-the-right music. There was a happy undertone. Nobody wanted to leave. Smiles everywhere. Samantha’s the biggest. Twin flower power!




The 20 gorgeous gals pranced and preened to an exclusive array of top photographers in an innocent yet casually suave manner. These models were well cast and played the part of that subtly maturing schoolgirl to a tee. Young and fresh. Lining up between runway sets, the models made relaxed eye-contact with onlookers and gladly took direction for poses and stances with an air of nonchalant welcoming.  The models rotated between these paused direct-your-own-model moments with periodic runway traffic. A perfect balance. Thank you show director Judy Rice.




The middle grouping of models in the line-up featured Charlotte Ronson’s signature flower power in greens, blues mixed with whites set against black. My favorite was Solomiya (with Ford) in a Kaleidoscope Floral Day Dress accompanied by a Kaleidescope Floral Mini Backpack. She smiled and flirted with the crowds, blowing a kiss at the end of the runway. This outfit was a direct throwback to the 60s mini-skirt era with a refreshingly schoolgirl twist. She partnered nicely with Ella (also Ford) adorned in a Kaleidoscope Floral Sheath Dress. While a nearby model clutched a Kaleidoscope Floral Canteen. Bringing the traditional patterns of Spring into the Autumn / Winter 2013 Collection is a bold and lovely direction by Charlotte Ronson. So hip.


There was also an alluring selection of jumpsuits, mini-dresses, plaid jackets, as well as cozy slubby pullovers that looked like you would never want to take them off. The dressier casual evening attire in black with the outdoor daytime outfits in neutrals and soft browns. 


After opening up her first boutique shop in NYC’s Nolita hood in 2002, Charlotte Ronson branched out to create styles inspired by her favorite friends and family. With her artistic background and Hollywood network, this means wardrobing a la Nicole Richie, Rihanna, and Kate Moss among others. This thirty-something trendsetter is the It girl among the It crowd.



Born in London and raised in New York City, Charlotte Ronson’s impeccable designs have a trendy British base combined with the 1960s retro comeback now happening in NYC fashion. Flower power at its best. With Strawberry Fields down the street.



Like I said. Love is in the air!


For additional info on Charlotte Ronson, visit her website

Photos by Jodi Kaplan copyright 2013

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