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Caffé Swim Miami Swimweek Review - I See Coverups in your Future

By Natalia Pascual

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Stage set ready for play

Caffé Swimwear Spring 2013 “Take Me Away” collection embellished trend stimulating mod art deco prints in cover-ups and plunging necklines to streamline with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim designers accessorizing the traditional kini in sophisticatingly translatable covers.

Cover-ups capturing wind

Saturday afternoon at MBFWS commenced on an early schedule; enlightening dedicated press in a spectrum of radiating color ambiance. Intuitive of Miami’s illuminating runway heritage with permanently glazed spot lights, Caffé stashed patterns away in favor of revolutionizing its field by dramatically applying regional culture in characteristic influence to choice prints and styles. In a particular stand alone, a strategic cover intertwined function with fashion to become the suit or optionally wear it as a statement piece poolside.

Color palette was an eclectic mix of vibrant ethnic shades of bright

Popping out from crowds in pastel rainbow

Young's approach to growing old while wearing the one piece

Two piece turquoise halter stating the blended shades presence amongst numerous Spring 2013 collection trending

Stating its purpose without inappropriate eye perusal

Caffé Swimwear elementally fitted trend to take the one piece plunging neckline into its line’s latest collection. An insanely simple method to hail conservatism yet remain sexily clad at the same time, plunging lines with flowing drapes of semi-transparent fabric created an oxymoronic view of proper beachwear. Scared to show off that middle area? That's okay, throw one of these bad boys on and heads will turn whether due to the sheathing vibrancy of Caffé wraps or sneaking peaks at lightly covered skin.

Caffé Swimwear covers bring wind within vibrant billows of sheer fabric

Spinning in the moment at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Red fades its recent absence from trend list


Strong, subtle statements delves Caffé into a traditional solitude from dated design labels

Caffé at piquing closure

Final glance


For further information on Caffé Swimwear, please visit: www.caffeswimwear.com


Photography By Natalia Pascual.

Published on Aug 24, 2012

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