B Michael America Spring 2015 Couture Collection Review – Into the Realm of the Heavens



B Michael America’s Spring 2015 Couture Collection is everything I love about fashion. Elegant. Regal. Into the realm of the heavens.  Quintessentially feminine. Womanly and confident.



From his past shows, I knew I was in for a treat. So did the rest of the audience. Ready to experience the alluring line that defines B Michael America, the room was eager with anticipation. Expecting success. And it came.



A beautifully produced introductory video highlighting the creation of the Spring 2015 collection set the tone. Projected on the two side walls, the footage showed behind-the-scenes moments and set the stage for the entrance of the new designs. All 45 of them. An extensive array of couture at its best. Quality and quantity.



The models were impeccable. Hair classic and coiffed. 1960s style. Each one adorned in truly unique head-to-toe perfection. No variations on a theme at this show. And all color coordinated.  Oranges from one outfit picking up lighter tones in another. Pinks and fuchsias. Silks and satins prevailed.



The colors continued one after the other into a creative and palatable couture rainbow of magnificence. Rich. Inviting. Inspiring. Corals, apricots, azaleas, amaranth, then the vibrant pinks followed by yellow into pearls, desert/golds, cream/camels and culminating with the all-American navys and rubys, whites and creams. Luxurious. Seemingly endless. Bold and alive. And oh-so-heavenly.



B Michael America presents his extraordinary collection with true class. Which is key. The entire show was impeccably coordinated. The location in the Pavillion at the Lincoln Center tents worked. An array of designs displayed effortlessly in moving patterns surrounding the viewers. A maze of models leading the way to the new.



Starting with light floral prints. One of the opening shorter dresses topped off with a signature lilac hat – a nod to B Michael’s initial entry into the fashion world as a millinery designer. Select floral print dresses were complemented by men’s matching suits with the same fabrics and looks. A perfect pairing. Refreshing. And Romantic.




I worship B Michael America gowns. And yes there were plenty. Gowns to dress royalty. Or you. If that special once-in-a-lifetime occasion arises. The overall B Michael America gown look is fitted to form, spreading out to grace the floor at the back. Exceeded my expectations. And I was ready. Yet B Michael America delivered beyond.



And now for the final design. A real ball gown. Exquisite. Bold. Navy and cream. With a “silk satin double gabardine button front.” Stunning. The model slowly and gracefully waltzing the space. Territorially. All eyes on her. She is B Michael America’s muse to feature his masterpiece.



Unexpectedly, just as she is about to exit, this final model turns oh-so-seductively towards the cameras. Hands on hips. Posing. Challenging. Inviting. The perfect dramatic pause. A moment created. Fashion history. The photographers cheer in delight. A standing ovation ensues. Unsurpassed.




To top it all off, the entire show “salutes” the Youth America Grand Prix, which is a conduit for dance across globe. So meaningful.  On the run of show handout, B Michael America includes a whole page on the Youth America Grand Prix and highlights the facts of this 15-year-old organization of which B Michael is now a Board Member. Bravo.


B Michael is a humble, happy, person with a contagious smile who generously acknowledges everyone on his team. It is touching to see him mention in his bio that he launched his first couture collection with the help of PR Guru Eleanor Lambert. Credit goes far karmically. B Michael is proof.


B Michael America Couture Spring 2015 surpassed. Everything. I know. The bar is raised. Way above the clouds. In heaven.



For more infomation on B Michael America


For more information on Eleanor Lambert – who B Michael credits with helping him launching his couture line in 1999.


For more information on Youth America Grand Prix - B Michael is a new board member and saluted YAGP at his Spring 2015 show  


Feature and Photos by Jodi Kaplan



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