Whitley Kros Spring 2008 Collection - The Electrifying Suitcase of a Girl on the Road

Collaborative designers Marissa Ribisi and Sophia Banks, from LA and Sydney, respectively, found common ground in their spring 2008 collection inspired by the imagined suitcase of a girl with the same name as their label, Whitley KrosRibisi, Giovanni’s twin sister and rock star Beck’s wife, told on-line fashion publication FabSugar “the concept for the line is if everything fell out of her suitcase what you would see.” The two friends imagined their character as a world traveler, on the road for days at a time. Another source of inspiration? The Japanese Fuji Rock Festival, which explains the kimono-sleeve cardigans and day-glo colors.

Swim suit cover-ups, like the soft cotton t-shirt dress (L) and towel-inspired robe (R) showed off a playful, beach side of Whitley Kros

Beck stayed in the DJ booth, with two turntables and a microphone (of course), supporting his wife’s first fashion show from the sidelines with upbeat beach party tunes. Perhaps the simplicity of the cut in most of the line’s pieces was due to the beginner status of this first collection, or, perhaps it was to show off the high-quality texture and vibrantly colored fabric.

High-waisted silk shorts and electrifying blues promise a new office-look for Spring '08

Showing off the beginnings of a trend for Spring ’08, hip-huggers are out and high-waisted skirts and shorts are in. One of the show’s featured pieces, worn above the bellybutton in true eighties style, a two-button beige silk pair of cuffed, deep-pocket shorts paired with a simple, satiny, scoop-necked blouse. The t-shirt dress ’08 trend seems to be another throwback from the eighties, yielding fun, sexy results. Aside from unicorns and alphabet letter prints, one shoulder-baring t-dress won favor with hands playing a guitar stretching from shoulder to hip.

Dark, professional looks marched down the runway adjacent to fun, summery pastel denim and tees. However, themes from the early 1990s united otherwise disparate pieces from Whitley Kros' Spring '08 collection

Aside from silky shorts and t-shirt dresses, the focus of the show was on denim. The designers admitted to working eight months to fit the jeans to the models, and to their credit, it showed. Model Sarah Parr sported a classically Kros look of acid-wash, pastel yellow skinnies, paired with a braided teal, neon yellow, hot pink and beige belt and topped with a pajama-soft rainbow-print tee. Additionally, ankle-cinched, tapered, cropped and folded jeans walked down the catwalk in fits and astounding colors that are sure to make Gap-goers seek alternative threads. In an exclusive interview with Splash at the show’s after-party, Sarah Parr, a 21 year-old D.C. native, summed up the collection in two words: summery and girly. The blue-eyed beauty also modeled one of the show's other outstandingly unique looks, a full-piece swim suit checkered in blocks of alternating blue stripes and a red and white, large striped cover-up. The cover-up reappeared in sheer, bold yellow fabric over a feather-light cottony pink tank dress – perfect for wearing over a bathing suit at Culver Beach.

Although the bulky navy jacket seemed out of place in such a colorful show (L), the guitar t-dress received much praise from the fun-loving audience

However, the suitcase of Whitley Kros was not restricted to the beach and boardwalk.  Bulky blazers and silky blouses tucked into high-waisted skirts coupled comfort with sophistication, and sophistication with Caribbean blues, electric purple and plaids mixing the two.  One model’s white fingernails matched the white buttons dotting a navy shirt, with three awkwardly placed, wallet-sized pockets. Scoop-necked, pleatless, formless blouses, reminiscent of 1980 women-in-the-workplace-wear make fashion look easy, and the collection appeared funky and whimsical, as well as a bit nostalgic.

For more information, visit www.whitleykros.com.

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