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True Meaning @ Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

By Kate Mazzuca

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If I see one more Tweed jacket and jeans combo, I'll scream.

I mean, truly, since when does looking like everyone else constitute style? Well-walking into LA's Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios last week did nothing to help my condition-until I caught the 2005 Spring Collection from True Meaning, that is.

True Meaning, the (relatively) new contemporary women's collection from Bisou Bisou founder Michael Bohbot featured quite a few tweed jackets (all distressed, some trimmed in chiffon, some woven with metallic thread).






As a succession of one gorgeously tousled model after another strutted down the runway in true jet set style to the strains of Led Zeppelin and Blondie, I saw even more distressed silhouettes in a denim-like cotton, herringbone and velvet- along with touches of sequins, chiffon and silk- (oh my!).  What makes Mr. Bohbot's new line so note-worthy (and what keeps it from looking like a Chanel knock-off) is his cut and styling-breathing fresh life into some recycled ideas, thus putting a modern silhouette and a fresh and sophisticated twist on some really great basics.








But we're not talking basic- basics, here. In keeping with the anything goes, boho-vibe currently dominating both the fashion industry and the streets, the girls came out draped in everything from long silk dresses topped with sequined boleros in muted metallic silver tones (this was actually the final look shown, and the jacket had subtle gray chiffon ruffles interspersed throughout the sequinsÂ… to die for!), to simple all-white ensemble and bright pink, shrunken, multi-striped jacket combo. There were chiffon-trimmed "tapestry-like" jackets and vests over sequin shifts and bleached out jeans, low slung, belted lace skirts paired with simple cotton tanks, sequined scarves and herringbone coats.  A soft, minimalist color palette was carried through all the fabrications and layering- we saw lots of white, metallics (the champagne color was exceptionally gorgeous), peachy-orange, aqua, soft green and, of course, pink (what would Spring be without it?).








The whole vibe was very rock n' roll, very jet-set bohemian-- like LA in the 70s, but cooler.
A very mini metallic champagne pouf skirt garnered some attention across the aisle, as did a very sharp taupe pant suit. There was also a gorgeous long silver-white coat that this writer had her eye on.
All of the jackets, coats and boleros had that distinctively modern, distressed look that epitomizes the rumpled glamour so prevalent in Los Angeles fashion (which, as this is Bohbot's home base, makes perfect sense). Bohbot, along with his talented stylist Paula Thomas, layered each piece so that each distinct look had that very laid back, LA, rich hippie vibe just so.



So, while layering all of the different fabrications and lengths, along with adorning the tweeds and chiffons with sequins and such is in keeping with today's predominant trends, and each look seamlessly blended with the next in the collection (creating a mix and match wardrobe, if you will), each was singularly individual. And isn't that what style is all about?

Photos by Donato Sardella

Published on Apr 13, 2011

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