KM2 Custom Shoe Spring 2010 Collection – These Shoes Were Made For More Than Just Walking!

They say that good things come in small packages, and after attending the show for KM2’s Spring 2010 shoe collection, I couldn’t agree with that statement more. Anyone that can understand the context of fashion can understand how shoes can make or break an ensemble.  The average Joe may not place any more emphasis on shoes than the ability to protect ones feet as they are walking from here to there. But just ask any fashion conscious diva and they are sure to attest the importance of a great pair of shoes as a make or break complement to any given outfit.  Think Carrie from Sex In The City and you will have summed up the fierceness that was brought during the KM2 show. 

EM&Co displays the designs

Founded by sisters, Katelyn, Megan, and Mattison Gelber, KM2 is all about being classy, artistic, and timeless. Although the duo of three started the collection less than a year ago, they have been in the fashion industry since childhood. 

2 of the Gelber sisters who are the designers of KM2

“Our Father is a successful women’s fashion designer, so seeing him create is part of what motivated us to create KM2” states Megan.

Guests mingled in the venue EM&Co

Inspiration from dear old Dad isn’t the only thing that pushed the girls in the right direction.  They were also able to gain mentorship from noted shoe expert Gregg Boyher.  The collection of shoes and boots can be customized to the customer’s specifications which can range from simple to whimsical.  Adorning shoes with vintage jewelry, feathers, beads, and studs are a part of the lines signature looks.  I was even surprised to see a golden hand gun dangling from one pair of heels. Wouldn’t those be great on the next Bond girl?

Guest Crystal and Chazsity pose with Bleeding Edge PR founder

Hosted by Bleeding Edge PR, the show was held at the quaint 3rd street boutique of EM & Co.  EM & Co is also the location where you can purchase the KM2 line. They boast a large selection of the latest trends which includes a mix of well-known designer labels and emerging L.A. designer labels.  DJ Teemaree set the tone of the night with a cool mix of funky beats as guests mingled and enjoyed cocktails sponsored by Pearl Vodka and IZZE sparkling juice. 

Cocktails got the guests ready to see the show

Once the show started, it was definitely a sight to see. The models paraded across the window-framed runway which only gave a view of their legs and of course the tantalizing shoes.  As a bit of comic relief, a barefoot, hairy-legged, guy walked across the runway toying with guests and trying to trump the other shoe models to no avail.  All-in-all it was loads of fun! So, back to the phrase “good things come in small packages.” This wasn’t just meant for the shoes but for the darling designers that made them.  Two of the sister’s were on hand to meet-and-greet and at the ripe old age of 20 and 23, they seem to have it all figured out.  I asked them how they have gotten to the point they are now at such a young age and they simply stated that it is about doing what you love.  Isn’t that the truth!

Comic relief

The shoe runway was made to show-off the KM2 designs

The shoe models

So, if one of the things that you love is fashion or shoe shopping, then you have to get familiar with KM2 shoes. Trust me, you may want to get ahead of this next big name in the world of shoe design.

A couple of fashionable guests

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