Joseph Domingo Spring 2009 Collection - Tastefully sexy

Joseph Domingo presented his new collection for Spring 2009 on September 15, 2008 in Los Angeles, CA at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios. Joseph Domingo graces the fashion industry with smart, sexy and innovative pieces that appeal to a wide variety of people in the working world and in everyday life. Joseph Domingo's Spring 2009 collection flirts with love and romance. The collection is sexy and smart, flirty and elegant.

The first piece, a short hemmed dress in soft colors, covered in carefully spaced flower designs, and symmetrical cut lines took to the runway to start out the show.

Warm, feminine, and strong

Next a long line of swimsuits for both woman and men. The collection features over 40 pieces, and has been coined " SKIN". Designed on the concept of seduction, and showing enough skin to still leave enough room to the imagination. 

Swimwear from "SKIN"

Swimsuits symmetrically cut, baring lots of skin, but not too much.

Baring some but not all in "SKIN" swimwear

Appealing to woman and men in society and business, dresses are designed with
intricate designs that are not too flashy, interestingly revealing a more jungle fee
to the designs.

Chaffon and Silk Feminine Dresses

A natural raw beauty meets femininity. Long and short dresses in soft chiffons and smooth silk range in soft romantic colors that can be seen walking in a field of wildflowers. 

Romantic Ruffle Dresses

Ruffly off the shoulder patters add to the romantic feel, hemmed short enough to still show some skin.  Feminine, shiny high heels add to the sophisticated chic look.

Symmetry in Design

The womens collection is shared by a small line of mens suits that are square cut, worn with colorful beaded necklaces in red and orange. Some pieces are accompanied by shiny sport jackets with knee length shorts, emphasizing a laid back, athletic and stylish look in mostly khaki, cream and navy. Other looks include white khaki pants with form fitting v-neck shirts.

Box Cut Mens Swimsuits, Colorful Necklaces, and Sporty Look

Joseph Domingo's models confidently walked the runway showing little emotion, appearing effortlessly strong, graceful and fierce and wearing shades of warm orange, almost gold, colored eye shadow that covered around their entire eyes giving them a cat like tiger appearance. It stood out from a far distance, and highlighted the soft colors in Joseph Domingo's pieces.

Cat Eyes

Joseph Domingo first came to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in LA to present his Fall 2006 Collection. Three years later, his increasing mastery in his fashion designs continues to shine in the fashion community. As a student of architecture before entering the fashion world, he appreciates the importance of construction and the aesthetics of symmetry, and it shows in the craftsmanship in his designs. He currently resides in San Fransisco, CA. For more information on Joseph Domingo go to:

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