Green Initiative Spring 2009 Collection - Fresh Vitality

The Green Initiative launched it's biggest show in the Main Tent at the Mercedees Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles on Thursday, October 17th, 2008. The Spring 2009 Collection was presented by green designers, each one uniquly contributing to a wonderful cause. The Green Initiative Sustainable Fashion Show was created from the desire to promote environmentally conscious designers who seek to raise global awareness of sustainable living through fashion. 

Emily Factor started the show off with her brightly colored fresh dresses with layered materials in colorful patterns and choppy, frilly skirts full of volume and movement mimicking the vast ocean and all it's waves.

The runway was covered everywhere with beautiful leaves for the models to walk down.

My favorite design was a layered dress in electic bright blue, the piece was like a torquoise ocean covered in reflective shiny layers of kelp.   

The next designer, Simplicio Michael Luis' presented his line of comfortable designs for everyday menswear made out of soybean, bamboo, and charcoaol materials.

Designs included tailored jeans, nicely cut jackets, and designed shirts, matched with cropped off ties for a slightly different look.

Sandy Skinner's EcoSkin collection featured simplistic, solid-colored organic cotton jersey dresses. Models were accompanid by ive animals on the catwalk in the name of animal rights, including a wolf, a large albino python, and friendly monkey. I thought it was an amazing addition to the show, highlighting the atmosphere of nature and the environment in her designs, and a reminder that in an ideal world, fashion and nature undoubtably intertwine. 

The final LA Fashion Week show concluded with two exciting lines. Lilikoi, Barbara Boswell's ethical and sustainable label, featured soft cotton dresses in feminine colors, with silk-screened designs creating a much more interesting look to the basic jersey.

Kathleen Plate, the creator of SmartGlass Recycled Jewelry, presented the most vibrant and exciting designs of the evening. Fashion rings made from recycled glass bottles, were linked together to create swingy recylced dresses. Three models concluded the show wearing these designs over white bathing suits in three different colors.  Her jewlery designs made from recycled glass bottles made into necklaces, earrings, belts, and bracelets, were worn by most of the fashion models. Each guest from the show was given a unique piece to take home as well.

The Green Initiative is highly motivated to promote designers and brands who utilize organic fabrics and who work to get the public involved in these positive changes. This year, The Green Initiative brought this revolutionary fashion movement to the runway at Mercedees Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles, inspiring more exciting designs for the future!

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