Elmer Ave Spring 2009 Collection - Dancing in the Rain on the Wild Side

Elmer Ave once again rocked the catwalk at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on Monday, October 13th, 2008 in Los Angeles.  Their Spring 2009 Collection is not drastically different than last years, however it still rocks and the excitement of the dynamic designers creations continue to grow.

This year, the show was not accompanied by loud live music, but rather a fantastic mix of songs covering a wide array of genres, reminding the audience that Elmer Ave crosses all boundaries.  The show opened with a swingers era feel, models showed off the mens designs with a light step in their walk to the likes of Frank Sinatra, skip hopping along the catwalk with sleek Fred Astaire like moves.

The men's line designed mostly in grays, blacks and reds in a militant style. Double breasted thick tweed jackets with skinny messy ties and tight fitted skinny leg pants. The models sported heavy black eyeliner, but lacked the same zombie look they had in last years show.  This year, the feel of the collection carried a lighter air. Models stopped along the catwalk to check their text messages, flipping their top hat around, or to flip on a pair of bright red sunglasses before disappearing behind the stage.

The atmosphere of the show was not as heavy as I remember last year to be. As the woman came on the scene, the song "Foxy Lady" played loudly as they proudly showed off their black lingere and fish nets with tall black high heels and short cropped jackets.

The scene quickly changed with the music when Johnny Cash took over, and more mens designs were presented. More messy ties creating a no nonsense care free look, with red button up shirts and tight black jeans and white patten shoes.  More men's designs included showing off some skin in low wasted black pants and flowing big scarfs with "peace" embroidered jackets in white and gold.

The crowd cheered loudly when some of the male models were prompted to show some skin in Elmer Ave's designs.  Big hair walked slowly down the catwalk in a green and black striped jacket with an unbuttoned black collared shirt and big fluffy red scarf, revealing lots of skin underneath.


Elmer Ave did not not fail to throw in some heavy rock and roll as a female model sported some long black pants with a lacy bra and high heels, looking both feminine and fierce. Elmer Ave ties in some jungle fever to their Spring 2009 Collection with a clever zebra cropped corset under a pink jacket worn by a female model as the song "Welcome to the Jungle" comes on.

The scene begins to turn edgier as Elmer Ave's woman's designs turn a little more risque. The lingere look continues throughout the collection, but some designs reveal more skin, baring all assets on one female model.

Marylin Manson comes on and the mens designs are more militant and harsh. A male model poses at the end of the catwalk and flips off the cameras before exiting the stage. The crowd yells in the excitement.

Elmer Ave's Spring 2009 collection came out with a bang, and proves to be very versatile and exciting, perfect for the sexy hipster with lots of attitude and still with nothing to prove. Elmer Ave resides in Hollywood, CA at the "Compound". For more information go to:


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