Bebe Presents Edwardian Fashion Show - A Wild Night of Unexpected Fashion!

Hollywood Blvd. is never void of excitement, entertainment, and enthusiasts, but for the night of the Bebe Presents Edwardian Fashion Show these three factors were quadrupled with the addition of pure chaos! Before gaining entry into Marbella, the venue where the show was to be held, guests and media were thrown together in swelling lines that poured out onto the traffic jammed streets.  As security got a handle on the crowd, which basically meant screaming “Get out of the street”, we managed to squeeze our way through the iron gates and down the stairs to the red carpet.

Midriff baring vests

I have to say that the ambience of Marbella was fantastic, the sculpted buildings, the palm tree lined paths, and the rod iron fencing…I will definitely have to come back to this venue!  Surprisingly, the crowd that packed the street now packed the entryway in front of the red carpet.  There were no tables to check in media and no PR present to usher talent on the red carpet and through to the show.  Our waiting was interrupted by a crasher darting through the crowd and 4 security guards tackling him down and dragging him out.

The crowd waits to get in before the show starts

Once the melee subsided, I continued waiting amongst the crowd of the known and unknown, I happened to run into up-and-coming talent Chazsity Gaither.  Chazsity who is a promising actress and model has been hitting the town lately and made the show one of her stops of the night. She recently did a photo shoot with Master P’s new clothing line and is working on a couple of projects due out in the Fall.  She stated that she was excited to see the fashion, but didn’t know that there wasn’t going to be a talent check-in.  I told her that I felt the same about the media check-in.  We both flagged down someone we thought worked with the show and told them our plight.  He ushered us through the crowd by the way of crawling through some bushes and finally, we both were in! Time to see some fashion!

Chazsity poses with Yvette Bosley, Crystal, and Victoria Guzman

Music blaring, crowd partying, and coordinators missing, we waited, waited, and waited some more.  The black lacquer runway stood in the back of the room, had a huge crowd around it, but there weren’t any chairs for fashion editors or a section for the camera crew.  So, once again, we were mixed together in huge crowds getting bumped by those trying to make there way through.  Mingling with the crowd, I was also able to meet the reigning Miss California 2009, Tami Ferrell.  Ferrell who know resides in Los Angeles is looking to further her career in the entertainment industry and has pinned her first screenplay and working on her first book.

Miss California 2009, Tami Ferrell (l) and Model/Actress Chazsity Gaither (r)

Also mingling with Chazsity was Fashion Designer and Versace employee Hailo Walton.  Walton has a line coming out called Guerricca Republik that he is telling fashion lovers to be on the look out for.

Hailo Walton (r) poses with Chazsity and friends

On to the fashion…

This season’s collection seemed to be inspired by the late and great Michael Jackson with military style jackets embellished with gold and crystal buttons, and sequence overlays.  The jackets were paired with skinny pants or bellowing balloon skirts reminiscent of the Edwardian era.  Midriff baring tops/vests were also a staple to the collection which was more Bebe than Edwardian.

Frills and Thrills played a role in the line

Lace baby doll style dresses could be seen paired with knee high boots or ankle booties.  I loved the looks that paid true homage to the Edwardian style.  Very deep high lace fabric collars that reached right under the chin elongated the neck; Corset’s and boning in the vest were also seen in the collection.

Babydoll dresses in bold colors

Lace overlays ties in the Edwardian theme

Ruffled and lace shirts that peeked from underneath printed puffy sleeved jackets in silk printed jackets. Many of the bodices consisted of pouches of cascading lace or gathered fabric.

Wide belts used to cinch the waist

Jumpsuits are going to be a big hit for the Fall

All in all, the show was good, but the organization of it could have been much better!

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