Akiko Ogawa Spring 2008 Collection - An Expression of Art in Clothing

Akiko Ogawa, the talented Tokyo designer made her second appearance at  New York's IMG Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week showcasing her 2008 Spring/Summer collection invoking visions of 1960's America and the Culture of Change.

White jeweled dress with gladiator footwear and Baby doll dress with hand blended color gradation.

For centuries the Japanese youth culture has used clothing as an avenue of expression, of individualism. In a society that frowns on freedoms this has become an acceptable form of rebellion.  Capitalism in Tokyo has resulted in disposable income and high end spending. The merging of these desires is creating a high end luxury market and Couture is high end. 

Glossy rain slicker with jewel appliqué and white bare midriff suit jacket, pants and tube top.

Ms. Ogawa has designed a collection that is blend of high end and urban wear, a strong competitor with hip-hop leaders and other couture designers, of Tokyo and contains all the vibrant colors of a Tokyo nighttime skyline.  An expression of Art in clothing: Complete with her signature style of hand blended and painted garments. The artistic expression of this talented Tokyo native was evident as each garment became a canvas.  Rhapsody in White was the theme for this year’s collection. 

Explosive neon blue suspendered pants and neon lime mini with knee high patent leather boots.

The movement to re-introduce the 1960’s explosion of expression has been captured by Ms. Ogawa. The mini dress, once a cause for alarm, has been transformed to the baby doll dress, creating an equally arresting freedom of expression.  The garments presented in this collection represented a youthful Tokyo reminiscent of America’s culture of change.

Off the shoulder see through white mini with matching mini-shorts and white two piece dress with hand blended black gradation and black jeweled belt.

Ms. Ogawa transferred her love for expression into her clothing designs as she created a line that made a masterful blend of explosive colors in lime, blue and pink neon pants with side leather lace up’s, jeweled appliqué baby doll dresses, gladiator footwear and knee-high patent leather boots.

Mini skirt with hoop design and jeweled shoulder appliquéd top with multi-pleated short skirt.

Her garments were a range of articulation, utilizing colors, trim, sequins, silver metallic square studs;  clear round plastic sequins, beads, buttons, bodice’s with white daisy trim, all sizes and shapes of ornaments to create a spring bouquet palette of expression. She utilized cottons, organza, polyurethane treated polyester, silver snakeskin paint and gun metal greys.

Strapless baby doll dress with daisy trim and short ruffled jacket with hand blended color gradation.

The collection is totally contemporary Tokyo. It is expressive, influenced, unique, inviting and an expression of individualism.

Having graduated from Tokyo’s Kuwasawa Design School in 1995, Ogawa spent several years designing for apparel conglomerates Onward Kashiyama and Sanei International , where  she  worked on top brands like Paul Smith, before launching her own label a primary in 2001. Since its inception, Ogawa has experienced tremendous and rapid success, cultivating a loyal following among customer’s bent on the unparalleled sharp tailoring of both her casual and formal wear. After a successful debut at New York fashion week in February 2007, Akiko Ogawa, returned to present her Spring/Summer 2008 collection.


For more information on Akiko Ogawa www.a-primary.com.

Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week news group. Photos taken by Getty Images/ Dan Lecca.  Bio courtesy of Showroom 7 Public Relations.

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