African Armure is Back for 2009's summer and More Determined Than Ever

Created in 2000 African Armure aka AA is a french promising brand of clothing.The ethical and ethnic topics, that one finds in his collections, accurately reflect the intention of its creator Papou.
This young Afro-European transcribes the originality of his interbreeding in the spirit of his mark which wants to be representative and turned towards the future.

Popa Project, the creator

As of its birth, in phase with its time, AA finds its origin of the meeting of the Western urban cultures and the cultural richness's of the African continent.
It quickly becomes a reference for the universal values which they carry and its capacity to transcend cleavages. While combining traditions and modernity, unit and differences, it rich the passed mythical ones of Africa that today AA is projected proudly towards the future.A strong identity impregnates the universe and the design of the mark. It is for all these reasons that AA meets an unquestionable echo. By drawing its reference frame of the cradle of humanity,remains faithful with the African continent.

The Clothing AA acts as second skin with all the protective value which it confers on its carrier. When you are in African Armure you choose the action and to go ahead of of the daily newspaper as a warrior.

It is there that shield and lances, the symbols of the mark, take all their direction. They indicate the action, the combat, the opposite of a passive posture. As ornaments, they are the armorial bearings of AA and mean the nobility of unit, cause and values of the African Armure.The symbol of the warrior endorses his image because it is ideally in this dynamic dimension

African Armure logo

African Armure is very quickly adopted by artists and representatives of the urban cultures via the artists rap. It was the oficial sponsor of the largest group of french rap " Mafia K'1 Fry" ( Rohff, 113, Kery James, OGB, Intouchable, Manu key...) and well of others atists.

Do not forget that the brand has already create tee shirt of the great artists of American music such as Mary J.Blige and Akon ( for ''Trouble'' his first album) during their tour to promotion of their album in France.

African Armure & Akon for ''Trouble''

2009 sounds as a revival in the spirit of the mark…It's not a question of rupture but an evolution!!!

To widen its horizon while fully assuming its role of bonds between the cultures and to continue the step so that various mediums are found in the spirit of the mark with the concept of 3E -Environment, Ethics, Ethnic- must constitute the red wire between the various vestimentary styles.
With this concept and a brand like that, the designer would like for the future to touch the greatest number of people who recognize in these values no matter their origins.

The African Armure's complex is presented in video in:

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To follow the actuality or to talk directy with the creator of the brand:

If you are a professional and you would like to be in contacted with the brand send an e-mail to:
[email protected]

"Choose African Armure is not just a style but also the values and would like to see the African spirit remains in you."
Popa Project

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