Mother’s Day Family & Children Gifts 2014 Below $25 – Family & Children Gift Guide Roundup

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Story Boards and Tag Its by Rendi

Description: Created especially for busy moms on the go, Story Boards by Rendi™ (pat. pend) is a brand new and very fun system to display, celebrate and archive all of those precious and priceless smartphone images. Scrapbooking now starts from the palm of your hand. Rendi’s Tag it! smartphone app allows you to create a Photo Tag™ in which you can crop, zoom frame and label your photo and then tell the story about the moment on the back. Once you receive your Photo Tag™ in the mail, you then display it on your customizable Story Board, a beautiful and interactive wall display for your tags. You can choose from a 1, 3 or 6-Tag Story Board, and each Story Board comes in several classic colors and time-tested designs. Create a Story Board one tag at a time wherever you are and whenever you have a few minutes.

Price: $24.95 to $149.95 Visit the Website

Mamascent Brings Mother's Scent To Baby's Bottle


Description: Mamascent™, a one-of-a-kind bottle attachment designed to bring a mother's unique scent to her infant's milk bottle, is now available in the United States and Canada on Mamascent™ is ideal for parents who mix breast and bottle-feeding, to maintain the olfactory bond between mother and child. Launched in 2013, the UK-designed and made product is already winning rave reviews by mothers and caregivers across England and is now available in North America for the first time.

Price: $24.95 to $25.00 Visit the Website

Logan + Lenora Fashionable Wet Bags

Earthy Owls Classic Wet Bag

Description: Waterproof. Washable. EcoChic. Our sophisticated waterproof wet bags are the perfect solution for carrying anything wet! Made to contain wet swimsuits, work-out clothes, children's accidents, soiled diapers, or any mess on the go. Our sealed, waterproof, stink proof lining will keep that mess contained until you get home! And we've included a convenient snap handle for hanging on a stroller or hook.

Price: $24.00 Visit the Website

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing The Magic In Each Day

365 Tarot Spreads

Description: For many people, tarot is a hallowed daily practice. Now you can navigate important life choices every day, all year with 365 Tarot Spreads. Featuring spreads for multi-cultural traditions, holidays, rituals, lore, and magic, this daily guide explores a tarot quest for every occasion and helps you discern answers to any question with interesting and magical results. Use 365 Tarot Spreads year after year with spreads falling on every possible calendar date. Each one is based on an important historical, magical, or fascinating occurrence on that particular date in history. This daily guide is concerned with the essential journey to find truth and answers, rooted in every spread with topics from love and money to career and life path. With an explanation of each spread and questions to focus on while reading, you’ll achieve your quest for answers every day.

Price: $22.99 Visit the Website

Baby Jack Blankets Sensory Ribbon Tab Tag Blanket For Babies

Primary Colored Yellow Circles Sensory Blanket

Description: Babies develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through sensory play. These handmade baby gifts have vibrant satin modern fabric paired with textured minky fleece dimply dot backing and accented with ribbons. Unlike other products on the market, baby Jack blankets sews all ribbons shut into TABS for added safety. Baby Jack Blankets sells online via their website, Amazon, and in baby boutiques throughout the United States. We also sell in hospitals, zoos, Harley Davidson dealerships and botanical gardens. Mom invented and handmade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA.

Price: $22.00 to $30.00 Visit the Website - Make 'em Smile

Description:™, the highest-ranking and most-trafficked gift card website on the Internet, is a one-stop shop for gift cards online. We sell nationally branded gift cards, personalized Visa and MasterCard gift cards, Local gift cards for over 1 million merchants, eGift Cards, Group gift cards, and customized cobranded corporate cards. With our in-house, print-on-demand gift card technology, we are able to quickly give our customers the personalization they desire. Additionally, has Shelley Hunter aka Gift Card Girlfriend as their spokesperson and she is amazing at giving advice on how to share gift cards with friends and family while still retaining the sentimental and personal feel that a gift should have.

Price: $20.00 to $500.00 Visit the Website

Hands-Free Bunny Bottle Holder

Hands-Free Bunny Bottle Holder

Description: Infant Innovators has a unique product for infants and parents alike. Infant Innovators has created a product which allows parents to feed infants without holding the bottle for them. This allows the parents to complete other tasks and chores around the home. For parents on-the-go, a built in bottle warmer is included. The product is the Hands-Free Bunny Bottle Holder which is kid tested and parent approved! The retail price is $19.95. Please feel free to check the website out Infant Innovators was inspired to create this product to help parents with the feeding process and teach infants how to hold their bottle.This will be a great opportunity to provide "Hands-Free Solutions" to parents.

Price: $19.96 Visit the Website

Lust: POems

Lust: Poems by Diana Raab

Description: Tired of flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day? Give LUST-- a collection of poems by award-winning poet Diana Raab. The book will take you on a passionate journey through private emotional moments, employing narrative verse that is alive, titillating, and seductive. The book examines the emotional and physical complexity of love, helping readers navigate he risks of intimacy as we move toward the realization that every experience enriches our lives, whether we perceive it as joy, pain, or out of the ordinary. "Lust will make you fall head-over-heals in love with words. Words that are strung together, knotted like a perfect strand of opera length pearls." -Amy Ferris, author of Marrying George Clooney. Perfect gift for men an women. Hot off the press. Just released February 1, 2014.

Price: $19.00 Visit the Website

Subscription Gifts For Grandparents

Tandem Lane Box Contents

Description: It’s easy for grandparents to feel disconnected with their families and friends with age slowing them down. Not accustom to the ease of communication younger generations experience through social media, their social interactions begin to fade, leaving the elderly feeling isolated from their loved ones. A surprise package from Tandem Lane will solve that problem. With Tandem Lane, families can set up a monthly delivery of a box of gifts for their loved one. Each box will include a personal momentum, either a photo or letter, as well as other indulgent items, games, puzzles or snacks to enjoy.

Price: $19.00 to $25.00 Visit the Website


My Little Dreamer, Available in green and orange $18.99

Description: Handpressions allows users to digitally store & share handprints & footprints month after month, year after year. Using the camera on a tablet or smart phone, users capture an image of their child's hand or foot that is then magically converted into a handprint or footprint, while also capturing the accurate size & appearance of hands & feet without the need for paint or messy ink. With over 400 designer templates, Handpressions makes it easy to create one of a kind works of art. Handpressions delivers priceless gifts & keepsakes right to your doorstep, allowing you to treasure invaluable moments for years to come. Available for iPad in the App Store

Price: $18.99 to $39.99 Visit the Website

Logan + Lenora Diaper Clutch

Earthy Owls Diaper Clutch

Description: Waterproof. Washable. EcoChic. Sophisticated Diaper Clutch for either cloth or disposable diapers and wipes. Discreetly carry around 2-3 diapers in the pleated dry pocket + creams, and wet wipes in our sealed, waterproof pocket. For cloth diapers, carry a spare clean diaper in the wet pocket, and switch out with the dirty. Our sealed, waterproof, stink proof lining will keep that mess contained until you get home. Keep spare liners and cream in the pleated dry pocket. Machine wash when needed.

Price: $18.95 Visit the Website

Poketti Plushies With A Pocket

Poketti Plushies with a Pocket: Cute & Functional!

Description: Poketti Plushies with Pocket are super soft animal pillows with a useful pocket on the back to hold your phone, notebook, eyeglasses, love notes, or tooth fairy offerings. Designed by 14-year old young entrepreneur, Sydney Loew, Poketti are made with the highest quality plush and 100% cotton contrasting details. Series1 includes a penguin, bunny, kitty and puppy — each with a 4x5" plush-lined pocket on the back. You'll never search for your phone or glasses in the morning again! Poketti accessories for the pocket are also available including a Poketti notebook featuring the Series 1 characters, and greeting cards.

Price: $18.95 Visit the Website

Lili's Bebe Pad - The Slip-resistant And Eco-friendly Diaper Changing Pad

Lili's Bebe Pad

Description: Just right - a changing pad for anywhere you go with the Lili Bebe  No more slip and slide changes for you and your baby on-the-go! Lili’s Bebe Pad has arrived with the desire to make life easier for all diaper changes. Mompreneur, Celeste Stallings, the creator found changing her toddler’s diaper a challenge as her daughter was as active as she was on the playground through even a quick diaper change. She invented Lili’s Bebe Pad to be a must-have for all changes as the material on the bottom of each pad provides resistance to movement when pressure is applied.  Slip resistant backing, soft comfy changing surface they are generously sized to accommodate babies of all sizes. Machine washable and dryer friendly.  BPA free, Phthalate free and lead free.

Price: $17.99 Visit the Website

The Mommy To Be FUN Book! Stories, Games & Laughs To Entertain You While Waiting For Your Baby To Arrive!!.

Front & Back Cover of the FUN Book - Available Everywhere!

Description: This Fun Filled 132 page book is the perfect gift for the pregnant person in your life! Here are some excerpts: AND THE RUSSIAN JUDGE GIVES A 9.8... Getting up from furniture is no longer just a “getting up from furniture moment.” When pregnant, these movements are referred to as “dismounts.” IT’S A DATE... A Due Date is not the same thing as an Expiration Date, so don’t be surprised if your due date comes and goes and you’re still pregnant. Your baby hasn’t been pulled from the shelf and returned to the manufacturer... rather your baby’s just waiting to see if you send in a TV and an XBox. If you don’t... the kid will be out in just a few more days.

Price: $17.99 Visit the Website

Don’t Mess With M.A.M.A The Foundation – DVD

Don’t Mess with M.A.M.A The Foundation – DVD

Description: M.A.M.A. stands for Mothers Against Malicious Acts. It is the first self-defense system of its kind, designed exclusively for mothers as well as all women responsible for the care of children. Join celebrity self-defense expert, Jarrett Arthur, as she teaches her flagship class: The Foundation. The DVD teaches viewers effective skills against any size assailant, how to successfully defend your infant or toddler, easy to implement safety tips and strategies, realistic and straightforward striking techniques, as well as fun, positive safety games to play with your child.

Price: $17.95 Visit the Website

A Bucket Of Blessings By Kabir Sehgal And Surishtha Sehgal


Description: A beautiful myth from India comes to life in this enchanting picture book. Near a majestic mountain in a vast jungle with many mango trees, it has not rained for weeks and weeks. The village well and pond are dry. Monkey and his friends look everywhere for water, but they have no luck. And then Monkey remembers a story his mama used to tell him, a story about how peacocks can make it rain by dancing. So he sets out to see if the story is true… This little-known legend, told with dramatic rhythm and illustrated with the colors and textures of India, is sure to delight and inspire.

Price: $16.99 Visit the Website


Your Baby's First Spoon

Description: Spuni helps babies eat solid food with less mess. Marcel Botha and Trevor Hardy, owners and creators of Spuni, realized the geometry of normal spoons did not map to a baby’s method of eating and came up with “tulip” profile designed to trigger the instinctive latching reaction that babies develop during breast and bottle feeding, making Spuni perfect for a baby's first meal and beyond. Less messy, more Spuni.

Price: $16.00 Visit the Website

Listen To Your Baby's Heartbeat With Fetal Beats

Giving You Peace Of Mind One Heartbeat At A Time

Description: Imagine being able to hear your baby’s heartbeat anytime, anywhere and share the heart beat with all your friends and family. The Fetal Beats heart rate monitor kit allows expecting parents to be able to listen and share their unborn child’s heartbeat through their FREE companion App (available on iOS and Android). More convenient and cheaper than renting a fetal monitor, the Fetal Beats heart rate monitor is extremely portable and easy to use. Fetal Beats is making waves in its market and was recently featured on Canada's version of ABC's The Shark Tank – Dragons Den - as an innovative product of the smartphone age. So the next time you throw a baby shower or are searching for that perfect gift, give the gift that any mom will truly cherish, the sound of a healthy baby on the way. Fetal Beats is giving people the chance to listen to, record and share your baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of your own home.

Price: $15.99 to $139.00 Visit the Website

Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Body Lotion And Face Cream

Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Body Lotion

Description: Ideal for new moms, the new Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Collection is a range of two new dermatologically-proven products that soothe even the most highly sensitive skin. Holistically developed, the White Mallow Collection harnesses the power of organic white mallow, pansy and precious plant oils to calm irritated skin and strengthen its natural protective barrier. 100% certified natural by the European association NaTrue, the White Mallow line was also awarded the esteemed National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™, and is ideal for children (newborn and up) with highly sensitive or atopic skin. The line doubles as suitable skincare for Moms who also have sensitive skin. NEW White Mallow Body Lotion Mild, delicate lotion, made from 95% organic ingredients, gently moisturizes and relieves itching from dryness for overall healthier-looking skin. NEW White Mallow Face Cream Gentle face cream made from 97% organic ingredients nourishes and calms delicate skin and creates a protective barrier from harsh environmental elements. Baby’s skin is left feeling pleasantly soft and supple.

Price: $14.00 to $17.00 Visit the Website

101 Tips For The Smart Stepmom

101 Tips for the Smart Stepmom: Expert Advice From One Stepmom to Another

Description: Practical Ideas You Can Use Today In this down-to-earth book, author and speaker Laura Petherbridge offers real answers from someone who's walked in your shoes--and not only survived, but thrived as a stepmom. Here you'll find compact solutions arranged by topic, such as parenting, coping with the children's biological mom, finances, and dealing with the holidays. You will learn · how to better understand your blended family · what to do when you feel like an outsider · ways to navigate the drama · keys to gaining the respect of your stepkids These bite-sized tips are perfect for a busy stepmom, offering at-a-glance advice you can use today--and see change begin.

Price: $12.99 Visit the Website

New Book: "Shea-Shea Sheananigans: Shea Runs Away"

Shea Run Away is the first of 5 children's books

Description: Rambunctious puppy learns valuable lesson Shea is German Shepard mix whose hijinks are used to educate grade school children. Her antics teach children essential lessons about love, respect, empathy and the consequences of bad behavior. In “Shea-Shea Shea-na-ni-gans: Shea Runs Away” Lana Schneider pens a fictional tale of her poorly behaved dog Shea. After running away, Shea comes to the realization that her bad behavior is causing those who care about her to worry. The book was written as a lesson in safety to young children. They should not leave their yards unsupervised, as they too can get lost or hurt. “It’s important to teach children important values and the consequences of actions at a young age,” Schneider said. The book is a fun way to educate and entertain kids at the same time.” Schneider and her husband adopted Shea from the humane society with hopes of finding the perfect pet. However, Shea has struggled with behavior issues from the moment she was let in the house. Schneider came to the realization that Shea’s legacy is not meant to be that of a ‘bad dog’, but rather a teacher. “Shea-Shea Shea-na-ni-gans: Shea Runs Away” is the first in a series of five children’s books. All the characters in “Shea Runs Away”, as well as Schneider’s other books, are multicultural. This is done intentionally to teach about equality and acceptance.

Price: $10.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

Skype Gift Cards

Give mom the gift of communication

Description: A Skype gift card is not only affordable and practical for mom, but it gives her what she really wants – the opportunity to connect with her children more often. It’s especially great for the mom celebrating retirement overseas, as it allows her to make low-cost calls to cell phones and landlines, send and receive text messages and use Skype WiFi from over 2 million hotspots around the world. For as little as $10, mom gets more than 400 minutes of calling, so she can stay in touch with friends and family every day, no matter how far apart they are.

Price: $10.00 to $200.00 Visit the Website

Burden Lifters: Every Woman's Daily Guide To A Healthy, Happy Life

Burden Lifters: Every Woman's Daily Guide to a Healthy, Happy Life

Description: Burden Lifters: Every Woman's Daily Guide to a Healthy, Happy Life offers all women regardless of age, marital status or profession, a message of practical hope for facing life’s challenges successfully by utilizing the plentiful supply of resource that God extends through robust scriptural promises, intimate caring relationships, as well as a generous supply of buoyant faith-full, healthy-living instruction.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Mustachifier - For The New Man In Your Life

The Gentleman

Description: Mustachifier is the pacifier for the new man in your life. The new, little man who just stole the attention away from your husband. And his place in your bed. Mustachifier is the original mustache pacifier. Making your babies cool, quirky, and hip all in one little paci! Turn sobs into laughs with one of the three options: - The Ladies Man - The Gentle Man - The Cowboy Get one at!

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Milkscreen At Home Test To Detect Alcohol In Breast Milk

At Home Test to Detect Alcohol in Breast Milk

Description: Milkscreen Alcohol is an easy to use at home test to detect the presence of alcohol in breast milk. Milkscreen Alcohol test strips detect the presence of alcohol at 13.1 mg/dL or greater in breast milk. Because everyone metabolizes alcohol differently, the amount of time it takes for the alcohol to leave your breast milk also varies. Alcohol is not trapped in breast milk, and draining your breasts will not expedite the elimination of the alcohol out of your system. Over time your body will naturally metabolize the alcohol from your breast milk but the only way to know for certain that the alcohol is gone is to test your breast milk. A "feeling" of intoxication or non-intoxication is not an accurate indicator of determining if alcohol is present or not in breast milk.

Price: $9.99 to $24.99 Visit the Website

AppeTEETHERS Teething Toys

AppeTEETHERS by Little Toader

Description: AppeTEETHERSTM are patented, silicone teething toys free of BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead. They provide the perfect amount of resistance to sooth baby's sore gums, and best of all the cute one-of-a-kind designs will surely make you chuckle! AppeTEETHERSTM look like real food. Our current line includes a Chompin' Chicken WingTM, Baby-Q RibTM, Broccoli BitesTM, NopainappleTM, Ice Cream U ScreamTM, and LOL! SuckerTM. Consistently ranking as one of the top teething toys, AppeTEETHERSTM are a truly unique teething solution. Babies love them and parents get a kick out of watching their precious bundle of joy using them.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Love! Laugh! Panic! Life With My Mother By Rosemary Mild

Love! Laugh! Panic! Life with My Mother by Rosemary Mild

Description: Don’t we all have mixed emotions about our mothers? That sentiment echoes loudly—and often hilariously—throughout the pages of Love! Laugh! Panic!, Rosemary Pollack Mild’s tribute to her own complicated mother, Luby Pollack. Luby was a mother like no other: extraordinarily talented, yet extraordinarily difficult to live with. She was many things: a skilled journalist, a popular book author, club woman extraordinaire—a true leader, and even an artist of sorts. But Luby Pollack often had a daunting role to play. In the delivery room during Rosemary’s birth, Luby’s psychiatrist husband ordered her not to make any noise during labor, as it was “unseemly for a doctor’s wife.” Rosemary grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When she set out to write a book strictly about herself, she found daunting circumstances of her own (Luby went so far as to rewrite Rosemary’s ninth-grade autobiography assignment). Originally intending to publish a selection of personal essays, Rosemary discovered that Mother popped up on every page. Looming. Encouraging. Warning. Always the Protagonist, the Star, the Heroine, the Antagonist—and sometimes, from the viewpoint of a loving but ornery daughter, the Villain.

Price: $9.95 Visit the Website

Honor Them With A Customized Official Proclamation From Their City & State!

This sample OfficialProclamation has custom copy blurred out.

Description: If you're looking for original, personal, meaningful-yet-inexpensive gifts, you've never seen anything like this: Official Proclamations are full color, funny, appreciative Official Certificates of Appreciation from anyone's city and state, which customers purchase and download in a minute. Because every Proclamation is personalized, every one issued is unique and original -- even as a last minute gift (there's a free sample on the home page of the site). OfficialProclamations are high resolution PDF files, they can be printed out by anyone, up to 11" x 17". There are Official Proclamations for: Best Girlfriend Ever Best Boyfriend Ever Best Brother Ever Best Friend Ever Best Dad Ever Best Daughter Ever Best Mom Ever Best Wife Ever Smartest Graduate Best Husband Ever Best Teacher Best Sister Ever Best Son Ever Best Boss Ever Best Grandma Ever Best Grandpa Ever Best Caregiver Ever And we're always adding more!

Price: $9.95 Visit the Website

Anger Is OKAY Violence Is NOT Help Is On The Way For Temper Tantrums

Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT

Description: This books is for every toddler in the nation. It offers replacement behaviors for temper tantrums. Everyone gets angry and this is okay, it is not okay to hurt other's when you are angry. This book is fun, colorful and non threatening to children. Parents will appreciate the simple language and word clarity. This book won first place in the Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY awards in May. Read review from Blue Ink Review: Link to audio book: Kindle Link: Paperback Link:

Price: $8.99 to $9.00 Visit the Website

Pocket Mommy By Aila Malik, A New Illustrated Storybook With Paper Doll Cut-outs

Pocket Mommy by Aila Malik

Description: Pocket Mommy is a wonderful new children's book that tells a story about a young boy who gets sad when he is dropped off at kindergarten because he experiences separation anxiety -- an issue faced by many families including the author. In real life and the story, the mom cleverly designs a paper "pocket" mommy for her son to carry with him to keep her close. Eventually, he finds that he is looking forward to school so much every day that he doesn’t even need his Pocket Mommy anymore. Since this solution was such a success, Aila Malik and her young son, Zayan, wrote Pocket Mommy to help others. The fun, loving, children's storybook, with illustrations by Vincenzo Lara, also includes paper "pocket mommy" cut-outs on the back-cover and a page of tips for parents. Under $10, Pocket Mommy is a refreshing and heartwarming illustrated storybook that makes a wonderful gift to be read to or by young children.

Price: $8.99 Visit the Website

Childrens Book: Some Parts Are NOT For Sharing

Algunas Partes NO Son Para Compartir

Description: Some Parts are NOT for Sharing is a child’s first book on body safety. This book describes to very young children age’s 0-7 years what to do if they encounter unwanted touch. With the information in this book children will be informed about what areas are private and what to do if someone touches them in these areas. This book is fun and non- threatening. It is a must read for every parent and child. There is no greater gift a parent can give their child than the gift of safety. To read the entire book visit: This book is also available in Spanish.

Price: $6.99 to $7.00 Visit the Website

Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck - Mobile App - FREE DOWNLOAD

Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck Mobile APP

Description: The very successful 52 card Vibrational Energy Oracle deck that presents down to earth guidance, created by Debbie A. Anderson and illustrated by Heather Brewster is now available as a mobile app. The app is available on Android phones and tablets, as well as iPhone / iPad devices. A limited version, including 11 cards, can be downloaded for free by clicking on the following link. The unlocked version, containing the full 52 card deck, can then be easily purchased from the free version ($5.99). Alternatively the physical deck can be purchased online at $25.00Cdn or in selected stores in Canada, US & Australia.

Price: $5.99 to $25.00 Visit the Website

Pampering “Mommy And Me” Bath Care Products

Baby Sebamed Collection

Description: Save busy moms a trip to the store and give them the gift of a relaxing bath with new, gentle bubble baths and creams that are designed for babies’ delicate skin, but use stress reliving natural ingredients like lavender and chamomile, perfect for moms to relax with after a long day. Baby Sebamed is a top dermatologist-developed skin care brand formulated at pH 5.5, the ideal pH for babies’ skin. Made especially for sensitive, delicate and even problematic skin, Sebamed formulas are hypoallergenic and tear, soap, gluten and alkali free. They are tested and approved by moms and dermatologists, and can be used on newborns through to toddlers. For a complete package, pair these gifts with a soft towel or bathtub toys.

Price: $5.99 to $12.99 Visit the Website

Brain, Child: The Magazine For Thinking Mothers

Brain, Child Magazine's Fall '13 Issue

Description: Brain, Child is the award-winning magazine that makes the perfect gift for wives, daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers everywhere. With topical feature stories, newsworthy debates, personal essays, book reviews, poetry and more, each issue is a great read. Brain, Child brings together voices of women of different backgrounds and circumstances on the page, on our website and in our Facebook and Twitter communities. What's more, our wildly popular blog -- Brain, Mother -- is a hit with parents of toddlers to teens. At $22 for an annual subscription featuring four issues, each delivering content that is both enlightening and universal, Brain, Child is a value-added present for any occasion. To order, visit

Price: $5.95 Visit the Website

SwaggerTag Identification Tags

SwaggerTag Identification Tags, 6 colours

Description: A SwaggerTag is a new, uniquely customizable, durable, weather-resistant, and multipurpose identification tag, that hides personal information until opened -- all at an affordable price point. SwaggerTags are available in 6 bright colors and can be customized with a favorite image, a logo or chosen from our website's growing "Window Art" library.  Ideal for students, travelers, kids, musicians, sports enthusiasts, commuters, businesses and pet owners, SwaggerTags can be attached to anything that leaves home: backpacks, lunch bags, sport duffles, luggage, totes, bikes, diaper bags, golf bags, medical aids, computer, electronic & instrument cases, even a dog's leash. SwaggerTag is the must-have to add to every bag.

Price: $3.99 Visit the Website

Pirate Jonny's Caribbean BBQ Rubs Seasonings And Sauces-Gluten Free, Low Sodium Blends That Help Make Cooking Easy!

Pirate Jonny's Caribbean BBQ Rubs and Seasonings

Description: Welcome to Pirate Jonny’s Caribbean BBQ Rubs, Seasonings and Sauces. Pirate Jonny’s Seasoning blends and Sauce are derived from the geographical maritime region of the Caribbean basin. Our Rubs offer a touch of the classic barbecue dry rubs, combined with the flavors of the Caribbean. Our seasonings are not like anything you have had before. It’s all flavor, without the excessive amounts of salt and sugar typically found in seasonings. Many people use Pirate Jonny’s as a “Food Staple” because this is all you need in order to get full flavor without having to cut up the typical onions, pepper’s, garlic, etc. These products are also very healthy, No MSG, no Gluten and low sodium. It is a MUST for the family, moms, dads and kids! They also make great gifts to give your meals loads of flavor without a lot of preparation. Please feel free to check out the many recipes that are available from Pirate Jonny's or simply rub it on, add into your vegetables, salads, anything! It's good on everything....

Price: $3.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

Mood-Factory's Mood-lites Light Up Your Life

Mood-lites' Happiness lightbulb enhances your happy groove.

Description: Mood-lites create a festive mood this holiday season. Available from $2.98 to $6.99 at Lowe’s Home improvement stores nationwide,, Mood-lites are an ideal stocking stuffer. “Mood-lites represent Mood-Factory’s first line of products which are based on the sense of sight, and specifically, in regards to how colors affect how we feel,” said the Chicago-based Kathryn Goetzke, President, Mood-Factory. “Andy Warhol once said that ‘a person is entitled to the lighting they need’ and I believe that people need the ability to instantly change their lighting to suit their mood or to indulge their spiritual, artistic or decorative side,” adds Goetzke. Kathryn Goetzke founded the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression (iFred),, to shine a positive light on depression and eliminate the stigma associated with the disease through prevention, research and education. Other uplifting hues in the Mood-lites line include: Happiness (yellow); Energy (Orange); Serenity (Light Blue); Sassy (Pink); Creativity (Purple) and Tranquility (Deep Blue). Mood-Factory,, founded by Kathryn Goetzke in 2004, first came to national prominence with the development of a new category of lighting with the launch of Mood-lites,, available in multiple “moods” ranging from Happy™ to Passion™ to Serenity™. Part of the proceeds of the Mood-Factory product line is contributed to iFred.

Price: $2.98 to $6.99 Visit the Website

Geeh,The Band - Fierce

<i>Fierce</I> features Geeh, The Band's new single,

Description: Whether you're going on a road trip or celebrating in the backyard, enjoy your Mother's Day with your family listening to music that's educational, yet fun and catchy-- perfect for everyone! Geeh, The Band's latest album *Fierce is perfect for any occasion, from car rides to the mall to doing chores around the house. Get a copy of Geeh, The Band's album and see for yourself why both kids and parents are falling in love with the 7 member virtual band.

Price: $0.99 Visit the Website

Spend Your Day At The Crafted Port Of LA

Crafted At The Port Of Los Angeles

Description: CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles is Southern California’s only weekly, indoor artisanal marketplace. Imagine a beautifully refurbished, 25,000 sq. foot World War II warehouse shopping experience located along the new L.A. Waterfront, across from the Cabrillo Marina and next to the 22nd St. park. Inside, CRAFTED is a vibrant patchwork of market stalls where local craft-artists, designers, and artisanal food makers share their handmade wares – and the stories behind them – with the public every weekend. The marketplace showcases a huge variety of hand made one-of-a kind treasures every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, along with demonstrations, live music, special events, and of course delicious food from famous food trucks. There’s even a Creation Station where artists teach young visitors how to make something they can take home while parents shop.

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

Great Mother's Day Gift

A Free Mother's Day WooHoo!

Description: A WooHoo! is a totally original and heartwarming gift that can be put together in a flash and will make your mom happy! At, start a free WooHoo! page for your mom and invite siblings and other family members (no matter where they live in the world!) to upload photos, videos, memories, and notes of love and appreciation. The giant WooHoo! is sent to your mom on Mother’s Day, delivering an epic experience of love, joy and happiness from all the people she loves most. has been called: “Awesome,” “Amazing,” “Joyful,” and “One of the best gifts I ever got!” For an upgrade, WooHoos can be turned into books and posters. Start a free WooHoo! today!

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

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