Family & Children Gifts - Family & Children Gift Guide Roundup for 2012

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Perpetual And Private Cloud Family Archives

One Payment Ensures Perpetual Protection of your Digital Family History

Description: Gen-Ark (acronym for generational archiving) is a pioneering new online family archival service which has been solely established to perpetually preserve, oversee and maintain multiple generations worth of precious digital content (photos, audio, videos and documents) in a dedicated, private and secure, cloud based Digital Estate Management system, across generational succession(s) and unpredictable technology changes. Gen-Ark’s single purchase payment is utilized to create a secure financial trust to ensure the perpetual protection of every family archive and the priceless family history it will contain.

Price: $2,274.00 to $10,848.50 Visit the Website

Mother's Day 18x24 DNA Self Portrait Canvas Print

The Most Unique Gift of Art...

Description: Share your love with a special 18" x 24" DNA Self Portrait canvas print for Mother's Day. This is one of the most unique and personal gifts for that special lady who has given you love beyond measure. Its sentimental value will last many lifetimes. As a family keepsake it will be cherished for many generations. Red Heat color is available only by special request. A swab kit is sent to collect a DNA sample. It's sent back to get processed in the lab, digitized, matched with a color selection, and then either gallery-wrapped on 1.5" stretcher bars, or sent to customer in a tube.

Price: $299.00 to $436.00 Visit the Website

Silent Call Signature Series Receiver Watch

Silent Call Receiver Watch

Description: The Silent Call Receiver Watch is a digital alerting device that quickly notifies the wearer to visitors, calls, and emergencies. It’s portable and allows the wearer to be fully in-touch with what’s going on in their home without missing out on their receives a signal, then displays a digital icon and gives out distinct pulse vibrations, letting the wearer know which transmitter sent the signal. It can monitor phones, smoke detectors, doorbells, weather alert systems, sound monitors, and other Silent Call Signature Series 418MHz transmitters. Another great feature is that it signals when one of the transmitters isn’t working properly – for example if the fire alarm is out of batteries. Silent Call is the only company whose products self monitor in this way.

Price: $283.70 to $306.34 Visit the Website

Oopsy Daisy - Fine Art For Kids

Our World - Personalized Canvas Wall Art

Description: Children's wall art featuring landmarks and animals of each region of the globe. Canvas wall art is reproduced in our San Diego studios using the best digital reproduction method currently available, resulting in great clarity and color saturation. After printing, the canvas is stretched by hand over a custom built 1.5” wood frame. The canvas wraps around the sides providing a finished decorative edge. While not needed for our canvases, solid wood framing in a contemporary shadow box style is available in ten sizes and two color choices. A saw tooth hanger is attached for easy hanging and artist biography information is included on the back so that children can learn more about today’s working artists. Canvases are exceptionally durable and can be cleaned with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth.

Price: $189.00 Visit the Website

1st Ultrasonic Toothbrush - Whitens Teeth In Days, No Chemicals

Ultrasonic cleaning of your teeth - kill stains, bacteria, go far beyond where dental floss can reach

Description: Emmi-dent is the first ULTRASONIC toothbrush. Works motionlessly with its non-abrasive nano-bubble toothpaste to kill bacteria, reduce periodontal disease, and remove stains. As an ultrasonic rather than an electronic toothbrush, Emmi-dent dramatically reduces plaque and periodontal disease. By destroying bacteria, it removes stains from coffee, wine, nicotine and food, returning teeth to their natural white color within days. Teeth whitening involves bleaching, which can hurt sensitive gums and teeth, and costs typically range $100-$1,500, depending on whether you go to a dentist, a non-dentist, or buy strips at a pharmacy. It works under braces, cleaning and removing stains. Users have said that their gums are no longer inflamed, they have less plaque, their teeth are whiter, it is gentle and non-abrasive. After dental reconstruction or any kind of oral surgery, you can brush your teeth with Emmi-dent with no fear of pain, bleeding, abrasion or wear factors. Gentle for children. Emmi-dent cleans gingival pockets that even dental floss cannot reach. It is gentle enough to use immediately after oral surgery, including on implants, avoiding damage to teeth and gums, and is painless on sensitive teeth and gums. Retail price $189.00 at

Price: $189.00 Visit the Website

A Girl For All Time Dolls

Matilda, the first doll in the A Girl For All Time collection.

Description: Now available for the first time in the United States, A Girl for All Time® dolls are so beautiful and stylish, that they’ve even been featured in British Vogue! Designed by a British boutique toy company, A Girl for All Time® is an authentic, intelligent collection of dolls and books unlike any other. The costumes are designed by trendy London fashion designer Katya Wildman and Emmy nominated costume designer, Caroline Harris (A Knight’s Tale, An Ideal Husband). The dolls are crafted using a combination of traditional hand-sculpting methods and the latest in computer technology to create a doll that looks like fine porcelain, but is in fact durable vinyl, ready for many hours of active play. A Girl for All Time® draws on important events throughout British history, which are explored and beautifully recreated within the series by following the eldest girls in the fictional Marchmont family through 500 years of history, intrigue and adventures. The novels are written by twice-BAFTA nominated screenwriter/director, Sandra Goldbacher, and the Director of the Royal College of Art, Pete Salmi, has crafted the beautifully illustrated Keepsake books

Price: $134.99 Visit the Website



Description: PRIZM™ is revolutionary among graphing calculators with features that enhance users’ understanding of mathematics. With conventional graphing calculators, students learn by inputting equations to create graphs. PRIZM™ creates a whole new way to learn math by enabling students to experiment by creating their own graphs over pictures of real-life scenes, and then understand the functions from the graphs that they created on their own. • High-resolution color LCD with full textbook-style display • Picture Plot enables learning from real-life pictures • Multitude of functions that leverage the color LCD

Price: $129.99 Visit the Website

InnoTab 2S Learning App Tablet

InnoTab 2S Learning App Tablet

Description: The innovative InnoTab 2S with a secure Wi-Fi connection is a multi-media tablet with a 5” inch touch screen that keeps kids entertained and engaged while they learn. It’s the only Wi-Fi enabled children’s tablet on the market today equipped with games using augmented reality technology that retails for under $100.00. InnoTab 2S puts kids on the cutting edge of technology with the availability of a secure Wi-Fi connection to VTech’s Learning Lodge Navigator® downloadable content. The new InnoTab 2S comes equipped with all the great features of the InnoTab 2, and a secure wireless connection to VTech’s Learning Lodge Navigator downloadable content allows parents to easily transfer games, e-books, music, videos and more to the device when in a Wi-Fi hotspot location. Kids can use the on-board Wish List Maker to add learning apps, games, music and more to their wish list, which parents can view on their mobile phone, tablet or computer for purchase. Once purchased, kids can download the content via a secure Wi-Fi connection. It has 2GB onboard memory and comes equipped with an expandable SD card slot available to accommodate SD cards up to 32GB for continuous engagement.

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

Urban Crew Campus Laptop Backpack By ISafe Bags

Campus Laptop Backpack in Green

Description: This backpack is perfect for those on the move. With plenty of room to store tech devices and personal items, the Campus Laptop Backpack provides "mobile personal security" everywhere you go. In a split second, you can activate two high decibel sirens and a high intensity strobe light simultaneously to attract immediate attention to a dangerous or harmful situation. Now you can protect yourself when you leave home! Uses two 9V alkaline batteries, which provide over two continuous hours of alarm signaling before the batteries drain and comes in five color combinations.

Price: $89.99 Visit the Website

Personalized Toddler Chair - Multiple Fabric Options

Personalized Toddler Chair - Multiple Fabric Options

Description: The perfect little chair for your wee one! Comes with a handle so your toddler can re-arrange their own furniture. My First Toddler Chair comes with or without a skirt, of course ruffled for little girls or tailored for the little boy in your life. Chairs are slipcovered for ease of care and of course high density foam for years of use. For ages 1-3 years of age. Your little one will love this personalized chair that is just their size! Perfect for movie nights, this comfy seat gives your toddler his or her own space just like mom or dad.

Price: $88.00 Visit the Website


Black PlasmaBike from PlaSmart Inc.

Description: The PlasmaBike is a pedal-free balance bicycle with a unique shape which provides children a fun, more stable ride than traditional bikes. The PlasmaBike is comfortably high, easy to propel and it has recessed but reasonably wide spaced wheels for manoeuvrability and balance. The internal bearing system of its wheels ensures a safe and smooth ride, allowing progressive speeding while learning to avoid obstacles and hazards. Free from cables, chains and pedals, PlasmaBike has a sleek design and helps build bike riding confidence at an early stage. New for 2012! Ages: 18+ Months

Price: $79.99 Visit the Website

DaddyScrubs Swag Box

DaddyScrubs Swag Box

Description: Treat the new dad in your life like the celebrity he is with a DaddySwag Gift Box. Each item is personally selected by Mr. Daddy, himself – including a set of our signature DaddyScrubs. Celeb dads like Antonio Sabato Jr., Kevin James, Ian Ziering, John Roberts, Ty Murray, Cash Warren, and Donald Trump Jr are just a few of the proud parents sporting their DaddyScrubs! Product Features • DaddyScrubs – Edgy, Navy • I’m the Daddy Tee - White Edgy • I’m the Daddy Hat – Navy • I'm the Daddy coffee mug • 3 pens • Stickers • $79.95

Price: $79.95 Visit the Website

Minky Couture Luxurious Blankets - Everyone Deserves A Minky!

Minky Couture gifts for your family for the Holidays, even Fido!

Description: Minky blankets make the perfect Holiday gifts by themselves and in sets. Here are some great gift ideas to help you bring a smile to your loved one: Christmas - Bring Christmas cheer by warming up your friend, child, or spouse with a warm and cozy minky blanket. Hanukkah - Celebrate the festival of lights with a comfy minky blanket of any size. Regardless of which day you gift the blanket, you will be sure to excite the person who receives it. You will undoubtedly enjoy the irresistible softness and luxury of your very own Minky Couture blanket-your escape to luxury. Our blankets are individually hand made by talented seemstresses. Customers can choose any combination of pattern, color of back and ruffle or no ruffle. We do monogramming for all occasions. Our blankets come in all sizes for everyone in your home... infant, tween, adult and monster. Because of how it is made it carries that extra touch of love and healing. We are online at Our email customers receive a discount and fun Promos 2 times per month. If you have priced the minky fabric in fabric stores you will know how great of a price we offer!

Price: $65.00 to $145.00 Visit the Website


Kick Legend

Description: "The Original Jeans Boots", launched in 2008, is transgenerational, authentic, Bohemian, and casual, embracing the values of freedom and reinterpreting the Kickers legend, the original ankle boot and famous all over the world. This vintage line comes in sizes 25-46 and relies directly on the distinctive values and codes that have forged the Kickers legend: noble leathers, woven designer label, hot branded logo on the back strip, red and green spots beneath the heel, crepe sole, colored topstitching and engraved eyelets. The result is an authentic, modern, emblematic product.

Price: $65.00 to $85.00 Visit the Website

Charlotte Rose Pink CarryAll Bag From HDS MEDALLION’s Mobility Collection

Charlotte Rose Pink From HDS MEDALLION

Description: Fashionable with Function! HDS MEDALLION CarryAll Bags are for Mothers, Grandmothers and disabled women using a mobility device including walkers, scooters, power chairs and transport wheelchairs to get around. With over a dozen attractive bags to choose from these bags jazz up mobility devices and provide a healthy psychological lift in women’s spirits while delivering familiar purse-like functionality. It's the perfect gift for women that will be used daily with enthusiasm. Women using a walker or other device can have a practical and fashionable purse that looks great and feels feminine.

Price: $64.95 Visit the Website

5:1 Multi-Functional Cover Protects Babies And Transforms In Seconds

Cool Wazoo Is the Only Baby Pad Parents Will Ever Need!

Description: Cool Wazoo is a revolutionary multifunctional product that incorporates a high-tech material on the inside that works as a surface that repels heat, a large diaper changing pad, restaurant high chair cover, car seat cover, grocery cart cover and bucket swing seat insert. It's a 5-n-1! The Cool Wazoo was originally designed to protect children from the blistering temperatures of swing seats The uniquely flexible design of the Cool Wazoo makes it an indispensable product! Features: • It’s large surface are is an instant upgrade to any other changing pad on the market • It folds up compactly to fit into any diaper bag or purse • At the supermarket, it is perfect to keep babies from sucking on germy shopping carts • It provides a clean, comfy surface for snack time • In restaurants and on the playground, it protects from heat and grime • Perfect to take on trips as a clean changing surface Invented by a mom and approved by parents and doctors everywhere, the Cool Wazoo is an essential for every parent! And with four fashionable patterns it ensures that Mom and Dad can reflect their own individual style sense! Available for purchase at boutiques nationwide and online at for $64.95

Price: $64.95 Visit the Website

LOVE By Nutcase Helmets

LOVE by Nutcase Helmets

Description: This Valentine’s Day, keep your heart on a string and your head in a helmet that protects and loves you in everyway. Here at Nutcase Helmets we think everyone should love their brains as much as we do! Show how much you care by giving the LOVE helmet to your significant other. You’ll love it, and it'll love you right back. Created by Michael Morrow, former creative director at Nike, Nutcase Helmets designs and markets fun and funky bike, skate, snow and water sports helmets – and for the little loves in our lives, a special kids’ line – Little Nutty by Nutcase.

Price: $60.00 Visit the Website

VTech MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System

VTech MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System

Description: The new MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System is a multi-functional educational handheld system that allows kids ages 3-8 to enjoy on-the-go play and hone their creativity all while learning basic skills such as math, vocabulary, spelling, reading, logic, drawing and more! Key product Features - Two NEW ways to play: MobiGo 2 comes equipped with a NEW motion sensor and microphone in addition to the touchscreen: - The NEW motion sensor provides total game control, allowing kids to create action movements within games and programs while playing - The NEW microphone provides different methods of game play. Blow into the microphone to move objects, blow off dust, or initiate other special effects. Or speak into it to give a command or trigger an action - QWERTY keyboard helps kids become familiar with a keyboard layout - Pre-loaded with FREE games: MobiGo 2 also functions as an e-reader, photo album, photo viewer and art studio and coloring book, and comes pre-loaded with three great games that take advantage of the product’s many features - Numerous apps for download: The expanded onboard memory allows kids to store more fun. More than 80 other apps are available for download at the VTech Learning Lodge Navigator™ at

Price: $59.99 Visit the Website

The Daddy Diaper Pack

The Daddy Diaper Pack

Description: The Daddy Diaper Pack™ in basic black is the ultimate backpack for Dads with full straps and clips to lock it down, and to take it off quickly and easily. The custom design allows less fumbling through deep pockets and eliminates struggling to take off the pack while holding baby. The side pockets are great for water bottles, baby bottles, and sippy cups. There’s a big pouch for diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes (and of course a small one for the “dirty stuff”). The front organizer pocket is designed for the essentials like keys, money, cell phone, pacifier, and small toys. The insulated cooler pocket is perfect for juice, bottles, and snacks. The skater straps are great for hooking everything from sand pails, to beach towels, to flip flops, hats, and even wet clothes. The Daddy Diaper Pack™ by DaddyScrubs is truly the ultimate go-to diaper bag for dads – perfect for all occasions like shopping, walking trips, car rides, and emergencies.

Price: $59.95 Visit the Website

Covillow- A Nursing Cover Unlike Any Other


Description: Covillow is everything you need for comfortable breastfeeding on the go. It even has the pillow! And Covillow covers both sides and your back completely so mom and baby can be comfortable breastfeeding anywhere. Covillow rolls up to easily fit in a diaper bag. Now when it is time for baby to eat mom doesn’t have to stress about finding a dirty bathroom or uncomfortable corner. No need to worry about baby pulling off the blanket or feeling exposed. Thanks to the pillow, mom and baby will be comfortable for the entire experience. Being a new mom is stressful enough. With Covillow, at least she doesn’t have to worry about breastfeeding.

Price: $59.95 Visit the Website

StashAll: Stylish Accessories For The Physically Challenged

Red StashAll shoulder bag with accessories

Description: The StashAll has been designed as a high-end fashionable accessory for fun day trips or a more sophisticated night out. It features pockets/sections that allow the owner or a caregiver to easily locate a commonly grabbed item, like glasses or credit cards. It is lined in a high-quality, attractive fabric and provides optional, coordinating accessories, like a glasses case, cell phone case with neck strap, credit card case and discreet pouch for briefs that can be taken to the restroom. When StashAll creator Mary Tennyson’s 92-year-old mother wanted to attend the Ballet or do lunch, she always had a hard time pushing her walker and managing her purse at the same time. This need lead Mary to create The StashAll, an attractive bag that attached to the walker and would also fold up with the walker when it came time to put it in the car or set it aside once seated. The StashAll was born out of an important personal need, but has been tested by other seniors and caregivers alike who gave important feedback in the research and development process. The StashAll also comes in handsome styles for men who face the same problems and a version with a shoulder strap that can also be used by caregivers when not attached to the walker.

Price: $50.00 to $80.00 Visit the Website

Maestro Market Experts

Deb Snyder is an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, and award winning author of Intuitive Parenting: Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart.

Description: Maestro Market is a unique and first of its kind platform that gives people the power to find and connect directly with their ideal experts, or even heroes. Here are just a few of the unique opportunities available through Maestro Market: Learn to parent intuitively - How can you trust as a parent that you're making the best choices possible? Deb offers consultations on intuitive parenting—learning to listen to the wisdom of your heart and your own sacred connection to your child. Conversations are one hour long, over phone or Skype. Take on your biggest parenting challenge—whatever it is In a one-hour phone session, Sarina will take on whatever you consider to be your biggest parenting challenge. This is a rapid intervention session, intended to give you practical, solution-based strategies for tackling everyday problems. Build your child a library of great books-- Children learn by reading, so it does matter what books you buy. Let's talk children's literature. In a 30-minute phone call, we'll talk about your family, your values, your kids' interests, and I'll help you put together a list of must-read titles. Experts on the site range from the affordable $50/Skype, phone or in-person setting; to the medium range $250-$500 session, to more than $5000.

Price: $50.00 to $5,000.00 Visit the Website

Baby K'tan Baby Carrier

Baby K'tan Baby Carrier in Sage Green

Description: The Baby K’tan® Baby Carrier is a parent “must have!” The only soft hybrid baby carrier that is an ideal blend of a sling, wrap and carrier, it allows mom or dad to wear baby in multiple positions from birth, without any hassles of wrapping or buckling. It is extremely simple to use. The secret behind this parent-invented, ready-to-wear baby carrier is its unique double-loop design, which gives added security for carrying baby and privacy for mom while nursing! The Baby K’tan is lightweight and compact like a sling, but also goes over both shoulders to evenly distribute baby's weight like a structured carrier. Every Baby K’tan carrier also has an adjustable back support band to keep mom and dad as comfortable as baby, and comes with a free matching baby hat and carry bag! Baby K’tan, LLC uses all 100% natural cotton free of harmful chemicals, formaldehydes and azo dyes.

Price: $50.00 to $70.00 Visit the Website

Buddy The Skate Dog

Buddy the Skate Dog

Description: Jada Toys, Inc. brings excitement and innovation into the Feature Plush category with Buddy the Skate Dog. It's the only RC controlled Skateboarding dog (Battery Not Included). This large and adorable bulldog is super cute, super cuddly and full of fun on his full function RC skateboard. Buddy's the perfect companion for indoor and outdoor play! He's best of both worlds- cool plush dog on a skateboard!

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

Battle Machines Battle Quads

Battle Machines Battle Quads

Description: Each remote control Battle Machine Battle Quad comes with an infrared laser canon that disables the opponent's vehicle infrared sensor after three tags. This awesome set of two Quad Bikes with remote control includes a 12'' scale Battle Quad with aggressive monster truck detailing. Tri-band controllers let you battle up to six Battle Machines at a time, and there are three lights on each vehicle to indicate your remaining lives in the battle. Enjoy endless hours of mock-combat fun with these remote control laser trucks.

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

BasketPong-A Game For All Ages

Full Court Set

Description: BasketPong is a new game for all ages that combines the competiveness and skill of basketball with the fun and excitement of other outdoor activities such as bean bag toss/corn hole. BasketPong comes in a lightweight, compact carrying case and can be easily assembled for play within minutes. Similar to a basketball hoop, BasketPong features a vertical set-up, including a backboard, stand and base. The backboard features eight slots to insert rims and cups/nets in different patterns, which allows you to play the game at various skill levels. The goal of the game is to shoot BasketPong balls into each cup/net in order to clear the backboard. BasketPong is available for sale through and select retail locations. Customers can choose from a half-court set (one unit), full-court set (two units) or door-hanging unit. Additionally, BasketPong can be played in a swimming pool because it floats.

Price: $49.99 to $179.99 Visit the Website

NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband Hotspot

NetZero 4G Hotspot

Description: The yule log is so yesterday's news. Families today gather around internet hotspots on Christmas morning, playing with their new gadgets, watching family videos or even sneaking in a FB post to a friend. The most cost efficient way to get all of your gifts connected this season (even while traveling) is the NetZero 4G Hotspot. With 4G speeds the whole clan can chat, surf the web, and download the hottest apps in no time at all. Best yet, there’s no fighting over service since the hotspot connects up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices at once. With no contracts or commitments, even the big guy up in the North Pole agrees the hotspot is a no brainer for holiday cheer. Currently on sale for $49.98 with the purchase of a plan, it's time to give the gift of safe, secure, fast and commitment free internet. Hopefully Santa will leave one in your stocking this year.

Price: $49.98 to $300.00 Visit the Website

Infrared Remote Control U-Command BAT-POD

Infrared Remote Control U-Command BAT-POD from Thinkway Toys

Description: Based on the movie blockbuster THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Thinkway Toys’ new U-command R/C BAT-POD is a must-have collectible and play item for any BATMAN fan. Equipped with light-up wheels, voice and sound effects, the BAT-POD spectacularly moves forward and in reverse with a front wheel that pivots left and right for turning and drifting action. The bike’s movements can be controlled instantly with the joysticks or pre-programmed for over 1000 action combo sequences with the 10 command buttons on the wireless remote. • Remote control requires 3 AA alkaline batteries • BAT-POD requires 4 AA alkaline batteries • Recommended for ages: 4 and up

Price: $44.99 to $45.00 Visit the Website

Infrared Remote Control U-Command BATMOBILE

Infrared remote control U-Command BATMOBILE from Thinkway Toys

Description: Based on the movie blockbuster THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Thinkway Toys’ new U-command R/C BATMOBILE is a must-have in any BATMAN fan's collection. Equipped with a light-up windshield, voice and sound effects, the 10”-long BATMOBILE makes stunning moves forward, in reverse, left and right, it shifts into high gear and spins 360° forward or backward in either direction. Its unique wheel configuration allows for cool side winder, tight and drifting around turns. The BATMOBILE’s movements can be controlled instantly with the dual joysticks or pre-programmed for over 1,000 action combo sequences with the 10 command buttons on the wireless remote. • Remote control requires 3 AA alkaline batteries • BATMOBILE requires 4 AA alkaline batteries • Ages: 4 and up

Price: $44.99 to $45.00 Visit the Website

Infrared Controlled Interactive BATMAN™ And BANE

Infrared Controlled Interactive BATMAN™ from Thinkway Toys

Description: Based on the movie blockbuster THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Thinkway Toys’ infrared remote controlled interactive BATMANTM and BANE figures are the must-have toys for any BATMAN fan. Designed to recognize and react to each other, these 14”-high Batman and Bane action figures can talk, perform special actions, waist swivels and make sound effects, all by remote control. Switch to interactive mode and if one figure talks, the other will respond. • 3 AAA alkaline batteries required for each figure • 3 button cell batteries required for the infrared remote controller. • Ages: 4 and up.

Price: $44.99 to $45.00 Visit the Website

Clochette Doll By Blabla

Clochette Doll by Blabla

Description: The Clochette Doll is the cheery friend that your little one will fall in love with! Blabla dolls are always a great gift idea for children of all ages, all year round and especially during the holidays. Hand-knitted in fun colors with irresistible designs, they immediately become a child's cuddly best friend. Dolls are available in 12" and 18" in height. Find dozens of other whimsical dolls at

Price: $42.00 to $52.00 Visit the Website

Meet Zeenie Dollz - The Series Of Sustainable And Eco-friendly Dolls

Zeenie Doll

Description: Meet Zeenie Dollz – a new vibrant series of eco-warrior dolls. Zeenie Dollz bring sustainability and an eco-friendly mission to the toy world. Each Zeenie is made of 100% sustainable material and a portion of every Zeenie Dollz sale will be donated to the World Wildlife Foundation®. Zennia is the first eco-warrior in the series. The limited edition first doll represent Mother Earth, the protector of our planet. As the giver and sustainer of life on earth, Zennia is passionate about combating the evil anti-environment villains that threaten to destroy her world, and ours.

Price: $40.00 to $60.00 Visit the Website


Power Blaster Buzz Lightyear from Thinkway Toys

Description: Based on Disney-Pixar’s Toy StoryTM animated movie franchise, Thinkway Toys’ large-size Power BlasterTM BUZZ Lightyear action figure is sure to be a holiday favourite this year. POWER BLASTERTM BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Buzz, the12” poseable action figure with retractable helmet, pop-out wings, lights, special effects and over 20 sayings, is ready for combat with his Power Blaster and Quantum Energy Shield. The Blaster and Shield snap onto Buzz’s back if he’s between missions, but when action calls there are five ways he can respond: • Press Buzz’s voice sampler buttons to get in Play Mode and hear Space Ranger phrases. • Plug in the Power Blaster to activate the Defense Mode with special phrases, lights and special effects. • Press the arm button for Power Blaster lights and special effects. • Plug in the Quantum Energy Shield to get in the Protection Mode with unique phrases and special effects. • Plug in both the Power Blaster and Quantum Energy Shield to activate the Combat Mode with voice, Power Blaster lights and special effects. Ages: 4 and up

Price: $39.99 to $40.00 Visit the Website


Wreck-It Ralph action figure from Thinkway Toys

Description: Based on the Disney animated movie Wreck-It RalphTM, Thinkway Toys’ large-size Wreck-it-Ralph action figure is an 11” tall poseable toy that moves his head and arms and says over 30 phrases in his original movie voice. Press either of the back buttons to control Ralph’s arm movements and hear his “Nice Guy” Mode phrases. Press both back buttons then move both arms together to hear Ralph’s “Angry”, Wrecking Mode phrases and smashing sounds. • Ages: 4 and up

Price: $39.99 to $40.00 Visit the Website


Vanellope Von Schweets talking doll from Thinkway Toys

Description: Based on the recent Disney animated movie Wreck-It RalphTM, Thinkway Toys’ large-size Vanellope Von Schweets talking doll is sure to be a new girls' favourite toy-friend. Vanellope is a 10” tall poseable doll that talks in her original movie voice, using up to 30 phrases, and prompts you to help fix up her hair. She comes with two hair extensions, two hair barrettes and a brush. • Ages: 4 and up

Price: $39.99 to $40.00 Visit the Website

DaddyScrubs Bag 'O' Books

DaddyScrubs Bag o Books

Description: Bag O’ Books from DaddyScrubs makes a perfect shower or holiday gift for any expectant daddy. It comes with the “I’m the Daddy” Trunk Bag stuffed with five of our most popular baby and daddy books, plus a parenting guide – perfect for new daddies! Product Features: Includes I’m the Daddy Trunk Bag made from 1005 natural cotton canvas Includes 6 Books! I Love You, Daddy! by Edie Evans Daddy Hugs by Karen Katz The Daddy Book by Todd Parr Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer The New Dad's Survival Guide by Scott Mactavish Clifford's Big Day with Dad by Norman Bridwell Price: $39.95 (includes a savings of almost 10 dollars!)

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

The Natural Way To Enhance Your Sex Life

Eroxil is the only product for men that I am aware of that is totally natural

Description: Happiness for couples is virtually impossible without a satisfying sex life About 50 percent of all men over 40 – or about 40 million men in North America --experience chronic or periodic performance problems. This inability to connect with the opposite sex in the most basic of ways can be very debilitating. It can cause acute anxiety, frustration, and depression. And the quest for a solution can be very expensive. And if that unhappiness results in a marriage being stressed or breaking up, the rest of the family including the children suffers. Now the use of natural, bio-identical nutrients is allowing men to resume a healthy sexual lifestyle – without the timing or scheduling associated with prescription drugs -- by addressing the cause instead of just the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. “Bio-identical nutrients or phytonutrients safely and economically reestablish normal sexual function for men with the added bonus of increased sperm production for men who suffer from problems of infertility.” He adds these bio-identical nutrients, available as Eroxil, also help increase libido and aid in erection enhancement. “Most men can begin to function sexually as they did when they were younger” Including bio-identical nutrients to their daily regime may help men feel like when they were much younger, and may restore that youthful energy that is starting to wane in the andropause years, without side effects.

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

Daddy Diaper Changing Toolkit

Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox

Description: Make this first Father’s Day one to remember… whether he just had a baby or is expecting one soon, the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox is the perfect gift! ( Diaper duty can be a formidable task- especially for first-time dads! With this toolbox, he will be up for the challenge. Includes: Mask- toxic fume filter for the times it doesn’t smell like roses! Goggles- just in case you don’t get the new diaper in place fast enough (we have all been there!) Rubber Gloves Ear/Nose Plugs Poop Poncho- need we say more! Turkey Baster- for precision tushy cleaning Tongs- to ensure space between you and your first gift from baby Biohazard Bag- for proper disposal of that stink bomb Hand Wipes Baby Wipes Newborn Diaper Give the new dad in your life a fighting chance when he takes on his first dirty diaper!

Price: $36.99 Visit the Website

Send A Daily Dose Of Your Love To Mom With A Unique And Thoughtful Gift

KindNotes Thoughtful Gift Idea - Messages in a Jar

Description: Surprise your mom with heartwarming messages to make her smile every day! Mom will appreciate a beautiful jar filled with your messages of love and appreciation, each enclosed in a linen envelope for her to open each day or anytime she needs a smile. It’s a perfect way to tell her how much she means to you! Choose from a library of messages or personalize your own with memories you've shared, reasons why she's the best mom, or messages thanking her for all that she's done for you. This thoughtful gift for mom will bring back the sentiment of an old-fashioned letter in the midst of modern-day technology and emails. This unique gift for mom will make it her day every day, not just on Mother's Day! KindNotes will be fully assembled according to your selections so you don't have to worry about doing anything.

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Tegu Pocket Pouch - Magnetic Wooden Block Set

Tegu Pocket Pouch in Jungle

Description: The Tegu Pocket Pouch is an eight piece set of eco-friendly magnetic wooden blocks that comes in a convenient felt pouch. Whether a desk accessory for the busy executive or for keeping little hands busy at the restaurant, the Pocket Pouch proves you can have hours of creativity and stress relief with a little imagination. For each set purchased, Tegu will plant one tree in Honduras.

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Personalized Boys Soccer Medal Holder In White

Personalized Boys Soccer Medal Holder in White

Description: The Personalized Boys Soccer Medal Holder in White is a great personalized gift that is both fun and functional. Choose from dozens of different sports and colors for a unique gift your little athlete will love and can use to show off all his or her ribbons and medals without leaving them in a messy pile somewhere. This sports wall hook can hold five hanging medals or awards for you to display in your kid's room. The font is as shown. Personalize this item with your child's name up to 10 characters. Easy to assemble.

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Perplexus Twist - The World’s First 4D Marble Maze Game

Perplexus Twist from PlaSmart Inc.

Description: Perplexus Twist™ from PlaSmart Inc. is the hotly anticipated new addition to the popular Perplexus marble maze game family. Perplexus Twist will challenge and excite players like no other brainteaser has before with the addition of an exciting new ‘twist’ – a new fourth dimension – that requires the player to twist and realign the tracks to escape traps, decoys, and cliffhangers. A fascinating new dimension for the Perplexus family! Perplexus is the world’s first 3D and 4D marble maze games where players maneuver a small marble around challenging barriers inside a large-sized transparent sphere. Unlike traditional flat-surface mazes that are composed of one path, Perplexus challenges players with numerous paths to choose from and dozens of barriers to overcome offering hours of entertainment and fun. Players can race each other or the clock. In addition to being an entertaining game, Perplexus is a great tool for cognitive development, encouraging children to exercise their problem-solving, motor and dexterity skills, as well as improving their hand-eye coordination. Age: 6+ Difficulty level: 7

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OgoSport Mezo Disk

OgoSport Mezo Disk from PlaSmart Inc.

Description: OgoSport MezoDisks encourage outdoor and active recreation between children and adults of all ages, as well as helping develop gross motor skills, creative, and imaginative play. Catch, throw, and toss these disks with or without a ball. Ideal for independent or group play, OgoSport MezoDisks adapt to many sports activities, including volleyball, baseball, and tennis. Whether in the yard, at the playground, at the beach, or by the pool, these disks are a blast. The Mezo Sports Disk pack includes: • Two OgoSport disks • One OgoSoft ball (Additional OgoSoft balls may be purchased separately) Ages: 3+

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Keepsake Box With Recorded Voices

Music Box filled with loving voices of friends and family

Description: VoiceQuilt gives gifts that speak from the heart…literally! VoiceQuilt is a uniquely personal gift – filled with a group's vivid, heart-touching greetings, memories and tributes. The resulting collage of voices is similar to the toasts given by party guests after a long and joyful meal. Better still, your recipient can savor those tributes over and over again. The sound of someone's voice – their accent, tone and laughter – conveys much more than a photo, letter or a store-bought gift. VoiceQuilt™ is a wonderfully creative gift solution for groups and families, a unique way to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary, retirement, Mother’s Day, graduation, Father’s Day or a wedding. It's easy to create a VoiceQuilt: Invite anyone with a phone, anywhere in the world to record a message for a special occasion. Create a playlist online and then select a Keepsake Box. We'll ship by the next day. When the recipient lifts the lid of the Keepsake Box, the voices will play... This Is A Unique Gift That Won't Be Forgotten!

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International Author And Doctor Links Physical And Mental Ailments To Prenatal Care

Life Before Birth

Description: All parents can agree, with birth, life changes. Actually, much of your child’s physical and mental life may be determined before birth. According to internationally renown psychologist and best selling author of The Primal Scream, Dr. Arthur Janov says, “The origins of heart disease, depression, anxiety, substance addiction and even cancer can be linked to early trauma during pregnancy and birth.”   In his revolutionary new book, Life Before Birth: The Hidden Script that Rules Our Lives, Dr. Janov shatters conventional ideas on the importance of pre-natal care and says mothers-to-be cannot be too diligent when caring for their unborn child. In Life Before Birth, Dr. Janov explains why, and how, expectant mothers should avoid stress, drugs and poor nutrition during labor, birth and while breastfeeding.

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Super Mario Radio-Control Kart, 1/24 Scale

Super Mario Radio-Control Kart

Description: The action from your favorite kart-racing franchise comes to life when you race Mario around in this radio-controlled kart. Just hook up the kart to included controller and he is ready for the race. Directional steering in both forward and reverse for maximum control. This kart includes a 1/24th scale Yoshi/Mario in his kart with a controller. Batteries included.

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Lay-n-Go And Lay-n-Go Lite

Families enjoy organized play time and easy cleanup with Lay-n-Go!

Description: A brand new gift idea lets kids enjoy organized playtime and quick/easy toy cleanup. The Lay-n-Go is a smart activity mat, cleanup, storage, and carry-all solution in one! This highly durable 5-foot activity mat converts into an easily transportable shoulder satchel allowing for effortless clean-up of small toy pieces. Unlike storage bins and baskets, kids don’t have to dump out items to find what they’re looking for… just open the Lay-n-Go to see the toys spread out and ready for play. Once playtime is over, the drawstring is pulled and the activity mat is converted into a completely sealed soft storage bag The Lay-n-Go LITE is a travel size version of the original design, letting kids enjoy organized playtime while on the go. The Lay-n-Go Lite is ideal for restaurants, road trips, airplanes, the beach- you name it!

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Party Animal Dancing Pet Speakers

Dance to the beat of your favorite music

Description: They dance to the beat of your music! These adorable plush animal speakers dance slow to slow music, fast to fast music, and stop when your music stops. All you need is a laptop, MP3 player, or other music device with an audio input to make them play your music and dance to the beat! Don’t take our word for it...see their stage performance at Soft plush material Built-in speaker Dance ON/OFF button Audio cord included Takes 3 AA batteries Robotic movement sensor Velcro backing Power ON/OFF switch We Care... Cobra Digital is proud to donate a portion of its profits from the sale of Party Animals to support two fine Organizations. When purchasing this product you will be supporting the adoption of homeless cats and dogs. Paws Chicago ( The Anti-Cruelty Society (

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Description: Back in the good old days, mothers-to-be visited their obstetricians once a month and gave birth to their babies heavily sedated, while their husbands paced nervously in the waiting room. Today, most parents choose to be active players. If you want to be a participant in the birth of your baby, Pea in a Pod is your playbook. Taking you from your first day of pregnancy through your child’s first year, Pea in a Pod presents everything from relaxation exercises to practice during pregnancy, birth positions, and breathing techniques. This comprehensive guide offers a month-by-month breakdown of the physical changes to expect during pregnancy and describes the emotional aspects of pregnancy. It also provides a nutrition plan for the pregnant woman; exercise plans for the mother-to-be, new mother, and cesarean mother; and a wealth of hints for the father-to-be and labor partner. The basics of infant care and breastfeeding are included, and over 200 photographs and illustrations clarify the text. A step-by-step handbook, a ready reference, and a source of practical advice, Pea in a Pod is a book you’ll turn to time and time again.

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The Information Blanket

Baby in The Information Blanket

Description: The Information Blanket is a baby blanket imprinted with vital information about newborn care designed for mothers in developing nations where infant mortality rates are high and access to information is limited. The Information Blanket is a social enterprise built on a one-for-one model, where for every blanket purchased, one will be donated to a newborn in Uganda, where infant mortality rate is among the highest in the world.

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Children's Book- What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow? (The Secret Of The Golden Mirror)

Every child wants to know "What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow."

Description: This Beautifully illustrated children's book takes children on an amazing journey to discover and understand what their feelings are for. Mr. Positively becomes every child's understanding friend as he helps to guide each child through his feeling doors until they find at the end of the rainbow is a fantastic Secret which will put a smile on their face and create a good feeling in their heart.

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The Organized Family Menu Planner From Glow Baby

The Organized Family Menu Planner from Glow Baby

Description: Healthy eating starts with preparation, and for busy families that can be a challenging goal! Now, a brand new must-have for the kitchen helps parents plan healthy and delicious meals, despite busy schedules. The Organized Family Menu Planner from Glow Baby helps parents organize each meal by week, build grocery lists, and stick to a food budget. Features include 52 weeks of menu planning, Favorite Meals list, recipes section, and more!

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Cutie Pops Dolls

Cutie Pops Dolls

Description: The Cutie Pops are unique, trendy friends, who love to decorate and accessorize everything in their world. The company’s first ever line of fashion activity dolls, pets and accessories are inspired by everything girls love such as hearts, rainbows, sweets, parties, and more! The line allows girls to express their own delicious style with unique “style pops” that are easy to use and share. Meet the three Cutie Pops: Chiffon, Cookie, and Candi. Girls can create an endless world of delicious “pop” styles and cool looks that can be changed over and over!

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The Greatest Day Ever Game

The Greatest Day Ever Game

Description: The Greatest Day Ever Game is a creative and original kids matching game (that parents will also love) from the makers of Loaded Questions and Awkward Family Photos. From the carnival to the toy store to a big beach party, find your friends and presents as you race around the coolest board ever enjoying the greatest day ever in this original and unforgettable matching game.

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Bed Buddy Bear With Moist Heat ThermaTherapy

Bed Buddy Bear in package

Description: Made with 100% natural materials and featuring doctor-recommended Moist Heat ThermaTherapy, the Bed Buddy Bear from Carex Health Brands provides cuddly warming comfort for ear aches, stomach aches, arthritis, stress, cold hands or feet, stiff neck and fibromyalgia. “Buddy” warms in seconds in the microwave for penetrating heat that will last up to an hour. He can also be hibernated in the freezer to create a cold pack for a fever. An ideal gift for parents, kids or adults who appreciate the friendly package, the Bed Buddy Warming Bear is available online and at select retailers, independent pharmacies and drug stores.

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Zylie The Bear Adventure Kit

Zylie the Bear in her signature outfit!

Description: Join the worldwide adventure with Zylie, the fashionable new 18" bear designed to be dressed and played with like a doll! Follow Zylie as she travels the world, meeting new friends along the way. Learn about new cultures, languages and geography alongside her and her silly brother Theo as their adventures are spelled out in their beautifully illustrated storybook series. Collect all of Zylie's stylish outfits, her fun friends, and awesome books as the line expands with each new adventure. The collection currently features the Zylie Adventure Kit, complete with 18" jointed stuffed Zylie bear, her signature flounce top, white coat and skinny jeans, orange bag with her map, diary and passport inside, and the first book from her Adventure Series. Collect Zylie's friend Shen the Panda from China in his Adventure Kit as well, complete with 18" jointed stuffed Shen panda, his signature outfit, backpack with his drum sticks and passport, and the second book in Zylie's Adventure Series! Eight additional outfits are available separately! Stay tuned for more adventures along the way, and don't forget to go to to register your traveling bear's passport to unlock exclusive new adventures and fun activities!

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Induct Your Mother In The International Mothers Hall Of Fame


Description: This year the International Mothers Hall Of Fame begins a new tradition, an annual list of women chosen to be honored as “International Mothers of the Year.” Selected by the IMHOF Board of Directors, the yearly list will comprise a mix of women from different backgrounds who have all made motherhood headlines in a positive way. Some will be famous, some known best only to those that love them most, but ALL the women will be part of the great sisterhood of mothers and that makes them heroes because every mother is one! This year’s honorees will each be presented with a special commemorative gift, and their names will join those of women from around the world in the IMHOF Hall of Fame. And plans are currently underway to create a lasting tribute to mothers in IMHOF's headquarters home state of Texas. An 8-acre International Mothers Hall of Fame Gardens will be built (ground has been broken) in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, and will include a granite wall monument engraved with the names of all the Hall of Fame inductees (current & future).

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Special Intentions: Remembering Others In Personal Prayer

Special Intentions: Remembering Others in Personal Prayer by Claire Coleman

Description: A powerful and inspiring book, Special Intentions offers a unique look at the true power of prayer. With its simple premise—say one prayer, every day, for someone other than yourself—and the beautiful, heartfelt, and poignant prayers offered in the pages therein, Special Intentions shows readers how to add a new dimension to prayer life when they combine prayer with empathy and compassion. Beautifully written and resplendent with touching and heartfelt prayers, Special Intentions is an extraordinary guide that includes prayers for a wide variety of people—parents, soldiers, veterans, children, the terminally ill, those who struggle, and those who simply make the world a more beautiful and better place. Much more than a guide to remembering others in personal prayer, Special Intentions, with its lovely, inspiring and eloquent verse, will not only touch the hearts of readers but will also serve as a means of inspiring readers to make praying for others an important part of their prayer life. With its beautiful message of love, compassion, selflessness, and grace, Special Intentions opens the door to enhancing one’s prayer life, strengthening faith, and loving and serving others.

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Don't Lose It, Label It With Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles Sports Pack

Description: We recently read a funny and sadly true quote “The lost and found should really be called the lost and gone forever.” Whether it's at school, camp, daycare or extracurricular activities, avoid having your children’s items end up in this heap of never to be seen again goods! Name Bubbles has easy to use, durable and stylish labels to fit every need. Name Bubbles clothing labels are no-iron (yes!) and no-sew (double yes!) – so you just press and stick – that is definitely our speed! When you are ready to donate an item, the labels can be removed completely, so you can even bring them into a consignment shop when your children have outgrown them. For everything else – lunch boxes, school supplies and water bottles, Name Bubbles offers dishwasher safe, water proof labels in a great variety of shapes and styles. For older kids who might be hauling valuables like phones and lap tops to school, there are even emergency contact labels that include phone numbers on the label.

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Hard Rock IMAGINE Bear

Hard Rock's "IMAGINE There's No Hunger" Bear

Description: Hard Rock’s IMAGINE THERE’S NO HUNGER campaign works to combat childhood hunger and poverty through the backing of sustainable agriculture education and feeding programs for children in need. To help in the advancement of long-term solutions to hunger and poverty, proceeds from an annual line of promotional products directly benefit WhyHunger and its grassroots partners worldwide. The centerpiece of this year’s product lineup is Hard Rock’s “IMAGINE THERE’S NO HUNGER” Bear, a 9 inch grey stuffed animal donning a blue and purple satin bow, featuring the Hard Rock logo on one paw and John Lennon’s iconic caricature on the other. This plush toy makes a great friend for children of all ages, as well as a cute and comfy companion for loved ones. Hard Rock will donate 15% of IMAGINE bear revenue to WhyHunger and participating partners.

Price: $18.00 Visit the Website

World's Best Mugs For Dads And Grandpas - Available At PAPYRUS

World's Best Dad Mugs for Father's Day - Available at PAPYRUS

Description: Tell your Dad or Grandpa how grateful you to have him in your life with this stoneware "World's Best Grandpa" and “World’s Best Dad” mugs. Each sip he takes of his favorite warm drink will remind him of you for years to come. The perfect way to show off in the office that he is the best dad or grandpa. $16.00 available online at or at the 180 nationwide PAPYRUS stores.

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World Vision Gift Catalog

The World Vision Gift Catalog has great gifts for a good cause

Description: The World Vision Gift Catalog, located at, offers top poverty-fighting gifts (goats, chickens, water well, medicine, sheep) as well as nearly 250 other items ranging from $16 to $39,000 available online and in the print catalog. After purchasing a Gift Catalog item, the person whose name the gift was given in receives a special card describing the gift and its impact. World Vision’s Gift Catalog offers several gifts that bring hope and aid to those in need. Donate to the Maximum Impact Fund and receive a free gift such as the items below: Artisan Multi-Color Bracelet – Wear this one-of-a-kind, colorful 48" strand long or short, as a bracelet or even a belt, and support children at risk. - $100 Fair Trade Coffee Set - Delicious flavors from Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Costa Rica blended by delivered in a gift bag of African fabric hand-sewn by local women. Also with hand-carved olivewood scoop made to benefit over 200 orphans of the Kamba tribe. - $50 Gertie the plush goat - Gertie will be a delightful memento for your loved one of the hope you’ve given in his or her name. - $25

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Dad Offers Inspiration to Young Women in New Release

Description: Like all parents, Lt. Col. Eric Strumpf’s world completely changed with the birth of his daughter. Not only did he discover how deeply he could love another human being, but he also uncovered his greatest fear – letting her down. Strumpf began to envision the infinite ways he could positively influence the outcome of her life and from that came For My Daughter: Lessons for Life’s Journey, twenty-one inspiring lessons to help a young woman live her best life. From surviving high school to finding their place in the world, daughters face a future full of challenges For My Daughter: Lessons for Life’s Journey offers a powerful vision by sharing loving lessons, such as: Character: Make Integrity the Foundation For a Great Life; Be a Difference Maker; Choose a Mentor; Protect Your Reputation; Distrust Urges; Treat all People as Important; Be True to Yourself Transformation: Become a Master of Words; Measure Twice, Cut Once When Communicating; Embrace Independent Thought; Manage Your “Curriculum”; Seek Opportunities to Expand; Reflect Often; Reject Self-Limiting Thoughts Life: Choose Opportunity; Know the Cost; Seek Balance; Affirm Life; Be The Hero of Your Own Life; Give Yourself a Break; Know that You are Precious

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Comotomo Is An Innovative Bottle Makes Nursing Time A Joyful Experience For Both Baby And Parent.

Comotomo’s design includes a unique air-flow system, which allows babies to get more milk and less air

Description: The transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding can be a tough transition for mom and baby both physically and emotionally. When the time comes to wean babies to the bottle, Comotomo’s revolutionary bottle makes the transition easier for parents and babies. Substantially different from conventional baby bottles, Comotomo’s bottles are made with silicone, the closest material to human skin, and are safe in boiling water and the microwave. Doctors recommend that traditional baby bottles be swapped every three months because of the dangers of bacteria but Comotomo removes that threat. Unlike plastic, Comotomo’s silicone body doesn’t scratch, which means bacteria can’t be captured in tiny cracks. Comotomo’s design includes a unique air-flow system, which allows babies to get more milk and less air, and slow milk-flow encourages a natural breathing and drinking pace. Approved by the FDA and BPA free, parents can rest assured that Comotomo bottles are safe for their newest bundle of joy. Available in a two soft colors in green and pink, and two sizes including 150mL (MSRP $15.99) and 250mL (MSRP$16.99), Comotomo is the newest way to provide babies with a natural-feeling bottle. Proud parents can learn more about Comotomo online at

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Description: Kids love snacks. While these unhealthy commercial products are a problem for any child, they pose a special danger when kids have food allergies, since nearly all supermarket treats contain dairy, eggs, wheat (gluten), soy, peanuts, or tree nuts—the six key foods that cause over 80 percent of all food allergies. To help parents gain some control, Judi and Shari Zucker have written The Ultimate Allergy-Free Snack Cookbook, a collection of over one hundred nutritious and delicious allergen-free treats. The book begins by looking at food allergy basics. This is followed by a complete recipe section of both sweet and savory treats, including Party Snacks, Travel Treats, Lunch Box Snacks, and Sport Snacks. Throughout, you will find useful tips and suggestions to help make it easier to prepare healthful snacks and introduce them to your kids. No parent wants to say “no” when their child asks for an mid-morning or afternoon snack. With over one hundred natural, healthful, tasty treats to choose from, not only will you say “yes” to your child, but you’ll feel good about it.

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Simple Wisdom Extraordinary Life

Description: Inspiration comes from different things in each person’s life. For author Teresa Rogers, inspiration flows from her mother, Joy. As a survivor, running for her life – many times from her abusive alcoholic husband – Joy rose above life’s hardships and along the way taught her three children many valuable life lessons. In an inspiring tribute to her mother, Rogers now shares those lessons in her new release Simple Wisdom Extraordinary Life. Rogers share the details of Joy’s life, including her poverty-stricken childhood and tumultuous marriage, at age fifteen, to Rogers’ father. Rogers describes the trials of living in a dysfunctional home and the fear of the mental and physical abuse she had as a child – including a harrowing description of the night Rogers and her mother are nearly shot by her father. It was at that moment that Rogers chose to have a purpose in life and her mother has been with her every step of the way sharing these simple statements of wisdom: • Choose your friends wisely • Get an education • Never get yourself into anything you can’t talk yourself out of • You have fifteen minutes to feel sorry for yourself, then get off your butt and do something about it

Price: $15.59 Visit the Website

Class Of 2012 Bi-fold Black Frame Available At PAPYRUS

Class of 2012 Black Tassle Frame

Description: 2012 Bi-Fold Black Frame $30.00 - now $15.00 Showcase graduation photos of the memorable day with this bi-fold tassel frame for the class of 2012. The hinged black frame holds two 5x7 photos and comes with a black tassel which can be replaced with your own graduation cap tassel for safe memory keeping. The perfect way to remember this special day, and can be displayed on a bookshelf or desk. Available online at or in 180 nationwide locations.

Price: $15.00 Visit the Website

Hello Kitty By F.A.B Starpoint

Hello Kitty Backpack

Description: Hello Kitty by FAB Starpoint has accessories for any occasion! Heading out for a night on the town? Hello Kitty has sequin purses, totes and clutches that will add an extra pop to any outfit! Looking for the perfect school bag? With a wide array of backpacks and messenger bags, Hello Kitty has something to fit everyone’s tastes. Available at major retailers nationwide!

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Hiccups from PlaSmart Inc.

Description: Hiccups, the latest brainteaser from PlaSmart, is easy to understand but frustratingly fun! Pass the ball sequentially from cup to cup without a hiccup. Drop the ball and start back at cup #1! Hiccups is also beneficial in developing motor and dexterity skills, as well as hand-eye coordination. New for Spring 2012! Recommended for children 6+. For more information please visit

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Bubele's Patch Buddies Backpack & Plush Toy Combo

Bubele's Patch Buddies Plush Toy/Backpack Combination

Description: Bubele's Patch Buddies are an adorable combination of a plush toy and a custom backpack that has a built-in carrying case. Each of the ten playful animals and four unique characters in the Bubele's Patch Buddies collection has a unique personality that will provide endless hours of entertainment and comfort, both at home or on the go Each Bubele’s Patch Buddies holds a special surprise. Unzip the animal or character and you’ll find a soft blanket inside. Perfect to use as a book bag for school or for preschoolers to bring their favorite toys wherever they go. Designed for all kids ages 2-7, each Patch Buddy is big enough to hold lunch, a swimsuit and towel, toys or books. And they’re mix and match. Kids can choose from five different colored backpacks and combine them with one or more of the 14 stuffed animal characters. Products are sold separately. Backpacks are $16.99, Plush toys are $14.99.

Price: $14.99 to $16.99 Visit the Website

IHome|Disney Minnie Mouse Collection

iHome|Disney Minnie Mouse Portable Water-Resistant Stereo Speaker System

Description: Disney lovers of all ages will rejoice when they receive the iHome|Disney Minnie Mouse collection this Valentine's Day! iHome's quality audio products are now available featuring the iconic Disney character, Minnie Mouse. The new iHome|Disney collection has something for everyone with earbuds, headphones, alarm clocks, stereo speakers and portable water resistant speakers. Listening to your tunes is even more fun with the iHome|Disney Minnie Mouse collection.

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A Celebration of Growing Up and of Life Itself

Description: My Mother died on a Sunday. I was admitted to the hospital the following Tuesday with what the doctor said was a “life-threatening” asthma attack; and then things began to run downhill. And so begins Superpowers a funny yet serious account of a responsible, perhaps too responsible, young man named Chipper who must quickly grow up over a period of a few weeks. When he awakens in the hospital, Chipper meets Hal, a moody, funny and cynical apparition who explains that the world is in peril; and at such times he appears on earth to award a superpower to someone. Chipper realizes that he is that ‘someone’ when Hal tells him, “You can choose any superpower you want, but just one.” Superpowers is a poignant yet hilarious account of Chipper and his friends’ struggle to discover their futures. It is a story about growing up, over a two-week period. Along the way Chipper must cope with his illness and his irritable father, fend off his demanding girlfriend and intrusive headmaster, help his friend John come to terms with his homosexuality, investigate a soothsayer and disarm a terrorist. Superpowers weaves an amusing story line within the central issues of adolescence.

Price: $13.95 Visit the Website

"Mom Knows Best" Hysterical Stories In New Book

Joan Wester Anderson's followup book to

Description: New York Times Bestselling author Joan W. Anderson has put away the diapers, strollers and strained spinach and brings us her hilarious stories of her five children as they go through their toddler years, teenage years and young adulthood. She intuitively captures what we all fear at each of these stages and brings levity to her daily encounters. Most Moms try to make everything perfect for their husbands and children, no matter what the cost to themselves. Joan recognizes these stressful situations all Moms face and turns them inside out. From setting New Year’s Resolutions for everyone but herself, to taking a day off so her husband can see for himself exactly what she does all day, her maternal instincts may not be the most conventional, but they are wise and entertaining. MOM KNOWS BEST addresses the inevitable changes in family life, such as dating, proms, jobs, college, and the ever-present text messages. But it also points out the ambivalent nature of parenting during the second half of the job. Anderson shares these stories in such a heartfelt and motivating style that you get to know her family and husband as if they were your own. We get to meet her neighbors (The Hickory Nuts) and the numerous neighborhood children that join in on any and all festivities.

Price: $13.00 to $13.99 Visit the Website

Go Back To School In Style With Dane-Elec USB Drives!

ColorBytes, ShareBytes and LifeBytes USB Drives

Description: Dane-Elec's new ColorBytes, ShareBytes and LifeBytes USB drives are made specifically for kids and teens. Featuring unique colors and designs, each has a capless design with a sliding USB drive so you don't have to worry about losing your cap. ColorBytes are designed for younger kids and have a built-in clip to attach to a backpack or bag. They come in value packs of two 4GB drives. ShareBytes are designed for teens to share with an interlocking "hugs" design. They come in value packs of two 4GB drives. LifeBytes are designed for older teens and college students with bold graphics. They come in single packs with an 8GB drive. Available now at

Price: $12.99 Visit the Website

Patch Hats - A New Pal With Every Patch!

Baseball and Winter Patch Hats

Description: Each hat comes with 3 removable Patch Pals that stick to the Velcro circle on any Patch Hat. Just peel off one Patch Pal and press on another! Not only does a Patch Hat make a great gift, it is the most fun hat ever created. Swap patches on your hat and with friends as you collect all the Patch Pal characters. Each Patch Pal has a Name, Hometown, Species, Age, Size and Pal - so you can learn about animals while collecting all the patches. Visit our website for more information.

Price: $12.99 Visit the Website

Molar Muncher Hands Free Teether For 0-24 Months

Molar Muncher in Use

Description: The Molar Muncher is the only hands‐free teether that soothes the entire gum line simultaneously. It is MADE IN THE USA and is constructed of a single mold injection of BPA free FDA approved food grade non‐toxic silicone so there are no crevices where germs can accumulate. It is refrigerator and dishwasher safe and the unique design eliminates common issues doctors find with traditional pacifiers such as tooth displacement and interference with breast feeding.

Price: $12.99 to $17.99 Visit the Website

"A Short Guide To A Happy Marriage" Is A Small, Inspirational, Self-help Book For Couples.

"A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage"

Description: "A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage" is filled with twenty highly useful and inspiring suggestions that will help couples to rekindle their love for each other and keep them growing together. The thoughts and ideas are simple yet effective when couples make them part of daily married life. This book is beautifully designed and will make a special gift for showers, weddings, Valentine's Day, Mother's/Father's Days, or just because you love your partner!

Price: $12.95 Visit the Website

"A Giant Pencil" By Connor Wilson

"A Giant Pencil" by Connor Wilson

Description: Written by a kid for kids, A Giant Pencil will is a charming, clever, heartwarming story with an important message that will resonate with parents, teachers, and kids of all ages. A Giant Pencil is the story of Billy, a grumpy kid who believes that everyone—his brothers and sisters, his parents, his teachers, the kids at school, and even the dog next door—is picking on him. Fed up with being fussed at, singled out, and bullied, Billy just wants people to leave him alone. Everything changes when Billy finds a magic, giant pencil. Now, Billy can erase anyone he doesn’t like and make them disappear. Finally, Billy’s dream of being left alone is within his reach. A few swipes from the eraser and his siblings, classmates, teachers, parents, and even the dog next door, simply disappear. But his dream becomes a nightmare when Billy finds that being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be—and realizes just how much his family, teachers, classmates (and even the dog next door) mean to him. Left with only a nub of an eraser, Billy hatches a plan. Could there be some more magic left in this magic giant pencil?

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Class Of 2012 8x10 Frame Available At PAPYRUS

Class of 2012 Silver Frame 8 x 10 available at PAPYRUS

Description: 8x10 Class of 2012 Silver Frame $25.00 - now $12.50 Showcase graduation photos of the memorable day with this elegant silver frame to celebrate the class of 2012. The silver frame holds one 8x10 inch photo, and is the perfect way to showcase a photo from that very special day, whether on a bookcase or desk. Available online at or in 180 nationwide locations.

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The Available Parent: Radical Optimism For Raising Teens And Tweens

The Available Parent: Radical Optimism for Raising Teens and Tweens

Description: By John Duffy Embrace Fearless Parenting Have you ever been bewildered by the changes in your child and your sudden lack of effectiveness as a parent? When hugs and family fun have been replaced by silence, slamming doors and an ever-changing array of moods, you need new tools. Top teen expert Dr. John Duffy has encountered all of this and more in his family counseling practice and offers excellent advice, clear strategies and teen-tested solutions in The Available Parent. Dr. Duffy can help you shift the dynamic in your relationship with your teenager. Imagine what it would be like if healthy conversations replaced angry outbursts or petulant silence. Using the techniques in The Available Parent, you can begin to enjoy a healthy, satisfying, new kind of relationship with your teenager—one based on a foundation of radical optimism, rather than fear-based control. At a time when many "helicopter parents" micromanage and under-appreciate their children, Dr. Duffy's step-by-step guide is an innovative approach to taking care of teens and tweens. You'll see that it's the available parent that fosters an extraordinary teenager. What you'll learn inside this book: ♦ How to understand the adolescent mind ♦ What teen rebellion is really about ♦ How to build your child's self-esteem and confidence ♦ How to create a successful behavioral contract

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GoComics PRO Membership

Become a GoComics PRO Member TODAY!

Description: A GoComics PRO membership is the perfect entertainment gift that will last all year. Subscribers have access to hundreds of comics. Our comic strips include iconic titles like Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert and "Garfield, but also newer and edgier comics like The Argyle Sweater, Pearls Before Swine, Get Fuzzy and The Boondocks. Favorite comics can be bookmarked, categorized and e-mailed to PRO members daily. Visit for more information.

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Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions: How To Survive (and Enjoy) Your Baby's First Year

Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions: How to Survive (and Enjoy) Your Baby's First Year

Description: By Blythe Lipman Foreword by Ame Mahler Beanland The Expert-Approved Guide to the Gentle Art of Infant Care Bringing home baby can be one of the most exhilarating and nerve-wracking days in a new parent's life. Blythe Lipman has devoted her life to the art of newborn care and offers wise and witty practical advice in this parent-tested, doctor-approved book. Filled with valuable information new parents need, Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions will have nervous new moms and sleep-deprived dads feeling confident about their parenting skills. Hints on daily routines, sleep patterns, crying, the art and science of diapering, and traveling with a newborn are all included. --- An Infant Care Specialist, BLYTHE LIPMAN, CDA, has worked with babies for over twenty years. She began her career at Boston University's Neonatal Care Unit. Blythe has helped countless new, sleep-deprived parents with workshops, in-home visits, invaluable tips, and sound advice. Her work with parents, preschools, hospitals, and caregivers throughout North America earned her a reputation as one of the top infant care experts of today. She and her family live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Sally Simon Simmons' Super Frustration Day - Children's Book

Sally Simon Simmons' Super Frustrating Day children's book from The Mother Company

Description: The Mother Company is based on helping parents raise "good people" - the books and DVD's under their Ruby's Studio brand are about teaching children social and emotional literacy in a fun and humorous way. Their latest children's book, Sally Simon Simmons' Super Frustrating Day helps children learn how to deal with the big feeling of 'frustration'. With fun rhymes and delightful images, this book will captivate young children as it provides parents with the tools to reinforce valuable life lessons. Sally Simon Simmons' Super Frustrating Day follows little, red-haired whippersnapper Sally, who is hilariously tasked with building a mile-high, super tall sandwich in class. She sets off with gusto, only to watch her creations land with a splat over and over. Right alongside Sally, children will learn to breathe, take it slow, and try their best in this triumphant exploration of frustration, one of the greatest emotional challenges of early childhood (and beyond!) Hardcover, Suggested age: 3-6 Available at and

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Give A "Bear Hug" To The New Graduate

Graduation Bear - Available at PAPYRUS

Description: 2012 Graduation Bear with Varsity Jacket $22.00 - now on sale for $11.00 Tell your favorite scholar how proud you are by giving this soft and cuddly graduation gift. The plush bear comes with a varsity jacket and makes a great dorm buddy or companion for the real world. Cream colored plush bear even has his own graduation cap with tassel and diploma. Available online at or in 180 nationwide locations.

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WubbaNub, Toy And Pacifier Combination

The popular giraffe style WubbaNub

Description: WubbaNub combines a cute plush toy with a hospital grade pacifier to gently help the pacifier stay close to your baby. The WubbaNub Plush Toy Pacifier is designed to give your baby comfort with a soft, bean-filled animal friend that not only provides stimulation for little fingers, but positioning support for the pacifier. The pacifier is made of medical grade silicone, is BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free and is attached to an adorable and cuddly plush. This provides comfort to the touch and it also makes it so much easier for the baby’s little hands to grasp and manipulate the pacifier all by them self! WubbaNub is available at a large variety of on-line and off-line retail locations including Amazon, Nordstrom, Babies R Us and Hallmark Stores. Fun Fact: Wubbanub was originally only available in the hospital! Demand grew from parents who wanted to buy additional Wubbanubs after being given one on the maternity ward.

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Teddy’s Day: On a Bearish Adventure through Everyday Life

Description: Author Peter Liptak, wanting to help kids escape the ‘indoor society’ of TV and video games has recruited the tested and timeless Teddy Bear to take young readers on a trip into summer fun. Teddy’s Day: On a Bearish Adventure through Everyday Life begins with the discovery of one day. As children enter Teddy’s world, they begin their travels into the wider world without fear and full of wonder. Kids enter into a lively, yet comfortable place with bright colors and dreamlike artwork, propelling them through the day with a simple cadence and a rhyme scheme that breathes new life into a tried and true theme – the loveable teddy bear. Teddy’s Camp: On a Bearish Adventure into the Woods takes Teddy’s adventure to the next level as he sets off to summer camp to meet new friends and explore the woods. Children experience the wonders of summer camp with Teddy and his new friends from all over the world as he rides horses, sings songs around the campfire, and swims to his heart’s content. Teddy’s Day HD, also an award-winning app on the iPad, allows children to interact with Teddy’s new adventures around the world by going to

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Charitable Gift Options From Heifer International

Students attend primary school in El Morante, Peru thanks to Heifer International supporters. (Photo by Jake Lyell, courtesy of Heifer International)

Description: This holiday season, Heifer International is providing a variety of options fit for everyone on your list! All of the gifts are sustainable long-term investments that make a substantial impact by helping families rise out of poverty. Families then pass on the gifts they receive, so each gift starts a cycle that helps transform countless lives. Heifer’s mission is to end hunger and poverty by providing 30 kinds of livestock, trees, seeds and training in environmentally-sound agriculture to families in more than 42 countries, including the United States, Nepal, China, Brazil, Rwanda, and Armenia. The gifts offered through Heifer International’s Gift Catalog make a life-changing difference – from a goat ($10 a share/$120), a flock of chicks ($20) to honey bees ($30). Heifer also offers the gift of sending a girl to school ($275), which will provide a family with training and livestock so they can earn the income needed to pay for their daughter’s school fees and supplies. This year make a difference in our small world–give or ask for a gift that will change a family’s life for the better, forever.

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Class Of 2012 Silver Photo Box Available At PAPYRUS

Class of 2012 Silver Photo Box

Description: Silver Class of 2012 Photo Box $20.00 - now $10.00 Keep your favorite graduation photos in a special place with this elegant silver photo box. The hinged box can display a 5x3 1/2 inch photo on the front, includes a "Class of 2012" and graduation cap icons and a features velvet lined interior. The perfect way to display the memories of that special day. Available online at or in 180 nationwide locations.

Price: $10.00 Visit the Website Mother's Day Gift Card

Description: It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for Mom on her special day. Give mom a Visa card from Gift CardLab that can be customized with an image of the two of you, her favorite hobby or any other special memory. The cards are accepted anywhere Visa is accepted so whether Mom wants to treat herself to a massage, fancy dinner or a new wardrobe, she will remember how much you love her. CardLab also offers e-Gift Cards, Retail Gift Cards and much more.

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Books Of Responsibility

There are 16 books in the collection, each addressing a specific character trait.

Description: “Books of Responsibility” from Young People's Press are beautiful story books that span a wide range of ages. The books help children establish a rich foundation of social-emotional development and learn habits of good character such as sharing, patience, fairness and more. Each book contains a collection of stories from around the word relating to the topic of the book. These books are like little pieces of literature with gorgeous, vibrant artwork throughout. The stories also emphasize diversity as the lessons and stories are adapted from cultures around the world. The collection is appropriate for reading level grades 2 – 5, but the books also serve as excellent storybooks for toddlers, pre-schoolers and kindergarteners who are learning their social skills.

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Celebrate The Class Of 2012 With This Photo Album Available At PAPYRUS

Class of 2012 Photo Album

Description: 6x4 Class of 2012 Photo Album $18.00 - now $9.00 Fill this elegant photo album with "Class of 2012" graduation photos which is a perfect brag book of the special day. Album includes a 6x4 inch frame on the front and 50 pages that can hold up to 100 of your favorite photos. Remember graduation for many years to com. Available online at or in 180 nationwide locations.

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Celebrate The Class Of 2012 With This Easel Frame Available At PAPYRUS

Class of 2012 Easle Frame Available at PAPYRUS

Description: 6x4 2012 Easle Frame $18.00 - now $9.00 Display your graduation photo in a classic, yet bold wood easel frame. The easel frame holds a 6x4 inch photo and features a unique "2012" cut-out. Perfect to be displayed on a bookcase or desk to showcase the memories of that special day for years to come. Available online at or in 180 nationwide locations.

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Diploma Holder For New Graduates, Available At PAPYRUS

Diploma Holder available at PAPYRUS

Description: Diploma Holder Cylinder $18.00 - now $9.00 Help your graduate shine with this diploma certificate holder. The cylindric holder is made with zinc alloy and an elegant black ribbon, and will keep the diploma safe and sound for years to come. A great way to proudly display the prized possession that the graduate worked so hard for. Available online at or in 180 nationwide locations.

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Celebrate The Class Of 2012 With Oval Picture Frame Available At PAPYRUS

Oval Photo Frame for Class of 2012 available at PAPYRUS

Description: 2012 Oval Picture Frame $18.00 - now $9.00 Display your favorite graduation photo in a fun and unforgettable way with our 2012 oval picture frame. Perfect for an office or to display proudly at home. A great way to celebrate that very special day for many years to come while you look back on this wonderful occasion. Available online at or in 180 nationwide locations.

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"Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone" Candle Available At PAPYRUS

"Life Begins Where Your Comfort Zone Ends" Candle - Available at PAPYRUS

Description: "Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone" Quotable Candle $18.00 - now $9.00 Inspire the new grad with this black-and-white quotable candle. Each candle features its own timeless quotation in Quotable's signature style of design. Made with 100% natural palm wax, 100% cotton wick and wild currant scent. Front: life begins at the end of your comfort zone. - neale donald walsch. Available online at or in 180 nationwide locations.

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25 Ways To Go From Stepfather To StepDad - Ebook

25 Ways to go from Stepfather to StepDad

Description: With blended families becoming more and more the norm, saying “I do” for many men means not only becoming a husband, but a father as well. Instantly. While you may have enjoyed your relationship with your now wife’s children during the courtship, it’s a whole new ballgame as a stepfather. 25 Ways to go from Stepfather to StepDad offers some helpful suggestions for soon-to-be or newly married men who are becoming husbands and fathers for the first time. Written by Joe D’Eramo, a first-time husband and father at the age of 40, it provides some do’s and don’ts on how to be a “Dad” without becoming a pushover or losing credibility as an authority figure. In addition to helpful suggestions, the book also offers insights into interactions with your wife’s ex, parenting as a team activity, how to ease your stepchildren’s transition to having a new little brother or sister, your in-laws as allies, and how, no matter what your upbringing you know far more about parenting than you’re giving yourself credit for. 25 Ways to go from Stepfather to StepDad is a regular guy’s look at how you can embrace the challenge of parenting and make it the most rewarding experience of your life.

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Class Of 21012 Silver Frame Available At PAPYRUS

Silver Photo Frame available at PAPYRUS

Description: 5x3 1/2 Class of 2012 Silver Frame $16.00 - now $8.00 Showcase graduation photos of the memorable day with this elegant silver frame for the class of 2012. The silver frame holds 1 5x3 1/2 inch photo and features a graduation cap metal icon. The perfect way to celebrate that special moment in your graduate and family’s life. Available online at or in 180 nationwide locations.

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Class Of 2012 4x6 Metal Icon Frame Available At PAPYRUS

Class of 2012 4 x 6 photo album, available at PAPYRUS

Description: 4x6 2012 Metal Icon Album $16.00 - now $8.00 Showcase graduation photos of the memorable day with this metal icon album featuring a 4 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in. photo opening on the front. The album includes 40 double-sided photo protectors which can hold up to 80 of your favorite graduation photos. The perfect way to showcase that very special day, whether on a desk or bookcase. Available online at or in 180 nationwide locations.

Price: $8.00 Visit the Website

Lia Skincare

Lia Skincare

Description: Looking for a great holiday gift for the tween in your life? Give her something that will always be in style: healthy skin and high self-esteem. Research has proven that one of the secrets to helping young women have confidence starts with them being comfortable with how they look and feel. Lia Skincare has launched a progressive new line of gentle cosmetics and healthy skin products specifically designed to guide young women in how to take care of their skin. Using all-natural ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals, Lia Skincare products are made specifically for girls – not their moms. Lia offers a face wash, toner and moisturizing lotion with SPF that can be coupled with one of two skin-type specific exfoliating scrubs. The unique formula is soothing, non-drying and non-irritating as it is free of paraben, paba and sulfates. Young women will embrace this easy and fun to follow cleansing regimen that can be done both in the morning and at night.

Price: $7.95 to $12.95 Visit the Website

Hoo Hoo The Bear Stories And Plush Toy

Hoo Hoo's Song by Amanda Kleback

Description: Hoo Hoo’s Song: "Hoo Hoo’s Song", the first story in the series of Hoo Hoo books, tells Hoo Hoo’s very special journey from a far away land to his new family. He is guided by a tiny song he can hear coming from his heart. When the song from his heart is matched by another; he has found his new home. The story illustrates that everyone should be kind to one another for the greatest reward is friendship. Additional titles include: Knock Knock, Hoo Hoo’s There! Hoo Hoo Hoo! Merry Christmas! Hoo is from Baltimore, Hon! Don’t Get a Boo Boo, Hoo Hoo!

Price: $6.95 to $19.95 Visit the Website

The Chalk Shop

under the sea

Description: The Chalk Shop features homemade chalk that comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Each piece of chalk is made with care and attention to detail. Great care is taken so there is never any rough edges. Perfect for party favors, birthday gifts or just because. Choose from shapes including lego, popsicles, circus, trucks, clowns, tea party, cars, mustaches, flip flops, tractors, sea animals, farms, princess set and signature cupcakes

Price: $6.00 to $10.00 Visit the Website

The GUM® Star Wars™ Power Toothbrush

The GUM® Star Wars™ Power Toothbrush

Description: GUM® encourages kids to learn how to perfect their brushing skills with the brand new line of GUM® Star Wars™ toothbrushes. Each toothbrush helps to make brushing fun, while teaching good habits that last. The GUM® Star Wars™ Power toothbrush features ultra-soft oscillating bristles that gently massage gums and teeth, along with a section cup base that reduces counter clutter and helps keep the brush head clean.

Price: $5.99 Visit the Website

Personalized IPhone, IPad Folio And HD Aluminum Art

iPad Folio

Description: HD Aluminum Art Panels: All aluminum art panels have a glossy or matte finish and are available in both white or clear base coatings. Sizes 2” x 3” - 5” x 7” include self-adhesive magnets. The larger sizes include wall mounting blocks. iPhone Case: Personalize your phone with one of your favorite photos or designs. Brilliant wrap-around printing on a scratch resistant case provides protection, while still giving you direct access to all of the phone features. Available models: iPhone 4 / 5, Samsung Galaxy III iPad Folio: This slim, one-piece folio is constructed with a high quality leather style exterior that protects your screen when closed. The spine and inside have a soft faux suede that you’ll love to hold. When ready to use, it folds into 3 standing positions or fully opens for unrestricted use and easy access to all controls and connections. This durable folio is also shock and scratch resistant and is available in black and red.

Price: $5.99 Visit the Website

Black Tortoise And The Dynasty Dragon By Eileen Wacker

Award winning children's book series, Fujimini Island Adventures

Description: A popular series throughout the Hawaiian Islands, the award winning Fujimini Adventure series introduces children to Asian culture and important life lessons through an array of endearing stories that all take place on the fictitious Fujimini Island. The series will be introduced on mainland this fall. Written by award winning author Eileen Wacker, the series features a collection of Asian inspired animals, such as the Pink and Green Hamster, Red Penguin, Samurai Tortoise among other adorable animals that all live on the magical Fujimini Island. Each adventure-based story has an educational message and a happy ending. The series currently consists of 5 books that target the 5-8 year old reader. Each book contains a Fujimini Adventure Series Glossary that explains different Asian items found in the stories such as bonsai tree, chopsticks, sushi, moon festival, samurai warriors, etc. and adds to the fun of the stories.

Price: $5.99 to $10.99 Visit the Website


BubCap on iPhone

Description: Use of smart phones and tablet computers for child education and entertainment has become more and more popular, with learning apps for kids among the fastest growing categories of apps on iTunes and the Android Marketplace. The problem for many parents is that kids love to hit the home button and with a few random touches they can delete calendar appointments or send accidental communication to important contacts. Paperclip Robot created BubCaps, for smart phones, tablet computers, and iPods, to answer the demand from parents who were having trouble keeping kids in educational apps and away from the device’s other stored information. Made of latex-free plastic or aluminum, BubCaps are just rigid enough to stop the child from pressing through, but flexible enough for an adult to activate the home button with a firm press.

Price: $5.99 to $7.99 Visit the Website

Natural Deodorant For Kids

Sweet Pink Girls Kid Deodorant

Description: Give a very personal Gift to the ones you care for the most. Your Kid,Tween, or Teen would be thrilled to have a deodorant of their own. Each item features a Safe, Fun, and Effective products that will leave your Kid smelling Fresh and clean all year round. GrowingBasics helps parents tackle kids body odor naturally. Everything your kid,tween, and teen would need for their personal hygiene needs.

Price: $5.99 Visit the Website

Gift A TickleMe Plant Kit- The Only Plant That Closes Its Leaves And Lowers Its Branches When Tickled!

Everyone Loves Playing with their Pet TickleMe Plant- Boys,Girls,Mom, Dad, Teachers and Grandparents!

Description: EVER SEE A PLANT MOVE LIKE AN ANIMAL WHEN YOU TICKLE IT? Great for boys, girls, moms, dads, teachers and grandparents! TickleMe Plants are a great and unique gift for the one you love or for yourself! TickleMe Plants are the only plants that move like an animal when tickled. Tickle this plant and it will close its finger like leaves and lower its armlike branches. TickleMe Plants are a great way to excite someone about gardening and nature. TickleMe Plants can be grown indoors any time of the year, even in winter. They sprout in days! TickleMe Plants have beautiful cotton candy like pink flowers. Visit to see a live TickleMe Plant in action. TickleMe Plants are easy to grow, no "Green thumb" needed. Each TickleMe Plant Kit includes everything you need to grow your own Pet TickleMe Plant: soil, seeds and flower pots. TickleMe Plants are 100% guaranteed to grow and move when you tickle them or we will replace the seeds. Kids favorite plant- classroom kits and the TickleMe Plant Care Book available as well.

Price: $5.50 to $39.95 Visit the Website

Embelle Baby Bibs

Snowman Bib from Seasonal Collection

Description: The holidays are fast approaching and what better way to accessorize your baby than with a cute, fun and festive bib from Embelle Baby Bibs! These novelty bibs are made of 100% pre-washed cotton and come in 9 creative designs. Your baby will look adorable in an Embelle Baby bib as an elf, snowman, Santa or Thanksgiving turkey. Embelle holiday baby bibs are available at your local Target for $5.00.

Price: $5.00 Visit the Website

Gift CardLab

Valentine's Day gift card from

Description: Gift CardLab gift cards are perfect for Valentine's Day gifts, whether you are looking to give cash to a significant other, or in a non-romantic way. You can customize your card with any picture or image, allowing you to be creative with your gift-giving. For those looking to make gift cards romantic, ear mark them for a day at the spa, or a night on the town. For more information and to design a card, visit

Price: $5.00 to $1,000.00 Visit the Website

The GUM® Star Wars™ Lightsaber™ Toothbrush

GUM® Star Wars™ Lightsaber™ toothbrush

Description: GUM® encourages kids to learn how to perfect their brushing skills with the brand new line of GUM® Star Wars™ toothbrushes. Each toothbrush helps to make brushing fun, while teaching good habits that last. The GUM® Star Wars™ Lightsaber™ toothbrush flashes for 60-second intervals to encourage longer brushing. Plus interdental trim bristles align with the interdental arch to gently remove plaque between teeth.

Price: $3.49 Visit the Website

The GUM® Star Wars™ Manual Toothbrush

GUM® Star Wars™ Manual Toothbrush

Description: GUM® encourages kids to learn how to perfect their brushing skills with the brand new line of GUM® Star Wars™ toothbrushes. Each toothbrush helps to make brushing fun, while teaching good habits that last. The GUM® Star Wars™ Manual toothbrush comes in a twinpack and includes soft bristles with Dome Trim®, clinically proven to provide exceptional plaque removal on tooth surfaces and below the gum line.

Price: $2.99 Visit the Website

Rich Art – Vibrant Creative Products For Kids Of All Ages

Dazzling Paint, Glues and Markers

Description: For almost a century, Rich Art has helped millions of people – from children and educators, to budding artists and professional crafters – express their creativity. Rich Art’s array of high-caliber arts & crafts supplies features washable and tempera paints, decorative glues, and markers that are certified non-toxic, biodegradable, and made in the United States. All Rich Art products are formulated with the brightest natural pigments for the most vibrant colors possible, and carry the respected Arts and Creative Materials Institute Approved product seal for Non-Toxic Products. This superior level of quality and safety has made Rich Art the go-to "creative source" for kids of all ages.

Price: $1.00 to $8.00 Visit the Website

IKEA Soft Toys

For every IKEA Soft Toy purchased, one euro (approximately $1.29 US) is donated to the Soft Toys for Education Campaign.

Description: Are you searching for a more meaningful gift this holiday season? Why not choose a present that not only the kiddies will love, but also helps those that really need it. This holiday season, the IKEA Soft Toys for Education campaign is back in full swing! Running from November 4 - December 29, this annual event continues to raise money to educate children around the world. Since 2003, the IKEA Soft Toys for Education campaign has donated $61.75 million (€47.5 million) in donations to UNICEF and Save the Children, helping eight million children through over 70 programs. IKEA Soft Toys - which includes stuffed animals, finger puppets and books - range in price from $.49 - $19.99 and are available in all IKEA stores and online. For every IKEA Soft Toy purchased, one euro (approximately $1.29 US) is donated to the Soft Toys for Education Campaign. These incredibly affordable and cuddly creatures will certainly put a smile in the hearts of children, while supporting millions of others in need of a quality education.

Price: $0.49 to $19.99 Visit the Website

Amazing 588 Arrow Helicopter

amazing 588 arrow helicopter

Description: Play Amazing arrow helicopter video: 1. How to play (use) amazing arrow helicopter(instructions): folding Led amazing arrow helicopter toy into spiral shape, holding the tail of Led space flying saucer with right hand, stretch rubber band tightly with left hand. (notice: do not point to any people); let off your right hand, then launching this arrow helicopters into air with its rubber band (elastic band), watch it fly into sky lit up by its Led light.

Price: $0.20 to $0.50 Visit the Website

Elevate Your Energy And Attract More Business Now: FREE Event Being Held In New York City

Business Trainer Joe Nunziata

Description: A few top business experts have gathered together for Your Biz Mojo. Joe Nunziata is a life and business coach, spiritual teacher and bestselling author of Spiritual. His unique blend of psychology, spirituality and philosophy, combined with the study of energy, has resulted in revolutionary new programs. Joe teaches that to make lasting changes you must deal with your subconscious feelings, beliefs and blocked energy. Wendi Caplan-Carroll is a Master Trainer and speaker. She teaches business owners and entrepreneurs inspired by the new book Engagement Marketing, written by small business advocate Gail Goodman (CEO of Constant Contact), this presentation will help your audience understand how the marketing landscape for small business has changed and how to make that change work for them. Robert Smith aka Mr. PR is a leading expert and a frequent speaker at business conferences and seminars. The event is Wednesday, June 27 in NYC 2:00PM-5:00PM Location: The Open Center 22 East 30th Street NYC Attendees will learn: How to stop chasing and start attracting more business How to remove obstacles that are holding you back How to elevate you energy level and create more opportunities How to Create a Better Relationship with Your Clients A quick strategy for getting publicity in less than 24 hours How to tell 200 million people about your business for free Where to get a free media list and more! How to Use Social Media to Build Rapport Visit

Price: $0.10 Visit the Website

Westgate Entertainment District Winter Wonderland

Westgate Entertainment District holiday tree

Description: Westgate Entertainment District transforms into a winter wonderland starting November 20 with the opening of the holiday ice rink, the lighting of the 33-foot holiday tree with over 3,180 sparkling lights, photos with Santa and nightly snowfall! Bundle up the kids, get into the holiday spirit and make Westgate your festive destination this holiday season. The holiday season kicks off at 6:30 p.m. on November 20, with the tree lighting, first snowfall, and photos with Santa, all of which can also be enjoyed up until Christmas Eve. Guests can also enjoy free ice skating for children 5 years and older. Skates are provided; bring your socks! On Saturday, November 24, the Coyotes are taking over the ice. Stop by and meet Howler and the Coyotes Cheerleaders from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

New Free Kid Safe Video Application

Kids Discover Videos Tailored to Their Interests

Description: Kids love watching videos on tablets, but parents have quickly learned those cutely titled YouTube videos are often intended for more mature audiences. To answer this dilemma, MeFeedia, the video discovery engine, Kids Videos, a curated video application, brings a wide variety of safe, fun and educational videos into one easy-to-use application. The app, available for iPad and Kindle Fire tablets, is available for download today. Kids Videos leverages the reach of MeFeedia’s content offerings to pull together popular and family-friendly videos from around the web. The app enables browsing and watching videos with a touch or swipe. Users can like and dislike videos, and designate videos to “Watch Later” for those favorites that kids just can’t get enough of. The application allows for filtering by genre using an on or off switch, and based on view-through rates, automatically discovers and delivers what a viewer would likely be most interested in at that moment.

Price: $0.01 to $0.02 Visit the Website

UrbanSitter Makes Finding A Trusted Sitter As Easy As Booking Dinner Reservations


Description: If you're a parent, what's the key to a great Valentine's Day date night? Scoring a great sitter! UrabanSitter is making that process much simpler and faster. An online service for parents and sitters to connect through people they know, UrbanSitter makes booking a trusted babysitter as easy as booking dinner reservations. The site enables parents to search, book and review trusted sitters within minutes. Parents sign up at and can instantly view sitters known through friends or affiliations—including schools, sports teams and parent groups—and can view each sitter’s availability in order to select a sitter for a specific date and time, or plan an outing when they know their favorite sitter is available. Jobs or interviews can be booked in minutes and parents can contribute written reviews, ratings and Facebook “Likes” to sitter profiles. For more information or to sign up, visit

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Storia, an interactive ereading app from Scholastic

Description: Storia, an eReading app from Scholastic available for iPad and PC (with additional platforms rolling out soon), comes with FIVE FREE eBOOKS and helps kids read and interact with favorite children’s eBooks. It is specifically designed to support kids’ reading and help parents monitor kids’ reading progress. Storia offers access to a wide variety of age-appropriate titles for children from toddler to teen. The selections are carefully curated to offer a range of children’s digital picture, chapter and interactive eBooks on a variety of topics and reading levels that are presented in a way that is true to the original print versions. A selection of Storia eBooks are enriched with fun, educational activities including vocabulary games, comprehension activities and fun video content as a reward when kids finish the book. On Storia, parents can set up individual bookshelves for each of their children, purchase new eBooks, and track a child’s reading progress through each book. Parents can find out which words the child learned, how many pages they read, and how long their child spent reading each day.

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IWatchLife - A Home And Corporate Video Surveillance Systems That Allows Users To Watch What Matters

Smart video monitoring from anywhere.

Description: iWatchLife is a do-it-yourself, video monitoring system that lets the user remotely watch over all aspects of life - home, vacation property, family, contractors, even pets - from any computer, tablet or handheld device. Our unique, cloud-based, smart technology understands context, importance and relevance of images and sounds and notifies the user anytime, anywhere when events that have been specified as being important are detected. See, monitor and share what matters from anywhere. iWatchLife brings Internet cloud-based video monitoring technology to the consumer market, making it affordable and easy to use. Our service uses advanced video analytics and artificial intelligence to provide unparalleled functionality for our users.

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Turn Your Pictures Into Memories This Holiday Season!

product Mix

Description: We have an assortment of products that are perfect for the upcoming holiday season such as, custom photo ornaments, holiday cards, canvas wall art, fleece blankets and so much more! With all the choices you will be sure to find a one of a kind gift for grandparents, friends, family and anyone else on your list this year. The goal of MailPix is to keep costs low and pass savings along to consumers. Using the latest easy-to-use web technology, integrated with social media, it is easier than ever to turn digital photos, Facebook and Instagram pictures into tangible products such as photo books, prints, cards, enlargements and a variety of gifts! MailPix was started by two Photo Industry veterans with a concern that a whole generation of photomemories, whether stored online, in harddrives or smart phones, would be lost to future generations and wanted to provide an affordable and simple way to turn images in memories.

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Holiday Events At CityScape Phoenix

CityScape Phoenix Ice Rink

Description: The festive holiday season kicks off at CityScape Phoenix on November 24 with a tree lighting event and the opening of the CityScape Phoenix Ice Rink, the largest and only real outdoor ice rink in the Valley. This year, the rink will become a prominent fixture in Downtown Phoenix, as it will be dramatically placed in the center of Central Avenue. Opening night will feature a special live musical performance, a visit from Santa Claus, a performance by the Phoenix Symphony Brass Quintet, Christmas carols from the ASU Gospel Choir, a figure skating show, face painters, free cookies and hot chocolate and much more. All season long, Chloe’s Corner is offering a free hot chocolate with every skate rental. Visitors 21 and older can purchase beer and wine from Chloe’s Corner and enjoy their beverages outdoors in Patriots Square while watching ice skaters and other performances.

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Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Gingerbread House Competition

Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel

Description: Each year, Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel holds a gingerbread house competition set to various Christmas story themes where elaborately decorated edible creations are displayed in the hotel’s Park Lounge throughout the holiday season. This year’s gingerbread house theme is Dr. Seuess’ 1966 rendition of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel will partner this year with Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts to give students a chance to creatively showcase their talents and win a monetary scholarship donation to their Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts tuition and/or supplies. All entries will be judged in five categories: overall appearance; originality and creativity; difficulty; precision; and consistency of theme. Prizes will be awarded for the top three competitors through a scholarship donation to their Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts tuition and/or supplies in the following amounts: First place is $1,000; second place is $500; third place is $250. Locals and travelers alike will have the opportunity to view the final selections at Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel in the hotel’s Park Lounge from November 23, 2012, through the end of the year.

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Ballet Arizona Nutcracker Events

Ballet Arizona, photo by Rosalie O'Connor

Description: Ballet Arizona announces special Nutcracker community events to complement symphony hall performances. These events include The Nutcracker Festival on December 2 at El Chorro Lodge, where children can celebrate the season with arts and crafts, educational activities, brunch, and performances by The School of Ballet Arizona and Ballet Arizona. On December 6, Ballet Arizona also offers a special showing of The Nutcracker, as part of the Angel Night Program. Clients from more than 150 service organizations, including children and their families from community centers in disadvantaged neighborhoods, attend The Nutcracker thanks to the generosity of "community angels." Other Nutcracker events and deals include a student matinee; Transit Day, with deals for Valley transit riders; and The Nutcracker Holiday Bus.

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Arizona Biltmore Holiday Getaway

Arizona Biltmore Holiday Tree

Description: The desert will be festive and filled with good cheer and the spirit of the season – when you celebrate the holidays at the historic Arizona Biltmore. Guests will enjoy many special holiday activities and events in a beautiful ambiance of seasonal décor, as well as special discounts on spa treatments and a special holiday package offering low rates and many extras. And your holiday getaway to the legendary resort will be free of snow and ice and cold – just warm, pleasant days and cool evenings. Holiday activities include marshmallow roasting every Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. on Squaw Peak Lawn; story time with Mrs. Claus on Saturdays (Dec. 8, 15 and 22) and on Christmas eve, from 5-6 p.m.; and five-course dinners on Christmas Eve and Day at Wright’s at The Biltmore.

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