Graduation Family & Children Gifts 2014 - Family & Children Gifts Guide for Graduates

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Description: The B 560 features a five-inch high-resolution color touch screen to navigate its wide range of features and functions. It features a simple yet classic design that sewists will appreciate, along with 476 total stitch patterns, an automatic thread cutter and a stitch width up to 9 mm. The B 560 also offers an optional embroidery module and is compatible with BERNINA’s cutting edge software, DesignWorks. The DesignWorks Software Suite features the CutWork, PaintWork and CrystalWork components that can transform the B 560 from an embroidery machine into a mixed media tool. With CutWork, shapes, patterns and designs can be cut from multiple layers of fabric. PaintWork allows the application of pen drawings to fabric and textiles. CrystalWork gives the ability to create crystal appliqué patterns for textiles and garments. The B 560 is available at authorized BERNINA Dealers nationwide.

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Description: The B 350 SE comes equipped with 115 stitches, a maximum sewing speed of 900 stitches per minute and a stitch width up to 5.5 mm. It also has a direct-selection function with a bright LCD screen that allows sewists to switch quickly between the 20 utility stitches, 52 decorative stitches and 11 quilting stitches. In addition, a high-precision buttonhole function with two programmed buttonhole styles will give users the ability to sew buttonholes of the exact same length every time. The B 350 SE has memory space to permanently store up to 30 stitch-pattern combinations, and a bright LED sewing light. The B 350 SE is available at authorized BERNINA Dealers nationwide.

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Memory Vessels Unique Keepsakes

Beautiful designs in functional jewelry

Description: Memory Vessels are unique keepsakes that store physical mementos like hair or fur, rice, lace, crushed flowers, cremated remains and other small, meaningful items, plus a USB Flash Drive for photos videos and voice recordings. Each piece has two storage compartments and 2 GB of memory. The pieces are plated with rhodium and are scratch and tarnish resistant. There are five designs. Packaged in a protective box, each piece comes in a cherry wood box with a polishing pouch and a chain. Memory Vessels are suitable for people and pets.

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Unique Graduation Gift - A Custom Caricature

Custom Graduation Caricature

Description: Our hand drawn, fully custom caricatures capture the essence of the graduate in an artistic & comical way. The ultimate personalized gift! It's fast and easy to commission our talented artists to hand draw a fully custom graduation caricature based on your photos and ideas. Whether it is a kindergarten, high school, college, medical school or law school graduation, these fully custom caricatures commemorate accomplishments and dreams.

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Unique Handmade Designer Collectibles

PERFECT REJECT Needs to be Rescued

Description: PERFECT REJECT captures the joy, whimsy, and comfort of our charmingly tattered plush childhood friends. Each individually-numbered piece in this series of handmade collectibles begins as a toy rescued from a thrift store or flea market. They’re eco-friendly plush animals that combine the playfulness of toys with artistic sensibilities. Looking for a Unique Gift? PERFECT REJECT has Unusual and Cool gifts for Creative People. Additional information can be found at Tattered, Torn and Loved the PERFECT REJECT

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Casio Pink Fx-9860GII Graphing Calculator

Casio Pink fx-9860GII

Description: Designed for grades six through twelve, the Pink fx-9860GII offers a large, high-resolution screen with icon-based menus and a Natural Textbook Display, allowing students to view expressions and results exactly as they appear in the textbook. The fx-9860GII also has an LCD backlight for superior visibility when viewing in dim light. Both the backlit screen and the USB connectivity included in this graphing calculator are compatible with Casio’s portfolio of projectors. These two functions offer quick and easy data transfer and enable educators to display the calculator on an even larger screen in the classroom. With speed more than three times faster than previous models, the fx-9860GII system delivers quick calculations of equations and formulas without the stress. When students need to edit their work or re-do their equations, the system can also quickly display a recall of previously executed formulas stored in the calculator. The pink fx-9860GII graphing calculator is now available at Target.

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Open Hearts Family Necklace Sterling Silver


Description: A sterling silver Open Heart design is nestled within a larger Open Heart in this memorable family necklace from the Open Hearts Family by Jane Seymour™ collection. The pendant is suspended from an 18-inch box chain secured with a lobster clasp. Philosophy:The Open Hearts Family philosophy not only celebrates the traditional family unit, but also the extended families that we create from the people we open our hearts to as we journey through life. When we open our hearts, our family grows; so do we . . . and so can the world. SKU: 401336007 Description: Open Hearts Family Necklace Sterling Silver Retail: $69.99

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Handmade Peanut Butter & Jelly 5-Way Best Friend Necklaces Or Bracelets

Handmade Peanut Butter & Jelly 5-Way Best Friend Necklaces or Bracelets

Description: Split these 5 precious necklaces (peanut butter, grape jelly and strawberry jelly, marshmallow fluff & nutella) amongst you and your besties. These best friend necklaces each come on a 16" silver chain. Each charm is roughly the size of a quarter. Also available as bracelets! 100% handmade in the USA. Please keep in mind that no two handmade polymer clay pieces will ever be alike. This artist does not use molds, and each one is made 100% by her hands only.

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Toymail Mailmen


Description: We're a new toy company founded by Gauri Nanda, the MIT grad behind Clocky, and her best friend, Audry Hill, a mother of three. Our mission? To keep families connected without putting kids behind another screen. Think global walkie talkies. Our toys called The Mailmen play back voice messages you record anytime, anywhere using our app. Kids can reply right from the toys, so it's a two-way conversation. Those conversations are stored on your phone, and the memories made are saved forever. “I got my nephews a mailman about six months ago and has been the best way to keep in touch with them. My three nephews love etting messages. I love being able to message them when I am missing them the most. Best toy and app ever!" reads a recent review in the app store. The reality for most of us is that we can't be around those kids as much as we would like, whether we are parents at work or family members living in another state or continent. Toymail has been featured all over from the NY Times to Wired to Parents Magazine, and hailed as "genius," and "the coolest toy ever."

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Instant Guitarification With ChordBuddy

How to Use ChordBuddy

Description: As Seen on ABC's Shark Tank! As soon as the ChordBuddy is properly attached to your acoustic or electric guitar, you will be able to make music. Within a few weeks, you’ll begin removing some of the tabs and making the chords on your own. In two months, you’ll be able to play the guitar with no ChordBuddy at all!

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Legacy Slideshow Video Production

Express your love with a Legacy Slideshow Video Production

Description: At Leave A Legacy, we produce slideshows for clients looking to create a heartwarming compilation of their family’s precious memories! We have unlimited options for personalization and creativity. The client can include an array of media such as photos, video clips, poems, captions, voice recordings and their favorite songs! Our DVD slide shows have been very popular for events of all sorts. Old photographs can also be scanned and added to digital slide shows: for an anniversary, birthday, or retirement party, consider digging out those pictures and surprising guests with an extra bit of personal history. Bring your memories to life!

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The NEX Band By Mighty Cast

The NEX Band

Description: The NEX Band is the world’s first customizable, wearable technology device. It uses Mod charms and Bluetooth technology to connect mobile applications to the cloud providing real-time social, fitness, mobile and gaming notifications. The NEX Band can hold up to 5 Mod charms at a time, each with its own permissions and behaviors. Make your charm light up blue for Facebook notifications, yellow when a Snapchat is received or green when a friend is calling. Or, create patterned blinking to alert you when a friend is near or all lives are restored on your favorite mobile app. The possibilities with the NEX Band are limitless. The NEX Band is only $49.99 for a limited time!

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My Mini Golf

My Mini Golf Family

Description: My Mini Golf is a high-quality, durable product that can be played indoors or outdoors, and on any smooth surface, ranging from living room carpet to grass to pavement. My Mini Golf is entertaining and rewarding for golfers and non-golfers of any age. The game is fun for the whole family and can be played indoors or outdoors, and on any smooth surface. My Mini Golf was manufactured in Germany and the product is durable, lightweight and portable. Since the game can be played on any smooth surface, just open the game up and users will find a fun, interactive training aid to help improve the skills of both veteran golfers and those new to the sport.

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Packed Party Packages

Packed Party packages landing on doorsteps

Description: Packed Party is a company based out of San Francisco that sells themed party packages you can send to yourself or a friend to have a party for one! All chic navy packages host hand-picked items that are carefully curated around the theme of the selected party, and include a letter-pressed card stating what the party is and why it's been sent. We currently offer 6 Packed Party packages on our website, they are: -Pity Party -You Don't Need Him Anyway -Birthday Beb -You Pampered Thing, You -Miss You Bitch -Cue Cupid (available through Valentine's Day) Packages contents change out every month or so as add to the fun of not knowing what exact items are inside packages. We do this to add to the fun when a Packed Party shows up on your doorstep! Of course we offer teasers on our social media pages to give customers a better idea of what's inside. To give you a better idea, think things like a brass knuckles phone case and a mini voodoo kit in our You Don't Need Him Anyway, "Erase Your Past Tea" in our Pity Party, Birthday Suit nude nail polish in our Birthday get the idea! All packages cost just $45.00 plus shipping and handling fees and can be ordered directly off our website to purchase. We of course are adding more parties (and quickly) to our line so stay tuned as we grow!

Price: $45.00 to $56.00 Visit the Website

Name A Gene Or Chromosome Of Any Available Species In Honor Of Anyone, Including Yourself

The Genome Registry Logo

Description: You deserve to be famous and have your name recognized. Naming a gene or chromosome in honor of yourself is your quick, and affordable, way to accomplish this. And, The Genome Registry is here to help you. Many famous people have entire species named after them. Musician and former Beatle, Paul McCartney has a rose named after him. Actress Angelina Jolie has a spider named after her. Microsoft tech and business mogul Bill Gates has a fly named after him. So, why shouldn’t you have a gene or chromosome named after yourself? Why let them have all the fun? It’s your right to create a positive lasting legacy. No matter what your profession or hobby, don’t delay. Act now. And, have The Genome Registry name a gene or chromosome after you.

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Kate Spade 2014 Pocket Weekly Refill

Kate Spade 2014 Pocket Weekly Refill at District17

Description: Keep track of your life in style with this calendar! 12 month agenda. Refill for the Pocket Personal Dated Book Block. Please note, this is pages only and does not include a tab or ruler. The Kate Spade Collection by Lifeguard Press is chic, playful, and full of class - just like you! The classic prints have touches of gorgeous gold foil, bold stripes, and lovely florals. The Kate Spade Collection of home decor, office supplies, gifts, and accessories are sure to be adored by any recipient.

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Digital Time Capsules


Description: If you could receive a time capsule filled with messages from a loved one that was created 25 years ago, just for you, would you open it? Of course you would! Now, with HearFromMe you can create a Digital Time Capsule for your loved ones and have it delivered any time in the future. We will store any messages that you want to include, to commemorate any occasion and then deliver it at a time in the future that you designate. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, farewells, etc. Leave your own legacy as well as words of wisdom and advice. You can even send congratulations for a reaching a milestone, whether you are around to celebrate it or not.

Price: $30.00 to $180.00 Visit the Website

Captain America Shield 3D Deco Light

Captain America Shield 3D Deco Light

Description: 3D deco lights are perfect for all ages. With a realistic crack sticker that gives the illusion that the light is coming straight through the wall, the lights are attractive on or off, day or night. The 3D deco lights bring a cool factor to having a nightlight at any age. 3DlightFX’s line of 3D deco lights include regulation size sports balls and pucks, cars and jets and most recently a range of superhero and action figure inspired products. The deco lights are: SAFE - Cordless, Battery Operated. EFFICIENT - Uses LED lights. COOL - Never gets hot to the touch. FUN - Crack sticker included. GREEN - Never change the bulbs. AWESOME - Looks great ON or OFF.

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Thor's Hammer 3D Deco Light

Thor's Hammer

Description: 3D deco lights are perfect for all ages. With a realistic crack sticker that gives the illusion that the light is coming straight through the wall, the lights are attractive on or off, day or night. The 3D deco lights bring a cool factor to having a nightlight at any age. 3DlightFX’s line of 3D deco lights include regulation size sports balls and pucks, cars and jets and most recently a range of superhero and action figure inspired products. The deco lights are: SAFE - Cordless, Battery Operated. EFFICIENT - Uses LED lights. COOL - Never gets hot to the touch. FUN - Crack sticker included. GREEN - Never change the bulbs. AWESOME - Looks great ON or OFF.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Hulk's Fist 3D Deco Light

The Incredible Hulk 3D Deco Light

Description: 3D deco lights are perfect for all ages. With a realistic crack sticker that gives the illusion that the light is coming straight through the wall, the lights are attractive on or off, day or night. The 3D deco lights bring a cool factor to having a nightlight at any age. 3DlightFX’s line of 3D deco lights include regulation size sports balls and pucks, cars and jets and most recently a range of superhero and action figure inspired products. The deco lights are: SAFE - Cordless, Battery Operated. EFFICIENT - Uses LED lights. COOL - Never gets hot to the touch. FUN - Crack sticker included. GREEN - Never change the bulbs. AWESOME - Looks great ON or OFF.

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Custom Viewfinder Reel With Your Photos

A family vacation on a custom reel

Description: Customize a viewfinder reel with your own photos! Just like the viewer you had as a kid, now you can have your own personalized version! Pictures of the kids, your wedding, the latest family vacation, and more! Perfect for all gift recipients, holidays and more! Simply upload your photos, edit and add optional captions, and place your order. Viewer colors come in red, black, blue, and white!

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Dorm Cookware Set!

Swiss Diamond Dorm Set (Model #603)

Description: Get them ready for the real world with their own high-performance cookware set. Swiss Diamond is premium nonstick cookware made in Switzerland, so it's safe, and reinforced with real diamond particles for an extra-long lifetime. Who wants to spend their college years scrubbing pots and pans? With Swiss Diamond, a soapy sponge is all they will need to keep the kitchen spotless.

Price: $29.95 to $499.95 Visit the Website

Uncover The Hero Within You With SuperMe Backpacks

SuperMe Backpacks

Description: Inspired by two supermoms Daphne Kaufer and Rena Stern, SuperMe celebrates the individuality and meaningful moments of their children in a sustainable way! This unique messenger bag provides children a hands-free way to carry their lunch and school supplies just like a normal backpack except with a twist: turns your child into a SUPERHERO! It is time to uncover the hero with these personalized backpacks and insulated lunch bags for boys and girls everywhere! SuperMe believes in encouraging freedom of thought and expression, the importance of respecting and appreciating differences and most of all, in having fun.

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Flora Metal Daisies Jewelry Tree In Black

Flora Metal Daisies Jewelry Tree in Black at District17

Description: We believe that your jewelry should match your personal style - and that your jewelry box should as well! For nearly 100 years, these fashionable jewelry boxes and jewelry cases have been desired worldwide. Providing innovative, modern designs and classic, timeless styles, these high quality jewelry boxes can be both a functional storage piece and a beautiful accent piece for your room. Keep your trinkets, jewels, and accessories perfectly organized, easy-to-see, and easy-to-find with this collection of jewelry displays.

Price: $28.50 Visit the Website

Bring Nature To Life In Your Home With A 3D Butterfly Deco Light

3D Butterfly Deco Light

Description: 3D deco lights are perfect for all ages. With a realistic crack sticker that gives the illusion that the light is coming straight through the wall, the lights are attractive on or off, day or night. The 3D deco lights bring a cool factor to having a nightlight at any age. 3DlightFX’s line of 3D deco lights include regulation size sports balls and pucks, cars and jets and most recently a range of superhero and action figure inspired products. The deco lights are: SAFE - Cordless, Battery Operated. EFFICIENT - Uses LED lights. COOL - Never gets hot to the touch. FUN - Crack sticker included. GREEN - Never change the bulbs. AWESOME - Looks great ON or OFF.

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

Online Video Education With!

Description: While candles, picture frames, and beauty products are great go-to gifts, a subscription to, an online database of video tutorials, presents a unique gift idea—ideal for people of various interests! courses teach everything from Photoshop and photography, to social media, career training and business software skills. With nearly 2,500 courses to choose from and more than 100,000 videos, a subscription is sure to be a gift everyone will enjoy. even has mobile apps for those who want to learn on the go. The best part— is just $25 a month!

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing The Magic In Each Day

365 Tarot Spreads

Description: For many people, tarot is a hallowed daily practice. Now you can navigate important life choices every day, all year with 365 Tarot Spreads. Featuring spreads for multi-cultural traditions, holidays, rituals, lore, and magic, this daily guide explores a tarot quest for every occasion and helps you discern answers to any question with interesting and magical results. Use 365 Tarot Spreads year after year with spreads falling on every possible calendar date. Each one is based on an important historical, magical, or fascinating occurrence on that particular date in history. This daily guide is concerned with the essential journey to find truth and answers, rooted in every spread with topics from love and money to career and life path. With an explanation of each spread and questions to focus on while reading, you’ll achieve your quest for answers every day.

Price: $22.99 Visit the Website - Make 'em Smile

Description:™, the highest-ranking and most-trafficked gift card website on the Internet, is a one-stop shop for gift cards online. We sell nationally branded gift cards, personalized Visa and MasterCard gift cards, Local gift cards for over 1 million merchants, eGift Cards, Group gift cards, and customized cobranded corporate cards. With our in-house, print-on-demand gift card technology, we are able to quickly give our customers the personalization they desire. Additionally, has Shelley Hunter aka Gift Card Girlfriend as their spokesperson and she is amazing at giving advice on how to share gift cards with friends and family while still retaining the sentimental and personal feel that a gift should have.

Price: $20.00 to $500.00 Visit the Website

Lumi Dough- Moldable Dough That Glows!

Moldable Glowing Lumi Dough Illuminates Kids’ Imaginations

Description: Lumi Dough is the glow in the dark moldable dough that can be stretched, bent and shaped into anything a child can imagine. Lumi Dough brings a modern twist to old-fashioned fun thanks to the luminous, semi-adhesive silicon material. This innovative material is non-drying, non-cracking, reusable and creates no mess because it has no powdery residue. With its bright glow, Lumi Dough lets kids extend their creative time even after the lights go out. From teddy bears with glowing bellies to cars with headlights that light up, kids can glow up their room with their own creations and even make sea creatures that will glow in water.

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

3D Football Deco Lights

Regulation size football 3D deco light.

Description: Regulation sized and textured, our sports themed deco lights are a great gift for sports fans. With a realistic crack sticker that gives the illusion that the light is coming straight through the wall, the lights are attractive on or off, day or night bringing a cool factor to having a nightlight at any age. The variety of sports available includes football, soccer, hockey, baseball, tennis and cricket.

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

Hands-Free Bunny Bottle Holder

Hands-Free Bunny Bottle Holder

Description: Infant Innovators has a unique product for infants and parents alike. Infant Innovators has created a product which allows parents to feed infants without holding the bottle for them. This allows the parents to complete other tasks and chores around the home. For parents on-the-go, a built in bottle warmer is included. The product is the Hands-Free Bunny Bottle Holder which is kid tested and parent approved! The retail price is $19.95. Please feel free to check the website out Infant Innovators was inspired to create this product to help parents with the feeding process and teach infants how to hold their bottle.This will be a great opportunity to provide "Hands-Free Solutions" to parents.

Price: $19.96 Visit the Website

Poketti Plushies With A Pocket

Poketti Plushies with a Pocket: Cute & Functional!

Description: Poketti Plushies with Pocket are super soft animal pillows with a useful pocket on the back to hold your phone, notebook, eyeglasses, love notes, or tooth fairy offerings. Designed by 14-year old young entrepreneur, Sydney Loew, Poketti are made with the highest quality plush and 100% cotton contrasting details. Series1 includes a penguin, bunny, kitty and puppy — each with a 4x5" plush-lined pocket on the back. You'll never search for your phone or glasses in the morning again! Poketti accessories for the pocket are also available including a Poketti notebook featuring the Series 1 characters, and greeting cards.

Price: $18.95 Visit the Website

The Mommy To Be FUN Book! Stories, Games & Laughs To Entertain You While Waiting For Your Baby To Arrive!!.

Front & Back Cover of the FUN Book - Available Everywhere!

Description: This Fun Filled 132 page book is the perfect gift for the pregnant person in your life! Here are some excerpts: AND THE RUSSIAN JUDGE GIVES A 9.8... Getting up from furniture is no longer just a “getting up from furniture moment.” When pregnant, these movements are referred to as “dismounts.” IT’S A DATE... A Due Date is not the same thing as an Expiration Date, so don’t be surprised if your due date comes and goes and you’re still pregnant. Your baby hasn’t been pulled from the shelf and returned to the manufacturer... rather your baby’s just waiting to see if you send in a TV and an XBox. If you don’t... the kid will be out in just a few more days.

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SYDNEY PAIGE® Backpacks & Accessories: Buy One/Give One

SYDNEY PAIGE® Backpacks & Accessories: Buy One/Give One

Description: For every product sold, a matching product is donated to a student in need with the goal to help give kids the tools and confidence they need in order to learn and thrive in school, stay in school and graduate. Our products have the quality construction that moms need and the details kids want. From padded shoulder sleeves to reflective piping and multiple accessory pockets & hooks, our backpacks have it all and will stand up to kids’ use (and abuse!) across the school year. Toddler: Backpacks, Lunch Bags, Nap Blankets Youth: Backpacks, Lunch Bags, Pencil Cases Teen+: Backpacks, iPad Sleeves

Price: $15.00 to $60.00 Visit the Website

Dagger In The Cup

Dagger in the Cup

Description: The daughter of a mountain gatherer and healer, sixteen-year-old Shug Yokem knows every sound the mountains make: the creaking of limbs in winter, the prattle of rain in spring, the whisper of summer winds, and the crackle of fall's sun-dried foliage underfoot. She knows which plants will cure and which will kill. Until Cleo Sizemore shows up on her and her mother's doorstep, she has never had an enemy, let alone entertained the idea of killing someone.

Price: $15.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

Custom Graduation Caps

Tassel Toppers Custom Graduation Caps

Description: There’s finally a way to professionally decorate the bland graduation cap and gown so your family can find you in a sea of school colors. There’s no limit to the Tassel Toppers design your own feature. Upload photos, fraternity and sorority greek letters, school logos, mascots and custom messages to Tassel Toppers and your custom topper is uniquely yours. Tassel Toppers are diamond shaped, durable plastic keepsakes, the same shape as the mortar board that won’t damage the graduation cap. They are held onto the mortar board with their specially designed adhesives that can be attached and removed as many times as needed. Just in case administration doesn’t like your creativity or you want to frame it as a keepsake after graduation, the topper pulls right off in two seconds. Parents can also purchase a stand to display at the graduation party. Another way for the The Class of 2014 to show they’re ready to face the world on their own terms and in custom style.

Price: $14.00 to $14.95 Visit the Website

Networking For Recent College Grads: Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required

Description: Some Assembly Required is a book for recent grads from author and business leader Thom Singer. Singer has extensive experience with speaking, networking, and helping others to successfully further their own career goals through assisting others and building a professional network right where they are. And Some Assembly Required gives short, snappy, readable advice about finding work and setting up a career after high school or college graduation. Thom Singer's credo stems from a modern version of an old Chinese proverb: the best time to start networking was years ago, and the next best time is now! Affirming the value of interacting with others in person as well as online, he encourages people to go beyond the self-promoting elevator speech and instead focus on helping and learning about others at business events. 'Go where the people are,' Singer says, 'and see if you can help them find something or make a connection.' What goes around comes around, and those we network with will eventually be able to help us, if we approach the process with an open mind and others-centric attitude. In a fun, bite-sized way, aimed at busy professionals, Singer speaks and writes about how to build relationships for their own sake, rather than simply promoting oneself. And he lives out the practice of paying attention to others, donating a portion of his proceeds to endowments to help families pay for their children's reconstructive surgery.

Price: $10.00 to $15.00 Visit the Website

Honor Them With A Customized Official Proclamation From Their City & State!

This sample OfficialProclamation has custom copy blurred out.

Description: If you're looking for original, personal, meaningful-yet-inexpensive gifts, you've never seen anything like this: Official Proclamations are full color, funny, appreciative Official Certificates of Appreciation from anyone's city and state, which customers purchase and download in a minute. Because every Proclamation is personalized, every one issued is unique and original -- even as a last minute gift (there's a free sample on the home page of the site). OfficialProclamations are high resolution PDF files, they can be printed out by anyone, up to 11" x 17". There are Official Proclamations for: Best Girlfriend Ever Best Boyfriend Ever Best Brother Ever Best Friend Ever Best Dad Ever Best Daughter Ever Best Mom Ever Best Wife Ever Smartest Graduate Best Husband Ever Best Teacher Best Sister Ever Best Son Ever Best Boss Ever Best Grandma Ever Best Grandpa Ever Best Caregiver Ever And we're always adding more!

Price: $9.95 Visit the Website

Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck - Mobile App - FREE DOWNLOAD

Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck Mobile APP

Description: The very successful 52 card Vibrational Energy Oracle deck that presents down to earth guidance, created by Debbie A. Anderson and illustrated by Heather Brewster is now available as a mobile app. The app is available on Android phones and tablets, as well as iPhone / iPad devices. A limited version, including 11 cards, can be downloaded for free by clicking on the following link. The unlocked version, containing the full 52 card deck, can then be easily purchased from the free version ($5.99). Alternatively the physical deck can be purchased online at $25.00Cdn or in selected stores in Canada, US & Australia.

Price: $5.99 to $25.00 Visit the Website

Mood-Factory's Mood-lites Light Up Your Life

Mood-lites' Happiness lightbulb enhances your happy groove.

Description: Mood-lites create a festive mood this holiday season. Available from $2.98 to $6.99 at Lowe’s Home improvement stores nationwide,, Mood-lites are an ideal stocking stuffer. “Mood-lites represent Mood-Factory’s first line of products which are based on the sense of sight, and specifically, in regards to how colors affect how we feel,” said the Chicago-based Kathryn Goetzke, President, Mood-Factory. “Andy Warhol once said that ‘a person is entitled to the lighting they need’ and I believe that people need the ability to instantly change their lighting to suit their mood or to indulge their spiritual, artistic or decorative side,” adds Goetzke. Kathryn Goetzke founded the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression (iFred),, to shine a positive light on depression and eliminate the stigma associated with the disease through prevention, research and education. Other uplifting hues in the Mood-lites line include: Happiness (yellow); Energy (Orange); Serenity (Light Blue); Sassy (Pink); Creativity (Purple) and Tranquility (Deep Blue). Mood-Factory,, founded by Kathryn Goetzke in 2004, first came to national prominence with the development of a new category of lighting with the launch of Mood-lites,, available in multiple “moods” ranging from Happy™ to Passion™ to Serenity™. Part of the proceeds of the Mood-Factory product line is contributed to iFred.

Price: $2.98 to $6.99 Visit the Website

Unique Graduation Cards For Standout Graduates

Culinary School Graduation Card

Description: Graduation is worth all the pomp & circumstance. Make your graduate feel as special by giving them a congratulations card as unique as they are! A personalized and fitting Graduation card can be a gift in itself! Don't make your grad feel like a dime a dozen. You name it,'s got it: Basic Training - Police Academy - Phd - MD - Engineering Degree, Nursing School - Beauty School - Culinary Arts, etc. You won't find cards this specific in your local card store! Preview the collection of over 4,000 uncommon & hard to find Graduation Congratulations greeting cards. GreetingCardUniverse is the largest greeting card store offering over 600,000 different cards - ANY card imaginable. These are real paper greeting cards simply ordered online. All cards are high quality paper greeting cards and the inside can be personalized as well as many cover designs. You can also request a no fee design change or totally new design which usually takes 48 hours. Pricing starts at $3.50 a card (quantity discount pricing available). Need your cards asap? By choosing In-Store delivery can picked up at most local Target stores within 1 hour.

Price: $1.39 to $3.50 Visit the Website

A Movie Poster For The Graduate

Looking for a movie poster for your favorite graduate? Try Just Movie Posters.Com

Description: Looking for a gift that will make the grad in your life say "Wow" and will be good for post graduation life? Why not give the lucky grad a movie poster from Just Movie Posters.Com? The website has theatrical, video/DVD posters, mini-posters and even movie poster postcards that range in price from $1.00 to $31.00, with most items falling within the $7.00 to $15.00 range (shipping extra). Not sure what movie poster to give? Gift certificates are available for purchase on the website. Remember, teens and twentysomethings love to go the movies. So, they would love a movie poster from their favorite film. Also, a movie poster in dorm room or apartment is a great icebreaker and not to mention a dude/chick magnet. So, don't delay, get your graduate a movie posters from Just Movie Posters.Com today!

Price: $1.00 to $31.00 Visit the Website

Girl Talk For Everything Girly!

Keep Calm and Girl Talk

Description: Girl Talk is a group of 3 best friends who have overcome many obstacles in life, & thankfully have had each other to lean on through it all! They have always loved teaching & helping others, especially young woman who are facing the same kind of growing pains we did. Middle school, High school, college, & young adulthood can be confusing, overwhelming, & painful. We want to be a safe place where any girl can ask for any advice without judgement. A place where they can gain insight, understanding & the tools to deal with life's ups and downs. Girl Talk is about everything GIRL! Fashion, friendship, dreams, empowerment, and advice! We will have one Special Guest every month who demonstrates GIRL POWER! We want to constantly show all young woman that DREAMS can come true no matter what they are! Our guests are the real role models young woman should have. Woman who are following their dreams, strong, kind, independent, smart and driven. OUR MESSAGE IS TO BE KIND, KNOW YOUR WORTH, & TO DREAM BIG!! Check out Girl Talk's latest Dance Tutorial:

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Spend Your Day At The Crafted Port Of LA

Crafted At The Port Of Los Angeles

Description: CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles is Southern California’s only weekly, indoor artisanal marketplace. Imagine a beautifully refurbished, 25,000 sq. foot World War II warehouse shopping experience located along the new L.A. Waterfront, across from the Cabrillo Marina and next to the 22nd St. park. Inside, CRAFTED is a vibrant patchwork of market stalls where local craft-artists, designers, and artisanal food makers share their handmade wares – and the stories behind them – with the public every weekend. The marketplace showcases a huge variety of hand made one-of-a kind treasures every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, along with demonstrations, live music, special events, and of course delicious food from famous food trucks. There’s even a Creation Station where artists teach young visitors how to make something they can take home while parents shop.

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