Father's' Day is Coming: What to Purchase for the Fathers in Your Life

They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend – but it's pretty clear that they forgot the boys! With Father's' Day fast approaching, you may be stuck for gift ideas. Many people may go for traditional ideas -car accessories, tools or gadgets- but jewelry for men is a timeless classic that is often overlooked.
Diamonds don't have to be big, flashy or gaudy to make an impression. When it comes to men's fashion, subtlety is often the best choice. With the right kind of jewelry or body ornament, you can inspire a very versatile and tasteful gift.
If the idea tickles your fancy, then perhaps try out a few of these unique Fathers' Day gift ideas.
Diamond Cufflinks
Cufflinks are a true classic when it comes to men's formal attire. If your father happens to be the kind to wear suits (whether for business or during leisure events) then diamond cufflinks can add a bit of style and sparkle to the ensemble. Of course, the stones you choose don't necessarily have to be big and gaudy: small, subtle insets are often what help to make cufflinks tastefully shine!
Should you think that your father may only where these once – well, think again! Tasteful studs can often be worn with a variety of casual and business casual clothing. These can indeed be very versatile gifts if one takes the time to choose and consider them carefully!
A Simple Ring
Rings have been worn by men and women for centuries – the most common examples are engagement and wedding rings. You don't have to restrict your gift ideas to these particular occasions and milestones, however. Rings - whether inset with diamonds, rubies, sapphires or any other kind of precious stone- can deliver a wonderful addition to any look, formal or casual.
Going Wild: Diamond Studs
It's no secret that nowadays a lot of men wear ear piercings. Many of these come in the form of plugs and tunnels, but classical earrings and studs have not been forgotten. With the right shape and size of stone, diamond studs can be a classy addition to one's overall attire. Whether a simple pair of studs or even an earring for one ear (for the more edgy dads out there), there's also a large amount of variation to choose from.
Diamonds set in white gold can are a favorite of some, though others may consider this a bit overwhelming. Another suggestion would be one set in gold or silver (or any other darker, high-quality metal to avoid irritation with the skin).
If you're no stranger to precious stones then you'll probably have many more ideas for the perfect Father's' Day gift brewing in your head. However, if you've never shopped for jewelry before, maybe invest a little time in your diamond education. Consider the “Four Cs”: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. When the day finally comes, your father will certainly appreciate the time, effort and thought you put into this wonderful gift.

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