Family Gifts 2014 – Family Gift Guide

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Little Pnuts Special Delivery

A Special Delivery perfectly curated for your Little Pnut and delivered to your door

Description: Little Pnuts is a quarterly home delivery service of eco-friendly toys for infants, toddlers and preschoolers that are geared towards reaching developmental milestones. Our toys get the kids off the couch and away from the TV - boosting their imagination and creativity, and challenging them during playtime. But still allowing them to have fun! Our toys do not have the bells, the lights, the music and the “do-it-for-you” buttons. They are organic, ecologically friendly, made of natural materials, and sustainable. They are multi-dimensional, constantly challenging children to get to the next level. They enhance gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and help develop focus and concentration. The majority of Little Pnuts’ brand partners are in Europe, making these toys not easily accessible in the U.S, and sometimes exclusive! Each Little Pnuts package consists of 3 – 5 toys tailored for your child (from birth to 6 years old) and is delivered to your door four times per year. No more malls or toy stores!

Price: $240.00 Visit the Website

Memory Vessels Unique Keepsakes

Beautiful designs in functional jewelry

Description: Memory Vessels are unique keepsakes that store physical mementos like hair or fur, rice, lace, crushed flowers, cremated remains and other small, meaningful items, plus a USB Flash Drive for photos videos and voice recordings. Each piece has two storage compartments and 2 GB of memory. The pieces are plated with rhodium and are scratch and tarnish resistant. There are five designs. Packaged in a protective box, each piece comes in a cherry wood box with a polishing pouch and a chain. Memory Vessels are suitable for people and pets.

Price: $179.00 Visit the Website

Momma's Jewels 1 Ring Sterling Silver Teething Necklace

Momma's Jewels 1 Ring Sterling Silver Teething Necklace

Description: The Momma's Jewels 1 Ring Sterling Silver Teething Necklace is beautifully handcrafted in the USA to make any new mom feel beautiful & chic while also completely functional for baby to teethe and play. Baby will love the soft sound of the rattle and the naturally cool to the touch sterling silver rings will soothe baby's teething gums. Add a personal touch by engraving this stylish necklace with a special name or date, making a one-of-a-kind keepsake gift that mom will cherish long after baby is done teething.

Price: $179.00 Visit the Website

Animal Friends Deluxe Baby Gift Bag

Animal Friends Deluxe Baby Gift

Description: Start them off with a love of animals with this deluxe animal themed gift for baby boy or girl! This unique baby gift basket is filled with fun animal themed toys, pajamas and the softest plush monkey blanket. These adorable animal gifts are thoughtfully packaged in a stylish Jimeale diaper bag with chocolate brown exterior, green interior and hint of green trim. It measures 13"H x 12"W x 5.5"D, is ultra-lightweight and has many pockets inside and out. It also comes with matching diaper pad and bottle insulator. Mom is sure to love it! Baby Gift Basket includes: Teal and yellow fleece baby blanket with matching plush monkey; Carters animal pajamas; Mango Monkey rattle by Mary Meyer; Okey Dokey dino wubanub pacifier by Mary Meyer; Flexible Oball rattle with colorful beads; 11" plush giraffe; Noah's Ark themed baby picture frame; Baby's first book, Fifteen Animals by Sandra Boynton. The Animal Friends deluxe baby gift comes beautifully wrapped with matching baby bow and ribbon. Add your personal touch with our complimentary gift card.

Price: $174.95 Visit the Website

Polka Dot Precious Deluxe Baby Gifts For Girls

Polka Dot Precious Deluxe Baby Gift for Girls

Description: This deluxe baby gift for girls is designed for both baby and mom! Mom will absolutely love this stylish pink and chocolate brown diaper/tote bag from Jimeale of New York. Complete with changing pad, bottle insulator and multiple interior and exterior pockets. The diaper bag measures 5.5"d x 13"h x 12"w with adjustable padded strap for ultra-comfort. Tucked inside mom's new bag is an adorable collection of baby gifts for girls. Mom/Baby Gift Collection includes: Snuggly, soft, fleece blanket which measures 29” x 36”; Adorable Carters polka dot pajamas; Petals Pony rattle, a Print Pizzaz toy by Mary Meyer; Cutsie Caterpillar wubanub pacifier by Mary Meyer; Flexible Oball rattle with colorful beads; 13" Sweet Chocolate Puppy, with super soft, huggable body; Hand painted pink, green, and yellow butterfly picture frame; Baby's first book, the best-selling Pajama Time! By Sandra Boynton. The Polka Dot Precious deluxe baby gift for girls comes wrapped with pink polka-dot ribbon and handmade bow! The new parents will love and appreciate this elegant and generous gift! Add your personal touch with our complimentary gift card.

Price: $169.95 Visit the Website

Tummy Shield - A More Comfortable, Safer Drive For Pregnant Women

The Tummy Shield comfortably redirects the seat belt off the pregnant woman's belly.

Description: Baby on Board? Statistics show you are just as likely to be in a car crash while you are pregnant as you are when you are driving with a newborn. You are legally required to protect your newborn in the car with a car seat so why woudn’t you protect your baby in the car even while it’s still in your womb? Of course you would if you knew there was a device designed to do just that. And now there is, the Tummy Shield™. Not only do pregnant women often find wearing a seat belt uncomfortable as they progress through their pregnancies, but intuitively many pregnant women also question the safety of driving while pregnant. The Tummy Shield™ has been carefully designed to safely reposition the lap portion of the seat belt from your pregnant belly to the thigh and lower pelvic area. You can start using it even early on in pregnancy to help reduce your baby's risk of injury during a crash or sudden braking.

Price: $169.00 Visit the Website

PLAYMOBIL Large Furnished Hotel

PLAYMOBIL Large Furnished Hotel

Description: Check into the Large Furnished Hotel for an extended getaway. Start off in the lobby decorated with a check-in counter, safe, room keys, computer monitor, magazine rack, and more. Travel upstairs in the functioning elevator, and use the key cards to enter one of two rooms. Whether travelling with a baby or young children, the crib with foldable sides or two bunk beds ensure that the hotel can accommodate families of all sizes. Each room includes two windows, bed, side table, chair, phone, television, clock, as well as a bathroom with shower and toilet. Room 102 also includes a balcony with lounge chair for added outdoor relaxation. After a good night’s sleep, guests can enjoy breakfast in the hotel café furnished with table, chairs, dishes and silverware, and a highchair. A waiter is on staff to serve a large selection of food. The hotel also has a game room with lots of toys offering a great space for kids to have some indoor fun. Set also includes eight figures, luggage, surfboard, skateboard, plants, and a large variety of additional accessories for endless play. Recommended for ages 4 to 10.

Price: $164.99 Visit the Website

Revolutionary, Wearable Child Restraint

The RideSafer Travel Vest is an easy, comfortable, convenient and safe child restraint for children 3 and older.

Description: Making life and travel with kids easier and safer! Tired of lugging car seats through airports? The RideSafer® is lightweight and easy to pack. Need to fit 3 across in the back seat? The RideSafer® makes fitting 3 across easy to accomplish with plenty of room to buckle. Tired of moving car seats from car to car to car? With the RideSafer® you just need one vest per child instead of one seat per car. Want to provide a safe ride for all the kids you carpool without filling your car with seats? The RideSafer® provides that safe ride without taking a large footprint in your car when not in use. The Ride Safer® Travel Vest correctly positions the vehicle’s seat belt over the child while keeping their center of gravity low in the vehicle seat which beneficially changes the crash dynamics. Crash tested and meets or exceeds all federal standards (FMVSS213). Learn more or buy at

Price: $125.00 to $140.00 Visit the Website

PLAYMOBIL Cargo And Passenger Aircraft

PLAYMOBIL Cargo and Passenger Aircraft

Description: Take to the skies with the Cargo and Passenger Aircraft. Cargo can be loaded by folding up the front of the aircraft, and the roof of the plane is removable, making it easy to play with the figures and rearrange seating for up to five passengers. Two figures can also be seated in the cockpit through the hinged roof to wait for the “all-clear” from the air traffic control tower before taxiing down the runway for takeoff. Set includes five figures, plane equipped with a sink and toilet, cargo container, air traffic control tower with equipment, and other accessories. Recommended for ages four to ten.

Price: $109.99 Visit the Website

Custom Caricature Gift

Fully Custom Caricature

Description: One-of-a-kind caricatures from photos. Our Eric Jones style caricatures capture the essence of each subject in a comical way for the ultimate personalized gift! Your caricature will be fully custom, NOT just a face on a pre-drawn background! You tell us what you'd like our artists to draw when you place your order. A Caricature is Worth a Thousand Words! A custom caricature is the only gift that can capture personalities, interests, memories, dreams and quirky habits in stunning artwork that has true meaning to the recipient.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

Revolutionary 7-CD Parenting Course

Parenting the Lefkoe Way - an ultimate parenitng tool

Description: The way you treat your child matters. But are you aware of just how much? All over the world, thousands of parents just like you are unknowingly damaging their children, hindering success at school and causing self-esteem issues and even depression in later life. How? By passing negative beliefs to their children via the simple things they do and say. Parenting the Lefkoe Way is a 7-CD course developed by the master teacher on belief formation – Shelly Lefkoe. This is the ultimate parenting tool. With Shelly Lefkoe’s incredible course you will: take control of the daily interactions and problems; examine your own beliefs, become a more confident parent; nurture your child’s hidden talents and handle virtually every situation you will encounter as a parent!

Price: $97.00 to $197.00 Visit the Website

Father's Day Flowers From Flora2000

Father's Day Flowers from Flora2000

Description: R=itzy blue hydrangea mingle with upper-crust creame roses while graceful oriental lilies, alstroemeria and disbud mum twirl fahionably. Awe-struck purple statice and lavender limonium are accompanied by seeded eucalyptus and salal as they look on. This chic spectacle is gathered in a striking clear vase. Send flowers today to your Father or that very special man in your life. You will be so glad you did!

Price: $89.98 Visit the Website

Stacked Birds Growth Chart Fabric Wall Decal By Monkie Birdie

Stacked Birds Growth Chart in Blue/Tangerine by Monkie Birdie

Description: Stacked Birds Fabric Growth Chart Decal makes the perfect gift for moms-to-be, new moms and baby showers! Rejoice every growth milestone by recording the growth of your child with tiny leaves (15 provided) as markers. You can use this growth chart to measure up to 2 kids on the same chart using the adjustable wings of the birds to measure height on one side of the chart and the tree leaves on the other side. You can write your own personal notes on the leaf such as the age and name of your child. And when you move, take the chart along with you to your new house, safely stored back on the backing paper, so you never lose the memories. Makes for a great keepsake and memorable gift to your kids when they grow up. Eco friendly, these decals are made of non-toxic fabric with no harmful PVCs found in vinyl decals and are reusable up to 200 times (without leaving a residue on your walls). Proudly designed and made in USA.

Price: $89.95 Visit the Website

Unique Handmade Designer Collectibles

PERFECT REJECT Needs to be Rescued

Description: PERFECT REJECT captures the joy, whimsy, and comfort of our charmingly tattered plush childhood friends. Each individually-numbered piece in this series of handmade collectibles begins as a toy rescued from a thrift store or flea market. They’re eco-friendly plush animals that combine the playfulness of toys with artistic sensibilities. Looking for a Unique Gift? PERFECT REJECT has Unusual and Cool gifts for Creative People. Additional information can be found at Tattered, Torn and Loved the PERFECT REJECT

Price: $89.00 to $150.00 Visit the Website

Sparkup The Magical Book Reader

Sparkup The Magical Book Reader

Description: Sparkup The Magical Book Reader is a new reading tool connecting kids with traditional books while encouraging independent reading. Sparkup reads any book with words aloud and gives you the option of recording your own voice to a story. The advanced technology allows the device to read the exact page that’s open- even if you accidentally skip a few. Sparkup’s internal memory holds up to 250 minutes of audio, equivalent to approximately 50 books. If parents miss bedtime or grandparents live across the country, kids can still hear there loved ones voice read their favorite bedtime story. Sparkup The Magical Book Reader can improve literacy and pronunciation skills, assist when learning a second language, ignite kids imaginations and more. Sparkup comes complete with preloaded demo book, instruction manual, one USB cable and three AA batteries.

Price: $79.99 Visit the Website

InnoTab 3S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet

InnoTab 3S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet

Description: VTech’s InnoTab 3S is the ONLY children’s learning tablet with VTech Kid Connect, a unique, ground-breaking family communication app. Kid Connect lets kids send voice messages, text messages, animated stickers, photos and drawings to parents’ smartphones and tablets, from a kid-safe, kid-friendly tablet. In return, parents can send messages back to their child’s InnoTab 3S, opening up an interactive dialogue. In addition, kids can stay connected to their friends and siblings by exchanging messages safely between two InnoTab 3S tablets anywhere in the world, regardless of how far apart they are. InnoTab 3S also includes Wi-Fi, a kid-safe web browser, a rechargeable battery and 20 free apps. Plus, it is also one of the most affordable children’s tablets out there, with a special price of $69.99 for the holiday season. It is for ages 3 – 9, with more than 650 titles of additional age-appropriate content for each developmental stage available on the Learning Lodge.

Price: $69.99 Visit the Website

Switch & Go Dinos Jagger The T-Rex

Switch & Go Dinos Jagger the T-Rex

Description: Jagger the T-Rex transforms from a super-cool construction crane to a fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex in just a few simple steps. Combined with voice recognition technology, Jagger is one of the coolest Switch & Go Dinos® yet! Play in crane mode with an awesome 360 degree rotatable-extending crane, a mini-transforming bulldozer, a voice-activated launcher-fired drill bit and realistic crane sound effects. Switch to dinosaur mode to see Jagger's animated dinosaur eyes and his powerful stomping feet. Jagger even recognizes and responds to specific voice commands. Say “Roar with me,” and hear him roar with his voice-activated motorized jaw. Sound effect buttons emit realistic dinosaur sounds and phrases that teach pre-historically awesome dinosaur facts! He’s one of the biggest dinosaurs to roam the earth…and as a crane, now he can move the earth, too! Recommended for ages 3 to 8.

Price: $69.99 Visit the Website

KickNFit Kids – Dynamic And Fun Kid’s Fitness And Martial Arts Program

8th degree black belt and founder Chris Casamassa leading a KickNFit Kids class

Description: KICKNFIT KIDS is a 30-minute high energy circuit-training program for children between the ages 7-17 and consisting of fun martial art movie style moves, Yoga & kickboxing drills! It is designed to train kids for only three days per week and helps them burn fat and build healthy muscle while having fun. KICKNFIT KIDS provides the best in martial arts training and cardio conditioning with no previous martial arts experience required! KICKNFIT KIDS includes a complete fitness menu that is easy to follow and even easier to use. KICKNFIT KIDS is available online and as home training package. The home package consists of 7 DVD’s with 30 different workouts, plus 2 BONUS DVD’s that feature extra core training, martial arts moves, strength training and yoga stretches. The package also includes the step by step follow along course for every week of the program as well as tips on how kids can take their training to the next level. KICKNFIT KIDS also features a complete training guide and food plan booklet that helps to ensure your child’s success. No matter what shape your kids are in now, we can help them get lean, healthy and fit!

Price: $69.00 to $99.00 Visit the Website

Ciao! Baby The Portable High Chair

ciao! baby The Portable High Chair shown in Black

Description: ciao! baby is the go-anywhere-highchair invented by two Mom’s, Kim Strong and Jamye Baker. Created for families on the go with small children, ciao! baby is a time saving, transportable highchair created for babies up to toddlers 3 years old. This user-friendly, no-fuss, freestanding chair with its proprietary flexible seat and tray requires no assembly. With a cup holder built-in and a clear vinyl tray cover, it easily wipes clean and the chair unfolds easily, locks into place and folds up in seconds when parents and their tots are ready to go. Tested and approved to meet ASTM high chair standards. You can add on collegiate logos to your chair when you order. Watch their site as they often release new colors and to also learn more about their involvement with breast cancer awareness.

Price: $67.99 to $99.99 Visit the Website

Topps Baseball Complete Sets

Topps Baseball Complete Set

Description: With every base and subset card from the 2013 set including both Series 1 and 2, the TOPPS Baseball Complete Set appeals to both baseball fans and card collectors. With 660 cards in the set plus an exclusive 5 card rookie pack, baseball lovers will have the ultimate collection of all the players in Major League Baseball. The TOPPS Baseball Complete Set is available at Wal-Mart, Target and on for a retail price of approximately $60.

Price: $60.00 Visit the Website

San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow

San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillow in Organic

Description: San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillow is the healthiest nursing pillow for singletons and twins made with virgin eco-fiber. Eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and foam-free, the pillow contains NO fire-retardant chemicals or toxic glues. The pillow is LOADED with features and benefits, including a cool built-in Privacy Cover™ for discreet nursing in public. It's designed GREEN for a new generation of eco-minded mothers and their babies!

Price: $59.99 to $69.99 Visit the Website

Beautiful Mother's Day Bouquet From Flora2000

Beautiful Mother's Day Bouquet from Flora2000

Description: Far better than that large mug of morning coffee, this vibrant arrangement consisting of hot pink gerberas, warm pink roses, moonshade carnations, oregonia and italian ruscus, is a great way to start your day. Send this beautifully colorful bouquet to your mom on Mother's Day or a very special woman in your life--whether she's across the street or across the world. You will feel closer than ever when you send love her way.

Price: $59.98 Visit the Website

House Of Botori Diaper Totes

Ginika Tote in Twirl Tangerine

Description: House of Botori’s eco-friendly diaper tote line was born from the desire to bring bright, bold patterns to chic and style-lovin' moms and babies everywhere. Fashionista and momprenuer Kemi Macaulay, is passionate about her roots and is proud to offer innovative designs with bold and sophisticated prints inspired by African cultures.  Fashionable and functional, roomy and stylish, you will want to be on-the-move and might even want to move on in with all of the space available and thoughtful distribution of pockets, and compartments in these beautiful diaper totes.   The bold colors and powerful patterns on the outside lined with light-colored interior on the inside adds ease to spotting items you are looking for with magnetic closures for exterior back pocket to make opening and closing 'a snap.’ They come with a handy changing pad, PEVA insulated eco-friendly bottle holder and a pacifier pouch. See the functional details of the Kaira Diaper Tote with 11 roomy compartments and the Ginika Diaper Tote with it’s 3 exterior pockets and 7 interior pockets for superior organization on her site to learn more.  PVC-free, Phthalate-free and eco-friendly PEVA instead of aluminum for the thermal pockets. (

Price: $59.97 to $79.97 Visit the Website

Toymail Mailmen


Description: We're a new toy company founded by Gauri Nanda, the MIT grad behind Clocky, and her best friend, Audry Hill, a mother of three. Our mission? To keep families connected without putting kids behind another screen. Think global walkie talkies. Our toys called The Mailmen play back voice messages you record anytime, anywhere using our app. Kids can reply right from the toys, so it's a two-way conversation. Those conversations are stored on your phone, and the memories made are saved forever. “I got my nephews a mailman about six months ago and has been the best way to keep in touch with them. My three nephews love etting messages. I love being able to message them when I am missing them the most. Best toy and app ever!" reads a recent review in the app store. The reality for most of us is that we can't be around those kids as much as we would like, whether we are parents at work or family members living in another state or continent. Toymail has been featured all over from the NY Times to Wired to Parents Magazine, and hailed as "genius," and "the coolest toy ever."

Price: $59.00 Visit the Website

TOPPS Football Complete Set

Topps Football Complete Set

Description: Football fans and card collectors will enjoy the TOPPS Football Complete Set as it includes every player in the 2013 set. With 440 cards, consumers won’t miss out on all of the hottest stars and rookies, including Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, Geno Smith and more. It also includes an exclusive 5 card rookie pack. The TOPPS Football Complete Set is available at Wal-Mart, Target and on for a retail price of approximately $50.

Price: $50.00 Visit the Website

Legacy Slideshow Video Production

Express your love with a Legacy Slideshow Video Production

Description: At Leave A Legacy, we produce slideshows for clients looking to create a heartwarming compilation of their family’s precious memories! We have unlimited options for personalization and creativity. The client can include an array of media such as photos, video clips, poems, captions, voice recordings and their favorite songs! Our DVD slide shows have been very popular for events of all sorts. Old photographs can also be scanned and added to digital slide shows: for an anniversary, birthday, or retirement party, consider digging out those pictures and surprising guests with an extra bit of personal history. Bring your memories to life!

Price: $50.00 to $150.00 Visit the Website

2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset

2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset

Description: The 2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset transforms from a shopping cart to a kitchen in only a few simple steps. The cart responds with fun phrases and sounds, and when kids are ready to cook a meal, the cart becomes a play kitchen complete with a sink, oven, stove burner and cutting board. The playset encourages pretend play and exploration while teaching about food, colors, numbers, music, following directions and more. Recommended for ages 2 to 5

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

The NEX Band By Mighty Cast

The NEX Band

Description: The NEX Band is the world’s first customizable, wearable technology device. It uses Mod charms and Bluetooth technology to connect mobile applications to the cloud providing real-time social, fitness, mobile and gaming notifications. The NEX Band can hold up to 5 Mod charms at a time, each with its own permissions and behaviors. Make your charm light up blue for Facebook notifications, yellow when a Snapchat is received or green when a friend is calling. Or, create patterned blinking to alert you when a friend is near or all lives are restored on your favorite mobile app. The possibilities with the NEX Band are limitless. The NEX Band is only $49.99 for a limited time!

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

New Product For Your Kids Backpack


Description: Parents should make sure their children are prepared for bug bites, bumps and bruises when they are out at recess or summer camp. Ambi is a new, easy to use product that should be in every kids backpack. Ambi, the "electronic ice cube" can be used to help bring down swelling and relieve the itching without a mess. With an easy touch of a button, your child can feel better instantly. Ambi can also be used for athletic injuries, migraines, and hot flashes.

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

My Mini Golf

My Mini Golf Family

Description: My Mini Golf is a high-quality, durable product that can be played indoors or outdoors, and on any smooth surface, ranging from living room carpet to grass to pavement. My Mini Golf is entertaining and rewarding for golfers and non-golfers of any age. The game is fun for the whole family and can be played indoors or outdoors, and on any smooth surface. My Mini Golf was manufactured in Germany and the product is durable, lightweight and portable. Since the game can be played on any smooth surface, just open the game up and users will find a fun, interactive training aid to help improve the skills of both veteran golfers and those new to the sport.

Price: $49.95 to $329.95 Visit the Website

PLAYMOBIL PopStars! Stage

PLAYMOBIL PopStars! Stage

Description: Play a sold out show featuring your own tunes with the PLAYMOBIL Pop Stars Stage. This MP3-compatible set allows young pop stars to belt out their favorite lyrics, drum up awesome beats, and wow crowds with radical guitar solos. Just hook up an MP3 player with the enclosed cable and choose your favorite chart topper. Set includes four figures, stage with flashing lights, drum set, two guitars with guitar stands, microphones, two preloaded tunes, built-in speakers, and other accessories. Recommended for ages four to ten.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Wipe Me Cute Clutch

Wipe Me Cute Clutch exterior view

Description: Where or where are the wipes? A pretty little clutch you say? Invented by two Mom’s, Irene Robles and Laura Grams, the Wipe Me Cute diaper clutch is the perfect accessory for your diaper changing needs, wiping noses and washing hands off before and after meals. The front panel holds your preferred brand of baby wipes. The clutch also has room for 2-3 diapers and includes a “parent pocket” to hold diaper cream, keys, credit cards, cell phone, or any of your other essentials. The smooth material wipes easily clean with a damp cloth! And with several stylish prints to choose from, it's perfect to carry alone for those quick trips and errands, but also lightweight enough to be thrown into your diaper bag! Detachable strap lets you hook the clutch onto a stroller, carseat and more. Fits any brand of travel-sized baby wipes (or even up to a 56 ct. pack) Materials: Exterior and Interior – 100% Oilcloth and Made in the USA! 

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

US Presidents And Founding Fathers Board Game Brings US History And Government To Life

US Presidents and Founding Fathers Board Game

Description: Just in time for the holidays comes the Parli-Cards U.S. President & Founding Fathers game that is as fun as it is educational. With the Parli-Cards U.S. Presidents & Founding Fathers Complete Game, our nation's history and government come to life. While playing, learn to recognize current statesmen, how Congress works and how the Electoral College system works, along with interesting facts about Presidents and Founding Fathers. Play as individuals or in teams to tackle questions at beginner or advanced levels. There are a number of ways to play: players can use the custom cards (a perfect 52 card deck) alone, in conjunction with the deck of question cards, or with the board for more involved play. It's fun AND educational!

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

Trouble The Dog -- A Plush Keepsake Toy 100% Made In The USA

Trouble The Dog and a brand new Buddy

Description: Trouble The Dog is a high quality plush pup who is a coping mechanism for children ... one hug from Trouble and he makes kids smile! They whisper all their "troubles" into his ear ... be they big or small ... and he helps them cope, hope, believe and dream. Trouble The Dog travels the world helping kids going through tough times and is now a global character who is a symbol of hope! Trouble The Dog is 100% Made in America and is always a favorite forever toy!

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

Name A Gene Or Chromosome Of Any Available Species In Honor Of Anyone, Including Yourself

The Genome Registry Logo

Description: You deserve to be famous and have your name recognized. Naming a gene or chromosome in honor of yourself is your quick, and affordable, way to accomplish this. And, The Genome Registry is here to help you. Many famous people have entire species named after them. Musician and former Beatle, Paul McCartney has a rose named after him. Actress Angelina Jolie has a spider named after her. Microsoft tech and business mogul Bill Gates has a fly named after him. So, why shouldn’t you have a gene or chromosome named after yourself? Why let them have all the fun? It’s your right to create a positive lasting legacy. No matter what your profession or hobby, don’t delay. Act now. And, have The Genome Registry name a gene or chromosome after you.

Price: $39.00 to $99.00 Visit the Website

LillyBit Uptown Diaper Clutch

Metallic Gold LillyBit Uptown Diaper Clutch

Description: Small and Stylish! The patented LillyBit Uptown Diaper Clutch is the stylish alternative to bulky diaper bags; designed with luxurious details and convenient features that allow modern parents to change baby in a snap! It holds and cleverly conceals essential baby gear – inside a unique tri-fold bag. Easily convert the strap to fit your personal style. Wear over-the-shoulder, as a handbag, wristlet or clutch. Mom on-the-go has minimal baggage with everything she needs to feel confident and fashionable!

Price: $35.00 to $40.00 Visit the Website

A Book Titled: Visions Of Light

Visions of Light Book, displayed here with international contest and award winning images. This tastefully entertaining, but educational piece, makes a great addition to any coffee table.

Description: The author devoted a career to advertising photography. Now retired has produced a luxuriously unique and unusually creative new book. Released in 2013, for all ages and especially photography oriented. For the artist in the family, images in the book were inspired by World Famous Artists and their paintings. The book is filled with 40 images which the author used to challenge 4 writers, with poetic capabilities, to create short stories to inspire readers. It is a refreshing new look with fully explained step-by-step insights —for anyone with a camera and computer—into the photographic and creative process. This tastefully entertaining, but educational piece makes a great addition to any coffee table. 144 full gloss pages, 8-1/2" X 11,” laminate hardcover. Ray’s web site is:, or it is also accessible by putting in, and the web page will also come up. Available at all on-line booksellers. For quickest delivery please go to and click on the BOOK menu button, then click on the Buy Now button to purchase this book. $34.99 per book, $4.50 will be added for shipping and handling. The shipper will be notified immediately and the book will be shipped USPS within 1 day. Endorsements: “Visions of Light is an amazingly brilliant use of abstraction, capturing the true essence of light and color. I often hear, ‘Is that a painting?’ Ray’s work is unique!” —Ron Jones, co-founder, Gallery 360

Price: $34.99 Visit the Website

Go! Go! Smart Wheels Construction Playset

Go! Go! Smart Wheels Construction Playset

Description: The Go! Go! Smart Wheels Construction Playset provides hours of entertainment for even the littlest construction worker. Featuring a tall, rotating crane with working claw, four different shaped pieces can be sorted, picked up and dropped into the included Go! Go! Smart Wheels dump truck or cargo loader. A conveyor ramp and weight station also add to the role-playing fun. Watch the dump truck or other Go! Go! Smart Wheels™ vehicles (each sold separately) respond to six SmartPoint™ locations with different phrases, music or fun sound effects

Price: $34.99 Visit the Website

The Mother Company - Ruby’s Studio 3 DVD Bundle

The Mother Company's Holiday Gift Set

Description: Ruby’s Studio is a line of gorgeous, award-winning videos, books, songs, and more based in social and emotional learning for young kids. The 3 DVD Bundle includes the brand new Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show, which tackles parent’s #1 concern: their kids safety, as well as the award-winning Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show and Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show. All shows are vetted by world-renowned early childhood experts and include Pop-Up Parenting, an optional DVD feature designed to provide helpful tips for struggling parents (GREAT for working moms who have no time for parenting books – parents learn while watching with their kids). The Ruby’s Studio series has been a bestseller at Whole Foods stores nationwide and winner of DVD of the Year 2012 (Creative Child Magazine) and 10 other awards, including Red Tricycle’s 2013 Totally Awesome Awards, where "Ruby's Studio: The Friendship Show" beat out a slew of Disney flicks in "Coolest Kid Flicks" category.

Price: $31.50 Visit the Website

Digital Time Capsules


Description: If you could receive a time capsule filled with messages from a loved one that was created 25 years ago, just for you, would you open it? Of course you would! Now, with HearFromMe you can create a Digital Time Capsule for your loved ones and have it delivered any time in the future. We will store any messages that you want to include, to commemorate any occasion and then deliver it at a time in the future that you designate. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, farewells, etc. Leave your own legacy as well as words of wisdom and advice. You can even send congratulations for a reaching a milestone, whether you are around to celebrate it or not.

Price: $30.00 to $180.00 Visit the Website

Lights Out Brand Glow-in-the-Dark Basketball Hoop

Lights Out Brand Basketball Hoop

Description: The over-the-door basketball hoop features a 17” x 12.5” backboard, breakaway metal rim, padded door bracket and 5” ball. Backboard trim, rim, net and ball are all glow-in-the-dark. The easy to assemble toy retails for $35.00 with free shipping, and is recommended for ages 5 and up. CEO and NFL veteran, Shawne “Lights Out” Merriman launched the Lights Out Brand in 2013. Shawne was given the nickname “Lights Out” in school after his hard-hitting style of play.

Price: $29.99 to $39.99 Visit the Website

Glow Pets

Glow Pets Flashy Penguin

Description: Glow Pets are the amazing light-up pet that also transforms into a soft, comfy 15-inch pillow. By simply pressing the button on the pet’s paw, it will become a comforting glowing light that helps kids drift off to sleep. Each pet has special LED lights inside that create a glow without producing heat, and the built-in timer automatically shuts the light off after 20 minutes. Kids can choose from 10 different furry friends, including Shimmering Seal, Sparkling Unicorn, Brilliant Pup and Flashy Penguin. Ages 3 and up.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D Deco Lights

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D deco lights from 3DlightFX- Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo and Michelangelo

Description: The 3DlightFX Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deco Lights are cordless, decorative lights that give the playful illusion that the turtles’ faces are busting through the wall while providing a soothing glow. The lights are attractive on or off, day or night. The 3D deco lights bring a cool factor to having a nightlight at any age. 3DlightFX’s line of 3D deco lights include regulation size sports balls and pucks, cars and jets and most recently a range of superhero and action figure inspired products. For more information and to see what we're working on next checkout

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Captain America Shield 3D Deco Light

Captain America Shield 3D Deco Light

Description: 3D deco lights are perfect for all ages. With a realistic crack sticker that gives the illusion that the light is coming straight through the wall, the lights are attractive on or off, day or night. The 3D deco lights bring a cool factor to having a nightlight at any age. 3DlightFX’s line of 3D deco lights include regulation size sports balls and pucks, cars and jets and most recently a range of superhero and action figure inspired products. The deco lights are: SAFE - Cordless, Battery Operated. EFFICIENT - Uses LED lights. COOL - Never gets hot to the touch. FUN - Crack sticker included. GREEN - Never change the bulbs. AWESOME - Looks great ON or OFF.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Thor's Hammer 3D Deco Light

Thor's Hammer

Description: 3D deco lights are perfect for all ages. With a realistic crack sticker that gives the illusion that the light is coming straight through the wall, the lights are attractive on or off, day or night. The 3D deco lights bring a cool factor to having a nightlight at any age. 3DlightFX’s line of 3D deco lights include regulation size sports balls and pucks, cars and jets and most recently a range of superhero and action figure inspired products. The deco lights are: SAFE - Cordless, Battery Operated. EFFICIENT - Uses LED lights. COOL - Never gets hot to the touch. FUN - Crack sticker included. GREEN - Never change the bulbs. AWESOME - Looks great ON or OFF.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Hulk's Fist 3D Deco Light

The Incredible Hulk 3D Deco Light

Description: 3D deco lights are perfect for all ages. With a realistic crack sticker that gives the illusion that the light is coming straight through the wall, the lights are attractive on or off, day or night. The 3D deco lights bring a cool factor to having a nightlight at any age. 3DlightFX’s line of 3D deco lights include regulation size sports balls and pucks, cars and jets and most recently a range of superhero and action figure inspired products. The deco lights are: SAFE - Cordless, Battery Operated. EFFICIENT - Uses LED lights. COOL - Never gets hot to the touch. FUN - Crack sticker included. GREEN - Never change the bulbs. AWESOME - Looks great ON or OFF.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

The Multipurpose GoPillow! With Built-In Blanket For Babies And Children

The GoPillow! by Simply Necessary, Incorporated - Multipurpose Baby Gear

Description: The GoPillow! can be used from birth and well beyond. Use the GoPillow! to cradle babies and young children, to breastfeed discreetly in public with the built-in nursing blanket, to cradle and swaddle babies and toddlers, and as an arm warmer during cold weather. The GoPillow! is ideal for travel. The GoPillow! has multiple uses and retails for $29.95. Available at:, it can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. The GoPillow! has been featured on Tampa Bay’s 10 News, Bay News 9, Home Keepers, Celebrity Baby Blog, and The Montel Williams Show. It was named as a "Mom Must Have" in Pregnancy Magazine, and included on the Baby Gift Hot List. Steve Greenberg (author of Gadget Nation) included the GoPillow! in his "8 Must-Have Gadgets for Your Next Road Trip" segment on the Today Show.

Price: $29.95 to $39.95 Visit the Website

Custom Viewfinder Reel With Your Photos

A family vacation on a custom reel

Description: Customize a viewfinder reel with your own photos! Just like the viewer you had as a kid, now you can have your own personalized version! Pictures of the kids, your wedding, the latest family vacation, and more! Perfect for all gift recipients, holidays and more! Simply upload your photos, edit and add optional captions, and place your order. Viewer colors come in red, black, blue, and white!

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

I See Me Personalized Books

Some of the many I See Me book options

Description: I See Me! provides the highest quality, most personalized children's books available. Their goal was to produce an educational book that would teach young children how to recognize letters and spell their names. Today, I See Me has dozens of book titles and the books have become popular among celebrities including Courteney Cox, Brooke Shields and Jessica Alba. Their mission is to increase self esteem in children through personalized books that celebrate the uniqueness of each child. The goal of our books is to show each child how absolutely unique and special he or she is, to teach the child how to spell his or her name, and to build vocabulary skills.

Price: $29.95 to $34.95 Visit the Website

The GoPillow! For Babies And Children

The GoPillow! is the BEST product that a family could ever take on an airplane, bus, car, or train trip.

Description: The GoPillow! is a hands-free, wearable, cradle pillow. It is the perfect breast feeding pillow with built-in privacy cover-up. It can be used as a pillow and swaddling wrap for babies. Toddlers can use the GoPillow! as a pillow with an attached travel blanket. Moms and caregivers can use it as a portable diaper changing surface. It makes an excellent travel pillow for all ages.

Price: $29.95 to $40.00 Visit the Website

My Little Pony - FLUTTERSHY


Description: Build-A-Bear Workshop brings the magic and friendship of MY LITTLE PONY to Guests everywhere this holiday season with make-your-own characters. Personalize these pony friends with clothing and accessories to make the perfect gift. Dress them in their signature capes or a variety of other fashions. Their colorful manes can be brushed, combed and braided with an exclusive rainbow hairbrush, available only at Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

Bring Nature To Life In Your Home With A 3D Butterfly Deco Light

3D Butterfly Deco Light

Description: 3D deco lights are perfect for all ages. With a realistic crack sticker that gives the illusion that the light is coming straight through the wall, the lights are attractive on or off, day or night. The 3D deco lights bring a cool factor to having a nightlight at any age. 3DlightFX’s line of 3D deco lights include regulation size sports balls and pucks, cars and jets and most recently a range of superhero and action figure inspired products. The deco lights are: SAFE - Cordless, Battery Operated. EFFICIENT - Uses LED lights. COOL - Never gets hot to the touch. FUN - Crack sticker included. GREEN - Never change the bulbs. AWESOME - Looks great ON or OFF.

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

VTech InnoTab Software- Sofia The First

VTech InnoTab Software- Sofia the First

Description: It’s Jumble Day and everything is topsy-turvy at Royal Prep! Princess Sofia discovers all her classrooms have changed places. She needs help getting to class! Play games to help Sofia and her friends in the Sofia the First game for InnoTab®. Tap the tablet to move Sofia and Minimus up and down as they race along in Flying Horse Riding Class! Touch the screen to create magic paintings with Sofia in Art Class and tap the magic wand to watch them come to life! Learn how Sofia becomes a princess in Story Mode with the interactive e-book. Take pictures with favorite characters and scenes (camera activity compatible with any InnoTab® system with a camera). Seven learning games and two creative activities teach counting, colors, patterns, problem solving and more! Join Sofia on this wild and thrilling day! MSRP: $24.99. Ages 3-6.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

VTech InnoTab Software- Doc McStuffins

VTech InnoTab Software- Doc McStuffins

Description: Help Disney's Doc McStuffins give her toys a check-up so she can take their ouchies away on this fun tablet game. Read a story about Lambie and Doc in an e-book, color in Doc's Big Book of Boo-Boos and play games with Doc and her friends. Take pictures with different Doc McStuffins characters and stamps! (Camera games only compatible with all InnoTab® systems with a camera.) Kids can even help Lambie complete a dance with Bella Ballerina by remembering the sequence of dance moves in "Ballet Dance Party"! Learn reading, vocabulary, observation, logic, memory, math, visual skills, creativity, healthy living and more! The Doc is in! MSRP: $24.99. Ages 4-7

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

VTech InnoTab Software- Monsters University

VTech InnoTab Software- Monsters University

Description: Mike and Sulley are gearing up for the campus Scare Games at Disney/Pixar's Monsters University in this exciting InnoTab® software title! Follow Mike's calendar and train in nine games including "Reflex Training", "Monster Football" and "Simulated Scare". Children will learn letters, math, memory and more. Kids can also read the "Monsters University" e-book or take and decorate photos with Monsters U stickers and frames. (Camera activity compatible with any InnoTab system with a camera.) Featuring the voices of Mike and Sully, children will set off on a learning adventure... the Monsters' way! MSRP: $24.99. Ages 4-7.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

Pop Clocky By No. 8 Brands And Nanda Home

Pop Clocky by No. 8 Brands and Nanda Home

Description: Reminiscent of a jack-in-a-box, Pop Clocky is a fun-loving alarm clock designed to wake children in a goofy, delightful way. When the alarm goes off, Pop Clock's quirky-cute monster-esque head pops off. To stop the alarm, users simply pop Pop Clocky's head back into place on its body. Pop Clocky is easy to use and program, making it the perfect gift for children who are in the process of learning to get up and ready for school on their own:

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

Logan + Lenora Fashionable Wet Bags

Earthy Owls Classic Wet Bag

Description: Waterproof. Washable. EcoChic. Our sophisticated waterproof wet bags are the perfect solution for carrying anything wet! Made to contain wet swimsuits, work-out clothes, children's accidents, soiled diapers, or any mess on the go. Our sealed, waterproof, stink proof lining will keep that mess contained until you get home! And we've included a convenient snap handle for hanging on a stroller or hook.

Price: $24.00 Visit the Website

The Summer Fairy - A New Family Tradition For The Last Day Of School!

The Summer Fairy - A New Family Tradition for the Last Day of School!

Description: A new last-day-of-school tradition is tiptoeing into homes across America! Based on a real family tradition from the early 1980's, "The Summer Fairy" is a children's book and family tradition about a pixie who bestows a small stash of summer goodies and sweet reminders about summer safety to children everywhere. A collapsible, reusable vase inspires children to leave her a flower. With only 13 summers from Kindergarten until graduation, the Summer Fairy helps make the kick-off to each one memorable. Watch the sweet trailer at Over 30 years ago on the last day of school, in a quintessentially Americana suburb of Cincinnati, two children hopped off the school bus full of excitement, summer dreams, and the carefreeness that only children know. The next morning, they awoke to little goodies and a witty poem left by the Summer Fairy. It was June 1982, and her endearing gesture was poised to become a tradition in the making. The Summer Fairy is a real tradition that sprouted from the creative mind of a father. Every year, her visit enchanted, inspired and excited his family. By sharing the story, the next generation can create memories and a precious summer tradition...and the magic and wonder live on.

Price: $21.95 Visit the Website

Soulful Moon New Year's Photocards

Soulful Moon New Year's Photocards

Description: Say it in style with Soulful Moon's contemporary New Year's Photocards. Printed on smooth matte card paper and shipped to you within 5 days. Envelopes included. Soulful Moon ( is a socially conscious stationery business that caters to weddings and related events, bridal and baby showers, kids events, graduations, photo card birth announcements, save the dates, among others. And as the company grows, so does their charitable giving. Some of the efforts they have supported since Soulful Moon launched include Feeding America, Project Night Night, Project FEED, “Schools On Wheels” benefitting homeless children, ARC's Japan Earthquake Relief, Girl Effect Project, among others. And the company also respects the environment as many of the papers contain sustainable raw materials, recycled content and are FSC certified.

Price: $21.40 to $173.00 Visit the Website - Make 'em Smile

Description:™, the highest-ranking and most-trafficked gift card website on the Internet, is a one-stop shop for gift cards online. We sell nationally branded gift cards, personalized Visa and MasterCard gift cards, Local gift cards for over 1 million merchants, eGift Cards, Group gift cards, and customized cobranded corporate cards. With our in-house, print-on-demand gift card technology, we are able to quickly give our customers the personalization they desire. Additionally, has Shelley Hunter aka Gift Card Girlfriend as their spokesperson and she is amazing at giving advice on how to share gift cards with friends and family while still retaining the sentimental and personal feel that a gift should have.

Price: $20.00 to $500.00 Visit the Website

Adventures In Raceland

AJ Loft

Description: A family-friendly story about growing up and chasing dreams, Adventures in Raceland tells the story of Keegan and Kyle McKay, teens growing up near the world famous Sunnyvale International Speedway. When the boys find a secret passage in Hot Rod High, they are transported to Raceland, a magical world where the boys can engage in healthy competition racing. Promoting social interaction, fair play and wholesome personal development, Adventures in Raceland includes a lesson for readers at the end of each chapter.

Price: $20.00 to $20.01 Visit the Website

3D Football Deco Lights

Regulation size football 3D deco light.

Description: Regulation sized and textured, our sports themed deco lights are a great gift for sports fans. With a realistic crack sticker that gives the illusion that the light is coming straight through the wall, the lights are attractive on or off, day or night bringing a cool factor to having a nightlight at any age. The variety of sports available includes football, soccer, hockey, baseball, tennis and cricket.

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

Lumi Dough- Moldable Dough That Glows!

Moldable Glowing Lumi Dough Illuminates Kids’ Imaginations

Description: Lumi Dough is the glow in the dark moldable dough that can be stretched, bent and shaped into anything a child can imagine. Lumi Dough brings a modern twist to old-fashioned fun thanks to the luminous, semi-adhesive silicon material. This innovative material is non-drying, non-cracking, reusable and creates no mess because it has no powdery residue. With its bright glow, Lumi Dough lets kids extend their creative time even after the lights go out. From teddy bears with glowing bellies to cars with headlights that light up, kids can glow up their room with their own creations and even make sea creatures that will glow in water.

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

Subscription Gifts For Grandparents

Tandem Lane Box Contents

Description: It’s easy for grandparents to feel disconnected with their families and friends with age slowing them down. Not accustom to the ease of communication younger generations experience through social media, their social interactions begin to fade, leaving the elderly feeling isolated from their loved ones. A surprise package from Tandem Lane will solve that problem. With Tandem Lane, families can set up a monthly delivery of a box of gifts for their loved one. Each box will include a personal momentum, either a photo or letter, as well as other indulgent items, games, puzzles or snacks to enjoy.

Price: $19.00 to $25.00 Visit the Website


My Little Dreamer, Available in green and orange $18.99

Description: Handpressions allows users to digitally store & share handprints & footprints month after month, year after year. Using the camera on a tablet or smart phone, users capture an image of their child's hand or foot that is then magically converted into a handprint or footprint, while also capturing the accurate size & appearance of hands & feet without the need for paint or messy ink. With over 400 designer templates, Handpressions makes it easy to create one of a kind works of art. Handpressions delivers priceless gifts & keepsakes right to your doorstep, allowing you to treasure invaluable moments for years to come. Available for iPad in the App Store

Price: $18.99 to $39.99 Visit the Website

Logan + Lenora Diaper Clutch

Earthy Owls Diaper Clutch

Description: Waterproof. Washable. EcoChic. Sophisticated Diaper Clutch for either cloth or disposable diapers and wipes. Discreetly carry around 2-3 diapers in the pleated dry pocket + creams, and wet wipes in our sealed, waterproof pocket. For cloth diapers, carry a spare clean diaper in the wet pocket, and switch out with the dirty. Our sealed, waterproof, stink proof lining will keep that mess contained until you get home. Keep spare liners and cream in the pleated dry pocket. Machine wash when needed.

Price: $18.95 Visit the Website

Poketti Plushies With A Pocket

Poketti Plushies with a Pocket: Cute & Functional!

Description: Poketti Plushies with Pocket are super soft animal pillows with a useful pocket on the back to hold your phone, notebook, eyeglasses, love notes, or tooth fairy offerings. Designed by 14-year old young entrepreneur, Sydney Loew, Poketti are made with the highest quality plush and 100% cotton contrasting details. Series1 includes a penguin, bunny, kitty and puppy — each with a 4x5" plush-lined pocket on the back. You'll never search for your phone or glasses in the morning again! Poketti accessories for the pocket are also available including a Poketti notebook featuring the Series 1 characters, and greeting cards.

Price: $18.95 Visit the Website

Lili's Bebe Pad - The Slip-resistant And Eco-friendly Diaper Changing Pad

Lili's Bebe Pad

Description: Just right - a changing pad for anywhere you go with the Lili Bebe  No more slip and slide changes for you and your baby on-the-go! Lili’s Bebe Pad has arrived with the desire to make life easier for all diaper changes. Mompreneur, Celeste Stallings, the creator found changing her toddler’s diaper a challenge as her daughter was as active as she was on the playground through even a quick diaper change. She invented Lili’s Bebe Pad to be a must-have for all changes as the material on the bottom of each pad provides resistance to movement when pressure is applied.  Slip resistant backing, soft comfy changing surface they are generously sized to accommodate babies of all sizes. Machine washable and dryer friendly.  BPA free, Phthalate free and lead free.

Price: $17.99 Visit the Website

The Mommy To Be FUN Book! Stories, Games & Laughs To Entertain You While Waiting For Your Baby To Arrive!!.

Front & Back Cover of the FUN Book - Available Everywhere!

Description: This Fun Filled 132 page book is the perfect gift for the pregnant person in your life! Here are some excerpts: AND THE RUSSIAN JUDGE GIVES A 9.8... Getting up from furniture is no longer just a “getting up from furniture moment.” When pregnant, these movements are referred to as “dismounts.” IT’S A DATE... A Due Date is not the same thing as an Expiration Date, so don’t be surprised if your due date comes and goes and you’re still pregnant. Your baby hasn’t been pulled from the shelf and returned to the manufacturer... rather your baby’s just waiting to see if you send in a TV and an XBox. If you don’t... the kid will be out in just a few more days.

Price: $17.99 Visit the Website

A Bucket Of Blessings By Kabir Sehgal And Surishtha Sehgal


Description: A beautiful myth from India comes to life in this enchanting picture book. Near a majestic mountain in a vast jungle with many mango trees, it has not rained for weeks and weeks. The village well and pond are dry. Monkey and his friends look everywhere for water, but they have no luck. And then Monkey remembers a story his mama used to tell him, a story about how peacocks can make it rain by dancing. So he sets out to see if the story is true… This little-known legend, told with dramatic rhythm and illustrated with the colors and textures of India, is sure to delight and inspire.

Price: $16.99 Visit the Website


Your Baby's First Spoon

Description: Spuni helps babies eat solid food with less mess. Marcel Botha and Trevor Hardy, owners and creators of Spuni, realized the geometry of normal spoons did not map to a baby’s method of eating and came up with “tulip” profile designed to trigger the instinctive latching reaction that babies develop during breast and bottle feeding, making Spuni perfect for a baby's first meal and beyond. Less messy, more Spuni.

Price: $16.00 Visit the Website

Listen To Your Baby's Heartbeat With Fetal Beats

Giving You Peace Of Mind One Heartbeat At A Time

Description: Imagine being able to hear your baby’s heartbeat anytime, anywhere and share the heart beat with all your friends and family. The Fetal Beats heart rate monitor kit allows expecting parents to be able to listen and share their unborn child’s heartbeat through their FREE companion App (available on iOS and Android). More convenient and cheaper than renting a fetal monitor, the Fetal Beats heart rate monitor is extremely portable and easy to use. Fetal Beats is making waves in its market and was recently featured on Canada's version of ABC's The Shark Tank – Dragons Den - as an innovative product of the smartphone age. So the next time you throw a baby shower or are searching for that perfect gift, give the gift that any mom will truly cherish, the sound of a healthy baby on the way. Fetal Beats is giving people the chance to listen to, record and share your baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of your own home.

Price: $15.99 to $139.00 Visit the Website

SYDNEY PAIGE® Backpacks & Accessories: Buy One/Give One

SYDNEY PAIGE® Backpacks & Accessories: Buy One/Give One

Description: For every product sold, a matching product is donated to a student in need with the goal to help give kids the tools and confidence they need in order to learn and thrive in school, stay in school and graduate. Our products have the quality construction that moms need and the details kids want. From padded shoulder sleeves to reflective piping and multiple accessory pockets & hooks, our backpacks have it all and will stand up to kids’ use (and abuse!) across the school year. Toddler: Backpacks, Lunch Bags, Nap Blankets Youth: Backpacks, Lunch Bags, Pencil Cases Teen+: Backpacks, iPad Sleeves

Price: $15.00 to $60.00 Visit the Website

The Basket Of Fruit

Margaret Hooton

Description: The Basket of Fruit” is the story of a girl living happily with her grandfather. She asks how evil came into the world and he sends her off to find the answer by her own experiences. Although the girl makes negative decisions along the way, her grandfather shows her unconditional love when she comes back. Margaret Hooton, the author, hopes the book will help children to develop a higher level of consciousness and ignite their imagination.

Price: $15.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

Live, Face-to-face Online Music Lessons Taught By More Than 150 Award-winning, Music Teachers And Performers!

Lessonface music lessons can be taken anywhere! Even at the pool!

Description: Lessonface offers live, face-to-face music lessons taught by more than 150 award-winning, renowned music teachers and performers from all over the world. Lessons cover 85 musical instruments and genres which take place over an easy-to-use, high-performing, optimized video-conference program. Today Lessonface has thousands of users; from elementary school age, to retirees, who dial in from every continent, except Antarctica! The most popular instrument on Lessonface is the guitar and the most unusual instrument is a Tossup. Lessonface teachers are selected to meet strict qualifications for experience, while maintaining a diversity of instruments, genre and price range so that all learners can find their ideal teacher. Of the 150+ hand-curated, top-tier teachers on Lessonface: 52 have collaborations with major artists Five (5) performed on Grammy winning albums One is in the top 100 guitarists of all time (according to Spin) One is in the top 50 instrumentalists alive (according to Songlines) More than half are graduates of top music schools Several are university music education department chairs and coaches to some of the music industry’s top talent

Price: $15.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

Spice Up Valentine's Day With Game Of Scruples From Endless Games!

Oddly Obvious from Endless Games!

Description: Board games are always a great gift, and Endless Games is always on the cutting edge of games that are fun for the whole family! For ages 3-103, Endless Games offers card, dice, party, word, strategy, trivia, survey and pop culture games for everyone! New games like Oddly Obvious, the wild new party game where all the answers are right in front of you. One player reads clues while the other players race to spot the correct answers on a game card. The trick, the answers are each in different fonts and colors, written up, down, and even upside down. Shout out the most correct answers to win. It's not as easy as you think! And, spice up the night with your significant other… or get together with friends for a naughty night of fun! The Game of Scruples from Endless Games is the "adults only" party game that will challenge your moral compass as you debate how you and your friends would react to sticky situation and provocative predicaments. Win or lose, you'll learn a lot more about your friends and yourself than you might want to.

Price: $14.99 to $20.00 Visit the Website

Custom Graduation Caps

Tassel Toppers Custom Graduation Caps

Description: There’s finally a way to professionally decorate the bland graduation cap and gown so your family can find you in a sea of school colors. There’s no limit to the Tassel Toppers design your own feature. Upload photos, fraternity and sorority greek letters, school logos, mascots and custom messages to Tassel Toppers and your custom topper is uniquely yours. Tassel Toppers are diamond shaped, durable plastic keepsakes, the same shape as the mortar board that won’t damage the graduation cap. They are held onto the mortar board with their specially designed adhesives that can be attached and removed as many times as needed. Just in case administration doesn’t like your creativity or you want to frame it as a keepsake after graduation, the topper pulls right off in two seconds. Parents can also purchase a stand to display at the graduation party. Another way for the The Class of 2014 to show they’re ready to face the world on their own terms and in custom style.

Price: $14.00 to $14.95 Visit the Website

Dream Lites Minis

Dream Lites Minis Dazzling Zebra

Description: Dream Lites Minis make a perfect stocking stuffer. These miniature plush pets project three soothing colors to help kids fall asleep or have hours of fun! Kids can squeeze their pet to turn any room or surface into a starry night sky. The shell glows as a comforting night light without producing heat, and the built-in timer can be set to automatically shut the light off. Dream Lites Minis are portable and can be clipped to backpacks, key rings, belt loops and more. Kids can choose from 9 different cozy critters, including Blue Camo Puppy, Hot Pink Lady Bug and Zippity Zebra. Ages 3 and up.

Price: $12.99 Visit the Website

101 Tips For The Smart Stepmom

101 Tips for the Smart Stepmom: Expert Advice From One Stepmom to Another

Description: Practical Ideas You Can Use Today In this down-to-earth book, author and speaker Laura Petherbridge offers real answers from someone who's walked in your shoes--and not only survived, but thrived as a stepmom. Here you'll find compact solutions arranged by topic, such as parenting, coping with the children's biological mom, finances, and dealing with the holidays. You will learn · how to better understand your blended family · what to do when you feel like an outsider · ways to navigate the drama · keys to gaining the respect of your stepkids These bite-sized tips are perfect for a busy stepmom, offering at-a-glance advice you can use today--and see change begin.

Price: $12.99 Visit the Website

Burden Lifters: Every Woman's Daily Guide To A Healthy, Happy Life

Burden Lifters: Every Woman's Daily Guide to a Healthy, Happy Life

Description: Burden Lifters: Every Woman's Daily Guide to a Healthy, Happy Life offers all women regardless of age, marital status or profession, a message of practical hope for facing life’s challenges successfully by utilizing the plentiful supply of resource that God extends through robust scriptural promises, intimate caring relationships, as well as a generous supply of buoyant faith-full, healthy-living instruction.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Mustachifier - For The New Man In Your Life

The Gentleman

Description: Mustachifier is the pacifier for the new man in your life. The new, little man who just stole the attention away from your husband. And his place in your bed. Mustachifier is the original mustache pacifier. Making your babies cool, quirky, and hip all in one little paci! Turn sobs into laughs with one of the three options: - The Ladies Man - The Gentle Man - The Cowboy Get one at!

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

VTech Switch & Go Dinos Turbo Assortment

VTech Switch & Go Dinos Turbo Assortment

Description: Sleek, speedy race cars transform into fierce dinos, including a lightning-fast Triceratops, swift T-Rex, spiky Stegosaurus and armored Ankylosaurus in the new Switch & Go Dinos Turbo product line. Kids can rev up the action with flywheels that let the dinos race and roar across the floor. Each dino also emits realistic vehicle and dinosaur sounds and phrases that teach fun facts about each dino. The range features six new dinos, including Dart the Triceratops, Zipp the T-Rex, Spur the Stegosaurus, Fray the Ankylosaurus, Cruz the Spinosaurus and Spinner the Stygimoloch. MSRP: $9.99 each. Ages 3-8.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

AppeTEETHERS Teething Toys

AppeTEETHERS by Little Toader

Description: AppeTEETHERSTM are patented, silicone teething toys free of BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead. They provide the perfect amount of resistance to sooth baby's sore gums, and best of all the cute one-of-a-kind designs will surely make you chuckle! AppeTEETHERSTM look like real food. Our current line includes a Chompin' Chicken WingTM, Baby-Q RibTM, Broccoli BitesTM, NopainappleTM, Ice Cream U ScreamTM, and LOL! SuckerTM. Consistently ranking as one of the top teething toys, AppeTEETHERSTM are a truly unique teething solution. Babies love them and parents get a kick out of watching their precious bundle of joy using them.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Honor Them With A Customized Official Proclamation From Their City & State!

This sample OfficialProclamation has custom copy blurred out.

Description: If you're looking for original, personal, meaningful-yet-inexpensive gifts, you've never seen anything like this: Official Proclamations are full color, funny, appreciative Official Certificates of Appreciation from anyone's city and state, which customers purchase and download in a minute. Because every Proclamation is personalized, every one issued is unique and original -- even as a last minute gift (there's a free sample on the home page of the site). OfficialProclamations are high resolution PDF files, they can be printed out by anyone, up to 11" x 17". There are Official Proclamations for: Best Girlfriend Ever Best Boyfriend Ever Best Brother Ever Best Friend Ever Best Dad Ever Best Daughter Ever Best Mom Ever Best Wife Ever Smartest Graduate Best Husband Ever Best Teacher Best Sister Ever Best Son Ever Best Boss Ever Best Grandma Ever Best Grandpa Ever Best Caregiver Ever And we're always adding more!

Price: $9.95 Visit the Website

PLAYMOBIL Flower Fairy With Enchanted Tree

Playmobil Flower Fairy with Enchanted Tree

Description: The Easter bunny will be hopping down the bunny trail this month looking for baskets to fill. Instead of stuffing them with sugary treats, PLAYMOBIL has some sweet alternatives that will have kids jumping for joy on Easter morning. With four new themes at just $8.99 each, PLAYMOBIL’s Eggs return with new adventures this year. Each giant egg comes in four different colors and opens up to reveal exciting figures and accessories. Twist open the giant pink egg to discover the Flower Fairy with Enchanted Tree surrounded by butterflies and flowers. This set makes a great addition to Easter baskets and party favors. Collect all four colors: orange, magenta, blue, and yellow. Recommended for ages three to ten.

Price: $9.00 Visit the Website

Playmobil Native American Girl With Forest Animals

Playmobil Native American Girl with Forest Animals

Description: The Easter bunny will be hopping down the bunny trail this month looking for baskets to fill. Instead of stuffing them with sugary treats, PLAYMOBIL has some sweet alternatives that will have kids jumping for joy on Easter morning. With four new themes at just $8.99 each, PLAYMOBIL’s Eggs return with new adventures this year. Each giant egg comes in four different colors and opens up to reveal exciting figures and accessories. Crack open the giant orange egg to reveal a Native American girl with deer, raccoons, rabbits, flowers, and other accessories. This set makes a great addition to Easter baskets and party favors. Recommended for ages 3-10.

Price: $9.00 Visit the Website

Playmobil Biker With Motorcycle

Playmobil Biker with Motorcycle

Description: The Easter bunny will be hopping down the bunny trail next month looking for baskets to fill. Instead of stuffing them with sugary treats, PLAYMOBIL has some sweet alternatives that will have kids jumping for joy on Easter morning. With four new themes at just $8.99 each, PLAYMOBIL’s Eggs return with new adventures this year. Each giant egg comes in four different colors and opens up to reveal exciting figures and accessories. Split open the giant blue egg to uncover the Biker with Motorcycle and helmet. This set makes a great addition to Easter baskets and party favors

Price: $9.00 Visit the Website

Playmobil Robo Gang Spy With Glider

Playmobil Robo Gang Spy with Glider

Description: The Easter bunny will be hopping down the bunny trail next month looking for baskets to fill. Instead of stuffing them with sugary treats, PLAYMOBIL has some sweet alternatives that will have kids jumping for joy on Easter morning. With four new themes at just $8.99 each, PLAYMOBIL’s Eggs return with new adventures this year. Each giant egg comes in four different colors and opens up to reveal exciting figures and accessories. Pop open the giant yellow egg to reveal the Robo Gang Spy with Glider. This set makes a great addition to Easter baskets and party favors.

Price: $9.00 Visit the Website

Anger Is OKAY Violence Is NOT Help Is On The Way For Temper Tantrums

Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT

Description: This books is for every toddler in the nation. It offers replacement behaviors for temper tantrums. Everyone gets angry and this is okay, it is not okay to hurt other's when you are angry. This book is fun, colorful and non threatening to children. Parents will appreciate the simple language and word clarity. This book won first place in the Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY awards in May. Read review from Blue Ink Review: Link to audio book: Kindle Link: Paperback Link:

Price: $8.99 to $9.00 Visit the Website

Pocket Mommy By Aila Malik, A New Illustrated Storybook With Paper Doll Cut-outs

Pocket Mommy by Aila Malik

Description: Pocket Mommy is a wonderful new children's book that tells a story about a young boy who gets sad when he is dropped off at kindergarten because he experiences separation anxiety -- an issue faced by many families including the author. In real life and the story, the mom cleverly designs a paper "pocket" mommy for her son to carry with him to keep her close. Eventually, he finds that he is looking forward to school so much every day that he doesn’t even need his Pocket Mommy anymore. Since this solution was such a success, Aila Malik and her young son, Zayan, wrote Pocket Mommy to help others. The fun, loving, children's storybook, with illustrations by Vincenzo Lara, also includes paper "pocket mommy" cut-outs on the back-cover and a page of tips for parents. Under $10, Pocket Mommy is a refreshing and heartwarming illustrated storybook that makes a wonderful gift to be read to or by young children.

Price: $8.99 Visit the Website

Go! Go! Smart Wheels Vehicles

Go! Go! Smart Wheels Helicopter

Description: With 12 Go! Go! Smart Wheels vehicles to choose from, children can cruise into the learning zone. These electronic play vehicles are perfectly sized for little hands--and stuffing stockings. Each car entertains children with a light-up button that activates music and sounds. Little ones will also learn about different letters and vehicle names through pretend play. New vehicles include a car, van, truck, ambulance, fire truck, police car, tow truck, helicopter, cement mixer, tractor and race car. Ages 1 to 5.

Price: $7.99 Visit the Website

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Vehicles

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Vehicles

Description: Children can cruise into the learning zone with new Go! Go! Smart Wheels vehicles. These electronic play vehicles are perfectly sized for little hands and entertain children with a light-up button that activates music and sounds. Little ones will also learn about different letters and vehicle names through pretend play. A new ATV, convertible, and bulldozer, airplane and dump truck join a line-up that includes a car, van, truck, ambulance, fire truck, police car, tow truck, helicopter, cement mixer, tractor and two race cars. MSRP: $7.99 each. Ages 1-5.

Price: $7.99 Visit the Website

Childrens Book: Some Parts Are NOT For Sharing

Algunas Partes NO Son Para Compartir

Description: Some Parts are NOT for Sharing is a child’s first book on body safety. This book describes to very young children age’s 0-7 years what to do if they encounter unwanted touch. With the information in this book children will be informed about what areas are private and what to do if someone touches them in these areas. This book is fun and non- threatening. It is a must read for every parent and child. There is no greater gift a parent can give their child than the gift of safety. To read the entire book visit: This book is also available in Spanish.

Price: $6.99 to $7.00 Visit the Website

AMAV's Sweet Art

Sweet Art

Description: Kids can stimulate their senses by building from one of Sweet Art’s kits which have themes like animals, plants, cupcakes, popsicles and other delicious treats. The sweet dough used to build each figurine is FDA-approved and comes in several different colors that correspond to flavors like strawberry, lemon, chocolate and more. Each Sweet Art kit comes with utensils designed for smaller hands to help cut and roll the dough. While parents may insist their children not play with their food, Sweet Art encourages kids to break the rule for the sake of learning and development. Sweet Art is designed to be a multi-sensory play time experience. It’s especially helpful for educators looking to further enhance integral motor and sensory skills in their students. The Sweet Art line-up is more than just an arts and crafts project, it comes with a delectable incentive that will keep kids focused with the goal of letting them enjoy what they worked to make.

Price: $5.99 to $19.99 Visit the Website

Cutest Gift Ever!

Wigglo Pets come in a variety of patterns.

Description: Wigglo Pets were created in 2012 by eight-year old, Maya Grace. Maya wanted to combine her two passions, art and animals. She created this interactive toy that doesn't need batteries, wires or a screen, yet kids seem to be totally engaged with it. It's a pet that doesn't need to be walked, fed or cleaned up after. And, the best part is that it responds to its owners touch. Each Wigglo Pet comes with adoption papers to make it official! Check out her video on YouTube (, as well as her FaceBook page ( These are currently being sold on Fiverr ( and Etsy ( A portion of each sale Maya donates to the Humane Society through her "Pets for Pets" campaign.

Price: $5.00 Visit the Website

Organic Kids Soap In Fun-to-use Shapes!

Organic Soap for Kids

Description: "Mom, you're the coolest!" What else can they say when you present your kids with these fun (and organic!) mini soaps? Giving a party? The awesomest-mom-on-the-block award goes to you when you give your child's friends these as favors. Great as a gift, birthday party favors, potty-training incentives, and equally fun for the little or big kid. Each soap is individually shrink-wrapped and made with organic oils.

Price: $3.95 Visit the Website

Pirate Jonny's Caribbean BBQ Rubs Seasonings And Sauces-Gluten Free, Low Sodium Blends That Help Make Cooking Easy!

Pirate Jonny's Caribbean BBQ Rubs and Seasonings

Description: Welcome to Pirate Jonny’s Caribbean BBQ Rubs, Seasonings and Sauces. Pirate Jonny’s Seasoning blends and Sauce are derived from the geographical maritime region of the Caribbean basin. Our Rubs offer a touch of the classic barbecue dry rubs, combined with the flavors of the Caribbean. Our seasonings are not like anything you have had before. It’s all flavor, without the excessive amounts of salt and sugar typically found in seasonings. Many people use Pirate Jonny’s as a “Food Staple” because this is all you need in order to get full flavor without having to cut up the typical onions, pepper’s, garlic, etc. These products are also very healthy, No MSG, no Gluten and low sodium. It is a MUST for the family, moms, dads and kids! They also make great gifts to give your meals loads of flavor without a lot of preparation. Please feel free to check out the many recipes that are available from Pirate Jonny's or simply rub it on, add into your vegetables, salads, anything! It's good on everything....

Price: $3.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

PLAYMOBIL Series Figures 5 Boys/Girls

PLAYMOBIL Series Figures 5 Boys

Description: PLAYMOBIL Figures Series 5 – Boys/Girls are the ideal stocking stuffer. Each mystery pack contains twelve different boy or girl figures that can be collected, assembled, and interchanged. Each Figure comes unassembled in its mystery pack, so children can put them together or mix and match the interchangeable parts with another Figure to create an entirely new and original character. Recommended for ages five and up.

Price: $2.99 Visit the Website

The Adventures Of Ash & Ollie: ScreenTime

Opening Page

Description: Parents now have a helping hand in monitoring their children’s online and offline hours with the release of The Adventures of Ash & Ollie: ScreenTime, yummico’s new interactive storybook for the iPad and iPhone. Written by feature filmmaker Caroline Baron (Capote) and illustrated by Traci Paige Johnson (Blue’s Clues), The Adventures of Ash & Ollie: ScreenTime tells the story of Ash & Ollie, two mischievous brothers learning how to balance their time between chores, exploring the outdoors and time online. Framed around a fun and funny buddy adventure, the boys divide their digital and physical playtime all while respecting their parents’ rules. Using dynamic, page-turn animation and touch-and-swipe interactions, The Adventures of Ash & Ollie: ScreenTime guides kids and parents through the complex, blurry world of how much time is enough.

Price: $2.99 Visit the Website

USA Made Designer Pens - Retro Series

Retro Designer Twist Pens

Description: Made in the USA by Pen Company of America, these pens feature great retro designs that will add some fun and style to writing. With Owls, Flower-Power, Peace, and 60's Mod there is a design to fit everyone's taste. Plus, each design has a matching colored barrel, and comes in a reusable tube. At a great price, these pens are perfect as an add-on gift, or for yourself. Every pen is molded, assembled and decorated in our New Jersey facility.

Price: $2.50 to $3.00 Visit the Website The Largest Online Consignment Store

Swap, Sell & Buy pre-owned baby and kids' items

Description:, the largest online consignment store to swap, sell and buy baby and kids clothing and toys., launched in early 2013, features baby and kids' clothes, baby gear, toys and games, movies, video games and maternity clothes. IIn the online consignment model, the items are owned and priced by the customers, but the inspection, quality grading, photography, storage and shipping of the items is handled by has more than 60,000 pre-owned items in its inventory. The buying experience is similar to buying from Amazon: you add the items from various sellers to the shopping cart and checkout. ships them to you within one business day. The prices on are 50-95% off retail prices making the items great bargains. First time customers also get a free shipping and over $50 orders always ship free.

Price: $1.00 to $19.99 Visit the Website

Girl Talk For Everything Girly!

Keep Calm and Girl Talk

Description: Girl Talk is a group of 3 best friends who have overcome many obstacles in life, & thankfully have had each other to lean on through it all! They have always loved teaching & helping others, especially young woman who are facing the same kind of growing pains we did. Middle school, High school, college, & young adulthood can be confusing, overwhelming, & painful. We want to be a safe place where any girl can ask for any advice without judgement. A place where they can gain insight, understanding & the tools to deal with life's ups and downs. Girl Talk is about everything GIRL! Fashion, friendship, dreams, empowerment, and advice! We will have one Special Guest every month who demonstrates GIRL POWER! We want to constantly show all young woman that DREAMS can come true no matter what they are! Our guests are the real role models young woman should have. Woman who are following their dreams, strong, kind, independent, smart and driven. OUR MESSAGE IS TO BE KIND, KNOW YOUR WORTH, & TO DREAM BIG!! Check out Girl Talk's latest Dance Tutorial:

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

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