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Philips AVENT LCD Digital Baby Monitor

Philips AVENT LCD Digital Baby Monitor

What’s more important than giving mom’s peace of mind this holiday? The Philips AVENT secure DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) technology guarantees zero interference from any other device and gives parents peace of mind that they have a continuous connection to their baby. Parents can remotely monitor the nursery temperature, activate the starry night light and play soothing lullabies to create a comfortable sleep environment.
Price: 199.99

Signature Keepsakes Envgraveable Signature Mats

Description: Want to give a gift that will last forever? The Engravable Signature Mat is a metal picture mat that permanently etches signatures onto a sturdy, high quality alloy surface with an engraving scribe (pen). Each mat comes framed in a high-quality wooden frame with additional matting and room for a photo inside, plexi and hardware to hang the mat. The best thing is that the Engravable Signature Mat never needs any special upkeep, will never rust and the signatures etched into it will last forever. Also included is a Signature Engraving scribe, a polishing cloth to remove finger smudges after the signing, and a elegant 5 x 7 guest instruction card.


Organic Baby Bunch

The Organic Baby Bunch Collection

Description: For environmentally-conscious parents, The Baby Bunch sourced the very best organic cotton for their new Organic Baby Bunch gift set. The super-soft 100% unbleached organic cotton garments are made with naturally processed material grown without pesticides and presented as a spectacular floral bouquet with recycled paper flowers and leaves and wooden flowers. Each Organic Baby Bunch contains a onesie, t-shirt, bib, hat and socks offered in three colors (blush, cornflower and apricot) and two sizes (0-6 and 6-12 months). Packaged in an attractive gift box for a SRP of $69.95, the Organic Baby Bunch offers a beautiful, yet practical gift.
Price: $69.95



Description: MIO PUP is an ultra-cool mash-up of high-tech robotics, emoto-tronic technology and virtual emotion! You can pet, tickle, feed, hold and talk to MIO PUP, and he will respond to each of these actions and change his mood according to how you interact with him You can tell how MIO PUP is feeling by the images that light up in his eyes – over 100 different “eye-cons” show moods and the different levels of happiness, sadness, hunger etc. MIO is sure to become a tween girl's best friend!

Price: $49.99

Tiny Tush Organic Products

Tiny Tush Cloth Diapers

Description: Tiny Tush Natural Baby Boutique offers high quality and easy to use cloth baby diapers, diaper covers, diaper wraps, diaper liners, diaper packages, Chinese Prefolds, fitted cloth diapers, wool soakers, All-In-One cloth diapers and other cloth diapering accessories. Customers can depend on Tiny Tush's reliable customer service and quick shipping. Ongoing support is offered if any questions should arise.
Price: $19.95

Where Peace Lives

Description: Where Peace Lives, by Debbie Robins, is a book of timeless wisdom for people of all ages. Both children and adults will delight in the adventure to free the angel Peace who has been locked in an unbreakable glass box and can’t get out. The only hope for the world; to find the three keys to set Peace free. Inspired by the universal teachings of Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Buddha, Jesus Christ, Moses and the prophet Mohammad, the story teller (who is never mentioned by name, gender or age, so each reader can make this journey their own) discovers that the “Three Keys to Peace” are not physical keys. To learn what they are, Robins invites you to read the book. This book was written to inspire the world to study, learn and regularly practice peace. Where Peace Lives is a call to action to strengthen our peace “muscle,” and make it our most dominant, global trait.

Mr. Potato Head "Optimash Prime"

Description: Mr. Potato Head, the iconic face-changing potato friend for kids, takes on the role of a lifetime as the spud-ly leader of the Autobots (the "good" Transformers), Optimash Prime. Kids will be able to have all kinds of mix 'n match fun with this wacky spud dressed as Optimus Prime. Optimash Prime comes with fun parts, including shoes, ears, eyes and helmet.

http: //

The Giftionizer

Description: Created by "Gift Guru" Robyn Spizman, The Giftionizer is the best way to organize your gift giving! The Giftionizer is the first all inclusive portable gift planner, stationery and greeting card organizer. While there are greeting card holders and other storage systems; this is the premier system for greeting cards, stationery, stamps, etc. while also giving you creative suggestions for what to say when. A perfect item for new brides, new Moms, anyone who enjoys the fine art of creative gift giving and correspondence. This new system was specially designed to help make gift and card giving:  More creative and less stressful!  Timelier and less time consuming!  Portable and enjoyable on the go!  Use it for yourself or give it as a gift!

Adidas Red Ball

Description: The Adidas $10 mini soccer ball is the perfect stocking stuffer. This ball is Available at or Adidas Sports Performance retail stores ( Santa Monica and Irvine). All of the proceeds the sales will go to the international organization Right to Play to help fund educational programs and benefit children making the world a better placed through learning and sports


Scented Jellybeanies for Kids!

Description: Jellybeanies are candy-colored plush toys embedded with yummy scents like strawberry, vanilla and cinnamon! There are 8 different Jellybeanies characters in the first series with many more arriving soon. Each character has a personality, unique story to tell and a secret Jellycode to access customized online content on where kids can unlock their toy and make new friends. Collect them all! Age graded 3 years and up; Estimated retail price: $13.99.

Your Life on Film - The greatest holiday gift you can bestow on future generations

Your Life on Film - The greatest holiday gift you can bestow on future generations

Description: Your Life On Film, is a documentary about you! Your life, your loved ones, your stories, your escapades, your memories in a compilation of interviews, home-video footage, photographs, music and contextual footage from news and historical archives on film. It is a unique and truly memorable gift that will connect your family’s past to its present and delight future generations.

Expecting? Monitor Pregnancy Health with kickTrak by babykick

kickTrak by babykick, a smart kick counter

Description: Developed by an obstetrician, the innovative kickTrak™ by babykick is the perfect gift for expecting parents this holiday season! It tracks a baby's movement patterns, counts down pregnancy progress and reliably tracks the time between contractions to better estimate when labor will begin. kickTrak is a non-invasive, hand-held record-keeping device recommended by doctors to help moms check on their baby's well-being. Changes in the data allow a mom to promptly notify her doctor of problems and potentially reduce the risk of pregnancy complications, including stillbirth. Daily kick counting is recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and kickTrak is recognized by the American Pregnancy Association as a safe and simple device for expectant women to track the health of their pregnancy. Women use kickTrak beginning at 24-28 weeks to record their baby’s movements with the touch of a button. kickTrak is available online at for $49.95.

Moby Wrap

Organic Moby Wrap

Description: Wearing your baby has been a hot trend for celebrities this past year and you see more moms, even dads holding them oh-so close. The Moby Wrap was designed to instantly create a custom fit for every baby and wearer in complete comfort and security. An added bonus makes it “green” with the new organic design in EKO-certified cotton. Moby Wrap fits preemies and children up to 35lbs. and even twins.
Price: $39.95


Organic Swaddlekeeper

Description: The SwaddleKeeper with Newborn Head Support gives parents an easy tool to calm their newborn, promote longer sleep sessions and build confidence in parenting skills. The 100% organic cotton quilters batting in the head support is sewn into place, making it a one piece, machine washable product that is safe, soft, and breathable against the back of the babies head. The SwaddleKeeper comes with a SLEEP Guarantee, proven to calm a fussy baby, extend sleep periods, and therefore making parenting easier!
Price: $36.00

New Children's Storybook That Benefits Cystic Fibrosis

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Check out Kyle’s First Playdate. It continues the heartwarming story of a little boy’s crush on a beautiful girl who melts his heart. The book, written by Leah Orr, is 2nd in a series that follows this sweet young couple through their school days and playdates. The beautiful girl in the story, Ashley Elizabeth, isn’t fictional -- it’s Orr’s daughter, who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis prior to birth. She wanted to share the joy and importance of young love and great friendship and address a disease that affects many children and adults worldwide. All proceeds will go the CF Foundation. A great stocking stuffer or gift for any occasion. The book follows Kyle on a playdate with Ashley Elizabeth and is told through Kyle’s eyes, a sweet, young romantic.

The LENA System: Language Environment Analysis

The LENA System and LENA clothing

Description: Several hundred research studies over the last 50 years document the importance of talking to and interacting with your baby, especially during the first three years. LENA is the only technology that allows parents to easily and accurately measure the quality of their child’s natural language environment by tracking the number of words spoken to their child and conversational turns with their child. The LENA feedback reports help parents improve a child’s cumulative language experience and accelerate that child’s language and cognitive development, and preparedness for school.

Gifts for Women by Women

Permission to Dream - Baby Scrubs

Description: Founded in 1997, Femail Creations is a popular mail order gift catalog and website created by women, for women. Founder Lisa Hammond is the author of the bestselling book Dream Big! Finding the Courage to Follow Your Dreams. Hammond has also earned the Woman of Distinction Award, the Las Vegas Small Business Person of the Year Award, and the Create Your Dreams Award. In 2006 Hammond successfully launched Barefoot Parties, a home party business. For more information about Lisa Hammond, Femail Creations and Barefoot Parties visit and

The First Adventures of Incredible You - Personalized Children's Book

The First Adventures of Incredible You - Custom Made For Kids

Description: The First Adventures of Incredible You” is one of the most highly personalized children’s books on the market today. Customers are able to “build” a one-of-a kind book at the Custom Made For Kids website by inserting over 20 personal facts about a child and the people and places that are most important to that child. From tasting a favorite food to cheering on a beloved sports team to visiting a special vacation spot or park, this rhyme-based book celebrates the first adventures of every young child that “stars” in it. By personalizing these experiences, “The First Adventures of Incredible You” highlights the connection between children and the people and places that are special to them in their young lives. There is also a dedication page in the full-color, hardcover book where you may provide a personal message so that the child will always remember that this thoughtful gift came from you.
Price: 32.95

Pathway to Prosperity

Pathway to Prosperity - 2 CD set

Description: Pathway to Prosperity features two CDs: a paraliminal hypnosis/meditation CD which implements the Law of Attraction to create abundance (wealth, health, love, friendship, satisfaction) in one’s life; and an affirmation-based CD to promote deep, swift change. Paraliminals Pathways CDs employ the voices of 2 highly talented hypnotherapists who simultaneously provide listeners with 2 sets of suggestions (to achieve 2 times the results). Listening to the braided voices and the specially composed hypnotic music relaxes the conscious mind and allows the subconscious to come forward and take in the positive suggestions. Combining L’aura Bodmer’s knowledge of Huna healing with Julie Mars’ knowledge of symbolism/dream analysis, inner change is achieved in a dynamic, original way that creates a synchronization of conscious and subconscious mind. ( $29.95

Luminance Skin Care

Angel Massage by Luminance

Description: Make your baby smile! Using a Daily Massage Oil with ingredients of 100% Certified Organic Essential Oils plus Organic Sweet Almond Oil will create a special bond between you and your baby. Four additional massage products target relief of Colic, Diaper Rash, Fussiness and Teething. From Daily Care, Fretful Care, Colic Care, Fanny Care, Teething Care and more. Angel Massage by Luminance Skin Care line is certified 100% organic! Buy all five products and save 20%, plus receive two free gifts.
Price: $25.00

Your Survival Guide

Your Survival, the only guide you will ever need to plan, for cope with and recover from any disaster

Description: The Your Survival guide is a resource designed for families to make planning for a disaster so simple, easy and inexpensive, it leaves no excuse to continue putting it off. Complete with checklists to help you stock an emergency food closet, pack an emergency “bug-out” bag and medical kit, tips for how to work with insurance companies, as well as ways to protect your home against earthquakes, tornadoes, mudslides, terrorist attacks or any other crisis your family might face. The guide also includes information from a wide variety of disaster experts, as well as gripping tales from survivors of some of the nation’s most recent natural disasters. The guide comes with a 90-minute DVD, filled with storm footage and interviews with several families who have survived natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the Laguna Beach landslide and the Ranch Scripps wildfires.
Price: 24.95

"One Month to Live: 30 Days to a No-Regrets Life" by Kerry and Chris Shook

The book releases Feb. 5 at bookstores nationwide and

Description: Pastor and life coach Kerry Shook and his wife Chris teach people to find meaning, happiness and power by embracing the fact that their time on earth is limited. In their debut book releasing Feb. 5, \"One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life,\" the Shooks challenge readers to come to grips with death and, in turn, discover the life they were meant to live. The central message of "One Month to Live" is about bold living. It will inspire readers to say what they really feel, ask for forgiveness and, in return, forgive others. It may also motivate them to take risks they never would have taken before, gaining a new sense of clarity about their priorities, like the kind of lasting legacy they want to leave behind.
Price: 25.00 Pet Promise Certificate Pet Promise Certificate

Description:’s Pet Promise Certificate, which is available at, provides an innovative way to give the gift of adoption while still leaving the actual selection of the pet to the recipient. The Pet Promise Certificate covers all the adoption fees, which vary among animal welfare organizations. Families and friends can then choose a pet from’s directory of more than 260,000 animals listed for adoption (from more than 11,000 animal shelters or rescue groups across the country).

"Laughing Sickness: A Medical Mystery"

Laughing Sickness: A Medical Mystery\" by Anne Black Gray

Description: Based on an actual case, "Laughing Sickness: A Medical Mystery" tells the fictional story of 25-year-old Jessica Shephard. Jessica begins to have episodic paralysis that significantly interrupts her life. She seeks to find a diagnosis for the paralysis that comes on with stimuli such as laughing and elevator rides. Totally puzzled by her symptoms, doctors are unable to diagnose her. As relationships with friends, family and coworkers deteriorate, and her symptoms become progressively worse, she struggles to keep her job and independence.

Reflections of the Heart Calendar and Date book

Reflections of the Heart Calendar and Date book

Description: Remember the magic of life with a year of Deb Eisemans fresh, whimsical and colorful illustrations. Deb healed herself through painting after she was in a taxi accident. Each month is adorned with a different inspirational icon. These calendars and date books are reasonably priced and make the perfect gift for so many people on your list, including teachers, friends, manicurists, hairdressers and more.

Write On! Stationery Kit

Write On! Stationery Kit in Spidey

Description: The mothers who co-founded Mabel’s Labels remember the joy of writing and receiving a handwritten letter, which inspired their Write On!, beautiful, personalized stationery kits for kids. The kits include colorful stationery sheets, personalized stickers, sealers and return-address labels. With six whimsical designs, kids can pick the one that suits their personality best. And the best part is, everyone will enjoy it—the children will have fun writing thank you notes for their presents, and the recipients will appreciate a wonderful letter from the child on delightful stationery!

Amazing Faiths Itty Bitty Bible

Itty Bitty Bible

Description: Itty Bitty Bible product Description Weighing less than an ounce, the Itty Bitty Bible is the perfect keepsake that you can carry around 24/7. A special photographic process reduces text 285 times. Every word on this small window of film can be read using a standard microscope but you must \\\"have faith\\\" that it\\\'s all in there. It comes in both a King James and Catholic Latin version and is available at: for only $10.00 Soldiers stationed overseas can receive it for free -- go to the website for details.
Price: 10.00

CVS/pharmacy Photo Book

CVS pharmacy Photo Book

Description: High-quality hard cover, bound photo books can be created within minutes and picked up that same day at CVS/pharmacy locations nationwide. Just bring photos on digital media to the photo kiosk and select the “photo book” option, which automatically populates a book template with the selected photos. Pages are customizable by rearranging the pictures, changing the size of the photos, adding text and choosing from a variety of available backgrounds. Each book is ten pages long and beyond the cover page, can feature up to six pictures per page for a total of up to 54 pictures in a 6” x 8” book. Available exclusively at CVS/pharmacy, 6” x 8” photo books start at $12.99. To learn more about photo books and other personalized photo gifts, Digital Sundays, free workshops, are held every Sunday nationwide from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. at CVS/pharmacy Photo Centers. .

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