Valentine’s Day Entertainment Gifts – Entertainment Gift Guide Roundup 2012

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Promotional Marketing Mix Package

Promotional Marketing Mix Package

Description: Our Monthly Promotional Marketing Mix Package provides our clients with a savings of $350 by choosing our Marketing Mix of daily hourly tweets on twitter and MySpace, as well as, a weekly E-blast (4) for one month! Generates MASSIVE exposure for you, your company, website or event. Also includes a daily post on Facebook. This is an effective marketing strategy for reaching the masses. Services are provided by BWD Promotions. BWD Promotions provides various services to generate exposure for you, your company or event. Services provided but not limited to offering Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Public Relations. Visit BWD Promotions for prices & services.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Services - SEO

Description: Our SEO service fee includes: (price is for Small-Medium Websites) Website Analysis, Keyword Research, Meta Optimization, title Optimization, Image Optimization, Content Optimization various miscellaneous tweaks to get you SEO Certifiable. Services are provided by BWD Promotions. BWD Promotions provides various services to generate exposure for you, your company or event. Services provided but not limited to offering Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Public Relations. Visit BWD Promotions for prices & services.

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Personal Shopping Service For Book Lovers -- Just The Right

Description: Do you love books? Just the Right Book ( is a personalized, shopping service for books. Like a Book-Per-Month club, this subscription service has been lauded since its launch for its uncanny ability to match readers of all ages with books they’ll love. Founded by Roxanne Coady of award-winning R.J. Julia Booksellers, the service is fueled by booksellers with a combined experience of over 100 years, and is built on the idea that no two readers are alike, and that personal tastes, experiences and even moods should dictate which books are recommended to us (not a blind algorithm related to book sales). It's like visiting a beloved bookstore virtually! How does it work? Click on and answer a few questions about yourself or your friend or family member. The staff of Just The Right Book will draw on their collective experience and choose a series of books keenly matched to that reader’s personal interests and moods (that’s right: real people – not a computer program – will do the choosing). Each book is beautifully gift-wrapped, the first selection accompanied by a hand-written note on elegant stationery with your gift message. Just The Right Book is so confident about choosing “just the right book” for you or your giftee that the satisfaction of all involved is guaranteed.

Price: $300.00 Visit the Website

Website Development Services

website Development Services

Description: We provide various website development services. No project is too big or too small. Offering several packages: website Starter Package, website Small Business Package, website Business Package and Enterprise Package -- Full Custom programming. BWD also offers a monthly website maintenance service to assist clients that may not be internet or website building savvy. Services are provided by BWD Graphics. BWD Graphics & BWD Promotions provides various services to generate exposure for you, your company or event. Services provided but not limited to are offering Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Public Relations. Visit BWD Graphics or BWD Promotions for prices & services.

Price: $200.00 to $5,000.00 Visit the Website

Contemporary Magic Tarot Deck Designed By Art And Fashion Elite

Contemporary Magic Tarot Deck by KLÜP Foundation

Description: Following Curator Stacy Engman’s hit show recently on view at The Andy Warhol Museum, the wildly acclaimed exhibition Contemporary Magic: A Tarot Deck Art Project, can be taken home with you in the form of a luxurious oversized Tarot deck that features original artwork interpretations by 78 creative icons – ranging from fashion favorites Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, and Christian Louboutin to contemporary artists Terence Koh, Tracey Emin, John Currin, and Terry Richardson. This do-it-yourself performance art project can be purchased directly online at This traveling exhibition is made possible by KLÜP Foundation. KLÜP Foundation explores communal, interactive, and celebratory themes in its art projects, with the word KLÜP (pronounced “kloop!”) being derived from the phonetic sound that a champagne bottle makes when it opens. The mission of KLÜP Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3), is to explore the intersection between visual art and POP culture through supporting original art exhibitions, performances, special projects, and traveling shows.

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Social Media Promotion

Social Media Marketing

Description: Social Media Promotions: 7 days of hourly tweets on twitter and myspace. Also includes a daily post on facebook. (Over 58K on Twitter and increasing Daily). This Promo Package is an expanded and very effective reach for those with smaller budgets wanting to drive traffic to them and create a major buzz! Services are provided by BWD Promotions. BWD Promotions provides various services to generate exposure for you, your company or event. Services provided but not limited to offering Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Public Relations. Visit BWD Promotions for prices & services.

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E-Blast Marketing

E-Blast (Email) Marketing

Description: Our contact database consists of approximately 823,000 subscribers worldwide. This is an E-Blast Marketing for clients that want to reach a national high end audience. Services are provided by BWD Promotions. BWD Promotions provides various services to generate exposure for you, your company or event. Services provided but not limited to offering Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Public Relations. Visit BWD Promotions for prices & services.

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Video Promotion

Video Promotions

Description: If You Need Video Promotion then you want our very inexpensive service which still remains to be highly effective. We post your video on all the major and minor video marketing websites around the world wide web. Our price is per weekly promotional services to get your video out to the masses. Services are provided by BWD Promotions. BWD Promotions provides various services to generate exposure for you, your company or event. Services provided but not limited to offering Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Public Relations. Visit BWD Promotions for prices & services.

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Press Release/Article Promotions

Press Release/Article Promotions

Description: Have something important that you want to share with the world? Then you need Press Release Promotions. Our price is for 1 week of submitting your Press Release to all the major and minor press release sites throughout the world wide web. You may also choose this service as well if your promotion needs are for posting your news on the top message boards and forums instead. Upon purchase, you will need to let us know which option you want.

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Digital Press Kits (PDF) EPK

Digital Press Kits (EPK)

Description: A Digital Press Kit (Provided In Rich Formatted PDF) utilizes a multimedia and cost effective approach to promote you, your skills, art, music, products, services, and business. Services are provided by BWD Promotions. BWD Promotions provides various services to generate exposure for you, your company or event. Services provided but not limited to offering Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Public Relations. Visit BWD Promotions for prices & services.

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Music And Voice Lesson Gift Certificates From TakeLessons

Music Lesson Gift Certificates

Description: Looking for a unique gift that just about everyone will love? Give friends, family and loved ones the gift of music with a TakeLessons Gift Certificate! TakeLessons is America's full-service music and voice lessons provider with safe, certified teachers in over 2,800 cities across the U.S. Private, customized lessons include guitar, singing, piano, violin, drums and more. All ages and experience levels welcome. We'll teach you what you want to learn and you'll have fun along the way!

Price: $50.00 to $5,000.00 Visit the Website

Graphic Design Services - Various

Graphic Design Services

Description: We provide various graphic design services: Bookmarks, Hang tags, Large Banners or Back Drops, I.D. Badges, Letterhead, Menus, Memo pads, Notepads, Table Tents, Stickers, Rack Cards, Sales Data Sheets, Booklets, Brochures, Business Cards, Calendars, Magnets, Catalogs, Club Card Flyer, Door Hangers, Envelopes, Event Tickets, Greeting Cards, Invitation Cards, Newsletters, Magazines, Postcards, Posters, Pocket Folders and more. Services are provided by BWD Graphics. BWD Graphics & BWD Promotions provides various services to generate exposure for you, your company or event. Services provided but not limited to offering Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Public Relations. Visit BWD Graphics for various prices.

Price: $50.00 to $250.00 Visit the Website

L Is For Love By Nico Cervantes

L is for Love by Nico Cervantes

Description: L is for Love, the new book by event designer Nico Cervantes, is a heartwarming and visually stunning exploration of the special events that make up the romantic journey from the first date to the wedding day and beyond. Through heartfelt advice and beautiful photographs, Nico encourages couples to stop and celebrate the tender moments and milestones. In Nico’s own words: “There are so many smaller celebrations and events that take place before the actual wedding happens. With my book, I want to help my clients and people like them bring to life these types of gatherings. Although every chapter is titled for a specific occasion, I hope that each person who reads the book can take a little something from each chapter and let it inspire them for whatever they are planning. Some may think the wedding shower design is not what they would like for their own, but I love that, hence each chapter's unique theme.” L is for love makes the perfect gift for romantic couples of all ages. Share this book with them as they make love’s journey together.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

"Pink" Boredom Buster

Pink Boredom Buster by Book Bouquet Gift Baskets $2.00 donation with each sale.

Description: A gift that gives back. This gift includes four puzzle books and your choice of a paperback book along with a pen and pencil and thinking of you balloon. Puzzle books are crossword, word search, variety and sudoku. Paperback book choices include brain busters, humor books and books by favorite authors like Nora Roberts, Harlan Coben and John Sandford just to name a few. Your gift comes in a pink paperboard gift box. Your gift is wrapped in cellophane and decorated with a bow. A donation of $2.00 is made to cancer organizations for each pink boredom buster purchased.

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

Today's Top Stationery Artists

Cover Image - Soft Cover - Size: 8 1/2 x 11 - 144 Pages

Description: This beautiful book presents the work of fabulously talented stationery artists, in over 350 vibrant, colorful examples of their imaginative work. The text offers short, informative artist biographies, and 16 in-depth interviews with various stationers about their inspiration and business. Each interviewee also provides valuable tips on how one could start his or her own stationery company. The work that is featured in this book will leave readers feeling inspired by the trendsetting designs and encouraged to support the enduring art form of written correspondence. Tori Higa holds a degree in Fine Art from Pepperdine University. She has worked as a starving artist, graphic design assistant, and textile designer before finding her niche as an illustrator for stationery products. In January of 2004, after hours of research and careful consideration, she launched her own handmade greeting card company called Tori Higa Stationery. In 2008, she partnered with the non-profit organization, International Sanctuary, where her handmade card sales now benefit survivors of human trafficking. She also currently licenses her artwork and keeps busy with several freelance projects per year. Tori’s book can be purchased through the publisher at or your local bookseller, as well as, numerous online retailers.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

The Secret Lives Of Wives By Iris Krasnow -- (Gotham Books)

The Secret Lives of Wives by Iris Krasnow

Description: Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of a successful marriage? How those happy couples make it look so easy? In THE SECRET LIVES OF WIVES: Women Share What it Really Takes to Stay Married (Gotham Books $26) bestselling author Iris Krasnow pulls back the curtain and reveals shocking and uncensored real-life confessions of women who have stayed married for the long haul. Krasnow, a wife of 23 years, and the more than 200 women she interviewed ― married anywhere from 15-70 years ― challenge the traditional way of thinking about what it takes to achieve “happily-ever-after” and invite women to define for themselves what constitutes a satisfying relationship. “There is no gold standard of what a marriage should be and no perfect marriage toward which to aspire,” writes Krasnow. “No one even has to get married . . . More than five million unmarried couples live together in the United States, nearly eight times as many as in 1970. Those of us who followed the mainstream and went for the big crowd and the big dress are realizing, as we inch toward silver and golden anniversaries, that it is individual ingenuity and not pack mentality that fuels a marriage in the long run.”

Price: $26.00 Visit the Website

Make Mine A Double By Gina Barreca

Make Mine A Double by Gina Barreca

Description: Make Mine A Double Why Women Like Us Like To Drink...Or Not Edited by Gina Barreca Bottoms up! This landmark celebration of women and drink chips away at traditional images of gender one ice-cube at a time Make Mine A Double pours together a collection of witty, intelligent, and provocative pieces about women and their beverages of choice. Edited by humorist and academic mahatma Gina Barreca, the twenty-eight original essays here come from a diverse community of voices, from ages twenty-one to seventy-nine, including such luminaries as Fay Weldon, Wendy Liebman, Amy Bloom, Liza Donnelly, Nicole Hollander, Beth Jones, Dawn Lundy Martin, and many others. Equal parts paean to spirits, an open discussion of drinking (or not drinking), and a call to feminists everywhere to say "salut," Make Mine A Double shimmers with thoughtfulness, humor, and self-examination. These tales of women's complex relationships with alcohol are the story of every woman's effort to find her independence and sense of belonging, be it at a college party, a high-powered cocktail party, or on a stool at the neighborhood watering hole. Gina Barreca has appeared on 20/20, 48 Hours, NPR, The Today Show, Joy Behar, and Oprah to discuss gender, power, politics, and humor. Her books, which have been translated into seven languages, include They Used to Call Me Snow White But I Drifted, Babes in Boyland, and It's Not That I'm Bitter. She is a professor of English and feminist theory at the University of Connecticut.

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

Hollywood Stories: Short Entertaining Anecdotes About The Stars And Legends Of The Movies!

Hollywood Stories features over 1,000 entertaining anecdotes.

Description: At high noon on a cold November day in 1974, sixty-seven-year-old John Wayne faced off with the staff of the Harvard Lampoon on the famous campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The students had issued their challenge by calling the beloved American icon a fraud. Wayne, who had his new movie McQ to promote, responded by saying he would be happy to show his film in the pseudo-intellectual swamps of Harvard Square. After the screening, without writers, the former USC footballer delivered a classic performance. When one smart young man asked where he got his phony toupee, Wayne insisted the hair was real. It wasn't his, but it was real. The appreciative underclassmen loved him and after the Q and A session, they all sat down to dinner. Later Wayne, who was suffering greatly from both gout and the after effects of lung cancer (sadly the Duke only had five years to live), said that day at Harvard was the best time he ever had. Just when you thought you've heard everything about Hollywood comes a totally original new book -- a special blend of biography, history and lore. Hollywood Stories is packed with wild, wonderful short tales about famous stars, movies, directors and many others who have been a part of the world's most fascinating, unpredictable industry! The Midwest Book Review says Hollywood Stories is, "packed from cover to cover with fascinating tales."

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Marriage Rules : A Manual For The Married And Coupled Up By Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.

Marriage Rules

Description: Marriage Rules A Manual for the Married and the Coupled Up By Harriet Lerner PhD Relationships are complicated. When we share our lives with another person we tie our finances together, negotiate sexuality and deal with the countless decisions that daily life demands—not to mention our own personal baggage. When the anxiety of life spirals high enough, and lasts long enough, even the most mature relationshuip may begin to look like a dysfunctional one. Needless to say, coupling can get rough. However, the rules to a good marriage are not. Marriage Rules: A Manual for the Married and the Coupled Up (Gotham Books, January 5, 2012, $22.50) by NYT bestselling author Harriet Lerner is the help we all seek in a quick, uncomplicated way. Known for her acclaimed books, including the bestselling Dance of Anger, clinical psychologist Dr. Lerner recognizes that sometimes all we need is a little common sense and some the willingness to turn off our relationship auto-pilot and do something bold, something to change our marriage for the better. Marriage Rules is based on decades of clinical practice (and a healthy, happy marriage) with concrete, practical advice that if followed will generate major changes in a relationship. It does take some practice … and a little humor. But anything worth doing takes a little time and effort. The rules are not hard and fast, all are adjustable to your own relationship needs.

Price: $22.50 Visit the Website

A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning For Those Who Don't Plan To Die

A Good Goodbye cover

Description: A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don't Plan to Die (Light Tree Press) by Gail Rubin uses gentle humor to convey vital information about funeral arrangements that most people don’t learn until faced with a death in the family. With chapters named Over My Dead Body, I Got It At Costco, and It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To, Rubin has overcome society’s last taboo with a book like no other - a great resource minus the morbidity! Rubin’s book provides the information, inspiration and tools to plan and implement creative, meaningful and memorable end-of-life rituals for people and pets while taking the fear out of the subject of death. She is a breast cancer survivor and a Certified Celebrant.

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Thinking Your Way To Happy!

Overcome common barriers to Happiness!

Description: Human beings are creatures of habit. The brain loves the comfort of repetition even if it brings great pain and suffering. Everyday people make choices to; be late, over eat, or to be too busy or stressed for their children, to delay health, to hold a grudge, to react instead of respond, to indulge in immediate gratification - essentially people choose to neglect important areas of their lives – yet often it does not feel as though any choice is involved in this process at all. The books fundamental message is around governing your thoughts and interrupting automatic behaviors in favor of personal freedom and results that inspire. The intention is to help you to begin to think from a new place, thus engaging the frontal lobe the area of the brain responsible for conscious choice. The more you do so, the easier the process of change becomes. Thinking Your Way to Happy! also identifies the most common ‘Happy Traps’; Give up the ’someday, one day, when day, western mentality where you reserve joy and happiness for when your business is finally thriving, you lose that extra weight, your credit cards are paid off or you meet that special someone.’

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Southern Living Wedding Planner & Keepsake

Southern Living Wedding Planner & Keepsake: What to Do Before Saying

Description: Introducing the first wedding book from Southern Living magazine: Southern Living Wedding Planner and Keepsake. The go-to guide for creating a dream Southern wedding, Southern Living Wedding Planner & Keepsake covers everything from tying in signature details like monograms or grandma’s heirloom wedding lace to finding that perfect Southern honeymoon spot. Whether planning a laid-back, Lowcountry affair or a soiree at a Louisiana estate, splurging or working within a tight budget, Southern Living Wedding Planner & Keepsake offers expert advice so that brides-to-be can relax and savor each moment. The lay-flat, concealed wire binder has plenty of pockets to save and organize business cards, dress swatches, receipts and other essentials to help blushing brides preserve their memories. Meanwhile, over 175 images, including more than 100 full-color shots from real, dream weddings across the South provide some vivid inspiration.Southern Living Wedding Planner & Keepsake ($29.95) is available nationwide or online at

Price: $19.77 to $29.95 Visit the Website

Melissa's Gift

Melissa's Gift

Description: Melissa’s Gift, a memoir (ISBN 978-0-9836179-3-8) by psychotherapist, teacher, consultant and public speaker Olin Dodson, available now from Bay Tree Publishing. In August 1990, a solitary, unmarried man received a phone call from a stranger who informed him that he was the father of an eleven-year-old child who wanted to meet him. Melissa, who lived with her mother in a small town in Costa Rica, had the incurable disease known as cystic fibrosis. Melissa’s Gift recounts Olin Dodson’s extraordinary relationship with his daughter. Written with elegance, beauty and power, Melissa’s Gift is an unforgettable story and a deeply moving reading experience. “Melissa’s Gift takes us on a thrilling, roller-coaster ride in scenic settings—from rural Costa Rica to Colorado’s Rockies. But at its heart, this story is a family drama unlike any you’ve ever read. It features a man and his daughter who—in the face of great obstacles—never let go of their dreams. The lessons the father learns (often unwillingly) will inspire many to love more deeply. Melissa’s Gift is a must read for every daughter, every father, for everyone who loves at all.” —Isabel Stenzel Byrnes, MSW, MPH, co-author of The Power of Two.

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The Attitude Girl, A Compelling Winner Of 8 Literary Awards!

The Attitude Girl:

Description: Raising children has never been easy… And guiding them through adolescence in our tumultuous modern world? Maddening! Today's teens want entertainment! What they need, however, is a little bit of guidance. Written for young adults, ages 15 and up, and their parents, The Attitude Girl is an inspirational, timely book that gives them both… Everyone thinks Vicky has an attitude problem, but in her eyes, she's simply being honest about what she thinks and feels. If people can't handle it, well… it's their problem! The novel recounts a young woman's coming of age, with a little bit of sassiness and a lot of heart. Jam-packed with emotional conflict, trials & tribulations, romance and humor, the book follows outspoken, materialistic 17-year-old Victoria Benson on her rocky road to adulthood as she struggles with financial setbacks, idealism, loss and forgiveness along the way. Selected the Best Young Adult Novel of the Year by 2010 Premier Book Awards, The Attitude Girl also placed as a Finalist of the 2010 National Indie Excellence Awards, was named a First-place Winner at the 2009 London Book Festival and in the Arizona Authors Association Annual Literary contest, and additionally received four Honorable Mentions in 2009/2010 literary competitions.

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Kenny Brand's Contemporary Songs CD

Kenny Brand's Contemporary Songs CD

Description: Veteran singer/composer Kenny Brand is back with a new album of all-new pop songs featuring a slew of top artists and musicians. “I wanted to include the type of songs that really influenced me and many others over the years,” said Brand of his new album “Contemporary Songs,” released through Opcion Sonica. Brand’s new album features 10 all-new songs featuring some of the biggest names in pop and rock music such as Ellis Hall, renowned vocalist for Tower of Power; Thin Lizzy bassist Marco Mendoza, famed California Philharmonic percussionist Ronnie Gutierrez, and many others. “I’m very pleased to work with such an outstanding group of musicians and artists whose work makes this album a truly unique collaboration,” Brand said. Featuring a skillful mix of pop, rock, jazz and rhythm & blues, “Contemporary Songs” represents Brand’s unique talent to blend many influences into a truly listenable collection of music. His “Perfect Storm” is a decidedly R&B influenced title right out of Motown’s heyday, while the catchy “I Just Don’t Know,” exemplifies Brand’s pop sensibilities at their best, said veteran music producer Martin Mayo, who produced the album. “Contemporary Songs” and the recently released “A Kenny Brand Christmas” are available on, and other selected outlets.

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National Bestseller "Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word: A Woman's Guide To Earning Her Worth And Achieving Her Dreams" (Random House/Broadway Books), By Dr. Debra Condren

Description: "Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word" is a positive, uplifting, and practical career and life guide for women. Author Dr. Debra Condren: “I wrote this book to inspire women to stop holding themselves back. I show them how to stop feeling like a fraud, get unstuck, and unleash their courage to go after their most ambitious career dreams. Packed with practical, nuts and bolts strategies, "Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word" teaches women of all ages how to: claim their ambition as a virtue; love their work with a grand passion; earn what they are worth; and claim the credit, recognition and power they deserve. I show readers that they can feel worthy and entitled to all of this -- without fear that they’ll risk sacrificing their desire to have a full, happy personal life, and without being afraid that they’ll be less of a woman. It’s worked for thousands of women I’ve worked with, just like the woman in your life. It will work for her, too. She will love this gift that inspires her to make the contribution she was born to make. The world deserves to hear from her." - Also for that special woman in your life, grab my complimentary CD or instant MP3 audio download: "Unleash Your Courage Now to Go For Your Ambitious Dreams" at: I'll include a free subscription to my weekly "Break It Down, Debra! Updates On Ambition + Life" newsletter (a $97 value).

Price: $14.99 to $97.00 Visit the Website

"He's Mine, Not Yours" DVD

Description: On December 6, Image Entertainment and One Village Entertainment present He’s Mine, Not Yours, a comedic look into relationships, commitment...and temptation. Featuring an all-star ensemble cast starring members of the popular BET series “The Game,” He’s Mine, Not Yours will be available on DVD for an MSRP of $14.98. Pre-book is November 8. Kent (Jason Weaver, ATL, Drumline) is ready to put his bachelor lifestyle behind him and marry the girl he loves. But first, he must prove that his promiscuous past will have no role in his happily wedded future. Convinced that “old habits die hard”, his fiancée Brooke (Gabrielle Dennis, The Game, Bring It On: Fight to the Finish) hires a reputational temptress (Caryn Ward, The Game, N-Secure, Steppin: The Movie) to confirm her suspicion that Kent is unable to resist a forbidden fruit within his reach. But, when the seductress falls for Kent, this test of trust becomes a fight for affection as both vie to be the central focus of Kent’s love.

Price: $14.98 Visit the Website

The Problem With Women... Is Men: The Evolution Of A Man's Man To A Man Of Higher Consciousness

The Problem with Women... is Men by Charles J. Orlando

Description: The Problem with Women… is Men: The Evolution of a Man’'s Man to a Man of Higher Consciousness is an in-depth look into stereotypic men today and the challenges women have surviving with them in long-term relationships and marriage. Written entirely from a man'’s point-of-view and experience—, and based on 10 years of real-world research and hundreds of interviews—, The Problem with Women…... is Men offers a humorous, blunt, tell-all examination of men, their issues, their refusal to change, and showcases both how women can maintain their sense of empowerment and individuality throughout their relationships, as well as explaining to men (perhaps at long-last) what women say they are looking for in a man. Through his highly-acclaimed book, author Charles J. Orlando explains the evolutionary path he took —from womanizer to upstanding husband, father, and female empowerment advocate. It was a journey that rejects long-held tenets of male behavior; his ever-present pursuit of living comfortably in his own skin. It is the same path he found his true brethren on, albeit struggling with a lack of guts and/or direction with which to channel their characteristics. It is a path of principles and character; clearly going against the grain of society, but critical for men to enlighten themselves, raise their consciousness to a higher plane.

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

Writing Books For Fun, Fame & Fortune! By Rik Feeney

Writing Books for Fun, Fame & Fortune!

Description: You can write a book! What expertise do you have in business? What are your hobbies? Which of your unique life experiences can others learn from? What are you passionate about in life? If you have knowledge that could relieve someone else’s pain, solve their problem, or show someone else how to get ahead, then you are ready to write a book. In these difficult economic times, it’s actually easier than ever to write and publish a book. Use the simple, but sure-fire methods described within this book so you can establish your expertise in your chosen field of business to develop a steadily increasing income stream while doing what you love to do to provide solutions to help other people. Learn how to write a book within 40 days with simple, but effective tips and strategies. Start writing now! This is a great book for moms, future experts, and problem solvers; a must for coaches, consultants, and speakers.

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

Light 'n' Dark - Album With 11 Great Pop/ Dance Tracks By K'SANDRA Made Out Of Recycled Plastic

CD Cover Front - Light 'n' Dark

Description: K'SANDRA is unveiling "Light 'n' Dark", an album which - even ahead of its release - has already earned two nominations at this year's Los Angeles Music Awards: Dance Artist of the Year, and Pop Single of the Year for "Finger on the Trigger". It features collaborations with producers and songwriters from Snoop Dogg, Usher, Seal, Fergie, and Slash, and even a duet with Durga McBroom of Pink Floyd fame. As K'SANDRA describes it, "it is music to move your feet, but with a rock 'n' roll heart". 5 of the CDs in circulation contain "golden tickets", the recipient of which will win a trip to attend a future K'SANDRA recording session or music video shoot (depending on artist's schedule). A winner will also be randomly drawn from among digital downloads.

Price: $13.99 to $14.99 Visit the Website

The Nice Girl's Guide To Talking Dirty

Talking Dirty

Description: Ignite your sex life with naughty whispers, hot fantasies and screams of passion. Talking dirty doesn't need to make you feel dirty. This sexy and gun guide shows how to wildly enhance your sexual experience without making you or your lover feel uncomfortable. The Nice Girl's Guide to Talking Dirty provides everything you need to spice up your sex life.

Price: $13.95 Visit the Website

Missed Connections: Love, Lost & Found By Sophie Blackall


Description: Each day, untold people have chance encounters with strangers and subsequently kick themselves for not being bold, brave, or spontaneous enough to formally introduce themselves. Like a message in a bottle, a “missed connection” classified is an attempt, however far-fetched, by one person to reach another on the strength of a remembered glance, smile, or fleeting conversation. The anonymous messages range from hopeful to despondent, romantic to salacious. In her critically acclaimed first book for adults, MISSED CONNECTIONS: LOVE, LOST & FOUND, New York Times bestselling illustrator Sophie Blackall creates a gorgeous illustrated homage to the mystery, pathos, and humor of actual “missed connections” classifieds found online. Blackall first became acquainted with “missed connections” postings upon a crowded subway car in March of 2009. A handsome fellow squeezed in beside her and they apologized in rounds for knocking elbows. Upon disembarking, he suddenly reappeared in the window, made eye contact, and mouthed two words just before the train pulled away. Sophie turned to the girl next to her. “What did he say?” she asked. “Missed connections,” the girl replied. Sophie had no idea what the girl was talking about, but when she got home, she sat at her computer, looked up “missed connections” … and was immediately hooked. Within days, Sophie’s own Missed Connections project was born—exquisite Chinese ink and watercolor paintings, each transforming one little detail of a “missed connections” post into a vibrant, fully imagined world.

Price: $13.95 Visit the Website

"A Time To Heal" By Seye Oke

Description: A sweeping and inspirational novel of historical romance, A Time to Heal is the story of Tori and Chidi, two young lovers bound by the covenant of marriage but separated by the realities of ethnic differences. Newly wed and settling into life as a married couple, Tori and Chidi soon find their relationship, and everything they hold dear, tested in the face of a civil war. An incredible story about faith, hope, and the healing power of love, A Time to Heal is inspirational, moving, and unforgettable. An extraordinary story that brilliantly juxtaposes the turbulent times of a violent civil war and the inner tumult of its characters, A Time to Heal is a bold and inventive tale that takes readers on a journey like no other. A mesmerizing and exciting story that carries an important message, A Time to Heal is a beautiful and triumphant tale.

Price: $13.95 Visit the Website

Lovestyles: How To Celebrate Your Differences

Lovestyles: How to Celebrate Your Differences

Description: Lovers have differences— different desires, different values, different needs, different styles. Discover your style. Understand your partner's. And make the differences work to enrich your life. THE MORE YOU AND YOUR PARTNER ARE DIFFERENT, THE MORE YOU NEED THIS BOOK. No two people have exactly the same idea of what it takes to be successful in love. Most of us believe there is a “right” way to love, and if only we could figure it out, our loneliness and relationship struggles would all melt away. In this book, you’ll learn that everyone has a unique lovestyle, and there are many “right” ways to love. Discover what lovestyles are, how they evolve, how to communicate about love, and how to use your differences to create romance and excitement in your relationships. You can make your differences work for you to enrich your partnership and your lives.

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Canvas Photos


Description: Canvas Prints are a perfect way to mount your memories, printed on canvas and stretched on a wooden frame. Select the dimensions of canvas prints you want, either one or even split across multiple canvases. Simply upload your image, it could be a photo you took, maybe one you bought or a picture of your art. We will print it, stretch it over a wooden frame and deliver your canvas prints to to your door!

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Rescuing An Abused Or Neglected Dog Comes With A Reward - A Lifetime Of Unconditional Love

Our Rescue Dog Family Album

Description: Diane Pomerance will be the first to tell you that she and her husband didn’t set out to save or rescue dogs but the dogs ‘found’ them. In her latest book, Our Rescue Dog Family Album (Polaire Entertainment Group, Inc.), the love she has for these neglected, injured or abandoned animals is conveyed through every heartwarming story of 45 rescued dogs that were given the chance to replace pain and despair with joy, hope and contentment. The author of seven books about all aspects of living with and caring for animals and for sharing life with a special pet, Dr. Pomerance's most recent book Our Rescue Dog Family Album is a memorable tribute and collection of heartwarming stories and beautiful color photographs of the lives of 45 dogs they had rescued and adopted over the past several decades. In addition to this wonderful compilation of stories, Dr. Pomerance previously wrote six books in The Animal Companion Series that cover the gamut for every imaginable scenario for pet owners; from adopting the right animal companion and caring for aging animals, to helping cope with the loss of a beloved pet. She is also the narrator of her books on audio CD’s and a description of all of her books and CDs can be viewed. They can be purchased on her website at,, etc.

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Lighthouse Book

You'll fall in love with Paula and champion her through trials and temptations.

Description: Want to read a book that takes you to another place and time, that is comfortable and inspiring and challenging? Do you love lighthouses? Paula, The Lighthouse Years is the true story of an Estonian immigrant, a mail-order bride, an abused woman, a lighthouse keeper and one woman’s triumph of spirit. It's history, adventure and an unforgetable love story. Starting in the 1930's, this book tells a timeless story you'll not soon forget.

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Cover of Cadgers Curse

Description: In 2009, poet and musician Robert Burns marked the 250th anniversary of the birth of this famous literary star. Diane Gilbert Madsen’s “Cadger’s Curse” pays tribute to this extraordinary creative in her debut novel of the DD McGil Literati Mystery series. Hired by a software giant in Chicago to vet some new trainees who need top security clearance, freelance insurance investigator DD McGil arrives at headquarters to find her brother-in-law dead. Her investigation of the trainees reveals strange connections, industrial espionage, and a counterfeiting operation that threatens the world economy. Meanwhile, DD’s Scottish aunt arrives for the holidays with what might be a long-lost, unpublished Robert Burns manuscript. Suspecting a fake, DD puts her antiquarian friend Tom Joyce in charge of authenticating the material. As more people die, DD soon discovers that she, too, is a target—but is the motive the money or the manuscript?

Price: $9.99 to $14.95 Visit the Website

Executive: A Novel (e-formats: Kindle, IBook, Sony, Kobo, Nook)

Executive: A Novel

Description: A friendly fire incident in Afghanistan takes a serious toll… An unmanned aerial vehicle, out of control, brings death and wreaks havoc on American soil… An apparently successful corporation comes under scrutiny… A memorable incursion behind corporate closed doors, led by an up-and-coming executive on a mission to find the truth about the lives lost to the very technology that was mandated to protect them. Our skies aren't safe anymore… A thought-provoking page turner, Executive sizzles with plausible scenarios, conveyed in technical and business terminology at an unrelenting pace. Exploring the controversial territory of toxic leadership and its long term consequences, Executive delivers an insightful analysis spiced with cutting-edge technology and science, in an exciting, masterful thriller.

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No More Dating Pigs – You Are What You Date

No More Dating Pigs by Norah Marler

Description: No More Dating Pigs – You are What You Date by Norah Marler is a fun, self-help dating guide for single women of every age. Inspired by the appalling yet typical real life dating experiences of the author and her sisterhood, the handbook puts a name to tell-tale signs of “Pigs.” These warning signs will resonate with single women nationwide. Backed up by advice and examples, Norah’s book will put women on the road to true love. Instead of asking women to change, as many dating guides out now typically do, it teaches women how to spot a “pig” and how to stay away from him. “No More Dating Pigs” holds women – and men too – to a higher standard.For more information about the No More Dating Pigs book series or to find out where to purchase the book, please visit

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The World Almanac And Book Of Facts 2012

Gracing the cover of this year's edition are singer Adele and Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter.

Description: Relied on for more than a century, America’s best-selling reference book offers the answers to this year’s most pressing questions. Which 2012 election candidate plans to lower the presidential salary to less than $40,000? How many millions of smartphones were sold in the United States over the past year? Which U.S. state has the highest public high school graduation rate? The answers can be found in The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2012. Gracing the cover of this year’s edition is singer Adele, whose 2011 album 21 broke the record for most consecutive weeks in the Top 5 of the Billboard 200. She’s joined by the Yankees’ star shortstop Derek Jeter, whose milestone 3,000th hit was a home run. The book also boasts a new feature on the Greatest Sports Upsets, with a list of the most surprising athletic outcomes of all time, inspired by Japan’s victory in the Women’s World Cup. Shifts in the American population are illustrated by sections like “The Changing United States” while “Year in Review” recaps the top headlines, strangest news stories and most striking images of 2011. For more information, visit

Price: $7.79 to $12.99 Visit the Website

The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Write

The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Write - New Updated Edition

Description: Give the gift of gratitude by writing a heartfelt handwritten letter your loved ones will treasure for years to come. Loved ones who have done, been, and meant so much to you deserve to know how grateful you truly are. It is important to tell them now, before it's too late. Don't know how to get started? Author and writing expert, Lilia Fallgatter, will show you how. Now available in hard copy and e-book formats.

Price: $5.99 to $11.95 Visit the Website

Image Personalized Calendars Are A One-of-a-kind Gift For Anyone On Your List

Sophisticated technology places the recipient's name right inside the image.

Description: A technologically-advanced gift that has been receiving excellent reviews from consumers of all types are image personalized calendars, notebooks, folders, notecards, and mini-posters from Tukaiz, LLC. These personalized products go way beyond just including the name of your choice--they actually incorporate the name right into the image, making it look as if the photo was taken that way, such as a name written in snow on a windshield or stitched into a jeans pocket. The products can be made online at your convenience by choosing the images you want to include, the name you want to place inside the images, and if ordering a calendar, the starting month. They are offered online by Tukaiz, LLC. You can experiment with different names and images here:

Price: $5.95 to $25.95 Visit the Website

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio Now Playing

Description: Slacker Radio offers a fully customizable and personal online radio experience that includes the most varied and compelling range of content offered by any Internet radio service. Slacker is the first music service to deliver three complementary tiers. From the entirely free Slacker Basic Radio service, to the ad-free and feature-rich Slacker Radio Plus and on-demand access with Slacker Premium Radio, Slacker meets the needs of all music fans. Whether listeners prefer a superior free personal radio experience or the power of a fully-loaded music subscription service, Slacker is the only offering to provide the full suite of options. The Slacker Radio experience includes over 150 expert-programmed music stations, ABC news, comedy, custom artist-hosted showcase stations and leading music festival stations along with personalized ESPN Sports content integration coming soon. With a music catalog that is over ten times larger than the leading radio competitor, Slacker Radio gives listeners the ultimate music discovery resource.

Price: $0.00 to $9.99 Visit the Website

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