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Fall In Love At The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne

A treatment room inside the spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne

Description: Valid through March 15, 2011 Starting from $639 USD per night Perfect for honeymooners, couples or rekindled love, learn massage techniques with expert spa therapists in a private one-on-one session with your partner while using the new Baborganic Wellness Candle. Warm soy wax is applied and massaged into the back while your partner is guided by a spa therapist to learn key massage points and strokes. At the end of the session, couples will receive the candle to practice at home. This one-of-a-kind experience also include breakfast daily and deluxe accommodations. The Fall In Love package includes: * Deluxe oceanfront accommodations * Daily breakfast for two in Cioppino * One Unity Massage session

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Night Sky Murals.... Your Ceiling Is No Longer The Limit!

Night Sky Mural ceiling mural

Description: Our Night Sky Murals are... Invisible in the light. Incredible in the dark If you have ever gazed up at a night sky far away from light pollution, you understand just how beautiful and relaxing that infinite scene can be... but until now, the only way to experience the full impact of the night sky was to load up the car and drive hundreds of miles beyond the glare of city lights. 
But now... you can effectively bring the universe right into your own home.
 Night Sky Murals™, widely acclaimed as the world's premier provider of these realistic, romantic murals, perfectly recreates the night sky on your own ceiling as though you were viewing a real star-filled night sky from some dark, remote location on earth. Imagine... each night, in your own home, the stars coming alive with that same staggering beauty; creating that same romantic emotion and having that same special magic you first found outdoors. And, reminiscent of an actual star-filled sky, your Night Sky Mural will disappear with the dawn. Night Sky Murals™ need to be experienced! They truly are one of the most exclusive forms of Three-Dimensional faux art ever created, and would be great in the Master Suite, Home Theater, Relaxation room, over the Bathtub or in the Kids room. These are available from coast to coast, so please contact us for more information. Please visit us at

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Boudoir Photo Session

Boudoir Photo Session

Description: Looking for that unique Valentine’s Day gift idea? Tiffany Photographic in Fort Lauderdale is offering the perfect way to enhance romance with a boudoir photo session. For as little as $150, Tiffany Photographic will deliver a Valentine’s Day treat that is sure to be a bigger hit than a box of chocolates. With their photographic skills and a variety of sexy settings, they can transform anyone into the perfect Valentine. One 8”x10” picture is included. For more information, the public may visit or call, (954) 954.764.0662. The studio is located at 1556 East Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334.

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Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings

Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings

Description: Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings is Symbol Of Love and Proof of love to Your Sweet Hearth and Romance Gifts For Your Someone Lovely. Diamond engagement rings have become an iconic symbol of everlasting love. They have been cherished as love tokens since time and memorial. The Amazing moments if we can makeityouring Diamond Engagement ring. Therefore, There is much to consider when purchasing a diamond especially when purchasing a diamond engagement ring!

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SEED Floral Couture's Newest Eco-friendly Gift Box

Seed Floral

Description: SEED Floral Couture announces their newest Valentine’s Day collection now available, featuring exquisite hand crafted gift boxes for your loved ones. Each gift box features incredible floral designs with romantic color palettes incorporated with gourmet chocolates, scented candles, unique vases and more. All gift box materials are eco-friendly, and designed with certified organic flowers. Owner of SEED Floral Couture, Stephanie Elhayani is the visionary behind each design and can work with each client to customize their gift box purchase. Purchases can be made directly on SEED Floral Couture’s website by visiting or calling 310.770.7224. New customers can receive 10% off their first purchase. Delivery is available in the greater Southern California area only.

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Sexy USB Rechargeable Vibrator Women Will "CRAVE"

Crave - Duet

Description: DUET brings a much-desired element of luxury into the ‘adult sex toy’ market, most notably as a pleasure product for women made by women, and as something so aesthetically pleasing it could be left out on the vanity without any concern. Conceived, produced and assembled in the USA, DUET meets unerring manufacturing standards, constructed from the toughest yet most touchable materials. “I wanted DUET to be classy yet sexy,” explains Ti Chang, lead designer and co-founder of CRAVE. "I believe sensual products should be as desirable as the act itself. I chose the combination of silicone and metal because of its tactile quality. Silicone for its velvety texture and body-safe properties, and metal for its beautiful finish and the natural weighted feel in the hand is very similar to precious jewelry" One of the features of DUET getting a lot of attention is its USB chargeability and data storage capabilities. Although this may appear to be a gimmick, it came about through careful consideration. Features of DUET include:  Sleek, compact, beautiful design  Whisper-quiet functionality  Four vibration modes & four power levels  Up to two hours of continuous usage  Body-safe silicone and metal construction  Classy leather storage pouch  Waterproof operation  USB connector for charging  Data storage on 8GB and 16GB models

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Personal Social Concierge

Our new logo

Description: Since the dawn of time, cavemen to PhD’s have known that relationships naturally sprout from extended exposure between people in common situations. Social One ( is the original dating technology based on the human operation system and offers an intriguing calendar of events that range from skiing to wine tasting, river rafting to theater going, for singles. Offering so much more than just an internet connection, Social One provides real ingredients for real people and makes dating simple, like it should be. Social One is based in Chicago, Illinois with offices in Los Angeles and Costa Mesa, California.

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Dancers perform a romantic ballet in Columbus Circle for audiences on THE RIDE.

Description: Looking for an exciting new way to spend Valentine's Day in New York? Be sure to check out THE RIDE, a unique entertainment experience in New York City that brings audiences on a 4.3-mile journey through midtown, playing off the romanticism of New York and mixing on-board comedy with a variety of on-the-street live performances to entertain guests. THE RIDE is a unique date for couples or perfect for a group of friends looking to do something different to celebrate Valentine’s Day. THE RIDE provides its audience with the allure of New York at night as they’ve never seen it before: it’s much warmer than a Hansom cab ride, and viewers get to experience singing, dancing and comedy – the elements of a perfect date night or an outing of single friends. There are sexy dancers from hip-hop to classical, an adorable duo of hosts who may have a thing for each other, and a romantic ballet in Columbus Circle. Even THE RIDE bus has a bit of romance: he’s in love with a Greyhound bus that lives at Port Authority. For more information about THE RIDE, please visit

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Ezbloomers.Com: The New Way To Send Flowers & Save Money

Exotic Flair

Description: Sending flowers is a great way to show someone how you feel about them. That’s why when you order flowers you expect the final product to be just right. But getting flowers from the big-name national retailers has become a hassle, fraught with hidden fees and, sometimes, a final product that is less than you expected. provides you a new, better way to send flowers nationally. The product is better. is the only national online flower service that gives the customer the option to design each item for their specific need. Our florists will create the most beautiful arrangement possible for your specific occasion. The value is better. Orders go directly to a florist and there are no service fees, so you save up to 30% immediately. The price the customer sees is always the price the customer pays. gives the customer a quality product, the best possible value and no hidden fees, every day. it’s just the better way to send flowers.

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Dad Can Star In A Personalized Romance Novel

"Sandhills Fore-Play" can be personalized to feature dad and his sweetie

Description: Golfers the world over dream of playing in a major tournament, and many dream of playing it at one of golfing’s standout locations: the beautiful Sandhills of North Carolina. Now, Dad can do both this Father's Day, thanks to, by taking on the starring role, along with his real-life sweetie, in his own personalized golf novel set in North Carolina: Sandhills Fore-Play. When ordering Sandhills Fore-Play, duffers have their choice of either spicy “wild” or huggy-kissy “mild” in terms of the romantic interludes. And each book comes in paperback or hardback with the option of adding the couple’s photo to the book’s cover. It comes as an eBook, too. To customize their book, couples fill out an online questionnaire of 26 details about themselves, such as their names, hometown, where they work, eye and hair color, best friends, favorite perfume, cologne and music, affectionate nicknames for one another, and how long they’ve been a couple. For “wild” and “mild” samples of all the titles, and more details, visit Paperbacks range from 150-190 pages and start at $39.95. Hardbacks range from 200-230 pages and start at $85. Ebooks, delivered electronically soon after ordering, start at $19.95. Photos added to the cover of paperbacks and hardbacks are an additional $25. The fastest way to order is on the web at Those without Internet access can call (800) 444-3356 to have information faxed or mailed.

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Ladies: Feeling Stress? Getting Older? Is It Normal For Your Age & Activity Level To Interfere With Your Physical Relationships?

Give your love life a boost

Description: Scientists believe that we can remain sexual beings for as long as we live, and that our sex lives can be just as exciting over age 40 as they were in our 20s. But too often, stress and physical changes in our bodies making a having a satisfying sex life a challenge. For men, it’s sexual performance. For women, it’s desire. With work, families and hectic social lives, some women allow their ability to enjoy sex to deteriorate. And that’s not healthy. Too many people are not aware that they can make adjustments. An effective way to address the sexual needs of women is by using a unique combination of bio-identical nutrients that naturally increase their overall interest in sex. Now there’s something simple that women can do to improve the situation. With regular use of certain bio-identical nutrients that mimic the human body’s natural hormone production from the brain to the sexual glands, available as Erosyn, most women can start regaining an interest in an active love life within days without side effects. This approach is safe, natural and effective. The ingredients also work as an analgesic and are anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce the pain and inflammation of such female disorders as endometriosis. Nothing is more exciting for men and women than enjoying the most life-affirming activity of all: Sex. We always instinctively knew it and all doctors now tell you, a good sex life is important for your happiness.

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Sophia's Closet: Premier Lingerie Collection

Baby Doll

Description: Sophia's Closet is a European influenced women's lingerie company that honors and explores romance with grace, elegance and sophistication. Sophia’s Closet, a premier lingerie line that makes women feel confident, beautiful and sexy in what they put on, not what they take off. From flirty designs to demure styles, the company sets a new standard in the lingerie industry by creating pieces that flatter individual shapes and sizes. Sophia’s Closet caters to every woman that is seeking a variety of unique romantic styles. The collection includes babydolls, bustiers, camisoles, chemises, corsets, gowns, robes, shirts and teddies.

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KindNotes - Jar Of Personalized Messages In Mini Envelopes To Be Opened Daily

A month full of love for mom to open each day!

Description: A fun and warm way to remind mom of your love and appreciation! Jar of 31 personalized messages enclosed in mini envelopes for her to open each day or anytime she needs a smile. Pre-printed themed messages also available to choose from. Bring back the sentiment of an old fashioned letter in the midst of modern day technology and emails! Visit

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The Twitten

Black/Cream/Red Twitten

Description: What the heck is a Twitten? It’s a unique two-handed mitten couples can wear while holding hands to stay snug and warm. What’s it about? It’s about being cozy when there is no fire to sit in front of. It’s about a stroll through Central Park, a hike in the woods, or waiting for a bus. It’s about skating at Rockefeller Center or Pershing Square. It’s about being closer than you can get wearing ordinary mittens. The Twitten; pairs of single mittens for their free hands; and hats. There’s even a texting version whose top is flapped so users can stick their fingers and/or thumbs out to operate their smartphones. The hand-knit Twitten Holiday 2010-11 collection includes yarns made from both natural fibers and acrylics, in both solid colors and stripes. The eco friendly Twittens, are all fair trade and handmade in Peru by artisans whose work supports and sustains traditional communities. The Twitten donates 20% of all its profits to the Bodhi Fund, which was created to support New Mexico families whose children are in desperate need of out-of-state cancer treatment.

Price: $30.00 to $50.00 Visit the Website

Have Affair With Your Spouse With Coupon To EStore Playhouse

For 4 Decades Dr. Dorree Has Helped Vibrant Adults Discover The Secret To Intimacy

Description: For Valentine's day or anyday, have an affair with your spouse, partner or signif other 365 days a year with tips from psychologist and intimacy expert Dr. Dorree Lynn. For more than 4 decades Dr. Dorree has been consulting with single men and women on all aspects of keeping love, intimacy and a vibrant lifestyle as a thriving aspect of your life. Her new website with an eStore will feature products to make that lifestyle more free and easy. Shop in her the lovers eStore with coupon code "CupidsArrow" and receive 5% off your purchase of fun, sexy products for both men and women.

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Just In Time For The Holidays, New Products From K-Y Brand

K‐Y® Brand TOUCH™ 2‐in‐1 Warming Oil and Personal Lubricant and K‐Y® Brand INTENSE®

Description: Add some romance, adventure or comic relief to your relationship this holiday season with a date night, courtesy of K-Y® Brand and For a limited time only, these brands have partnered on an exclusive set of DATE NIGHT Packs, which combine K-Y® Brand’s portfolio of premium intimacy enhancement products with a voucher for $10 off movie tickets for two. With these new packs, couples can not only save on a night out at the movies, but can create some off-screen romance of their own, and with several products to choose from, they’ll find it hard not to make every night a date night. K‐Y® Brand TOUCH™ 2‐in‐1 Warming Oil and Personal Lubricant Enhance every caress for head to toe entertainment. K‐Y® Brand YOURS+MINE™ COUPLES LUBRICANTS® His excites. Hers delights. Together feel them ignite™.

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The New Indulgence Collection Of Romance Kits

New Indulgence Romance Kits_Close Up

Description: New Indulgence is a new, luxury brand of sensual “romance kits” designed to entice couples to reignite their spark and find their playful side. Whether it’s passion or romance, intimacy or fantasy, New Indulgence has created the most sophisticated romance kits available. With its exclusive line of luxurious, hand-selected items each kit is thoughtfully created to tempt pleasure and desire. Ranging in complexity, style and price, New Indulgence has a kit for everyone and makes the perfect gift for any couple. And…now seen in luxury, boutique hotels these kits are the perfect addition to a romantic getaway. For more information or to place an order please visit

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Create A Romantic Oasis With Sure Fit, Inc!

Sure Fit, Inc. Stretch Pique Dining Chair Cover in Garnet

Description: There are many ways to spruce up your pad for Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. Sure Fit Furniture Solutions offers some tips for revamping your space for Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank! First, put a fashionable Sure Fit, Inc. slipcover over your tired, crumb-ridden couch. Second, get your wild side ready when you set the mood with the Sure Fit Black Zebra Lamp Shade. And lastly, really wet your guest's appetite with a decked out dining room to match the delicious scents and aromas coming from the stove top with the Sure Fit Stretch Pique Dining Room Chair in Garnet for just $19.99! Follow these simple tips to create a romantic retreat and have a ravenous Valentine’s experience. To see more pieces to spruce up your Valentine’s Day pad, check out the website and feel free to shop by color!

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K-Y Brand Kissable Sensations

K-Y Brand Kissable Sensations

Description: With the distinct and delicious experience of decadent chocolate and refreshing strawberry, Kissable Sensations™ encourages couples to explore each other and discover pleasurable foreplay like never before imagined. Kissable Sensations™ is intended to be used all over the body, wherever you like to kiss or be kissed; making it the perfect foreplay tool for increased pleasure to help couples explore or revitalize their intimate connection.

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Good Head

Good Head by Athena's Home Novelties

Description: For Centuries, the secret of pure pleasure has been well kept...the use of a tingly gel for the ultimate in oral sex! Now this specially formulated, mystical mint ingredient brings an extra boost for oral sex of historical proportions! He will truely appreciate “Good Head,” oral delight gel from Athena's Home Novelties. Available in cinnamon and mint - 4 oz size.

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Love Script: Deluxe Edition By Tiffany Ashley

Love Script: Deluxe Edition by Tiffany Ashley

Description: Romance’s Best Kept Secret, Tiffany Ashley, is back with a sizzling new book release, Love Script: Deluxe Edition. A sexy and provocative new romance/erotica read, Love Script: Deluxe Edition takes readers on a sensational pleasure cruise. Hailed as “witty and fun” by Fresh Fiction, Love Script: Deluxe Edition is a mesmerizing new read from an original and dynamic voice in the world of romance.

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LifeStyles SKYN

LifeStyles SKYN 12 pack

Description: The next generation of condoms, SKYN was designed to give condom buyers what they desire most—sensitivity. Committed to leading the category in innovation, LifeStyles SKYN is the first clinically approved polyisoprene condom. One thousand tests of the condom ascertained that SKYN provides greater sensation and more comfort than other non-latex and even natural rubber condoms on the market today. The majority of users also chose SKYN over the non-latex and natural rubber condoms in a blinded test. Compared to current non-latex condoms on the market—those made of polyurethane—SKYN provides a softer condom that more easily adapts to the form of its wearer. SKYN is also available in SKYN Large. SKYN combines the strength of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom for that Skyn-to-Skyn sensation. Ideal for people with latex allergies or latex sensitivity, SKYN’s long-lasting ultra smooth lubricant enhances the experience. SKYN is the perfect stocking stuffer for your special someone and is also a fun idea for a holiday party favor!

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Love That Works

Love That Works 1

Description: Good Clean Love designs and sells premium quality organic/natural intimacy products. We are a sexual health company that provides natural sexual wellbeing products and essential educational resources for building healthy loving relationships. Our mission is to increase both the quantity and quality of loving relationships on the planet. Good Clean Love Founder Wendy Strgar's first book, Love That Works, is based on years of her Sustainable Love writing. She tackles the challenging issues of sustaining relationships and creating healthy intimate lives with a disarming and down to earth clarity. Critics have acclaimed that Love That Works is an essential handbook for the daily practice of learning to cultivate the renewable resources of loving relationships and family.

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"A Short Guide To A Happy Marriage" Is A Small, Inspirational, Self-help Book For Couples.

A Perfect Gift Book

Description: While there are many self-help books addressing marriage issues, none is as pointed and straightforward as O'Neill's A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage. Like her highly acclaimed short book, Sheltering Thoughts: About Loss and Grief, this book will speak to its readers through its directness and simplicity. It challenges readers to understand and live by the tenets of a committed relationship. In the spirit of the bestselling book, A Short Guide To A Happy Life by Anna Quindlen, author Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill offers readers the same inviting and simple but sensible approach for embracing marriage, and provides the essentials of a long lasting relationship. Sharon Gilchrest O'Neill, Ed. S, is a marriage and family therapist who has always been obsessed with how and why relationships last. She has been in practice for over 25 years.

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INTENSE™ As A Gift For Her This Mother's Day

INTENSE™ as a gift for her this Mother's Day

Description: Rediscover Satisfaction: This Mother's Day, with the goal of satisfying the desires of any woman interested in taking her intimate life to the next level, K-Y® Brand INTENSE™ applies real science to the art of intimacy. In a clinical study, 75% of women experienced heightened arousal, sexual pleasure and sensitivity where it counts most. Formulated with patent-pending technology featuring a proprietary combination of sensory enhancers, K-Y® INTENSE™ increases sensitivity in a woman’s intimate area, creating a rush of pleasure to increase female satisfaction during intimacy.

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Pink Kisses..because Moving On Is The Best Revenge


Description: For the girl who's going through a breakup during the holidays or who's just in bit of a dating funk, has just the ticket. In summer 2010, after going through a breakup of her own, former television reporter Ellie Scarborough founded to help girls forget their ex and find their inner badass. The site offers all sorts of delectable little pick-me-ups like "better than sex" chocolate truffles and fresh floral bouquets with old-school Hollywood names; emotional boosts like empowering daily text messages and a virtual gift that allows you to upload a photo of what's-his-head and watch it burn, baby, burn; and practical, fun tools like a 30-day "Betty Action Plan," which emails a step a day to help a girl take the focus off her ex and place it back on herself. Pink Kisses even has a life coach and a stylist on hand to help a girl get her bounce back... because like the site says, "moving on is the best revenge."

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Description: Rediscover Desire: Great for any holiday and clinically proven to increase anticipation and desire for intimacy, the new K-Y® YOURS+MINE® KISSABLE SENSATIONS™ for the Body is specifically designed to help couples reconnect through the power of kissing. With the distinct and delicious experience of decadent chocolate and refreshing strawberry, KISSABLE SENSATIONS™ for the Body encourages couples to explore each other and discover foreplay like never before imagined.

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How To Improve Your Sex Life.

60 Second Lover

Description: Who doesn't want a better sex life? What if you could have a better sex life with a minimal effort, 60 seconds each day? It's true, you can have a better relationship and a better sex life with little effort. The problem with most relationships today is that we send mixed signals. Our life gets so busy we forget to take a minute out of our day for our lover. In this book, A Guide to Becoming the 60-Second Lover, Sue Richter offers real tips to get the spark ignited again in your relationship. It's a quick read, and well worth it.

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Romance & Bedroom Play

Passion Parties By Foxy Roxie

Description: Passion Parties, Inc. leads the party plan industry as the premier supplier of sensual products in the United States and Canada. Our informative Passion Parties create a unique environment for women, one that is fun, educational and confidential. Women feel comfortable discussing their sexual health, and learn ways to improve communication and build stronger relationships with their partners. Products from the mild to the wild. Customize your bedroom play with bath & body lotions, edible creams and playful toys!

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Happy Penis Massage Cream

Happy Penis Massage Cream

Description: Slippery and flavored, Happy Penis Massage Cream heightens sensitivity for him! Fun for oral lovemaking and penis massage. Flavoring the body can be sensual and fun while adding “more play” to your foreplay. Available in three 4 oz. size flavors: cherry, pina colada, and banana split. Visit Athena’s Home Novelties, one of the country’s premier adult novelties companies, at to purchase today.

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Wet Synergy

Wet Synergy and Synergy + Cool Tingle

Description: Utilizing LiquiSatisfaction™ Technology, Wet Synergy delivers a soothing cushion of gel that transforms into a silky layer of liquid lubrication. This superior silicone and water mix is pH balanced, hypoallergenic, silky smooth and latex friendly. The product is also available in Wet Synergy + Cool Tingle, featuring all the benefits of the original Wet Synergy with the added sensations of cooling and tingling. Wet Synergy + Cool Tingle offers a refreshing mint scent with added sensation – tingles for her, prolongs for him. Both products are sugar-free, non-staining and easily wash away with warm water. Wet Synergy is ideal for water play, great for massages and works well with non-silicone based toys. It is also recommended for temporary relief of personal dryness.

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Potion #9 Massage Oil

Potion #9 Massage Oil

Description: Aphrodisiac Elixir Who says true romance is a thing of the past? With a blend of pistachio, apricot and jojoba oils and an aphrodisiac infusion of damiana, red rose, vanilla and cinnamon, we’ve created a true paramour’s paradise. INGREDIENTS Pistachio Oil (Pistachia vera), Apricot Oil (Prunus armeniaca), Golden Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Safflower Oil (Carthamus tinctorius), Rose Petals (Rosa canina), Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca), Alkanet (Alkanna tinctoria), Jasmine (Jasminum officinale), Clove (Syzygium aromaticum), Vanilla (Vanilla aromatica), Rosehip (Rosa canina), Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), sum Essential Oil Blend. www. • Handmade by sumbody • 350 Morris St. Suite C, Sebastopol, CA 9547

Price: $5.95 to $9.95 Visit the Website

Arouse Coffee - Sassy, Quality Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Arouse Gift Pack

Description: As the world's most socially accepted stimulant, coffee excites not just the body, but also the mind. While not a traditional aphrodisiac, coffee certainly excites. With Arouse Coffee, transform your coffee fix from merely essential into something unforgettable. We combine the finest, high-quality Arabica coffee blends, with a sexy, flirty twist that will tantalize your taste buds -and your imagination. Arouse Coffee's gift line of sexy tank tops, "Scandal Candles", Arousing chocolate covered espresso beans, coffee ground all-natural soaps, and mugs also makes a fun, memorable present perfect for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, wedding/bachelor/bachlorettes, house warming, etc. We have created the "Dark Pleasures" Blend a sure pallette-pleaser of medium to dark roasted Arabica beans. It's bold, bright, flavorful, and rich - great for a french press, or coffee or espresso machine. So go ahead - put the Caffeinated Va-Voom in your Coffee Lovers' lives... Arouse Coffee -- this is one temptation you can give in to.

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Lotion's Potions And Things That Go Buzz With Passion Parties

Discover for yourself why this is our #1 selling products. Activates sesual sensitiviy. Designed for men and women. Item 2095 $39.50

Description: Passion Parties offers you sensual products for your relatioship, tips and techiques to enhane intimacy, and the chance to earn free products with the best hostss rewards Program! All this can be done or purchased thur our in home hostess party plan program. Classy yet sassy products along with an experienced consulant that can help you to choose products that will be customized for you bedroom Host a party in you home with your friends and earn free products and discounts, order online at my website or join me in business and become a Passion consultant. Foxy Roxie Independent Passion Consultant

Price: $5.00 to $185.00 Visit the Website

Lotions, Potions And Things That Go Buzz

Sensual Bath & Body Items

Description: Passion Parties has something for everyone and is filled with lotions, potions and things that go buzz! Customize your bedroom adventures with products that will enhance your senses. Purchase directly from my website or a party and earn your LOVE GOODIES FREE! Yes, Passion Parties is like the Tupperware parties your mom used to have.....but a lot more fun! Foxy Roxie....your Romance Consulant

Price: $5.00 to $150.00 Visit the Website

Discover The 60 Second Lover

A Guide to Becoming the 60 Second Lover

Description: Would you like to improve your sexual relationship? It's not that hard to do, with one minute tasks throughout the week your love life will improve. Imagine if you could feel that same romantic stir that you had when you first met. It is possible to have that feeling again. Follow our easy tip guide to a better and more fulfilling relationship. You will have better sex and a better love life.

Price: $2.95 to $9.95 Visit the Website

Shout Your Love From The Mountaintop!

Have a mountain man shout your love!

Description: Are you not sure what to get your special someone this Valentine's Day? You've already thought of a box of chocolates or flowers, but those ideas are all so overdone. Why not do something totally creative like literally shouting your love from the mountain top. Go to or tweet your message with hashtag "loveshout" between Feb. 10-13 for the chance to have your love note literally shouted from a mountain top by real mountain men on Valentine's Day. If your message is selected, it will be captured live via video and ...sent to you via e-mail so you can share it with your special Valentine!

Price: $1.00 Visit the Website

Single Dads! Free ECritique And 20% Off EMakeover For Online Dating Profile

Free eCritique and 20% off eMakeover

Description: Single Dads! Free eCritique and 20% off eMakeover for Online Dating Profile If you're curious what your profile says about you, eFlirt Expert will fill you in—for free! The eCritque includes a full analysis of your existing profile and, once you’re ready to take that next step, take 20% off an eMakeover to receive a complete overhaul of your online dating profile. It includes: -- One-on-one meeting (in-person or over the phone) -- Photo selection -- Copy editing & re-writing of your entire profile, line by line -- First date advice for 3 weeks -- Other dating site suggestions

Price: $0.01 to $109.00 Visit the Website

Honor Mom With Great New Products From Diamond Life

Description: As mother day approaches, it’s time to acknowledge the special woman in your life, or yourself with a new line of products from Diamond Life. Moms wear so many hats these days – from wife, partner, entrepreneur, career woman, friend and so on. As they move in and out of these roles on a daily basis, one thing is often forgotten, and that’s romance and making her feel special. No matter if their kids are infants, toddler or fully grown, every woman enjoys feeling sexy and sensual, and for that, entrepreneurs Kym Jackson and Theresa Roemer have created NUDE, a unique line of products created to enhance a woman’s sexual being, from the inside out. And what better way to make them feel special this Mother’s Day. NUDE includes: • Pillow Talk pillow – designed to hold lotions, toys, diaries and other private items. ($39.95 – • Nude Necessity Bag - ideal solution to elegantly tuck away lingerie, hosiery, accessories and more. Also perfect to use as a gift bag for special gifts this Mother’s Day. ($69.99 – • Book: Nude: Unveiling Your Inner Beauty and Sensuality (May 2011, $19.95 –

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Intimate Adventure:Sacred Ceremonies For Couples -- Sacred Healing

Intimate Adventures: Sacred Ceremonies for Couples - Sacred Healing

Description: Welcome to your Intimate Adventures: Sacred Ceremonies for Couples! These ceremonies and rituals can transform your relationship and your life. No matter what stage your relationship is in you can support it, give it a boost, move it to a higher level or simply honor it. This is not work or therapy. Instead, Intimate Adventures offer you joyful, beautiful and fun filled experiences to achieve sacredness in all areas of your relationship - emotional, physical and spiritual. Whether or not you consider yourself religious or spiritual, you and your partner will learn how to bring spirituality into the everyday life of your relationship. Some of these ceremonies will help you bring the spiritual into your sexual relationship as well. Remember we are actually spiritual beings having human experiences. Therefore, connecting with our souls and Spirit makes a tremendous difference in our lives. Intimate Adventures help you create a safe space and open your heart with your partner. The exercises, rituals, experiences and ceremonies you will discover will help you and your partner continually grow and expand as individuals and as a couple. It is time to discover and connect with your blended spirit!

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

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