Romance Gift Guide Roundup for Adults 2014 - Make Everyday Valentine's Day

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Custom Love Song For Mothers/Fathers Day Or Anniversary - By

Congratulations to Harold & Karen!

Description: Greetings! My name is Vincent James, and I write and sing Custom Love Songs for couples and families through my website Over the last several years I have written dozens of songs for clients all over the world including Australia, England, India, Canada, Singapore and the USA. My clients and the song recipient always tell me how incredibly emotional and powerful this one of a kind gift is, and how thankful they are to have received it. This unique gift is perfect for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or as a very special Anniversary or Wedding gift that will last forever. Our Gold package is currently being offered for $ 289 and this package includes 2 CD copies of the song, a specially framed CD (for wall-hanging) and a vanity website at (ie. . I invite you to listen to a few song samples on our homepage at, with some additional song samples and testimonials available on our Custom Songs page. If you would like additional information please submit a Custom Song request at . Thanks and Happy Spring! ~Vincent James @

Price: $289.00 Visit the Website

TripShooter Vacation Photography

TripShooter Vacation Photographers in Europe

Description: TripShooter offers exquisite couple photo shoots for lovers on holidays across all major European cities, such as Paris, Rome, Venice, Milan and London... more than thirty cities in all. “We’ve hand-picked top professional photographers from right across Europe,” says TripShooter co-founder, Jade Maitre. “And the results so far have been amazing. People love the experience of being photographed together with their partner – it helps them feel beautiful and connected." "Our photographers capture authentic moments in a way that a studio shoot could never do. And with some of Europe's most stunning cities as a backdrop, it's a once-in-a-lifetime gift." TripShooter offers gift cards on its website, and bookings can be made entirely online. That means everything is ready to go by the time lovers arrive in their exotic destination. With all TripShooter’s professional photographers being fluent in English, everything's set to create a stress-free and unique experience in the world's most beautiful places. A TripShooter couple shoot is a uniquely romantic gift for couples on a luxurious getaway.

Price: $169.00 to $469.00 Visit the Website

LELO Ora Vibrator

LELO Ora Vibrator

Description: LELO Ora is the world's most sophisticated oral sex simulator! Melt into feelings of pure oral pleasure with the first ever sensual massager to offer long, seductive swirls and intense pulsations on and around the clitoris. A turbo or INTENSE setting delivers 30% more power along with 10 rotation and vibration patterns giving women the same pleasure that is enjoyed during oral sex. Super smooth and made with body-safe silicone, Ora is also rechargeable and waterproof. Discover for yourself if LELO Ora is better than the real thing!

Price: $169.00 Visit the Website

The Couples Vibrator

The Ultimate Couples Vibrator

Description: Worn during sex, this couples vibrator makes a man feel bigger, gives her added gspot stimulation and provides her with clitoral stimulation. It is remote controlled, rechargeable and waterproof with 10 levels of intensity with 6 vibration modes. Key Features: Wireless remote control Smooth, soft medical grade silicone body Firm mid-section for snug fit for use during intercourse or solo use. Also makes a great panty vibe for use on the town Two powerful motors that are very quiet 100% waterproof Eco-friendly rechargeable battery included. USB connection 6-hour charge delivers up to 3 hours of play Discreet carry case for charging and travel 1-year manufacturer warranty Easy to clean. Remote has replaceable lithium cell battery (CR2032) which is included. Use only with waterbased lubricants Remote range of 3 meters (10 feet)

Price: $159.99 Visit the Website

We-Vibe 4 Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe 4 Couples Vibrator

Description: Add more intimacy & variety in the bedroom with a sex toy for couples that is worn while having sex for extra stimulation to the clitoris & the G-spot. The curved clitoral stimulator gently rests between the labia, while the G-spot stimulator sits in place behind the pelvic bone, up and out of the way providing plenty of room for the penis. Both partners experience extra pleasure with the We-Vibe 4: She wears it during sex for extra stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot, while he feels vibration on his penis. The We-Vibe 4 is a remote controlled vibrator that can be controlled either by the remote or just by using the toy. The control button on the top of the clitoral stimulator, cycles through 6 vibration modes. The remote control also allows you to control the speed and vibration patterns. The We-Vibe 4 includes the "Echo Vibe" mode, which alternates between G-spot and clitoral vibration and only 1 part of the toy is vibrating. The eco-friendly USB charger base also acts as a discreet storage case and is excellent for travel. We-Vibe 4 is also 100% waterproof making it easy to use in the bath or shower.

Price: $159.00 Visit the Website

What's Your Biggest Fantasy? We've Got You Covered...

The Fantasy Box

Description: The Fantasy Box is a subscription service created to provide couples with an effortless way to introduce a new level of fun and communication into their love lives without stress, guilt, or judgment. Each month a box arrives at your door filled with an fully preplanned, choreographed, creative date night experience that will expand your horizons, bring you closer, and leave you anticipating the next box every month!

Price: $34.00 to $159.00 Visit the Website

Creating Intimacy & Love - A Home Study Course

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth & Freddy Zental Weaver, producers of TantraNova Home Study Course

Description: Learn how to create intimacy and love in the privacy of your home. This TantraNova Home Study Course is a great way to be introduced to our foundational practices through TantraNova’s "Creating Intimacy & Love DVD" and the "Foundational Practices CD." The Course will also guide you in the more advanced healing rituals for the woman and the man through "The Discovery of Sexual-Spiritual Connection DVD." Our Home Study Course is intended for the couple or individual who either wants to prepare for attending a live-workshop with us or who may not be able to travel to Chicago or other places where we offer our workshop retreats. This is a 3-disc set consisting of two video DVDs and one audio CD.

Price: $30.00 to $65.00 Visit the Website

Couple's Key Chains

RedEnvelope Couples Key Chain

Description: Cupid’s signature holiday is an ideal time to show some lover to your significant others, family and friends, but don’t forget yourself! With gifts that run the gamut from playful to personalized to praiseworthy, RedEnvelope has got your number. Gift this Couple's Key Chain to your one and only on Valentine's Day so you can keep a piece of each other everywhere you go.

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

The Twitten - World's First TWO-HANDED MITTEN

Twitten on GMA

Description: Twitten Mitten - the world's FIRST two handed mitten that allows you to hold hands with your sweetheart when it's cold. Not just outside but it's the DATE TWITTEN - in cold movie theaters, museums, shopping malls, and anywhere else it is cold! Great for honeymoons, walks on the beach too. 50% Alpaca / 30% Wool / 20% Acrylic One Size Fits Most Couples Other products by Twitten LLC: fashionable long texting gloves (great for in cold offices. Keeps hands and arms warm leaving fingers free for typing, texting and phone calls), texting mittens, scarfhat, legwarmers (also great for dancers) are making a comeback in fashion.

Price: $25.00 to $44.00 Visit the Website

Partners In Passion: A Guide To Great Sex, Emotional Intimacy And Long-term Love

Partners in Passion

Description: Most of us long for an intimate relationship, and though texting and emailing may keep us superficially connected and feeling momentarily sexy, it ultimately cannot create the kind of intimacy necessary to sustain a deep, fulfilling, and lasting partnership. Developing the connections and intimacy that everyone craves takes time and skill. In Partners in Passion, Michaels and Johnson provide readers with a fun, step-by-step, phase-by-phase guide to discovering true, deep, loving, and romantically sexual relationships that will last for decades.

Price: $21.95 Visit the Website

Tantalize Massage Lotion

Tantalize Massage Lotion

Description: Tantalize, a new lotion from the makers of Astroglide, helps you increase desire in the bedroom and possibly outside of it! The massage lotion fuses botanical aphrodisiacs and pheromones with a sultry blend of sunflower oil wax silicone and water to create a uniquely sensual massage lotion with the light scent of Tahitian Breeze to help set the tone for a romantic adventure.

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Passion Boost™ Synergy Mist

Passion Boost™ Synergy Mist

Description: Indulge your sensual nature and experience more passion and zest for life. Formerly known as Aphrodisia, our premium aromatic fusion is crafted from rare and exotic plant oils of sandalwood, neroli and jasmine. Stimulate desire and passion in your life with these versatile and all natural Passion Boosts in the bedroom and on the go! Use as a room spray to create a sultry atmosphere. Mist after bathing or throughout the day to rejuvenate the senses. Mist the bed linens for an intimate evening.

Price: $15.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

Love In Letters Notecards

I Paid the Light Bill Just to See Your Face

Description: I Paid the Light Bill Just to See Your Face (Princeton Architectural Press) Celebrated public artist Stephen Powers painted these charming expressions of encouragement and devotion for loved ones near and far-flung. Powers has borrowed the conventions of sign painting to craft brightly colored love notes with messages that are sincere and just a bit sentimental. Send one of these simple and bold declarations of affection to let your sweetheart know: "I paid the light bill just to see your face." Published in conjunction with Powers' new book, A Love Letter to the City.

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

Kissing: A Field Guide

Kissing: A Field Guide

Description: Kissing is an art form. A great kiss can stop traffic, start a five-alarm fire, and feel like Times Square on New Year's Eve. Get your smooch on with all the different tricks and tips found inside the new handy guide Kissing: A Field Guide. Bestselling author and columnist Violet Blue helps you choose—and perfect—your very own unforgettable kissing style. Learn all you need to end that date on just the right note.

Price: $10.95 Visit the Website

Use LOVE OILS To Make Your Love Organic: GOOD CLEAN LOVE

Love Oils

Description: Good Clean Love's Love Oils are made with therapeutic grade essential oil formulas that are made to stimulate arousal through scent. Our Love Oils respond to individual pheromones and body chemistry to create a completely unique scent for each person who uses them. When a couple uses them together, they create a unique scent bridge between them that enhances their experience.

Price: $10.00 to $24.00 Visit the Website

Sexual Enlightenment: How To Create Lasting Fulfillment In Life, Love And Intimacy

Sexual Enlightenment - the book

Description: Sexual Enlightenment provides a guide for anyone—from couples to singles, from parents to students, from professionals to entrepreneurs—looking for bringing lasting fulfillment into their lives, relationships and work. Introducing cutting-edge principles and inspiring practices on how to access innate creative energy, listen to the wisdom of the heart, and connect with the power of the conscious mind, Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver offer a road map that can alter and enlighten the way you look at sexual energy, love, and your conscious self. They provide practical advice on how to: • access peace and joy anytime and anywhere by calming the unending chatter in your mind; • circulate your life force energy within for achieving greater physical health, increased emotional well-being, and deeper spiritual connection; • feel confident, grounded, and vital in yourself by accessing and training your love muscle; • experience an instant love connection with your partner, avoiding debilitating fights and mutual accusations; • come into balance of your yin and yang nature for creating the life and relationships you always wanted; • release blocks from the past that no longer serve you and keep you from experiencing fulfillment in life, love, and intimacy; • bring pleasure into your daily life by tapping into your creative life force energy; • enjoy reawakening your feminine joyous self as a woman; • cultivate sustaining your masculine pleasurable energy as a man; and • draw on your life-giving sexual energy to infuse your wishes and realize your dreams.

Price: $10.00 to $12.00 Visit the Website

Why She Won't Sleep With You Anymore* *and How You Can Change That--fast!

Why She Won't is available on Amazon!

Description: The ground-breaking guide for men who are in a no- or low-sex relationship and are starved for sex with their woman! Women: This is the ideal gift for husbands and boyfriends who just don't understand how a woman's libido works! Find quick solutions such as: * How to End Your Sexual Stalemate * How to Stop Asking Her for Sex--and Get It Without Ever Asking Again! * How to Get Your No-Sex-Tonight Mate to Hunger For and Love Sex with You * How to Decode Her Sexual Fantasies Through Her Everyday Behavior--And Then Ignite Them * How to Take Back Your Power and Make Both of You Happier * How Anyone (Yes, You!) Can Master Seduction The book is teeming with unforgettable tips and pull-quotes and even leaves the reader with a quick, indispensable checklist to prevent backsliding into habits that may have contributed to sexual stalemate. Preview readers have suggested the book is not just for men but is also a must-have for long misunderstood women to read and then give to their men. One previewer stated simply, “Why wait until the sex is gone? This book should be read by every man, from 18-80.”

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

April Showers By Sportsheets

Why do you have Sex in the Shower?

Description: What comes to mind when you think of the month of April? “April Showers!” Sportsheets International has come up with ways to take your “shower” experience to the next level with our Sex In The Shower line of shower and bath products. For those of who love company in the shower, why not make it more exciting by creating a wet fantasy wonderland. With these safe and easy to use products, you’ll be in intimate positions that you couldn’t imagine were possible while being in the shower. Embark on an adventure and explore your sexual fantasies by adding some restraint play with Sex In The Shower products by Sportsheets, the possibilities are endless! Check out our website at to find out where to buy near you.

Price: $9.99 to $49.99 Visit the Website

As Natural As Nature: ALOE CADABRA

Aloe Cadabra Gift Box

Description: There have been studies on the growing lubricant market. Proof reveals that $82 million worth of lubricants were sold in US drug stores last year alone. If you dig further, you discover that most of these lubricants are bodily harmful, and contains chemicals found in oven cleaner and antifreeze. These hazardous lubricants have the potential to damage your sensitive genital tissues, and may increase your risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), even HIV. ALOE CADABRA is the only brand certified to new Organic Standards. It is the only brand made with 95% of organic Aloe Vera. These Peppermint Tingle Sensation, Tahitian Vanilla Flavor, Pina Colada Flavor, French Lavender Scent, in addition to the Natural Aloe Unscented lubricant.

Price: $9.95 to $29.95 Visit the Website

Tickle Your Fancy

Learn to free your mind for all the pleasure you deserve

Description: This bestselling book is like a gentle tour to a woman's body. It clears away the myths, and replaces them with fun, safe techniques designed to bring you to orgasm again and again. Easy to read and even easier to try, you'll find more than 30 masturbation techniques and 60 tasteful illustrations. Perfect for women of all ages, and for men who want to drive their lovers wild.

Price: $9.95 Visit the Website

Tickle His Pickle

Tickle His Pickle

Description: Here's the penis instruction manual that should come with every guy. All the highly orgasmic touches and techniques that will rev up your passion, rekindle his intimacy, and spark the reddest, hottest, lustiest sex ever. Tickle His Pickle informs, entertains and reveals the penis secrets women long to know. It offers more than 100 fun, tasteful, titillating illustrations to guide your discoveries. Tickle Your Pickle offers secret touching tips for the HE-spot & other pleasure zones, plus many more turn-ons—for both of you!

Price: $9.95 Visit the Website

Tickle My Tush: Mild-to-Wild Analplay Adventures For Everybooty

Tickle My Tush

Description: This smart new paperback guides women and men to the true pleasures of the under-explored seat of love. With Dr. Sadie's trademark tongue-in-cheek narrative, together with dozens of tasteful illustrations, Tickle My Tush clearly shows how to enjoy these newfound thrills—comfortably, safely and pleasurably. Designed from mild-to-wild, backdoor-curious couples can easily find their personal approach and comfort levels—and at their own pace. From mild outercourse joys like sensual butt massage and gentle fingerplay, to wild orgasmic sensations of butt toys, innercourse and the table-turning thrills of "pegging", they will feel confident with the tips and techniques that dispel fears and skyrocket pleasures.

Price: $9.95 Visit the Website

Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets For Better Bucking

Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking

Description: A truly modern communication tool, this gem of a book empowers women and men to experience the best lovemaking of their lives. In Ride 'Em Cowgirl!, Dr. Sadie teaches how to enlighten and stimulate your sexual appetite, then reveals new lovemaking angle variations and techniques that set off deep, body-wide orgasms that'll take your breath away! Her secret? Dr. Sadie tailors each position to your body shape together with your lover's body shape, with special attention to your own unique penis-vagina fit. And instead of page after page of impossible pretzel poses, she illustrates over 100 ways to tweak the positions you already love, that'll heighten your lovemaking pleasures. Comfortably!

Price: $9.95 Visit the Website

Toygasms! The Insider's Guide To Sex Toys And Techniques

Toygasms! The Insider's Guide To Sex Toys And Techniques

Description: Why not let Dr. Sadie guide you through today's vast sextoy jungle to discover the shapes, sizes and heightened sensations you truly crave—even if you're just starting! Best of all, Dr. Sadie provides the complete instructions that never seem to come in the box—inspiring ideas that will add instant enjoyment to your lovemaking(and all your solo sex adventures as well!)Come rock your world. Discover the many fun, safe ways to enjoy an endless stream of 'scrape-me-off-the-ceiling' orgasms—at home, on vacation—even at the office!

Price: $9.95 Visit the Website

Make That Kiss Memorable Forever: KISSTIXX Lip Balm


Description: KISSTIXX® flavored lip balm comes in complimentary flavors that combine and react when two partners kiss. Designed and manufactured in Utah, KISSTIXX® distributes its groundbreaking lip balm to retailers and consumers around the world to take lip locking to the next level. These beeswax-based balms also have coconut oil, Vitamin E, aloe, and SPF 15 and come in flavor combinations like Fire & Ice, Peaches & Cream, and Sweet & Sour.

Price: $5.99 to $50.00 Visit the Website

Perfect Proposal Toolkit

Perfect Proposal Toolkit logo

Description: Planning the perfect marriage proposal is a daunting task, let alone uttering the actual words “Will you marry me?” In February, diamond and gem experts American Gem Society and American Gem Society Laboratories will launch for the second year the Perfect Proposal Toolkit. The Perfect Proposal Toolkit is an online resource - located at - created to provide suggestions and inventive recommendations for both traditional and unconventional wedding proposals. The Toolkit keeps it easy by categorizing and providing tips for romantic, funny, adventurous, “2.0” and simple proposals. The site also provides expert advice on selecting the type of ring with which to propose, including what to look for when selecting the proper stones, settings, colors, sizes, etc. To provide plenty of time to plan a small or large scale proposal, the Perfect Proposal Toolkit will be live for “proposal season” – kicking off February 1 in advance of Valentine’s Day and continuing through March 20, which is recognized as National Proposal Day. Visitors to the Perfect Proposal Toolkit can enter to win a $2,500 gift card to use at any participating American Gem Society member jewelers. The Toolkit offers an easy to use “Find A Jeweler” feature that provides contact information on all 1,700 American Gem Society certified jewelers throughout the United States.

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

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