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PERFECT REJECT Celebrate Our Differences And Imperfections


Description: PERFECT REJECT – Tattered, torn and loved are plush toys, unique as sculptures, evoking our empathy by joyfully reflecting our human imperfections. Play with a lovable PERFECT REJECT, open a doorway to celebrate our differences. Celebrate imperfection as a source of joy, strength, magic and empowerment. Imperfect means I’m perfect/you’re perfect – just the way we are. Doppelganger’s and special orders are available. Celebrate our Differences and Imperfections. Imperfect means I’m perfect/you're perfect - just the way we are

Price: $150.00 to $800.00 Visit the Website

"Next Step" By Timothy K. Lynn

Description: Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, unfocused, depressed, anxious, worried, empty, or just like you’re not living up to your full potential? Are you ready to make your next step a step in the right direction? Next Step: How to Start Living Intentionally and Discover What God Really Wants for Your Life by Timothy K. Lynn will show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be—and it all starts from where you are right now. Wanting to put his life on the right track, author Timothy K. Lynn developed the powerful Next Step system out of necessity. At the age of 16, Lynn had a wife and child, had dropped out of school, was on welfare and food stamps, and was working seven days a week just to make ends meet. Now a successful businessman, Lynn has used the Next Step system for over three decades. A faith-filled system for intentional living, Next Step shows you how to discover what God wants for your life. Ideal for individual study and small groups, Next Step addresses four key components—faith, self, family life, and life’s work. For anyone ready to receive God’s grace, and create a life of meaning, purpose, and abundance, Next Step is the ideal next step.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

Survivorman Season 5 On Blu-Ray

Survivorman Season 5 Les Cover

Description: Les Stroud returns to the most captivating and harsh wilderness in the world to survive with little food, no water or gear, and no safety or camera crew. This NEW season 5 series follows Les as he survives in remote locations of Grenada, and Tierra del Fuego. Then watch Survivorman and Son attempt to survive in Tofino and Wabakimi! He’s doing all the wrong things to teach you how to get it right.

Price: $19.99 to $24.99 Visit the Website

Dogtology: Live. Bark. Believe By Jeff Lazarus

Dogtology by Jeff Lazarus

Description: Are you obsessed with your dog? You are in good company because 80 million people are crazy dog lovers. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, DOGTOLOGY: Live. Bark. Believe by Jeff Lazarus tells man’s longstanding, fanatical devotion to the dog. A whimsical, satirical celebration of the relationship between dogs and humans, Dogtology will resonate with dog lovers because they all engage in the same system of rituals, practices and behaviors personified by Dogtologists the world over.

Price: $16.95 to $19.95 Visit the Website

A Pitch Black Comedy In Which One Man Takes On The Duty Of Bludgeoning Honor Back Into A Sometimes Dishonorable World

Baseball Dads: A Love Story

Description: THE BOOK:An irreverent, politically incorrect, over the top, offensive story about sex, drugs, murder and little league baseball that takes place in and around Ft. Worth, Texas – and all the devious planning happens while playing golf at the local country club! SYNOPSIS:Father. Husband. Coach. Golfer. Successful landscaping company owner. Hero. Pothead. Vigilante. Murderer. Outlaw. Jedi. Meet Dwayne Devero. He’s just like you and me, except he simply doesn’t give a s**t any more. He’s had enough. He’s done with people living life wrong. You’ll do it right, or he’ll bury you under the bases at the ballpark where he coaches. It’s just that simple. Tired of poor decisions being made all around him, from the politics of player positions on his son's little league baseball team to the philandering of his wife in his own bedroom, Dwayne decides that breaking is better than bending. What follows is a wild ride full of carnage and revenge, led by a man who will stop at absolutely nothing to bring honor back to his family, his community… and children's baseball. Baseball Dads… Sex, drugs, murder, and children's baseball.

Price: $14.95 to $16.95 Visit the Website

Wacky Romantic Comedy: Saving Grapes, By J.T. Lundy

Saving Grapes, a romantic comedy by J.T. Lundy

Description: Award-winning author J.T. Lundy's new romantic comedy, Saving Grapes, is a fun, good-hearted Wodehousian read filled with flawed but colorful characters in a zany tale of wine, women, nuns and villains -- as well as a story of redemption and the power of friendship and loyalty. Thirty-two-year-old Jason Barnes has lost his job and his heart. To make matters (much!) worse, his meddling ex-wife and a wild golf cart fiasco get him in trouble with the law. If can't raise $60,000 to pay a fine in thirty days, he will go to jail. In what looks like a lucky break, Jason suddenly inherits a French vineyard, worth millions -- but there's one catch: if he goes to jail, the vineyard will go to his unscrupulous step-brother. Desperate for cash, Jason travels to France to sell the vineyard, only to discover it's farmed by formidable nuns who must bestow their blessing before he can sell. Complications ensue as he launches a madcap series of dubious schemes and finds himself falling for a French woman. "Although the main character is thirty-two years old, he really is still a child," says Lundy. "He walks a morally fine line throughout the book, eventually redeeming himself in the end. But is his redemption authentic? Readers have come in on both sides of the argument."

Price: $7.99 to $15.95 Visit the Website

Shadow Knight's Mate By Jay Brandon

Shadow Knight's Mate

Description: Shadow Knight's Mate follows the endeavors of Jack Driscoll, a member of a Secret Society that has affected world politics for two centuries. This novel of international espionage begins with a bizarre terrorist attack meant to discredit a secret society that has been attempting to steer historical events for more than a century. Jack Driscoll, a member of the society, and Israeli security specialist Rachel Green partner up with a sexy but mysterious woman in order to prevent a second attack, this one intended to disrupt a global economic summit in Europe. Together they must make sure the president of the United States attends the summit while keeping him safe from assassins who would like nothing more than to start a world war by killing the leader of the free world while he is on foreign soil.

Price: $7.95 to $12.95 Visit the Website

When The Past Came Calling By Larry S. Kaplan

When The Past Came Calling

Description: Settling in for a routine day at the office in 1989, high school memories are the furthest thing from David Miller's mind. But when an unexpected phone call interrupts the personal injury lawyer's midafternoon slump, he is surprised to hear from Michael Eisenberg--a former debate partner who went on to become the US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois. But Michael isn't just calling to chat. He's working with the FBI on a high-stakes case: investigating the disappearance of a revolutionary government scientist--one whose bio-evolutionary research could turn Darwinism on its ear, and pose a threat to national security. The main suspect? Cult leader Philip Montgomery, who happens to have a strong connection to David's past. If David hopes to help crack the case, the attorney has to delve into a sea of old memories, revisiting people and places left behind long ago. One such person is former best friend Benny Friedman, who has clearly gone off the deep end. Obsessed with the JFK assassination, he insists he has evidence that Oswald wasn't acting alone. But as David's old memories continue to surface, a startling deception comes to light--uncovering the truth in a most unexpected way...

Price: $6.99 to $11.99 Visit the Website

Now On ITunes: Beethoven Comes To Your IPhone With The Great Kat Shred Guitar Ringtones

The Great Kat Ringtones on iTunes

Description: Customize your iPhone with Thrilling Ringtones From The Great Kat -- World’s Fastest Guitar/Violin Virtuoso -- Android Version Coming Soon http://www.thomas-pr.com/greatkat/greatkatringtonesonitunes.html The Great Kat http://www.greatkat.com and MVD Entertainment Group announced today that iTunes is today premiering ringtones from The Great Kat, legendary Juilliard grad violin virtuoso turned fastest guitar shredder in the world. More info available at: http://www.greatkat.com/ringtones/greatkatringtones.html. The Great Kat - Versatile Violin/Guitar Icon The versatile Juilliard graduate violin virtuoso turned “Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time” (Guitar One Magazine), The Great Kat switches from her signature fireworks and phenomenal guitar shredding to Classical violin pyrotechnics, now available for the first time as ringtones. Customize your iPhone with The Great Kat’s Shred/Classical hits (Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Liszt) along with original shred metal music. One of The Great Kat ringtones, Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” is now featured on Tesco’s TV commercial for the wildly popular Activision video game “Call of Duty: Ghosts” (http://youtu.be/6tW_ik2J000).

Price: $1.29 Visit the Website

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