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Give The Gift Of Health For The Holiday's From Three-time Author, Laura Cipullo, RD

Laura Cipullo, RD Give the Gift of Health with the Body Clock Diet new book, nutriion tune-in & tote bag

Description: give the gift of health, with a :30 minute nutrition tune in and more for $100. Give the Gift of Health for the Holiday's from three-time author, Laura Cipullo, RD The new Women's Health Body Clock Diet book, 30 minute "Nutrition Tune-In" group consultation and Laura's signature tank or tote bag for only $100! The best way to show your family and friends a thoughtful gift this holiday season is to give them, the "Nutrition Tune-In," Gift of Health package. Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE, CEDRD and frequent guest on CBS, Fox News, Better TV and Headline New is offering enticing nutrition packages with affordable prices for you choose from for the holiday season. The "Nutrition Tune-In" holiday package includes one 30 - minute group consultation via webinar, a signed copy of the new Women's Health Body Clock Diet book, and her signature tank or tote bag for only $100.

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Joyohboy Books

Joyohboy Books

Description: Books that inspire, teach, and enlighten. With a mission to raise peaceful children, Kathy Walsh’s award winning series of books help bring back balance and harmony to the lives of children. They give parents the tools needed to raise kids in a mindful and compassionate way. In our fast-paced digital lives, it’s easy to lose touch with core values. These books help children find joy and see life through the lens of love.

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Purely Delicious

Description: Purely Delicious has 500 + pages with over 230 of celeb chef and international bestselling author, Teresa Cutter's favorite healthy recipes using the freshest whole foods, fruits, and vegetables. Her aim of writing this book is to get people cooking their own food and eating healthier, so everyone can live better lives filled with good health and happiness. This whole food cook book is filled with full page images and simple instructions for every recipe and makes the perfect gift for someone you care about. This vintage cook book has a gorgeous pillow cover and gingham style green ribbon that adds that finishing touch. THE HEALTHY CHEF - Purely Delicious is now available from The Healthy Chef eStore and selected bookstores.

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Hippie Chick: A Tale Of Love, Devotion, & Surrender

Hippie Chick: A Tale of Love, Devotion, & Surrender

Description: Hippie Chick is a fine art, hardcover coffee table book by famed rock and roll photographer Jay Blakesberg. Featuring 445 images shot over the past three decades, Hippie Chick celebrates the unique connection between the vibrant community of free-spirited women who are inspired by, and help inspire, live music. Blakesberg’s visual anthropology beautifully captures the feminine festival and concert archetypes, and the individuals, who have graced the fields and performance halls of America since 1980. Earth mamas and fairy princesses, hula hoopers and whirling dervishes, front row regulars and flower crown makers; the entire tribe of dedicated, music-loving women―their fashion and their passion―is sensuously brought to life through Blakesberg’s artful lens. Iconic rocker and pioneering hippie chick Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane) provides the book’s Foreword, offering a retrospective of women in the original hippie-era music scene. In the Afterword, modern-day hippie chick and freewheeling frontwoman Grace Potter considers how women today carry on the legacy of the demographic. Freelance journalist Edith Johnson contributes the book’s Introduction and chapter essays, entitled “Love,” “Devotion,” and “Surrender.” During the preparation of Hippie Chick, Johnson interviewed 81 different women from the live music scene. Their colorful anecdotes have been distilled into a series of quotes selected to accompany Blakesberg’s images, bringing further dimension to the book’s overarching theme of what it means to be a hippie chick.

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Fare Thee Well: Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of The Grateful Dead

Fare Thee Well: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Grateful Dead

Description: A photographic document of the Grateful Dead’s final five “Fare Thee Well” concerts in Santa Clara, Ca. and Chicago, Il.. The book follows the final reunion of the “core four” surviving members of the Grateful Dead - Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, and Bob Weir- along with Trey Anastasio from Phish, Jeff Chimenti on keyboards and Bruce Hornsby on piano as they say goodbye with 5 magical nights of music. This historical book presents beautiful spreads of epic and exclusive live and backstage images by Jay Blakesberg and his photo team, and features a foreword by basketball legend and Major Domo Deadhead Bill Walton with an afterword by David Lemieux, the official archivist for the Grateful Dead.

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New WWI Book, “The Baker Boys”

This is a story not just of the war, but also of family misfortune, emigration and brotherly love

Description: When most can be deleted with the push of a button, how much history will we leave for our own ancestors to remember us by? This very thought occurred to Russell Baker when he discovered his grandfather, Victor Baker’s, century old, long forgotten, World War I diary. In addition to vividly describing battles and near death experiences from German U-boats, the journal revealed an unknown family secret; Victor had an older brother, Malcolm, who gave his life during the conflict. Baker, along with historian Clint McInnes scoured the diary and pieced together the unique war story of the brothers. They detailed their findings in the book “The Baker Boys.” Containing pictures, quotes, excerpts from the actual diary, as well as little known facts about World War I, ‘the war to end all wars’.

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Your Kids: Cooking! A Recipe For Turning Ordinary Kids Into Extraordinary Cooks

Book Cover

Description: Your Kids: Cooking! is a fun and engaging hands-on cooking program that prepares kids for a lifetime of healthy eating by teaching them how to turn fresh, wholesome ingredients into healthy and delicious meals. Much more than a just a cookbook, YKC is a multimedia cooking program that teaches kids how to cook in a structured, fun, and engaging way. Through the seamless coordination of step-by-step demonstrations on the DVD with written and pictorial directions in the book, budding chefs are effortlessly guided through the preparation of 20 delicious and healthy meals the whole family can enjoy. Upon completing the program, young chefs will have acquired all the cooking skills, techniques, methods and confidence they need to cook virtually anything they want. In addition to learning to cook, kids also learn the basics of nutrition and how to make healthy food choices.

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The Art of Pixar from PAPYRUS

Description: If you're looking for a great read, PAPYRUS and their new boutique, NIQUEA.D has what you're looking for. From vintage-style fashion, travel, cooking, and history NIQUEA.D has the perfect book for you. Not your interest? Not a problem! PAPYRUS has a variety of children’s books and funny reads. No matter the book, you’re bound to find something that makes a perfect gift for you or someone you love when you shop both PAPYRUS and NIQUEA.D!

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China That Was 1985-1989

China that was 1985-1989

Description: Hector McLeod lived in China between the years of 1985 and 1989 and was amazed by both the people he encountered and the drastic industrial changes he witnessed during this 4-year span. His new book, “China that was 1985-1989: Through the eyes of an Expat resident” explores both day-to-day life as well as the rapid modernization caused by the power and occasionally corruption of the ruling party at the time.

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How To Overcome The Power Of The Golf Ball

PGA Certified Professional, Instruction benefits golfers of all levels in new book

Description: Golf professional, Ollen Stephens believes that many never take up golf due to the perception that it’s ‘too difficult’. He’s made it his life’s mission to alter this negative stereotype. “Anything worth obtaining requires a process, golf included,” Stephens said. “However, the notion that golf is inherently more difficult than other hobbies or occupations is laughable. I believe that any individual can easily learn or improve their golf game.” Stephens, along with golf businessman Andrew Cohn has released “How to Overcome the Power of the Golf Ball”, an informative guide that provides any golfer looking to play better from recreational to scratch golfers with a blueprint to improve their swing and measure the progress of their golf game. The pair outlines Stephen’s practical and proven system that improves golf games and increases enjoyment with every step along the fairway. Please visit for more information.

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"Beyond Myself" By Anita Dennis

"Beyond Myself" by Anita Dennis

Description: Anita Dennis’ college anthropology class led to an unprecedented life journey as she married her professor, the chief of the Mende tribe in Liberia, West Africa. For more than 10-years, Dennis and her husband traveled throughout Africa and experienced a side of life that most can only imagine. Dennis met the president of Liberia, slept in mud huts, visited European capitals and was carried through the high forest in a chief’s hammock. Upon her husband’s passing, Dennis penned a memoir of their time together titled “Beyond Myself: The Farm Girl and the African Chief”. The book shares her struggles as she is accepted into the Mende tribe and lives in Vahun with an ‘off and on’ kerosene fridge, swarming termites and pungent elephant meat delivered in the middle of the night. “In addition to entertainment value, I hope that my story provides a forum to share racial and cultural experiences and thus expand understanding between races and cultures,” Dennis said.

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"The Soul Comes First" By Brian Balke

"The Soul Comes First"

Description: As a PhD. holder in particle physics, Brian Balke views the world through a different spiritual lens than most. This unique vantage point has allowed him to make profound connections between his Christian beliefs and the scientific world. Balke’s new book, “The Soul Comes First” focuses on the Bible not as a justification of faith, but as the history of a focused effort to transform human nature so that we can do a great spiritual work.

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The Conciliators ByJames J. Kaufman A Great Thriller With Heart

The third book of The Collectibles series by James J. Kaufman

Description: A dramatic page turner, The Conciliators is chock-full of danger and excitement featuring successful but beleaguered car dealer Preston Wilson in the fight of his life. Set in New York City, Wilson faces his toughest challenges yet. Whether it’s the FBI, the Mafia or the Bank, Preston stands to lose everything and bring down everyone close to him. In Kaufman’s new book, The Conciliators, Preston Wilson’s life is imploding and he is surprised to learn who is the catalyst for this crisis. Under fire, thanks to the diabolical financial shenanigans of a prep school roommate, the CEO finds himself in trouble again. If he doesn’t come up with a plan—and quickly—he could lose everything and find himself, his wife and his shareholders in prison. Inspired by Joe Hart’s life lessons, Preston sets a new course, vowing to fight for what matters most: his family, his friends, and the Collectibles.

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New Book,

“Universal Mind Revealed” explores biblical phrases and symbols

Description: "Universal Mind Revealed” explores phrases and symbols that frequently confuse or discourage sincere individuals from pursuing biblical understanding. It offers readers tools for practical application of concepts to help them attain goals and neutralize negative vibrations in their day-to-day lives. “My expertise in the Kabbalah lies in my ability to interpret original Hebrew words used to write the verses of Genesis: one of the most misunderstood biblical books ever written,” Craven said.

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"The End Of Healing" By Dr. Jim Bailey

"The End of Healing" by Dr. Jim Bailey

Description: An extraordinary debut novel, The End of Healing tells the story of a tenacious young doctor who charts a dangerous course to expose the truth about the medical industry. In The End of Healing, Bailey pulls back the exam room curtain to reveal giant healthcare industries spiraling out of control. Alternately mesmerizing and terrifying, heart-wrenching and infuriating, The End of Healing is a rare work of fiction that both fascinates and empowers readers to seek true healing. Informed by Bailey’s two and a half decades in medicine and public health, The End of Healing arms readers with the understanding they need to pass safely through the maze of modern medicine, take charge of their own health, and remake our broken healthcare system.

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“Our Beguine: The Dance Of Life”

“Our Beguine: The Dance of Life”

Description: After the passing of his wife, Donna, Joel Levin was caught between feelings of despair and ongoing love. He penned a memoir of his relationship with Donna titled, “Our Beguine” to explore and recreate the soul-to-soul relationship shared by the two and celebrate their 57-years of love. “Although our life’s journey was never perfect and often a mixture of pleasure and problems, it was an unforgettable and unimaginable ride.”

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Hidden Strengths: Unleashing The Crucial Leadership Skills You Already Have

Hidden Strengths

Description: Books like StrengthsFinder 2.0 have helped leaders discover their strengths--but they stop there. The Sindells argue that focusing only on your best abilities neglects a vital development opportunity. They show how to identify hidden strengths that can be quickly elevated into full strengths with attention and focus. Working mainly on your strengths can ultimately make you weaker, they argue--you need to continually add new skills, not rely on what you're already good at. And while most people assume that means they should try to turn their weaknesses into usable skills, the Sindells say that it takes too much time and effort --the ROI just isn't there. It's in the neglected middle skills, neither strengths nor weaknesses, that the most potent development opportunities lie. They're close enough to being strengths that putting your energy there can offer a powerful payoff. Using assessments, exercises, and case studies, the Sindells help you identify your most promising middle skills and create a plan to turn them into strengths. In today's work environment, not growing and stretching yourself translates into lack of innovation, stagnation, and obsolescence. Relying upon strengths is like relying upon training wheels - at a certain point you need to take them off in order to improve and grow. Visit to learn more about the book, identifying your "hidden Strengths", and maximizing your potential.

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Melanoma - Win The Fight

A must read book

Description: Win the Fight: Stomp Out Melanoma is an all-encompassing book that covers everything from melanoma skin cancer risk factors and diagnosis procedures to living well after treatment. With greater public awareness, early detection of melanoma skin cancer is on the rise while mortality rates are declining. This medical guide emphasizes that all patients should be well-informed decision-makers in their own treatment. It is updated with the latest patient treatment guidelines along with an advanced dictionary of cancer-related terms and critical questions to ask your health-care administrator Melanoma Specialist, Dr. Deepak Narayan, a renowned skin cancer expert and Surgical Oncologist, joined forces with Fitness and Metabolic Expert, spiritual mentor, and award-winning author Lisa Lynn to provide patients and their families with everything they need to know to Stomp Out Melanoma and Win the Fight against this deadly disease. Lynn's perspective as a former melanoma patient offers the unique perspective of both survivor and thriver. Win the Fight is a must-have guide for real people who are afflicted with any disease that affects the quality of life. More importantly, it brings hope to patients, families and caregivers. It offers a road map that leads to both surviving and thriving. A portion of the proceeds from each book sold will be donated to the Yale-New Haven hospital melanoma research fund to help make research dreams become a reality.

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“The Hero In Heroin: A Mother And Son’s Journey On Both Sides Of The Veil"

“The Hero in Heroin"

Description: Driven by grief, healing, and desire to help others while paying tribute her son, Miralia penned “The Hero in Heroin,” the story of the lessons she learned from her son’s battle with drugs. It’s Miralia’s hope that her book will help other families struggling with addiction, illness or loss. “The Hero in Heroin” is divided into three parts. Part one is the story of Micah; his upbringing, family life, successes and ultimately his perceived failures. Part two tells of Micah and Mindy’s spiritual reunion after Micah has transitioned into the afterlife. Mindy shares vivid encounters and occurrences that remind her that Micah is still with her at times today. Part three are excerpts from Micah’s writings. Micah was a gifted writer who began documenting life events as early as age five through his struggle with addiction.

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“The Debaters”

“The Debaters” By Barth Hoogstraten

Description: The book offers a glimpse of the final days of medieval Europe at one of the most crucial turning points in history. Readers experience first hand the personality conflicts between Luther, a sheltered family man and Erasmus, a bastard child, world traveler and one of the greatest humanists the world has ever seen. “Aside from their names and basic backgrounds, It dawned on me that I knew next to nothing about either Erasmus or Martin Luther; two of history’s greatest minds whose actions led to the reformation and positive change in the Catholic Church,” Hoogstraten said."

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"Waiting For The Cool Kind Of Crazy" By M.D. Moore

"Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy" by M.D. Moore

Description: An extraordinary debut novel, Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy is a story about finding courage in the face of fear, and casting off the shackles of the past. Harmon Burke, the novel’s protagonist, is haunted by three decades of his mother’s “un-cool” craziness and the mistakes of his own past. When the novel opens, Harmon’s mother is on her way back to the psychiatric hospital after another psychotic episode—an episode that nearly lands Harmon in jail. Landing an unusual lucky break, Harmon cashes in a literal “get out of jail free card” with one caveat: in order to avoid serving jail time, he promises to seek help for his issues. Harmon starts to see Boyd Freud, an eccentric ex-convict and unorthodox counselor with a wry sense of humor, and a penchant for strong coffee and unusual theories. Somehow, the rough-around-the-edges Boyd manages to convince Harmon to confront the trials that have dogged his past and present. But when Harmon’s high school sweetheart Emmy shows up on his doorstep, everything changes. Making sense of the past might lead Harmon to see the possibility of a future he’d given up on long ago.

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"Butterfly Waltz" By Jane Tesh

"Butterfly Waltz" by Jane Tesh

Description: A fun, fresh, fascinating fantasy tale, Butterfly Waltz introduces protagonist Des Fairweather, a young musician whose creative efforts are hampered by fears he may possess destructive magical powers. About Butterfly Waltz: When he helps his friend Jake Brenner, a tabloid writer on the hunt for a big supernatural story, Des Fairweather is swept up in a world of mystery and intrigue. Despite his skepticism of the validity of the stories Jake is seeking, Des reluctantly accompanies Jake on his latest adventure—all with the promise that Jake can help Des secure an audition with the city symphony, a break Des desperately needs. When Jake’s search takes the two out to the country to investigate an unusual phenomenon at the Snowden estate, Des encounters a startlingly beautiful young woman who claims to be magical. That young woman is Kalida, a mysterious creature who has escaped from the people of the Caverns and renounced their evil ways. But when Kalida is discovered, her people will stop at no end to get her to return to their world. Will Des be able to cast aside his fears in order to save Kalida….before it’s too late?

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“Babylon, DD4 And The Dancing Nun”

“Babylon, DD4 and the Dancing Nun”

Description: In “Babylon, DD4 and the Dancing Nun” four friends come of age during the uncertainty of World War II. The boys join wartime efforts and help with scrap drives and planting in the victory gardens. Just as the gardens mature, so do the boys. In baseball they find welcome distraction from their grief amid more joyful reminders of their youthful innocence. The book follows the boys through high school, courtship and eventually marriage; offering many important lessons about friendship and love.

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Dogtology: Live. Bark. Believe By Jeff Lazarus

Dogtology by Jeff Lazarus

Description: Are you obsessed with your dog? You are in good company because 80 million people are crazy dog lovers. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, DOGTOLOGY: Live. Bark. Believe by Jeff Lazarus tells man’s longstanding, fanatical devotion to the dog. A whimsical, satirical celebration of the relationship between dogs and humans, Dogtology will resonate with dog lovers because they all engage in the same system of rituals, practices and behaviors personified by Dogtologists the world over.

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Accounting Dreams & Delusions

Book Cover

Description: Accountants have dreams of helpful clients, numbers that match and CPAs who know their stuff. This book provides beautifully delusional pictures of the exceptional service that we dream of but rarely experience. Prepare to observe the epitome of professionalism fantasies, followed by a dose of what really happens in the accounting industry. Clients genuinely asking “Do you mind if I give you everything a week early?” CPAs promising “We won’t ask any repetitive questions.” There’s not much more that an accountant could ask for, except a raise and PTO before Memorial Day.

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"Ma" By Brian Balke

"Ma" by Brian Balke

Description: Technology has become an integral aspect of daily life, but does it deserve to be at the forefront of organized religion? Scientist, Brian Balke believes that the two are forever intertwined. In his book, “Ma” Balke describes a futuristic world that relies on science and technological advances to establish a peaceful and religious society. By weaving physics concepts with religious undertones and raw human interactions, Balke creates a tale of Christian love that speaks to the soul.

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Fantastical By Marija Bulatovic

Fantastical by Marija Bulatovic

Description: It’s been said that the truth is stranger than fiction. Marija Bulatovic’s dazzling debut, Fantastical: Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophilia, certainly underscores that adage. Fantastical, Bulatovic’s reflections on her Yugoslavian childhood, is a mesmerizing memoir that takes readers on a wild and unforgettable tour of a country that has vanished from the map, but lives on in this lively collection. With a pitch perfect voice, and a keen eye for capturing the absurd, the outrageous, the hilarious, the touching, and the sublime, Bulatovic weaves a rich tapestry. Bears, townspeople with questionable livelihoods, gypsies, quirky family members, foiled plans, unusual and unorthodox neighbors, Fantastical has it all. Lovingly told with an unmistakable fondness and deep affection, Fantastical is resplendent with humor, magic, and whimsy. An exquisite assortment of stories—each more delicious than the last—Fantastical is a tale to be savored.

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Who's Going To Watch My Kids?: Working Mothers' Humorous And Heartfelt Struggles To Find And Hold On To The Elusive Perfect Nanny

New Book "Who's Going To Watch My Kids" from Author Rachel Levy Lesser

Description: Who’s Going To Watch My Kids? is the true story of working mom Rachel Levy Lesser’s struggles to find and hold on to a nanny for her two young children. It also includes the stories of 15 other working moms and their humorous and heartfelt nanny tales. Each mother longs to employ the modern day Mary Poppins - that perfect nanny who they soon learn doesn't exist. This book explores the unique relationships that develop between working mothers (and fathers) and the nannies and the kids they care for. These relationships are more than professional yet not as intimate as familial ones (or sometimes even more so!) The working mothers in this book, Rachel included, put up with more issues from their nannies than they ever would with their employees in their offices, but in turn they also learn many lessons from their nannies and grow closer than they ever imagined. Rachel includes her own nanny rules based off of lessons learned from her experiences and those of the other mothers in the book.

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"The Silver Locket" By Sophia Bar-Lev

The Silver Locket by Sophia Bar-Lev

Description: A mesmerizing tale based on a true story, The Silver Locket is a sensational story about courage, destiny, and the redemptive power of love. When The Silver Locket opens, it’s July 1941 in Boston, Massachusetts. War is raging in Europe and the Pacific. But for two young women in a small town in New England waging their own personal battles, the struggle is way too close to home. When extraordinary circumstances bring these two women together, one decision will alter the course of their lives. And with that one decision, their lives will be forever changed…and forever intertwined. Were these two women thrust together by happenstance—or fate? A tragedy. A decision. A pact. Lives irretrievably changed. A baby girl will grow up in the shadow of a secret that must be kept at all costs. But will this secret ever see the light of day? And what happens when—or if—a promise made must be broken? Adopting a child is not for the feint of heart—but neither is being adopted…

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Family Changes: Explaining Divorce To Children By Azmaira Maker

Book Cover

Description: “Divorce” is a big word… especially for little kids. It’s hard for young children to understand what the word means, let alone how it will impact their lives—and it’s hard for us, as grown-ups, to explain it to them in terms they can fully comprehend. Nonetheless, when a child is involved in a family divorce or separation, it is crucial that he or she understands and embraces the changes… and this book will help you explain the transitions to your child. Family Changes is a delightfully informative children’s book that tackles a complicated topic in compassionate, child-friendly terms. Ideal for young minds aged four through eight, it features a colorful cast of fuzzy characters led by a young bunny named Zoey, who is struggling with her parents’ divorce and is riddled by important questions and feelings your child is likely to encounter. In addition to the heartfelt story at its core, Family Changes also offers parents, therapists, teachers, and caregivers valuable information on how to ease children through this significant life change. A comprehensive note to parents and a list of essential child-focused questions are provided to guide the adult and child, and are certain to be an asset to both children and adults involved in the divorce/separation process.

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“Gift From The Heart” By Christine Sell

"Gift from the Heart"

Description: Children are our future. They represent hope, love, innovation and happiness. “Gift from the Heart” provides life lessons that support children as they move from childhood, to their teenage years through to adulthood. The book ” follows an angel who travels to Earth to be born into a loving family. The book uses angels exploring topics such as spirituality, self-esteem and personal development.

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"The Mark On Eve" By Joel Fox

"The Mark on Eve" by Joel Fox

Description: California Governor Judith Rhodes is well on her way to becoming the country’s first female President. But at a campaign rally in Los Angeles, Governor Rhodes’s campaign is nearly thwarted by an assassin’s bullet—but for the quick thinking of Eve, who single-handedly foils the attempt on the Governor’s life. It seems almost miraculous that Eve survived….but Eve is anything but what she seems. Jealously over the love of an 18th century New England pirate prompted a powerful witch to cast a spell on Eve. While she doesn’t age, Eve is condemned to an endless—and often tortured—life. Somehow, Eve has reached present day, her secret intact. But after having wished for death a thousand times over, now Eve has a reason to live. And that reason is to see Governor Judith Rhodes become President of the United States. However, Eve soon finds herself where she never wanted to be: in the spotlight…and Eve will find that not just her secret—but her life, and the course of history—may be in jeopardy.

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"Truth To The First Power"

"Truth to the First Power"

Description: In math, anything to the power of one equals itself. Author, Mike Thomas believes that this principle should also be applied to faith. As the son of a former Pentecostal minister, his unique vantage point allows him to make profound conclusions about the positive and negative impacts of faith in everyday life. Thomas’ new book, “Truth to the First Power” tackles the idea that faith that is declared a truth that can and must be scrutinized. It explores how religions paint a perspective of life in regards to our society, politics and existence.

Price: $13.95 to $14.00 Visit the Website

"Short Time In Samui" By JJ Stone

"Short Time in Samui"

Description: When his marriage unraveled, JJ Stone abandoned his American life in search of excitement and adventure. Stone’s healing journey took him to Southeast Asia where he incurred a whirlwind of life-changing experiences, including a near-marriage to a Taiwanese sex worker named Noona. The two desperately wanted things that they could not find in each other, so they endured a hot and cold relationship with bouts of lust, love, and dreams, including owning a bar together and flirting with marriage. Upon his return to the United States, Stone penned a memoir of his adventures with Noona and his time abroad titled “Short Time in Samui”. In addition to cultural insights about life and politics in Singapore and Thailand, the book provides a sympathetic perspective on Thai bargirls and the raw realities of sex tourism.

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I Love My Body - By Lisa Lynn

A book every kid needs to read

Description: As parents, one of the toughest jobs we face is teaching our children how to love themselves and their bodies the way God made them. For kids, this isn't always easy. When kids don't love themselves for who they are they have a tendency to not eat healthfully or pay attention to taking care of the body that God gave them. Self-love is the best way to teach our children how to take care of themselves by eating nutritiously, exercising, learning to express our feelings and being grateful for what we have vs. what we don't have. "The I Love My Body Book" addresses all of the issues kids face (adults too). This book is a must have for every household who wants to be physically and emotionally healthy. Parents say they love this book to as it makes these principals easy to do. A portion of the proceeds from this book will go to Global Foundation For Eating Disorders.

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The Wisdom Of Merlin

Book Cover

Description: This holiday season give a gift that inspires New Year’s resolutions that will last forever. Merlin, the most famous wizard of all time, shares the secret to living a more meaningful life in a pocket-sized book filled with wisdom grounded in seven words. ew York Times bestselling author T.A. Barron’s THE WISDOM OF MERLIN: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life originated as a celebrated speech at Oxford and is the culmination of years of research and writing about the great wizard. In THE WISDOM OF MERLIN: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life, Barron, with Merlin as his guide, explores gratitude, courage, knowledge, belief, wonder, generosity, hope, and one more: love. Merlin introduces each of the magical words, while offering words of wisdom throughout.

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OMG: How Children See God

OMG! Book Cover

Description: OMG! is a magical window into how children view God. Its humor is timeless and satisfying and rich with insight. It's a book that speaks to people―no matter who they are or where they live―especially given the state of our troubled world. It will make them think, re-evaluate, and without a doubt, smile. Parents know that kids ask amazing and often difficult questions about God, faith, heaven, and that other place; sometimes their thoughts are warm and sweet but other ties they can be razor sharp and invective. But the outrageous and engaging concepts shared in OMG! are more than a way to deal humorously with children when they express their particular unorthodox views, they can open a difficult dialogue for families about the fanciful thoughts and misconceptions that kids have about God and his or her meaning in our lives. OMG! showcases the differences and yet the similarities that kids of every economic, cultural and religious background share. Funny, poignant and galvanizing with deeply rooted sentiments that will never go out of fashion.

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The Paleo Cardiologist By Jack Wolfon D.O., F.A.C.C

The Paleo Cardiologist by Jack Wolfson Do, FACC

Description: New book from controversial doctor exposes the lethal connection among sugar, toxins, gluten, and heart disease while spotlighting mindless medical practices. It’s undeniable that America’s heart disease burden kills 1 in 4 people every year and is the leading cause of death for most ethnicities in the United States according to the CDC. Renowned cardiologist, controversial osteopath and natural doctor Jack Wolfson, DO, FACC, contends in his new book, The Paleo Cardiologist ( $21.95/$9.99) that poor nutrition and sugar addiction are the true culprits in heart disease with too many people believing that doctor prescribed statins, aspirin and procedures will cure their heart problems – when in fact, they can be deadly. According to Wolfson, who has a thriving practice Phoenix, AZ, the key to good health is informed consent and a “clean” eating lifestyle. This involves cutting out glutens, toxins, sugars, and stress, while increasing protein, sea plants, essential nutrients and our knowledge about our bodies. This is easier than you think. Jack Wolfson D.O., F.A.C.C. is a board certified cardiologist and doctor of osteopathy with more than 35 years as a successful physician in Illinois and Arizona.

Price: $9.99 to $19.75 Visit the Website

"The Celebrated Story Of Honey Wine" - Awarded Winning Book

"The Celebrated Story of Honey Wine"

Description: About 20,000 years ago, a lucky hunter-gatherer stumbled across a beehive filled with rainwater and honey that had fermented into a wine with a divine aroma and flavor. Now you, too, are just as lucky for coming across The Celebrated Story of Honey Wine, a book filled with lots of fun stories and a surprisingly large amount of information. Did you know that honey wine is probably only surpassed by water and milk as history’s most commonly consumed drink? So how did this ancient and widespread beverage fall into obscurity and why is it coming back? In The Celebrated Story of Honey Wine, you will learn: - What foods go well with it (hint: all) - Why it can be drier than our humor - How the term honeymoon was coined - Which great queen used it for seduction - How bees protect forests and their criticality to food systems - Why the bees need our help – now - Which countries make the most honey wine - How to order it in almost every language - Its medicinal and aphrodisiac properties - How to make your own honey wine 2015 Gourmand Prize winner for Best Wine History Book in the World.

Price: $9.00 to $10.00 Visit the Website


From Working to Wisdom:The Adventures and Dreams of Older Americans, by Brendan Hare

Description: While retirement and aging are a part of life's natural trajectory, they can be quite daunting as they approach. Feeling anxious at the prospect of retiring, long-time attorney Brendan Hare searched for books that might ease that anxiety. Failing to find any that fit the bill, he traveled around the country, gathering personal stories from a wide cross-section of older Americans. The result is his new book, From Working to Wisdom: The Adventures and Dreams of Older Americans, an inspiring compilation of 46 short oral histories revealing diverse personal experiences and delivering valuable life lessons to help enhance the readers' later years. Working Working to Wisdom features voices drawn from all corners of life, including a big-city mayor, an adventurer, a missionary, and a Marine Corps general, as well as athletes, philanthropists, factory workers, nurses, and teachers. They speak to the reader directly, relating a fascinating array of memories, adventures, regrets, dreams, and hopes.

Price: $7.99 to $16.95 Visit the Website

Morning Briefings: Daily Wisdom And Inspiration From Scripture

Morning Briefings

Description: If you want to read Scripture daily, but feel overwhelmed, or simply do not know where to start … if you think you just do not have time to add one more thing to your schedule … well, Morning Briefings are for you! Drawing from Paul’s writings of Philippians and Colossians, Christine DiGiacomo offers relevant teaching and application on a daily basis. Having taught the Bible in various settings over a span of two decades, Christine pulls from her life in the corporate world, family life (as a mother of four), teaching and mentoring high school students and combines it with insightful writing that has gone out to 117 countries in the past five years.

Price: $7.99 to $15.49 Visit the Website

Wacky Romantic Comedy: Saving Grapes, By J.T. Lundy

Saving Grapes, a romantic comedy by J.T. Lundy

Description: Award-winning author J.T. Lundy's new romantic comedy, Saving Grapes, is a fun, good-hearted Wodehousian read filled with flawed but colorful characters in a zany tale of wine, women, nuns and villains -- as well as a story of redemption and the power of friendship and loyalty. Thirty-two-year-old Jason Barnes has lost his job and his heart. To make matters (much!) worse, his meddling ex-wife and a wild golf cart fiasco get him in trouble with the law. If can't raise $60,000 to pay a fine in thirty days, he will go to jail. In what looks like a lucky break, Jason suddenly inherits a French vineyard, worth millions -- but there's one catch: if he goes to jail, the vineyard will go to his unscrupulous step-brother. Desperate for cash, Jason travels to France to sell the vineyard, only to discover it's farmed by formidable nuns who must bestow their blessing before he can sell. Complications ensue as he launches a madcap series of dubious schemes and finds himself falling for a French woman. "Although the main character is thirty-two years old, he really is still a child," says Lundy. "He walks a morally fine line throughout the book, eventually redeeming himself in the end. But is his redemption authentic? Readers have come in on both sides of the argument."

Price: $7.99 to $15.95 Visit the Website

THE 80/20 DIET

80/20 Diet: The Healthy Chef

Description: ‘The 80/20 Diet’ Revised Edition offers a combined diet and exercise plan that will help you achieve your weight loss goals sensibly, and enable you to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. The philosophy of ‘The 80/20 Diet’ is simple. Eat well 80 per cent of the time, and 20 per cent of the time you can enjoy a little indulgence. ‘The 80/20 Diet’ offers more than 130 recipes for simple, nutritious dishes that have been designed for people who love food, who love to eat and who have made a conscious decision to maximize their health and wellbeing. This second edition is 192 pages and includes everything you need to know on how to eat healthy, lose weight and get fit: Nutrition Basics, Stocking the kitchen, Recipe makeovers, Menu plans, Healthy Recipes, Nutritional analysis and Exercise plans. Teresa Cutter is one of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking. A qualified Chef, Nutritionalist and personal trainer, she has combined her knowledge of food, diet and exercise to specialize in developing healthy recipes for fat loss and total wellbeing.

Price: $7.99 Visit the Website

Squash Your Competition And Dominate Your Marketplace: 55 Easy Tips To Generate Big Publicity For Your Startup Or Small Business Today

Squash Your Competition and Dominate Your Marketplace: 55 Easy Tips to Generate Big Publicity for Your Startup or Small Business Today

Description: Without clearly defined marketing objectives, attempting to establish your business or brand is a complete waste of time and money. You need to know your target audiences, messaging points, and strategy in order to reach your target audience and build a viable and sustainable brand and business in today’s overly saturated marketplace. Although the concept of publicity can seem overwhelming and intimidating to small business owners, start-up companies, and entrepreneurs, the practice is crucial to the survival of your new venture.

Price: $5.99 Visit the Website

New Best Selling Dating Book: How To Meet And Marry A Doctor

Top Seling Ebook Receiving Rave Reviews From Single Women- Dr. Right Is Out There!

Description: New Best Selling Ebook is now available! HOW TO MEET AND MARRY A DOCTOR: REAL LIFE TIPS FROM THOSE WHO MARRIED INTO MEDICINE Amanda M. Colby, an advertising executive met the man of her dreams and without having to spend countless hours scouring online dating sites. She had always set her sights on professional men, since she wanted a man who could challenge her intellectually. Amanda felt physicians are not only intelligent and driven, but devote their lives to helping others. That resonated with Amanda since she spent much of her free time volunteering in inner cities. Along her dating journey she met, successful and talented MD? Amanda began writing her personal story as well as interviewing many MD's and MD wives on how they met and what kind of women single MD's are seeking. “Forget expensive dating sites, there are countless quality men and available MD's in your towns and cities, if you know where to find them,” stated Colby, Amanda wanted to write this book as a practical guide on How to Marry an MD. This informative book covers topics such as: How and Where to Meet single MD's in your community and surrounding areas How MD Wives met their husbands What type of women MD's seek for a partner What to do once you meet an MD and how to get and keep his attention. Dating tips and advice Available on

Price: $2.99 to $3.00 Visit the Website

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