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Book Gifts 2013 From $10 to $15- Book Gift Guide for 2013

By Lawrence Davis

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Unbridled Greed By Barry Johnson

"Unbridled Greed" by Barry Johnson

Description: A sizzling debut thriller that exposes the seamy and unscrupulous world of health care fraud, Unbridled Greed features protagonist Bryan Hampton, a longtime Department of Justice investigator. A tough, tenacious DOJ investigator, Bryan Hampton is hot on the trail of a greedy doctor suspected of insurance fraud. But when this major medical fraud investigation is suddenly and shockingly derailed by politics, greed, and bribes, Hampton decides he's had enough of Chicago's dirty politics and cronyism—let alone fighting corruption on both sides. Hampton transfers to Las Vegas and teams with Paul Dixon, with whom he shares a common goal: aggressively fighting the health care fraud and abuse that victimizes countless patients and robs every American household of thousands of dollars each year. Soon, Hampton and his team uncover a massive fraud scheme operating beneath the bright lights of Sin City. But this highly organized and highly sophisticated band of fraudsters will stop at nothing—violence, torture, and even murder. As he launches a pulse-quickening quest for justice, Hampton will realize the peril of fighting this good fight. This might be the fight of Bryan Hampton’s life—or, if he’s not careful, it could be the fight for his life….

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A Memorable Sci-Fi Journey from Youth to Maturity

Description: Young Henry Parks’ life is forever changed when he witnesses a mysterious object fall from the night sky and crash into his father's field. Henry shares this secret with his younger sister, Kirsten, and together they soon discover it holds a powerful energy. But their excitement turns to terror when an ancient – and angry – beast appears followed by a series of random but interconnected events, which appear to be the handiwork of a malevolent regime known as “New Management.” Henry and Kirsten choose different paths to resist the "New Management" that has taken over their city and their lives. Pressure is mounting and there are many secrets that must be discovered. All Henry knows is protecting the crystals and the ancient gifts that hold the power to fight is the only way to discover the truth and understand why their city is destroyed every thousand years. Henry Parks & The Crystal Blades, a terrific story for readers of all ages, is a memorable journey from youth to maturity and a spellbinding tale that guides readers to an amazing – and unforgettable – conclusion.

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"Burden Of Truth" By Terri Nolan

Cover of "Burden of Truth" by Terri Nolan

Description: When investigative journalist Birdie Keane last saw the love of her life--LAPD cop Matt Whelan--she was caught in his passionate embrace, looking forward to a future with him and free from her alcohol addiction. The next day, Matt is dead. Suspicious of Matt's supposedly accidental drug overdose, Birdie follows the twisting trail of clues he left behind. Each stunning revelation brings her closer to the dark past of the man she thought she knew. Was he a dirty cop? Did he know the truth about a cold case she's currently researching? When Birdie uncovers what Matt was hiding, she must make an impossible choice. But the deeper the secret, the higher the price, and Birdie must face the ultimate betrayal she never saw coming.

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THE FUTURE IS JAPANESE- This Anthology (from, And About, Japan) Will Delight Science Fiction Fans.


Description: THE FUTURE IS JAPANESE, is an anthology collection of science fiction from, and about, Japan. This collection is includes some of the world’s best Sci Fi genre writers. Included in this collection is Ken Liu’s short story, "Mono no Aware,” which tells the tale of the last Japanese survivor aboard an American space habitat after an asteroid has destroyed the Earth. This just won the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Short Story, making it the second story for which Ken Liu has won this coveted literary award. Illustrating the Japanese concept of mono no aware through the eyes of Hiroto, a man who was just a child when the world ended, this story is a wonderful introduction to the work of this talented author. Along with a dozen other fantastic science fiction, fantasy and cyberpunk tales, this collection is sure to delight fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy. THE FUTURE IS JAPANESE, edited by Nick Mamatas and Masumi Washington, is under VIZ Media's Haikasoru imprint , which offers compelling contemporary science fiction and fantasy stories for English-speaking audiences. $14.99 U.S. $17.99 CAN Also Avail: eBook edition, Amazon Kindle, Apple’s iBooks , Barnes & Noble’s Nook Books and the Sony Reader™.

Price: $14.99 to $17.99 Visit the Website

One Percent My Journey Overcoming Heart Disease

One Percent My Journey Overcoming Heart Disease

Description: This book chronicles the descent from perfect health to near death from heart failure in less than eight months. The surgery to implant a mechanical pump (LVAD), the frustration with the medical community, my journey finding a cure to my disease and recovery. Discussed in this book is life with the Thoratec Heartmate II left ventricular assist device (LVAD) and how life can change so quickly. This book is about taking control of your own health. Optimal health can not be dispensed from a pharmacy. "The publication of this book could not be more timely, considering that over 70 million individuals suffer from some form of heart disease in America. The author's journey provides wonderful personal anecdotes and highlights the importance of personal responsibility for one's own health. In the end there are lessons learned and pathways for examining alternative options in discovering one's own healing process." Ronald W. Jue, Ph.D., Psychologist and Author of The Inner Edge.

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Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan: A Love Story

"Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan! A Love Story" by Lloyd Burlingame

Description: Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan is the story of the adventures—and misadventures—of one blind New Yorker and his two fearless guide dogs. A charming, heart-warming, and sensational story, Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan shares a dog’s eye view of the city that never sleeps. Humorous and heartwarming, inspiring and enlightening, Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan, at its heart, is a love story about the incredible dogs who lavish the gifts of independence, freedom, dignity, and safety on their human partners. Moreover, Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan also pays tribute to the trainers, instructors, and fine humans who work with Seeing Eye Dogs, and enlightens readers on how guide dogs are trained. Much more than a book that simply celebrates the love of dogs, Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan honors the extraordinary canine heroes who keep their owners safe in a daunting urban environment such as New York. Told in a spirit that honors these incredible canine citizens, Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan sheds light on these guide dogs, described appropriately as the “canine equivalents of the Navy Seals.”

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"Death Goes Postal" By Rosemary And Larry Mild

"Death Goes Postal" by Rosemary and Larry Mild

Description: A mesmerizing mystery that enchants from the first page to the last, Death Goes Postal heralds the advent off a charming new series. Filled with captivating characters and a plot to die for, Death Goes Postal takes readers on a wild—and wildly entertaining—ride. Death Goes Postal features reluctant amateur sleuths Dan and Rivka Sherman. Presented with an offer too good to refuse, the Shermans give up their successful professional careers to become owners of The Olde Victorian Bookstore in Annapolis, Maryland. But owning this bookstore turns out to be anything but by the book. Rare fifteenth-century typesetting artifacts leave a horrifying imprint in their wake: mugging, robbery, kidnapping—and murder. Risking life and limb, Dan and Rivka must piece together cryptic clues to solve this perilous puzzle and unmask the ruthless suspect behind the crimes. Will Dan & Rivka close the book on this crime spree once and for all?

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Why Hitler May Not Be In Hell... Minister's New Book Reveals Why There Is Life After Death - For Everyone!

Global Grace: Everyone Gets a Second Physical Life!

Description: For every human being, the fear of death is an everyday reality. Yet…it isn't just the fear of death itself but what happens afterwards. The great unknown. For centuries the Christian Church has taught that Hell waits for those who have done evil and haven't repented and Heaven is the reward for those who do good and honor God with their lives. So why is it that the Bible tells a very different story? Former journalist, minister and author James Glover took on that question and shares his mind-blowing revelations in his newest book Global Grace: Everyone Gets a Second Physical Life! Global Grace begins by asking twelve of the hardest questions that have ever been posed concerning the teaching of the Christian faith such as “If God exists, why does He allow so much suffering?” and “Are Hitler and others who committed great atrocities going to be resurrected, too?” It then provides answers to those questions by separating the most significant elements of the Bible and putting them back together chronologically and in plain language, pointing out the common points of creation and human experience. Global Grace is amazing book for readers of all faiths.

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Vampire Defense By James D. Bell

Vampire Defense by James D. Bell

Description: Brilliant young trial lawyer John Brooks is working hard—but hardly getting any notice. Brooks’ friends think he needs one big case that will show off his talents and help him make a name for himself. Defending Hal Boyd might be just the case. Charged with arson and four counts of murder, Hal Boyd, the Butcher of Belhaven, is the central figure in a grisly murder mystery that has gripped the nation. Eager to cover the case, media from the world over descend on Jackson, Mississippi. But this case could turn into a career-ender when Brooks announces his unorthodox defense: Not guilty by reason of insanity, as his client actually believed the person he killed was a vampire. The media ridicules the “Vampire Defense” rendering Brooks and his defense team the laughingstock of the legal profession. But ridicule soon becomes the least of Brooks’ concerns when he discovers a satanic cult intent on exacting murderous revenge against Hal Boyd and his defense team. And what follows is a dangerous, deadly, and dizzying onslaught of kidnapping, rage, and murder. One thing is for certain: it will be a long, harried, and harrowing ride before this defense attorney rests…

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Tips for Living a Joyful Life...At ANY Age!

Description: For some of us, the golden boomer age and beyond has tarnished a bit with health issues, loss in general and major disappointments. Well, put away the pills and wipe those tears because there is a fun way out! Jan Marshall’s uplifting new satirical survival book, Dancin, Schmancin with the Scars: Finding the Humor No Matter What shows us the way painlessly…and you don’t even have to know how to dance. “Dancin is a code word for anything pleasurable in your world,” says Marshall, who touches on her own scars after surviving cancer and brain tumor surgery. “The Scars, well they are the scars and may always remain in some manner but can be minimized by finding the humor and absurdities around us – that is, after we deal and heal with the pain.” Dancin, Schmancin turns life’s daily hassles into a ridiculous scenario by using exaggeration, satire and tad bit of truth. There are tips on senior dating and where to find love (it involves a prescription!), the importance of appreciating the libido of bald men, the benefits of catching cold, and techniques for living a truly joyful life. Dancin, Schmancin will make your day and keep you smiling!

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

Your Killer Emotions - The 7 Steps To Mastering Teh Toxic Emotions, Urges, And Impulses That Sabotage Ou

Ken Linder Guides Thousands of Top Media Hosts with Thier Emotions

Description: AGENT FOR NEWS INDUSTRY STARS RELEASES GROUNDBREAKING SELF-HELP BOOK …. Emotions affect everything that we hold dear: careers, families, friends, social engagements and extracurricular activities. They can be positive or negative, and each, depending on how they are channeled, has significant impact on how we are perceived and succeed in life. Ken Lindner, the founder of Life Choice Psychology ™, and the agent to the top media anchors and hosts in the US, discusses the strategy and the decision-making process of controlling your toxic emotions through understanding your Personal Emotional Triggers (PETS™) in his new book- YOUR KILLER EMOTIONS: The 7 Steps to Mastering the Toxic Emotions, Urges, and Impulses That Sabotage You. In Your Killer Emotions, Lindner shows you how to channel your energy charges - your PETS™. Through his “7 Steps of Emotion Mastery” readers can identify the root cause of their emotions and master ways to prevent negative triggers from affecting key life choices, or as Lindner coins, “Crunch Time” decisions, not only in the short-term, but also over the course of life. “Most books deal with the intellectual component of decision-making,” says Lindner. “Your Killer Emotions focuses on the emotional component of life-choice making, through the unique concept of beneficially bundling and controlling the ‘energy charges’ generated by our very strongest emotions.”

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New Historical Fiction Pits Castro Against JFK...With A Little Help From God!

A Literary Collision of Humor, Irony, Politics, Religion and Miracles

Description: Writer João Cerqueira of Portugal has always had an interest in the strange 1917 occurrence that happened in Fatima, when the Virgin Mary appeared to three Portuguese shepherd children, sharing several prophecies, including one that Communism would end. Having also spent considerable time in Cuba and hearing stories of those who experienced Fidel Castro’s regime firsthand, João creatively combined the relationship between Castro and the Miracle at Fatima in his newest and refreshingly imaginative novel, The Tragedy of Fidel Castro. Humorous and teeming with metaphors, The Tragedy of Fidel Castro begins as God receives a request from Fátima to help prevent a war between Fidel Castro and JFK which leads him to ask his reluctant son Jesus to return to Earth a second time to diffuse the conflict. “The second coming of Jesus and his dialogues with God leads to reflections on the existence of religion and human nature and Castro’s invasion shows the clash between Socialism and reality,” says João. From its captivating beginning to its final extraordinary conclusion, The Tragedy of Fidel Castro is a must-read for lovers of historical and literary fiction as it blends politics, religion and humor to take on today’s issues.

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

How To Talk To Your Pets

How to Talk To Your Pets

Description: Animal communicator Gail Thackray believes that everyone can learn to talk to their pets. Gail leads you through specific exercises to develop this skill and guides you step-by-step to connect and communicate. You’ll learn the most voiced “pet peeves,” solutions to common behavioral issues, and how to know what your animal wants. Gail teaches you how to perform energy healings, do body scans for health, and how to connect to lost pets. With Gail’s down-to-earth style and hilariously funny stories, you’ll get a firsthand look at how animal communication works and just how cute these critters really are. A simple, step by step guide to connect you with your pet . Understand your animal partner. Figure out your pet’s health issues. Give your pet natural energy healing. Cure that annoying habit or behavior. Connect to your pets in spirit. Understand their likes and dislikes. Discover your pet’s past lives. Track and find lost animals. Work with your animal partner. Talk to wild animals and exotic pets. Gail gives wonderful examples of how this works and how it ‘feels’. With Gail’s down to earth style and hilariously funny stories, we get a first hand look at how animal communication really works and just how cute these critters are. As you awaken to this whole new world you’ll see how our pets view us as their ‘spiritual partners’ and how they are working with us much more than we know.

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

The Restaurant Guide For Healthier Eaters

Clean Plates Los Angeles Restaurant & Nutrition Guide

Description: Does your giftee always make a point of adding something green to her plate? Did she shop for in-season fruits and veggies before it was trendy? Or is she just getting curious about organic food? If she loves to eat out, and cares about nutrition, she'll love the Clean Plates Guide to the healthiest restaurants in Manhattan or Los Angeles. The front of the book is filled with easy-to-follow tips from nutritionist Jared Koch, answering all of her healthy eating questions, from the best oils for cooking, to the most nutritious fats, to "healthy" foods that are actually best avoided. The rest of the book contains reviews of restaurants in her city that specialize in organic, sustainable, in-season cuisine. Every restaurant is vetted by both a nutritionist and a food critic, so it's like Zagat's for the healthier eater. Just be prepared for your giftee to gift you some new healthy recommendations after she reads it!

Price: $14.95 to $15.00 Visit the Website

The Senior And Boomers’ Guide To Health Care Reform And Avoiding Nursing Home Poverty


Description: Dennis Sullivan’s grandfather emigrated from Ireland, worked hard and built a successful company. Unfortunately, that company had to be sold to pay medical and nursing home bills, as there was no planning in place for what happened when he became ill. Concerned for others who have waited too long to begin their estate planning and have lost everything due to the rising costs associated with age-related care, Attorney Sullivan has compiled valuable information from his 25+ years of experience in his newest release, Senior and Boomers’ Guide to Health Care Reform and Avoiding Nursing Home Poverty. The Senior & Boomers’ Guide to Health Care Reform & Avoiding Nursing Home Poverty provides important information on what to do NOW to protect yourself and loved ones such as: • How the country’s financial problems affect your health, social security, and long-term care benefits • Receiving less in Medicare, social security and long term care benefits • Protecting your spouse should you need nursing home care • Remaining in control of your healthcare and financial decisions • The first crucial steps in planning to protect your home for unexpected circumstances • Other alternatives to nursing home care • Veteran’s benefits – Secret Dollars and Hidden Benefits

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

New Book "What To Do Before You Say "I Do"

What To Do Before You Say "I Do"

Description: What To Do Before You Say "I Do" gives couples the tools they need to have a successful, fulfilling relationship, with real life examples that a couple can put into practice as they read the book. The tips provided in her book can be implemented in any relationship, to improve communication and satisfaction of both parties. The book is light and funny, matching the personality of Ziggy, talking about rather serious topics in a conversational tone. Ziggy has been a life-long learner, raised by a psychologist father who was married several times, she learned from each relationship. After her first marriage ended in divorce after years of therapy, she walked away with knowledge of what it took to be in a healthy relationship. She has a Master’s degree in special education, and is an expert in communication and human behavior.

Price: $14.95 to $24.95 Visit the Website


Think DaVinci Code And Indiana Jones Meet Autobiography of a Yogi…

Description: Award-winning author Joseph Selbie has once again created visionary fiction at its very best. The Protectors Diaries (Vol. 2): The Six is part of a thriller fantasy series that blends dark foes, dire threats to mankind, miraculous powers, reincarnation, immortality, spiritual Awakening, ancient history, leading edge science, computer-hackery, and magic moments of transcendence, love, loyalty, humor and healing. Sci-fi fantasy with a spiritual twist, The Six begins as Protectors Michael and Elle attempt to stop a dark and secret group of near-immortals from gaining complete control of the world’s wealth and power. Time is short and members of the Six are deadly dangerous. Awakened millennia ago to safeguard mankind from disaster and calamity, Michael, Elle and the other Protectors are imbued with miraculous powers: telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, shape-changing and more, which they must wield in secret lest they reveal the existence of the long-hidden protectors. Joined by super-hacker Xu and newly-awakened East End bank bandit, Fiona, Michael and Elle pose as colossally rich bait to lure the Six out of deep cover. Finding their quarry proves dangerous – and sends Michael and Elle racing around the globe, desperately seeking a way to stop the six before their leader, Asher, destroys their minds.

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website


"Selbie's Protector's Diaries kept me turning pages late at night with his tale of mind-bending power and spirituality woven into a thought-provoking adventure." ̶ Jeffrey Small author of The Breath of God and The Jericho Deception

Description: Moments after learning that he holds the key to the unimaginably powerful 5th force, Michael is attacked by men sent by arms dealer Rockshaw—who wants the secret of the 5th force for himself—or Michael dead. With only seconds to spare Michael is rescued by the unknown—but strangely familiar Elle—who uses telekinetic powers and a stolen motorcycle to race him to safety. Michael soon discovers that he is Elle’s timeless companion and has been reborn once more as leader of the spiritually advanced Protectors guided by the immortal Atri and Atria. As Michael regains his powers—and reawakens crucial life memories of Galileo, Gandhi, Newton, and Einstein—Michael and Elle shape-shift into new identities and surreptitiously use their powers to extract a scientist from North Korea, raid Rockshaw’s secret labs in Essen, and hijack a supercomputer, in an all-out sprint to discover the 5th force. Meanwhile an unknown betrayer is attempting to deliver them—and the secret of the 5th force—into Rockshaw’s hands. Continue the amazing story of Michael and Elle by checking out the next book in the series: Protectors Diaries (Vol. 2): The Six

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

Baby Santa Book Series

Baby Santa

Description: Baby Santa saves Christmas for Santa when things don’t go right in the North Pole. Baby Santa’s clever ideas take kids on a journey all around the world and allows them to see what Christmas is like in different countries. These fun-loving, lighthearted stories are meant to empower children and let them know that they can be a hero, even to Santa! The Baby Santa book series includes 4 titles: Baby Santa, Baby Santa’s Worldwide Christmas Adventure, Baby Santa and the Lost Letters and - the newest addition this season - Baby Santa and the Missing Reindeer. The entire series can purchased on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble locations across the country. It can also be purchased in e-book format!

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

A Beer Drinker's Guide To Knowing And Enjoying Fine Wine

Laughren's Book Cover

Description: This is a perfect gift for the holidays for that special foodie, colleague or host/hostess. Jim Laughren, Certified Wine Expert has spent decades enjoying, purchasing, importing and distributing wine and educating consumers and businesses about the basic and finer aspects of wine selection and enjoyment. With A Beer Drinker’s Guide To Knowing And Enjoying Fine Wine he gives the reader a great start to exactly how – and what – one should taste (not guzzle) when trying a wine, how taste buds and flavor perception really work, wine lingo. “Written so as to educate without patronizing, A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Knowing And Enjoying Fine Wine clears a path through the abstruse world of wine-geekdom,” says Laughren and “hidden among nuggets of beer lore, are secret tips for appearing ’extra’ wine smart while building your knowledge,“ he adds. "* 5 STARS, incredible smart, witty and fun read for anyone who wants to learn golden information about beer/wine."

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

Astrology Of The 13 Signs Of The Zodiac - Ophiuchus: The New Sign Of The Zodiac Circle


Description: If you’ve been going through life thinking you were a Virgo…think again. Physicist Vasilis Kanatas has proven that a shift in the Earth's alignment has not only changed zodiac dates, but has also added a 13th sign, Ophiuchus. Kanatas, author of Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac Ophiuchus: The New Sign of the Zodiac Circle, proves that a very tiny annual movement of the axis of the Earth called “Precession of the Equinoxes” prompts corresponding discrepancies in the predictions of astrology, which move further and further away from reality with each passing year. By extension, the constellations of Zodiac are also in different positions from those assigned to them by Western Astrology, and a new zodiac constellation, Ophiuchus has been identified in the path of the Sun on the ecliptic. With this shift also comes a change to most people’s zodiac sign and a corresponding much more accurate horoscope. Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac (www.astrology13.com) examines: • The new sign of Ophiuchus • What the changing of your Zodiac sign indicates • Finding your new Zodiac sign, Ascendant and Sunspots • How the new astrological theory affects how we see ourselves from new astrological point of view

Price: $14.28 Visit the Website

Because Of You, A Women's Fiction Title

Because of You, a women's fiction title

Description: Because of You is a women's fiction title written for true chick lit fans. In this book, Lilly never wanted to settle, not in her education, her career, and especially not in her relationships. She observes the countless number of couples in her circle of family and friends, but she has always been unsure if marriage is for her.At thirty-one, she is convinced she has finally found the man of her dreams. But on her actual wedding day, she shares a conversation with a mysterious stranger in a hotel elevator. Suddenly, she begins to question her "happily ever after." An instant connection with this stranger leads her to doubt what and who she believes in. She recalls flashbacks of her courtship with fiancè Patrick and begins to wonder if she is indeed settling for the first time in her life. Lilly struggles internally with her decision and begins questioning her future. Will she marry Patrick or will she ultimately start her search for love all over again?

Price: $14.00 to $14.95 Visit the Website

The Green Bride Guide: How To Plan An Earth-Friendly Wedding On Any Budget

The Green Bride Guide

Description: Kate Harrison, who has a JD in Environmental Law and a Master's from Yale in Environmental Policy, planned her own green wedding in 2007 and then wrote the best-selling green wedding book The Green Bride Guide: How to Plan an Earth-Friendly Wedding on Any Budget (Sourcebooks, 2008). In 2009, she founded www.greenbrideguide.com to help couples use their weddings to promote social and environmental change and support the local green economy. The Green Bride Guide is the leading online resource for eco-friendly wedding ideas, product and services. Their Green Wedding Directory has over 1,500 green wedding service providers, such as restaurants that serve local, organic food and limousine companies that use hybrid vehicles. The Wedding Shop http://www.greenbrideguide.com/wedding-shop has a large selection of eco-friendly wedding invitations, favors, and reception décor. The site's Green Wedding Registry has over a thousand home goods and other gifts hand selected for their quality and environmental savings. For further information on the Green Bride Guide™ go to www.greenbrideguide.com.

Price: $13.99 to $14.99 Visit the Website


A Celebration of Growing Up and of Life Itself

Description: My Mother died on a Sunday. I was admitted to the hospital the following Tuesday with what the doctor said was a “life-threatening” asthma attack; and then things began to run downhill. And so begins Superpowers a funny yet serious account of a responsible, perhaps too responsible, young man named Chipper who must quickly grow up over a period of a few weeks. When he awakens in the hospital, Chipper meets Hal, a moody, funny and cynical apparition who explains that the world is in peril; and at such times he appears on earth to award a superpower to someone. Chipper realizes that he is that ‘someone’ when Hal tells him, “You can choose any superpower you want, but just one.” Superpowers is a poignant yet hilarious account of Chipper and his friends’ struggle to discover their futures. It is a story about growing up, over a two-week period. Along the way Chipper must cope with his illness and his irritable father, fend off his demanding girlfriend and intrusive headmaster, help his friend John come to terms with his homosexuality, investigate a soothsayer and disarm a terrorist. Superpowers weaves an amusing story line within the central issues of adolescence.

Price: $13.95 Visit the Website

Max The Shelter Dog Children's Book

Max the Shelter Dog

Description: Max the Shelter Dog is a children's book about a misunderstood and energetic pup who is surrendered to a shelter by his owner. Left behind, Max has no choice but to endure the life of a shelter dog. Through Max's story children learn compassion for animals, strength of will, the ability to never give up, and are empowered to save a life.

Price: $13.95 Visit the Website

Have Fun While Learning To Draw With Pick And Draw

The Big Book of Pick and Draw

Description: The Big Book of Pick and Draw Activities is a fun collection of activities that different professionals who work with children have found effective. These 138 pages are packed with great insight and step by step instruction that will be very helpful. And you’ll enjoy thumbing through the pages just because there are over 200 fun illustrations! Of course you will need the Pick and Draw card game too! Pick and Draw (pickanddraw.com) is a one-of-a-kind drawing card game that promotes visual thinking while teaching kids and adults how to draw. It is simple and easy to use providing endless hours of fun and learning. Check it out on Amazon.com too!

Price: $13.00 Visit the Website

An Uncommon Friendship: A Memoir Of Love, Mental Illness, And Friendship

A story of friendship and what we’re willing to do for those we love.

Description: When Stewart Young becomes mentally ill with a variety of disorders, his mind betraying and lying to him, he fights his demons in an attempt to save his own life. His wife, Monique Colver, has her own demons as she takes care of him as best she can while maintaining her own equilibrium. When the marriage ends because of his intense crushes on other women, she continues to take care of him, and their friendship remains strong, despite the isolation, rapid mood swings, hallucinations, and the occasional psychotic episode. An Uncommon Friendship: A Memoir of Love, Mental Illness, and Friendship is their unique true story. Colver gives an in-depth view of mental illness at the most personal level. Through a combination of diary entries and emails written by both of them as Stew fought his illness it gives an intimate view of the progression of his illness and the recovery that appears so close, yet is so far away. It also covers: • The impact mental illness has on a marriage/relationship; • The burn out and isolation that caregivers face • Navigating the way through the maze of doctors, psychiatrists and medical red tape; • The important role of laughter and hope

Price: $12.99 Visit the Website

Death Of The Republic

Book Cover

Description: An intriguing new novel, Death of the Republic, by F. Scott Andison, presents a compelling case that a Nazi-like takeover of the United States is a realistic possibility. Andison’s novel is set during the background of the 2020 presidential election, where handsome, articulate, independent presidential hopeful Robert Strong is mounting a second bid for the U.S. presidency, and is widely expected to make a strong showing. Meanwhile, Strong's primary backer and brother-in-law, billionaire Sherman Gale, is under investigation by both the FBI and CIA for his activities on his 300,000-acre fundamentalist Christian community in Wyoming. As the novel unfolds, Chu falls blindly in love and learns the hard way that nothing is what it seems. Indeed, Gale believes God's demand that Strong ascend to the presidency is merely the first step in a larger covert "Plan" which Gale is determined to execute at all costs. According to the Kirkus Review, Gale’s “Plan is frighteningly ingenious and leads to many impressive twists, most saved for the book’s final act.”

Price: $12.99 to $19.99 Visit the Website

Another Great Children's Book From The Mother Company - A LITTLE BOOK ABOUT FRIENDSHIP


Description: Another great children's book from The Mother Company - A LITTLE BOOK ABOUT FRIENDSHIP The Mother Company, a multi-media children’s company devoted to "Helping Parents Raise Good People” brings another delightful book to children ages 2-7 with the release of A LITTLE BOOK ABOUT FRIENDSHIP. In A LITTLE BOOK ABOUT FRIENDSHIP handcrafted characters and soothing knit backgrounds visually captivate young kids as they take a trip to a playground where Lionel the lion and Louie the lamb meet. These two opposites have a grand time until Lionel unintentionally scares Louie. This relatable tale gives parents and teachers a tool to teach conflict-resolution at a very young age. This adorable new children's book gently explores how to make, keep and nurture lasting friendships and helps children learn essential skills including how to navigate social situations that may be new to them. This Ruby's Studio series has won a multitude of awards including: - 2013 Smart Choice Book Award - 2013 National Parenting Publications Honors Award - 2012 Gold Mom's Choice Award 30 Pages/hardcover Available: November 1, 2013 EAN: 978-0-9882827-0-4 shop.rubysstudio.com *Free shipping for a limited time when ordering newest books, CASEY CATERPILLAR FEELS LEFT OUT and A LITTLE BOOK ABOUT FRIENDSHIP.

Price: $12.99 to $13.00 Visit the Website

CASEY CATERPILLAR FEELS LEFT OUT Teaches Children (ages 2-7) A Valuable Lesson About Empathy And Communication


Description: With lush colorful illustrations, this thoughtful exploration of friendship encourages children to solve their conflicts through communication and kindness. Teaching children about resolving conflict by using their words lessens violence and increases harmony in schools and at home. In the story, sweet little Casey Caterpillar feels left out when Lucy Ladybug and Bette Bumblebee play “Air Acrobatics” because Casey doesn’t yet have wings! When Mentor Bailey Butterfly encourages Casey to share how she feels, the whole gang learns an important lesson about empathy. What unfolds in this simple, but compelling story is a lesson for kids and parents alike. This Ruby's Studio series has won a multitude of awards including: - 2013 Smart Choice Book Award - 2013 National Parenting Publications Honors Award - 2012 Gold Mom's Choice Award All books from The Mother Company (a multi-media children’s company devoted to "Helping Parents Raise Good People.”) are part of the award-winning series, Ruby’s Studio, soon to be featured on National TV. shop.rubysstudio.com * free shipping for a limited time when ordering both-CASEY CATERPILLAR FEELS LEFT OUT and A LITTLE BOOK ABOUT FRIENDSHIP. 30 Pages, hardcover, $12.99 EAN: 978-0-9882827-0-4 Distributed by Ingram

Price: $12.99 to $13.00 Visit the Website

Chocolate Chocolate Moons, A Funny Futuristic Mystery

Book Cover of Chocolate Chocolate Moons

Description: If you struggle with your weight, and were offered an opportunity to become light, fit and have a wonderful life without dieting, would you accept? Plus-sized Molly Marbles wins a scholarship to Neil Armstrong University on the Moon, a haven for the plus-sized set where her 287 Earth pounds instantly become 47.6 without so much as passing up a piece of pie. But when her boyfriend Drew Barron dumps her, then jumps at a job making low calorie food supplements, Molly’s weight is the least of her woes, especially when her favorite candy Chocolate Moons are found poisoned. Molly solves the crime and discovers a delicious antidote to the poison. Inventive and wholesome, Chocolate Chocolate Moons dishes out a page-turning plot as layered as a devil’s food cake. Enjoy snappy prose and out-of-the-box thinking in this verbal cartoon for sophisticated readers tired of counting calories and hungry for a good laugh. A yummy funny read.

Price: $12.98 to $12.99 Visit the Website

"A Giant Pencil" By Connor Wilson

"A Giant Pencil" by Connor Wilson

Description: Written by a kid for kids, A Giant Pencil will is a charming, clever, heartwarming story with an important message that will resonate with parents, teachers, and kids of all ages. A Giant Pencil is the story of Billy, a grumpy kid who believes that everyone—his brothers and sisters, his parents, his teachers, the kids at school, and even the dog next door—is picking on him. Fed up with being fussed at, singled out, and bullied, Billy just wants people to leave him alone. Everything changes when Billy finds a magic, giant pencil. Now, Billy can erase anyone he doesn’t like and make them disappear. Finally, Billy’s dream of being left alone is within his reach. A few swipes from the eraser and his siblings, classmates, teachers, parents, and even the dog next door, simply disappear. But his dream becomes a nightmare when Billy finds that being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be—and realizes just how much his family, teachers, classmates (and even the dog next door) mean to him. Left with only a nub of an eraser, Billy hatches a plan. Could there be some more magic left in this magic giant pencil?

Price: $12.95 Visit the Website


An Explosive Mix of Political Intrigue, Post-Apocalyptic Survival, Space Travel, and Revolution

Description: Jacob Foxx’s speculative debut sci-fi novel The Fifth World takes readers into the early twenty-second century where the earth is dying, reeling from the effects of a brutal nuclear war. To save humanity, an international alliance called the Consortium seeks to build a new homeland on a distant plant called Gaia. To send the first wave of pioneer settlers, the Consortium constructs an enormous starship called the Ark, which will allow them to reach Gaia and begin rebuilding humanity. Biologist Becca Newman labors on the Ark Project concerned that her brother Alex will be among the first crewmembers to settle on Gaia. After the starship launches from Earth and heads through deep space, the ship vanishes. Her brother is presumed dead and the only hope for humanity’s survival is lost. Fourteen years later, she learns that the Consortium made a mistake. Not only did the Ark make it, but her brother is still alive. But as she is reunited with him on Gaia she realizes that other visitors from Earth are not welcome. The colonists are quite happy in their solitude and are prepared to fight to remain free of Earth’s control.

Price: $12.95 Visit the Website

WHEN MILES GOT MAD-new Children's Book Helps Kids Deal With The Big Feeling Of Anger.

WHEN MILES GOT MAD new children's book for ages 2-7 from the Mother Company

Description: Kids will relate and parents will rejoice in this important story of frustration tolerance. When is little brother breaks his favorite toy, MILES GETS MAD. As his anger swells, he suddenly catches sight of himself in the mirror - but instead of his own reflection, a furry red monster with big round eyes and funny teeth stares back at him. By encouraging Miles to use his words to express his anger, the Mad Monster helps Miles move through this big emotion and calm himself. Through these fun and adorable illustrations, this insightful and entertaining new children's book offers much-needed comfort to young children as they struggle to regulate their emotions. From the company that is all about 'helping parents raise good people', and helping children learn social and emotional skills - The Mother Company. Available: April 16th / www.themotherco.com For children ages 2-7 Publisher: The Mother Company Distributor: Ingram EAN: 97-0-615-69965-3

Price: $12.95 to $13.95 Visit the Website

30 Days To Prosperity

30 Days to Prosperity

Description: 30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook to Manifest Abundance Gail reveals tools, affirmations, and daily exercises to program your subconscious to manifest abundance. Learn how to harness this ability and use it to create positive, joyful and abundant results. By following this 30-day program, you can reconnect to Source to create the life that you want. Start living your dreams now. The material is presented in a straightforward, simple manner with the program designed such that anyone can easily follow it. Whether you believe or not it doesn’t matter, it simply works.

Price: $12.95 Visit the Website

Fans Not Customers By Vernon Hill

Fans Not Customers by businese entrepreneur Vernon Hill

Description: What’s the key to becoming a business success? Turn your customers into fans. So says Vernon Hill, a serial entrepreneur whose new book Fans Not Customers, How to Create Growth Companies in a No Growth World, (Profile Brooks Nov. 2012) tells how he transformed his many business ventures into huge customer service and financial successes. In the book, Hill says the key to be a successful entrepreneur is not to seek customers, but to seek fans, people who seek a better experience. He delivers this experience by offering spectacular customer service and innovative ideas. According to Hill, most companies don’t walk the talk when it comes to customer service. Hill says when you turn your customers into fans; they will sing your praises and become your greatest allies in marketing, sales and success. How can this be accomplished? Hill says make your business hours convenient for your customers, make their dealing with you simple and quick, hire enough staff to maximize customer convenience, make sure your employees go the extra mile to keep the customer happy, have phone answered by real people and not automated robots, and make every customer truly welcome.

Price: $12.07 to $18.95 Visit the Website


Survival Tips My Cat Taught Me

Description: As anyone who has ever lived with cats knows well, they are wise, wonderful, mysterious, and intelligent animals. Lana Reid, award-winning author and public speaker based in Los Angeles, has lived with cats her entire life. Over the years, Reid realized that no matter what challenges came along, her beloved pets always seemed to have an innate ability to confront them and survive unscathed. Reid was so inspired by watching her feline friends get through whatever struggles they encountered with wisdom and grace that she wrote Survival Tips My Cat Taught Me. With its combination of humor and practical advice, Survival Tips My Cat Taught Me illustrates how applying the innate wisdom of cats to a variety of difficult situations can help humans face their struggles and achieve personal growth. In Survival Tips My Cat Taught Me, each chapter is broken down into a specific lesson that can be learned from cats, such as: • When you get thrown in the water... Swim • You Have Claws for a Reason • Meow – Loudly • When Hunting, Wait…Wait…Wait... Then Pounce • Try to Make Sure Your Crap Gets in the Litter Box • Chase the Light on the Wall Because You Believe You Can Catch It • Climb!

Price: $12.00 Visit the Website

Good, Better, Best Wines, A No-Nonsense Guide To Popular Wines

Good, Better, Best Wines

Description: America is drinking more wine than ever with the nation poised to become the world’s biggest wine consumer by 2012 according to the British firm IWSR. And the vast majority of what Americans drink are popular big brands under $15 per bottle with names like Sutter Home, Beringer, and Woodbridge—a trend that’s expected to continue. But big brands are not created equally. Good, Better, Best Wines, A No-Nonsense Guide to Popular Wine is the first book to rank the best-selling wines in North America. “While wine snobs are swirling and sniffing expensive wines that are tediously hard to find, the rest of America is just drinking wine. Popular wine. Big brand wine,” says author Carolyn Evans Hammond. “Big brands can spell terrific value but you need to know which bottles to buy. That’s where Good Better Best Wines comes in. It’s small enough to pop in your pocket and take with you to the shop. And it’s user-friendly enough to flip through on the fly.” Good, Better, Best Wines ranks the wines by varietal and price up to $15 with tasting notes as well as bottle images to help readers find the wines on the shelves. And its accessible style and useful content—including a chapter on Good Deals at Super-Low Prices—cut the intimidation factor traditionally associated with wine.

Price: $12.00 to $12.95 Visit the Website

Gail Thackray's Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John Of God

Gail Thackray's Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God

Description: Follow Gail on her personal journey to the spiritual healing center of John of God in Brazil. Experience miraculous healings, supernatural activity, and astonishing psychic events. Gail gives a unique view of the powerful healings that occur in this blessed place. As a medium and healer herself, Gail initially thinks she is going to “assist” in the work here. She is told by the spirits, “you can leave your ego at the door, you’re here to be healed too!” She shares the personal details of her own healing which requires an intimate look at her relationships and life. As she starts to open up again, she finds her life taking unexpected twists and turns, and a budding romance appears. It is in this quaint village in Brazil that Gail receives her most profound spiritual experience yet – a direct connection to Source. Overwhelmed with emotion, Gail asks the spirits if she can share this “feeling” with those back home. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Gail unexpectedly finds that her clients are now experiencing the healing energies from Brazil, receiving spontaneous healings through her live events and writings. The spirits in Brazil have taken Gail to a whole new level. Spiritually empowering yet refreshingly funny, Gail takes us on her otherworldly journey while dealing with everyday issues we can relate to.

Price: $12.00 Visit the Website


Is it Possible to Find Humanity in One’s Enemy?

Description: No one thought that the Second Street boarding house would be destroyed by arsonists. No one wanted to believe that Nate Johnson would be beaten simply because of his race. But things have gotten ugly in Blaineton, New Jersey. It is in the middle of the Civil War and the abolitionist sympathies of the people in Maggie Blaine Smith’s boarding house have made them a target for racist and Copperhead forces. When the violence threatens to get worse, the sheriff suggests that they move until things calm down. Maggie’s husband Eli has a proposal for them: his two sisters need help aiding fugitive slaves evading the Confederate Army and find freedom in the north. However, first they must relocate to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Maggie and her family risk the move, hoping that they will find some badly-needed peace there. But can that happen when newspaperman Eli and reporter/photographer Chester Carson are off covering the war? How can Maggie and the remaining members of her family start anew in a strange place? And how will all of them hold on to their courage, strength, and faith as the war rages and Confederate and Union forces march into Pennsylvania?

Price: $12.00 Visit the Website

Amy's Travels, A Multicultural Children's Book Adventure

Travel around the world in about ten minutes with Amy.

Description: Amy's Travels is a multicultural children's book written by literacy specialist, Kathryn Starke. This picture book, based on a true story, teaches the culture, geography, and diversity of our world through the eyes of a young Latina girl. Complete with a comprehensive book guide and activities, Amy's Travels has been released in its second edition and used in homes, schools, and events worldwide. It's also the perfect book for a family to share before going on vacation!

Price: $12.00 to $14.00 Visit the Website



Description: In A View from My Window, readers get an insight into women of all ages, from all over the country. The book is divided into three sections: Womanhood, Motherhood, and Grandmothers. The subjects covered in the book are diverse and ‘real,’ from college roommate struggles, jealousy at work, and cheating neighbors, to mothers’ undying love for their children’s welfare and a grandmother’s words of wisdom In engaging stories told in the three well-thought-out sections, Forrest offers insight into life’s challenges such as: • Womanhood and the insecurities and vulnerabilities around: first roommates, first jobs, first loves, first bosses. • Weighing decisions of careers versus family – combining them or not. • ‘Modern’ relationships – what can we learn from classics such as Pride and Prejudice and Like Water for Chocolate? • Adultery, dependencies and the consequences on relationships/families. • Motherhood - truly understanding and embracing each child’s differences. • Learning to stop and get ‘oxygen’ for yourself – which really benefits everyone. • ‘True love’ -- does it still exist and should we still look/hope for it?

Price: $11.99 Visit the Website

Outrageous October By Barbara Levenson

Outrageous October by Barbara Levenson

Description: An outrageously charming—and supremely suspenseful—new read from Barbara Levenson, a judge-turned-author hailed as “John Grisham in spiked heels,” Outrageous October is a delectable, delightful, to-die-for tale. About Outrageous October: Outrageous October finds Mary Magruder Katz at a crossroads in both her professional and personal life. When she discovers her sexy Latin boyfriend sneaking away to rendezvous with his ex-, Mary promptly packs up her SUV, along with her trusty canine sidekick Sam, and hits the road. Destination: High Pines, Vermont. A change of scenery would do her good—and an offer to stay at a friend’s summer home is too tempting to resist. But Mary soon discovers that her temporary residence was the scene of an unsolved murder just a year before. Never one to leave well enough alone, Mary starts to investigate the cold case—much to someone’s dismay. Following a few chilling circumstances that are almost enough to send her packing, Mary meets Dash, an appropriately dashing local attorney who persuades her to do some legal work—and angles for some overtime with her. But there’s something sinister afoot in this sleepy little town—and amidst the falling leaves and blustery autumn winds of Vermont, Mary Magruder Katz faces an extraordinarily colorful Fall. And if Mary doesn’t watch her step, this Fall could turn deadly…

Price: $11.99 Visit the Website

My Feelings Activity Book (for Children Ages 2-5)

My Feelings Activity Book

Description: My Feelings Activity Book From The Mother Company's Ruby's Studio imprint - which includes books that help reinforce important life lessons in a beautifully designed & engaging format. My feelings Activity Book is a beautiful 30-page hard cover picture book for ages 2-5 with enchanting images and empowering messages. Colorful photos of handmade felt creatures engage young children as they learn about the origins, universality and variety of feelings. Based on the "A Little Lesson On Feelings" segment in the award-winning children's show, "Ruby's Studio: The Feelings Show." From The Mother Company a children’s multi-media company, devoted to helping parents raise good people. The Ruby’s Studio imprint is designed to help children with their social and emotional learning. In addition to it's Ruby's Studio products, The Mother Company includes a comprehensive parenting advice website (www.TheMotherCo.com.) helping parents find the tools and discussions to alleviate some of the stress of everyday parenting. The website features world-renowned expert articles from the likes of parenting guru/authors Dr. Andrew Weil, Kim John Payne, and Dr. Laura Berman, on topics of discipline, behavior, and family harmony.

Price: $11.95 to $12.95 Visit the Website

The Alternative Medicine Cabinet, A Guide To Your Health

The Alternative Medicine Cabinet book cover

Description: The Alternative Medicine Cabinet (Now a national TV series) is a 142 page book jam packed with information that will help you and your family navigate the overwhelming world of natural health. This fun and informational book covers basic health modalities such as massage, homeopathy, reiki and nutrition and then moves into more specific tips on women and stress, cancer, healthy pregnancy, corporate wellness, obesity and so much more. The author Kathy Gruver, PhD has been involved in natural health for over 20 years and is a public speaker and educator. The book was recently selected as a Finalist for the IndyExcellence Awards. It can be found for purchase as a paperback and for Kindle on Amazon.

Price: $11.95 Visit the Website


Rebel Against Cancer: Principals of Complementary Intensive CANCER Therapy. The Alternative Treatment of All Kind of Tumours and Prostatic Cancer.

Description: Dr. Klaus Maar was once an orthodox medical practitioner, surgeon and head of a large university hospital. After watching the failures of conventional cancer therapies, he decided to take matters into his own hands and worked tirelessly to develop a “biological intensive therapy” which has achieved success worldwide. Wanting to enlighten people facing a dismal future due to cancer, Dr. Maar compiled his research into a new book, Rebel Against Cancer: Principals of Complementary Intensive CANCER Therapy. The Alternative Treatment of All Kind of Tumours and Prostatic Cancer. “Are there methods to healing cancer which conventional medicine is keeping from us? Yes!” says Dr. Maar, the only urologist worldwide treating prostatic cancer with complementary methods. Rebel Against Cancer outlines Dr. Maar’s successful results with his unique biological intensive therapy, which ‘bundles’ biological healing powers that are able to simultaneously destroy cancer cells while building the body’s own defenses and immune system and explains: • The three steps to his complementary oncology • Powerful and strategic methods to strengthen the immune system • The impact of incorrect diagnoses, unnecessary operations, and harsh chemotherapy on a patient’s well-being • The benefits of this treatment for early stage cancer as well as for treating elderly high-risk patients

Price: $11.90 Visit the Website

Sally Simon Simmons' Super Frustration Day - Children's Book

Sally Simon Simmons' Super Frustrating Day children's book from The Mother Company

Description: The Mother Company is based on helping parents raise "good people" - the books and DVD's under their Ruby's Studio brand are about teaching children social and emotional literacy in a fun and humorous way. Their latest children's book, Sally Simon Simmons' Super Frustrating Day helps children learn how to deal with the big feeling of 'frustration'. With fun rhymes and delightful images, this book will captivate young children as it provides parents with the tools to reinforce valuable life lessons. Sally Simon Simmons' Super Frustrating Day follows little, red-haired whippersnapper Sally, who is hilariously tasked with building a mile-high, super tall sandwich in class. She sets off with gusto, only to watch her creations land with a splat over and over. Right alongside Sally, children will learn to breathe, take it slow, and try their best in this triumphant exploration of frustration, one of the greatest emotional challenges of early childhood (and beyond!) Hardcover, Suggested age: 3-6 Available at ww.themotherco.com and Amazon.com

Price: $11.00 to $12.95 Visit the Website

Quests Of Shadowind: Sky Shifter By L.A. Miller

Quests of Shadowind: Sky Shifter by L.A. Miller

Description: In this smart and suspenseful story, Logan and Mindy Oakes wake up to discover that everything has changed. Wrong beds, wrong clothes, wrong house—and worst of all, their parents are missing. When they venture outside, Logan and Mindy run into a friend whose parents are also gone. In fact, all of the grownups in town have inexplicably vanished. Then, along comes a spider…a giant, monstrous, mechanical horror. That’s the least of the nightmares that will befall this brother and sister in Shadowind, a dangerous, otherworldly dimension inhabited by ghostly creatures, cyborg animals and virtual humans. In Shadowind, anything is possible—including being downloaded into a cryptic, evil role-playing game. In order to survive, Logan and Mindy must band together with other kids determined to find a way back to the life they knew and loved. Ultimately, they must battle a sinister cyber-lord for the Staff of the Sky Shifter, a powerful weapon that could destroy the universe. But could it also be the key to getting back home? An inventive and intriguing tale with important moral lessons interwoven throughout the narrative, Quests of Shadowind: Sky Shifter is not to be missed.

Price: $10.95 Visit the Website

New Book: "Shea-Shea Sheananigans: Shea Runs Away"

Shea Run Away is the first of 5 children's books

Description: Rambunctious puppy learns valuable lesson Shea is German Shepard mix whose hijinks are used to educate grade school children. Her antics teach children essential lessons about love, respect, empathy and the consequences of bad behavior. In “Shea-Shea Shea-na-ni-gans: Shea Runs Away” Lana Schneider pens a fictional tale of her poorly behaved dog Shea. After running away, Shea comes to the realization that her bad behavior is causing those who care about her to worry. The book was written as a lesson in safety to young children. They should not leave their yards unsupervised, as they too can get lost or hurt. “It’s important to teach children important values and the consequences of actions at a young age,” Schneider said. The book is a fun way to educate and entertain kids at the same time.” Schneider and her husband adopted Shea from the humane society with hopes of finding the perfect pet. However, Shea has struggled with behavior issues from the moment she was let in the house. Schneider came to the realization that Shea’s legacy is not meant to be that of a ‘bad dog’, but rather a teacher. “Shea-Shea Shea-na-ni-gans: Shea Runs Away” is the first in a series of five children’s books. All the characters in “Shea Runs Away”, as well as Schneider’s other books, are multicultural. This is done intentionally to teach about equality and acceptance.

Price: $10.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

The God Within

New Book

Description: Luke 17:21, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” Martine Racine, a Jungian psychoanalyst, takes this passage literally and explores it in her new book, “The God Within.” “God is not some external force, rather he is a part of all of us,” Racine said. In the book, Racine stresses that morality and creativity do not come from extrinsic sources, but rather, they reside within us. Each chapter describes a different lens from which god within can be viewed. For example, she discusses nature, children, and love as different ways that our inner divinity can be expressed and seen. “Our inner God is intertwined with all of our experiences as well as the collective consciences of the world,” Racine said. “It’s important to embrace our divine nature and make sense of our multidimensional reality in an intuitive way.”

Price: $10.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

Published on Dec 13, 2013

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