Book Gift Guide - Book Gift Ideas for 2011 Over $15

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Star Wars: The Blueprints

Star Wars: The Blueprints

Description: STAR WARS: THE BLUEPRINTS by J. W. Rinzler, a first-of-its-kind collection featuring more than 200 of the original production design blueprints created for all six films of the STAR WARS Saga. Only 5,000 copies of this beautiful collectible 30lb, $500 book are being sold, so get yours while they're still available! STAR WARS blueprints have long been sought after, both by fans and within the narrative. Who can forget the fate of the Bothan spies who died while delivering the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance? Luckily for STAR WARS fans, getting hold of those plans now isn’t quite as dangerous. The blueprints, filed away until now in the Lucasfilm Archives, are being released for the first time, and will be showcased in a single, epic limited edition featuring more than 500 photographs and illustrations. Though there have been many art-of STAR WARS books, only a few blueprints - almost always too small to be read - have ever been published. The Rebel Blockade Runner hallway, the hold of the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star, the Emperor’s throne room, Jabba the Hutt’s Palace, X-wings, TIE fighters, and the Tatooine homestead—all of these places and hundreds more had to be designed, built, painted and dressed, with technical drawings showing the way.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Services - SEO

Description: Our SEO service fee includes: (price is for Small-Medium Websites) Website Analysis, Keyword Research, Meta Optimization, title Optimization, Image Optimization, Content Optimization various miscellaneous tweaks to get you SEO Certifiable. Services are provided by BWD Promotions. BWD Promotions provides various services to generate exposure for you, your company or event. Services provided but not limited to offering Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Public Relations. Visit BWD Promotions for prices & services.

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Personal Shopping Service For Book Lovers -- Just The Right

Description: Do you love books? Just the Right Book ( is a personalized, shopping service for books. Like a Book-Per-Month club, this subscription service has been lauded since its launch for its uncanny ability to match readers of all ages with books they’ll love. Founded by Roxanne Coady of award-winning R.J. Julia Booksellers, the service is fueled by booksellers with a combined experience of over 100 years, and is built on the idea that no two readers are alike, and that personal tastes, experiences and even moods should dictate which books are recommended to us (not a blind algorithm related to book sales). It's like visiting a beloved bookstore virtually! How does it work? Click on and answer a few questions about yourself or your friend or family member. The staff of Just The Right Book will draw on their collective experience and choose a series of books keenly matched to that reader’s personal interests and moods (that’s right: real people – not a computer program – will do the choosing). Each book is beautifully gift-wrapped, the first selection accompanied by a hand-written note on elegant stationery with your gift message. Just The Right Book is so confident about choosing “just the right book” for you or your giftee that the satisfaction of all involved is guaranteed.

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Website Development Services

website Development Services

Description: We provide various website development services. No project is too big or too small. Offering several packages: website Starter Package, website Small Business Package, website Business Package and Enterprise Package -- Full Custom programming. BWD also offers a monthly website maintenance service to assist clients that may not be internet or website building savvy. Services are provided by BWD Graphics. BWD Graphics & BWD Promotions provides various services to generate exposure for you, your company or event. Services provided but not limited to are offering Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Public Relations. Visit BWD Graphics or BWD Promotions for prices & services.

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E-Blast Marketing

E-Blast (Email) Marketing

Description: Our contact database consists of approximately 823,000 subscribers worldwide. This is an E-Blast Marketing for clients that want to reach a national high end audience. Services are provided by BWD Promotions. BWD Promotions provides various services to generate exposure for you, your company or event. Services provided but not limited to offering Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Public Relations. Visit BWD Promotions for prices & services.

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Social Media Promotion

Social Media Marketing

Description: Social Media Promotions: 7 days of hourly tweets on twitter and myspace. Also includes a daily post on facebook. (Over 58K on Twitter and increasing Daily). This Promo Package is an expanded and very effective reach for those with smaller budgets wanting to drive traffic to them and create a major buzz! Services are provided by BWD Promotions. BWD Promotions provides various services to generate exposure for you, your company or event. Services provided but not limited to offering Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Public Relations. Visit BWD Promotions for prices & services.

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The No OM Zone Yoga Starter Kit

The No OM Zone Yoga Starter Kit

Description: The No OM Zone Yoga Starter Kit is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to delve into the world of yoga or those looking for a natural approach to ease common ailments using the power of yoga. Complete with everything you need to get your yoga on, the No OM Zone Yoga Starter Kit includes a No OM Zone Book, No OM Zone DVD, YAS Yoga Mat & YAS Yoga Mat Towel. The No OM Zone book and companion workout DVD take the mystery and intimidation out of yoga for those still apprehensive of the practice and welcomes newcomers, introducing them to a fun and fulfilling practice. It combines strength, flexibility, and stress-reducing benefits of yoga with take-no-prisoners cardio workouts. The No Om Zone will teach you how yoga can naturally help ease common disorders, such as headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety and frequent colds or flu. Providing you with a natural alternative, these healing yoga poses relieve stress and leave you with more energy.

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Graphic Design Services - Various

Graphic Design Services

Description: We provide various graphic design services: Bookmarks, Hang tags, Large Banners or Back Drops, I.D. Badges, Letterhead, Menus, Memo pads, Notepads, Table Tents, Stickers, Rack Cards, Sales Data Sheets, Booklets, Brochures, Business Cards, Calendars, Magnets, Catalogs, Club Card Flyer, Door Hangers, Envelopes, Event Tickets, Greeting Cards, Invitation Cards, Newsletters, Magazines, Postcards, Posters, Pocket Folders and more. Services are provided by BWD Graphics. BWD Graphics & BWD Promotions provides various services to generate exposure for you, your company or event. Services provided but not limited to offering Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Public Relations. Visit BWD Graphics for various prices.

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Pop Culture Art Book

Dave Dorman Art Book

Description: Comics, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Toy, Movie, Pop Culture and San Diego Comic-Con Fans will love getting the best gift of all this holiday season: ROLLING THUNDER: THE ART OF DAVE DORMAN, the personal memoir and career retrospective of the man fans voted the #1 Star Wars Artist of All Time, who was a VIP guest at this year's San Diego Comic-Con and a frequent guest on The Dennis Miller Radio Show. Dorman is a prestigious Eisner Award winner (the comic book industry's "OSCAR")and Inkpot Award winner for lifetime achievement in the comics industry. Dorman's art imprint on the pop culture scene includes Star Wars, Indiana Jones, G.I. Joe, Batman, Alien, Predator, Captain America, his own series The Wasted Lands, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, King Kong, Judge Dredd, Green Hornet, Green Lantern, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more. These books (hard cover and special limited edition versions)are available in and Borders retailers nationwide and also on . This book is 4.5 pounds and 328 pages of luscious art--the rare today traditional oil painting illustration. The hardcover book is $49.95 and the special limited edition version is $79.95, is signed, numbered and includes a unique art imprint not included in the regular hardcover version.

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Workplace Overload And Stress

Overload! How Too Much Information is Hazardous to your Organization

Description: Jonathan Spira is the author of Overload! How Too Much Information Is Hazardous to Your Organization (Wiley, May 2011), a new book that tells how we arrived at information overload in the workplace, the life/work balance challenge, and offers tips and strategies to deal with information multi-tasking and its disruptive & costly consequences. Between e-mails, texting, blogging, surfing the web, meetings, conference calls, and of course, Facebook and Twitter, the average worker is overwhelmed and overloaded with information. It’s gotten so bad, many employees feel they can’t do their jobs properly and employers worry that the time spent processing information is hurting productivity and bottom-line results. Revealing how the very tools deployed to make knowledge workers more efficient have in turn bogged productivity down, Spira’s book explores the many ways today’s tidal wave of information has bombarded and dulled our senses as well as hampered our ability to innovate and produce.

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Author Kevin J. Duggan's Book Design For Operational Excellence (McGraw-Hill): The Antidote For Today's Down Economy

Design for Operational Excellence: A Breakthrough Business Strategy

Description: One of the most highly respected authorities on Operational Excellence (OpEx), Kevin J. Duggan brings us a groundbreaking book that defines why companies embark upon continuous improvement - and the true answer is not to improve efficiency or eliminate waste! Founded on eight key principles, Duggan introduces a process that allows companies to continually grow by creating seamless operations that flow products and services to customers. This enables companies to leverage their operations for “offense” or business growth. Duggan defines OpEx in a practical way and explains how it creates a self-healing flow – a new concept where employees in the flow see and fix the flow before it breaks down.In addition to the methodology, Duggan provides three insightful case studies that have used this methodology to grow their businesses in a challenging economy. Design for Operational Excellence will resonate with business executives, lean practitioners, business process managers, and Six Sigma black belts. About the Author: Kevin J. Duggan is the founder of the Institute for Operational Excellence, the leading center providing training and resources on creating and sustaining Operational Excellence. Duggan is the author of Creating Mixed Model Value Streams and the lead author of The Office That Grows Your Business – Achieving Operational Excellence in Your Business Processes. He is also the president of Duggan Associates, an advisory firm that guides companies in implementing lean concepts to achieve Operational Excellence. A renowned speaker, author, and educator, Duggan’s twelve years of experience spans the blog.

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Smart Kid Book Set

Smart Kid Book Set

Description: Includes four award-winning Math and Science books. The titles included: One Minute Mysteries: 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Science! One Minute Mysteries: 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Math! 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Science 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math Also our books have been featured on National Public Radio, and have been recognized by leading math and science organizations. ALL of these titles are NSTA Recommends and both math books have been endorsed by NCTM.

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Special Diets For Special Kids, Vols. 1 & 2 Combined

Special Diets for Special Kids, Vols. 1 & 2 Combined by Lisa Lewis

Description: Praised as a modern-day classic by celebrities and readers all over the world, the first edition of this highly acclaimed book has been helping children and adults with autism, ADHD, celiac disease, and other disorder since 1998. Volume 2 followed up by providing more recipes and updated research. Now, this revised and expanded edition offers both books in one, complete with groundbreaking research, revised recipes, and color photos throughout! Part medical treatise, part cookbook, this book not only teaches how to make gluten-free casein-free (GFCF) meals and snacks, it also revewls how GFCF diets "work."

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New York Mets: The Complete Illustrated History

cover image of New York Mets: The Complete Illustrated History

Description: New York Mets fans may not know what to expect on the field this season, but with Matthew Silverman’s incredibly rich NEW YORK METS: THE COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY, they can relive the first five decades of a team that has had incredible highs and lows. Silverman, a long time Mets fan, blogger, and writer, explores the team’s history, captures fifty years of memorable moments, identifies the top fifty players ever to don the Mets uniform, includes season-by-season recaps, and profiles players, managers, and assorted characters, as well as sharing behind-the-scenes stories and shenanigans. “I really wanted to put together something that went beyond the average Mets history and wasn’t just a recital of facts like the media guide or a collection of photos like the yearbooks have become,” says Silverman. So starting at the beginning, Silverman reminds readers what William Shea did to bring a team to New York when the Dodgers and Giants abandoned the city, and then decade by decade he shares the intimate details of each season. From A to Z, Benny Agbayni and Tommie Agee to Todd Zeile and Don Zimmer, this elaborate and beautiful book touches all bases. Complemented by more than 300 photographs of players, game scenes, stadiums, fans, bobblehead dolls, programs, scorecards, and other assorted memorabilia, as well as an appendix of the New York Mets all-time records, NEW YORK METS: THE COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY, is the book every Mets fan will want to own.

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Inspirational Book "Peering Through The Depths Of Life" By Eeefy Ike

Actress/Model Eeefy Ike's New Inspirational book,

Description: Herself a survivor of a violent attack as a child, bad relationships, domineering personalities and family turmoil, author/model/actress Eeefy Ike shares her unique thoughts, feelings and timely advice with her new book “Peering Through the Depths of Life." By touching on such topics as love, divorce, the relationships between parents and their children, as well as infidelity, careers, honesty and fear, Eeefy brings her life experience to the fore by identifying the things lead us toward bad relationships, negative people and situations that threaten our very being. In a nurturing and supportive tone, Eeefy puts us in touch with our own weaknesses and our strengths to allow us to adapt and overcome these challenges. Eeefy is known for her print modeling, films and television work, including the series "Jake in Progress," "Get Your Luv On," and others. Her book is available on, and Format: Softcover Pages: 136 Dimensions: 11x8.5x0.3 inches Weight: 14.7 ounces

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Morton’s Steak Bible

Morton’s Steak Bible

Description: This is the book that spills Morton’s grilling secrets and many of its beloved recipes for easy preparation at home. Morton’s Steak Bible is available for $30, and the latest edition Morton’s The Cookbook retails for $32.50. Morton’s The Steakhouse in Stamford is also featuring special lunch hours for the holidays throughout the month of December as well as other great Must-Give gift ideas for the foodie on your list. Visit for more info!

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Today's Top Stationery Artists

Cover Image - Soft Cover - Size: 8 1/2 x 11 - 144 Pages

Description: This beautiful book presents the work of fabulously talented stationery artists, in over 350 vibrant, colorful examples of their imaginative work. The text offers short, informative artist biographies, and 16 in-depth interviews with various stationers about their inspiration and business. Each interviewee also provides valuable tips on how one could start his or her own stationery company. The work that is featured in this book will leave readers feeling inspired by the trendsetting designs and encouraged to support the enduring art form of written correspondence. Tori Higa holds a degree in Fine Art from Pepperdine University. She has worked as a starving artist, graphic design assistant, and textile designer before finding her niche as an illustrator for stationery products. In January of 2004, after hours of research and careful consideration, she launched her own handmade greeting card company called Tori Higa Stationery. In 2008, she partnered with the non-profit organization, International Sanctuary, where her handmade card sales now benefit survivors of human trafficking. She also currently licenses her artwork and keeps busy with several freelance projects per year. Tori’s book can be purchased through the publisher at or your local bookseller, as well as, numerous online retailers.

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Legendary Golfer Tom Watson's New Book, THE TIMELESS SWING

Author Tom Watson, 6 Time PGA Player of the Year

Description: From one of golf’s greatest players—a lifetime’s worth of brilliant play distilled into one definitive guide, with essential lessons on how to be a better golfer at any age. In The Timeless Swing, Tom Watson draws on all the knowledge and expertise accumulated over the course of his astonishing forty-year career, creating lessons that will help golfers of any age play better and enjoy the game more. From grip, to taking aim, to stance, to follow through, Watson breaks down the swing into all of its basic parts and explains with his trademark straightforward voice the best ways for learning each of them. And he offers his insights on specialty shots, exercise and fitness, and other topics for advanced golfers. With a Foreword by Jack Nicklaus and stunning photographs by award-winning Golf Digest photographer Dom Furore, this is an indispensable guide from a consummate teacher and one of the most iconic players in the game.

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401k Day Trading: The Art Of Cashing In On A Shaky Market In Minutes A Day

401k Day Trading by Rick Schmitt

Description: A new book by retirement expert, Richard Schmitt, provides a fresh twist for those managing retirement savings—a twist most fund companies don’t want you to know about. 401k Day Trading: The Art of Cashing in on a Shaky Market in Minutes a Day offers a way for investors, novice and pro alike, to get more out of their retirement savings in a stock market chock full of surprises. Schmitt’s approach to buying low and selling high through daily fund exchanges between stocks and cash draws on all but one of the fundamental principles of investment management to exploit daily market volatility.

Price: $28.00 to $33.00 Visit the Website

BODY CONFIDENCE Venice Nutrition’s 3 Step System That Unlocks Your Body’s Full Potential By Mark Macdonald

Total Body Confidence

Description: At last, there’s a nutrition and fitness program that doesn’t require you to develop superhuman willpower, shun entire food groups, or devote your every waking moment to the treadmill. Macdonald’s targeted series of diet and fitness strategies are proven to burn body fat, boost energy levels, increase muscle mass, and eliminate sugar cravings for a better looking, better feeling body today. Providing a step up to holistic body care the Venice Nutrition Program’s innovative fitness plan focuses on blood sugar stabilization and a complementary program of exercise, sleep, and stress management.

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Meet (S)mythology - A Hilarious, Charming & Poignant Tale From First Time Author - Jeremy Tarr - OUT ON MAY 17

Description: Charming, poignant and absurdly funny, /(S)mythology/ is a contemporary fairy-tale that whisks you on a wild adventure from the streets of London to the far reaches of the globe—from haunted islands to African villages, from the peaks of the Alps to the depths of the Underworld. Twenty-one year old Sophie has spent her entire life in virtual seclusion in a London flat fearful that should she venture out into the world the curse that was placed on her as an infant would turn friends and lovers into stone (marble, to be exact) just by merely looking at her. But when events beyond her control drive her onto the streets of London, she must combat her fears and battle the forces that have kept her hidden away since childhood. Told with tongue-in-cheek wit and wry whimsy by Jeremy Tarr in his debut novel, and with sixty-four illustrations by Katy Smail, (S)mythology is about the mythology of love and the fairy-tale of life and death.

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Dog Photography For Dummies

Perfect for the dog lover in your life!

Description: Simply snapping a picture may not capture the playfulness or spontaneity of a dog. Knowing what kind of equipment, angle, and composition to use while photographing a dog can make all the difference in the character captured in the photo. Dog Photography For Dummies gives you practical and fun guidance for capturing your dog's personality and turning ordinary shots into priceless memories that will last a lifetime. Written by the ladies behind one of Los Angeles' premier pet photography agencies, Bark Pet Photography, this book is the perfect gift for dog lovers, animal rescuers, and entrepreneurs. Filled with how-tos, humor, and advice on helping shelter dogs as well as starting your own business, this gift packs a punch! Available in both e-reader and hard copy formats wherever books are sold.

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Hollywood Stories: Short Entertaining Anecdotes About The Stars And Legends Of The Movies!

Hollywood Stories features over 1,000 entertaining anecdotes.

Description: At high noon on a cold November day in 1974, sixty-seven-year-old John Wayne faced off with the staff of the Harvard Lampoon on the famous campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The students had issued their challenge by calling the beloved American icon a fraud. Wayne, who had his new movie McQ to promote, responded by saying he would be happy to show his film in the pseudo-intellectual swamps of Harvard Square. After the screening, without writers, the former USC footballer delivered a classic performance. When one smart young man asked where he got his phony toupee, Wayne insisted the hair was real. It wasn't his, but it was real. The appreciative underclassmen loved him and after the Q and A session, they all sat down to dinner. Later Wayne, who was suffering greatly from both gout and the after effects of lung cancer (sadly the Duke only had five years to live), said that day at Harvard was the best time he ever had. Just when you thought you've heard everything about Hollywood comes a totally original new book -- a special blend of biography, history and lore. Hollywood Stories is packed with wild, wonderful short tales about famous stars, movies, directors and many others who have been a part of the world's most fascinating, unpredictable industry! The Midwest Book Review says Hollywood Stories is, "packed from cover to cover with fascinating tales."

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"Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets"

"Bad Girls" by Dr. Carole Lieberman

Description: Similar in format to her classic Bad Boys, 12 different types of Bad Girls are profiled: Gold-digger, Addict, Sex Siren, Sexual Withholder, Married Woman on the Prowl, Commitment-Phobe, Husband Hunter and Trapper, Husband Stealer, Damsel in Distress, Cougar, Ball-Buster, and Bad Girl Scorned. The reader will learn what makes these women tick and why otherwise smart and successful men fall head over heels for them, losing their savings, self-respect and sanity in the process. Famous bad girls, from history to headlines, and real life to reel life, illustrate each of the different types - including Angelina Jolie, Samantha from Sex and the City, Britney Spears, Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, Oksana, and many more. Bad girls are heartbreakers - a paradox of insecurity and ruthlessness, deprivation and entitlement, emptiness and chaos. This book will appeal to women who want to learn the secrets hidden in the bad girl book of spells, without truly becoming 'bad' themselves, and to men who are licking their wounds.

Price: $24.95 to $35.00 Visit the Website

Mr. Date Night The Recipe For The Perfect Date

Mr. Date Night

Description: Mr. Date Night says..Buy this funny and brilliant book on how to design the best dinner date..ever! Are you one of the millions of singles out on the market, trying to impress that perfect someone? Have you just run out of creative and interesting ideas - and you need some help? Then you absolutely must invest in Mr. Date Night, the definitive guide to not only your perfect date, but also the ideal dinner-date plans and recipes to serve tasty, nutritious meals to woo your love interest and impress her (or him) with your culinary skills. An entertaining, funny and clever dating and dinner guide, Mr. Date Night "serves up" a wealth of tips, tricks and dating "essentials" to prepare the right ingredients for the perfect dinner date. Loaded with over 30 winning dates and recipes, readers will also enjoy an included copy of author and musician Cary Farley's romantic Unwind CD to put the finishing touch on every date in the book. From dates as funny as the "The Optimist" to "Be My Fuzzy Valentine," Mr. Date Night will have you roaring with laughter and pleasantly full after preparing and eating down-home barbeque to basic casseroles or lasagna.

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Your Child's Motor Development Story By Jill Mays

Your Child's Motor Development Story by Jill Mays

Description: Your Child's Motor Development Story is for all parents. It is intended to serve as a guide for normally developing children as well as those struggling with aspects of sensory motor development. With an understanding of the basics of sensory motor processing and motor development, parents will play with their children in ways that support growth in these areas. This book is written by an occupational therapist who describes for everyday parents how BEST to help their kids develop. She takes them from birth to crawling, all the way to their first sports. Problems like slouching are tackled from lack of core strength, along with more pervasive coordination difficulties that many children face. Any new parents, and their kids, will gain from this book.

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

7 Keys To Unlock Autism From Elaine Hall And Diane Isaacs

7 Keys to Unlock Autism by Elaine Hall and Diane Isaacs

Description: Seven Keys to Unlock Autism: Making Miracles in the Classroom by Elaine Hall, Diane Isaacs ISBN: 978-0-470-64409-6 Hardcover Jossey Bass / Wiley The acclaimed approach to helping children with autism, profiled in the award-winning documentary Autism: The Musical This groundbreaking book outlines seven integrated keys for educators and parents to make meaningful connections with children on the autism spectrum. The book is based on the unique approach founded by by Elaine Hall of The Miracle Project, a musical theater program for children with autism and their peers and siblings. The Miracle Project integrates traditional and creative therapies in an interactive, social dynamic. The book shows how to apply these effective strategies at school and at home to nurture kids' self-expression and social skills. Elaine Hall ("Coach E") is the Founder of The Miracle Project. When traditional therapies failed to help her autistic son, she sought out creative people—actors, writers, and teachers—to work with him. The methods Elaine developed to reach kids with autism resulted in The Miracle Project and were profiled in the HBO documentary, Autism: The Musical. Diane Isaacs is the Creative Director of The Miracle Project. A successful film producer, she is the former president of Green Moon Productions, which she cofounded with Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith. Diane produced The Miracle Project's benefit album, FLY, with artists including Jack Black, Stephen Stills, and Chaka Khan. She is expanding The Miracle Project nationally and internationally, from India to Ethiopia.

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'The Shut Up And Shoot Freelance Video Guide'

Available on now:

Description: From the author of the #1 documentary filmmaking book on, comes his latest hilarious and insightful book, ‘The Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide.’ Author Anthony Q. Artis provides an easy-read crash course in the ins and outs and hundreds of little details of creating video works for hire to be proud of. This ultra-friendly visual field guide for freelance filmmakers picks up where Artis’s first book, ‘The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide’ leaves off and gives you more detailed practical production strategies and solutions not found anywhere else. The latest book covers topics such as: Marketing Videos, Music Videos, Wedding Videos, Music Performance Videos, Live Event Videos, Corporate Videos...and more! For more information on this and to purchase your copy, please visit:

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The Animals

Cover of "The Animals" by award-winning author Richard Grossman

Description: The Animals is a 400-poem pastoral set in a mythical field where a shepherd tends his flock of 200 different creatures. Each animal shares its own intimate story in its own unique voice, ultimately revealing how all life shares the same suffering, dignity and joy. Prophetic and mystical, at times humorous and vulnerable, this "environmental bible" is sure to be enjoyed by all readers!

Price: $22.95 Visit the Website

"Joyful Cooking In The Pursuit Of Good Health" By Joy Feldman, N.C., J.D.

"Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health" by Joy Feldman, N.C., J.D.

Description: An incredible volume dedicated to the pursuit of good health through nutrition, Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health is a comprehensive guide to total healing and restoring balance both to the body and the mind. Beautifully illustrated and engagingly written, Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health is an essential resource for health and healing. Resplendent with fascinating facts, and enlightening expert insights, Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health features over 100 healthy and delicious recipes including kid-friendly recipes designed to tantalize even the pickiest palate. Much more than a cookbook, Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health is a comprehensive wellness guide that contains: groundbreaking information on Nutritional Balancing Science; the best foods for improved health; eating tips for expectant mothers; healthy eating for children; safe, healthy, and natural weight loss; suggestions for healthy refrigerator, pantry, and spice rack staples; optimal cooking methods for a wide variety of foods, and more. Lovingly and carefully crafted with both the expertise and the authenticity of someone who experienced, first-hand, the incredible benefits of nutritional balancing, Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health provides a roadmap to living a life of vitality.

Price: $21.95 Visit the Website

A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning For Those Who Don't Plan To Die

A Good Goodbye cover

Description: A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don't Plan to Die (Light Tree Press) by Gail Rubin uses gentle humor to convey vital information about funeral arrangements that most people don’t learn until faced with a death in the family. With chapters named Over My Dead Body, I Got It At Costco, and It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To, Rubin has overcome society’s last taboo with a book like no other - a great resource minus the morbidity! Rubin’s book provides the information, inspiration and tools to plan and implement creative, meaningful and memorable end-of-life rituals for people and pets while taking the fear out of the subject of death. She is a breast cancer survivor and a Certified Celebrant.

Price: $21.95 Visit the Website

"One Voice Too Many" By Paul Martin Midden

"One Voice Too Many" by Paul Martin Midden

Description: An intense psychological thriller, One Voice Too Many delves deep into the human psyche with a plot that hinges on a disquieting question: how well can we really know any one person? To the outside, Jeremy Walker seems like a decent human being: hardworking, polite, independent, and intelligent. But beneath Jeremy’s calm and controlled surface lies a dark and terrible secret—and a past he cannot quite shake. When he meets Macy Caldwell, a bright, independent, and attractive woman, Jeremy’s carefully-constructed world is changed forever. Despite a history of tumultuous relationships, Jeremy is determined to make his relationship with Macy succeed. The courtship moves quickly and soon, Jeremy is head over heels—and engaged to be married. But even when the future seems so bright, the past is never far behind. And Jeremy’s past is a dark, disturbing and haunting contrast to the joys and discoveries of new-found love. When the challenges and pressures of his new role as husband intrude, Jeremy will get caught up in an intense, internal struggle between his past and his future. And what happens if—or when—Jeremy’s meticulously-constructed life starts to crumble? The obstacles loom large in this tense and terrifying thriller…

Price: $21.00 Visit the Website

Healthy Eating Series- 3 Little Healthy Eating Books

Change Your Eating- Vol 1 in Healthy Eating Books

Description: Vol 1- "Change Your Eating, Change Your Life": You wouldn't put mud into your car's engine to make it run, would you? Then why would you put unhealthy foods into your own body? This little book will show you how to help your body engine run smoothly. Vol 2- "Eating Shouldn't Hurt. Nourishment for the Whole Body": This second book builds on and refers back to ideas covered in the first book by introducing the idea that what we eat may be making us ill! In a fun and informative way, this little book continues to show us how to have a healthy life with healthy eating. After all, eating shouldn't hurt! Vol 3- "Spice It Up! Enhancing Nutrition by using Herbs and Spices": The first and second books of this series laid the foundation for healthy eating by introducing foods that the liver needs to function properly. In this third little book, find out how to lose old habits about eating and learn new ones by offering ways to spice up your meals to provide variety to the healthy foods you eat. Enjoy!

Price: $21.00 Visit the Website

Windows 7 For Seniors QuickSteps

Windows 7 for Seniors QuickSteps

Description: A full-color, visual guide to the basics of Windows 7 – written for seniors, by a senior.Windows 7 for Seniors QuickSteps provides step-by-step instructions in full color on how to accomplish common tasks in Windows 7. Instructions are kept to brief descriptions in plain language while using visuals to clearly lead the reader through the steps necessary to perform a task. To create this book, the author worked with a group of advisers consisting of senior citizens to serve as reviewers and testers. McGraw-Hill;May 2011; ISBN:007176805X/9780071768054/

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Computing For Seniors QuickSteps

Computing for Seniors QuickSteps

Description: A full-color guide to computer basics—written for seniors, by seniors. Computing for Seniors QuickSteps provides easy-to-follow, full-color details on how to accomplish common tasks on the computer. Written in a straightforward manner without jargon, the book zeros in on only the most important computer-related topics, avoiding overwhelming its readers with coverage of every feature of a computer. McGraw-hill; May 2011; ISBN: 007174035X/9780071740357;

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Newly Released Self Help Book Offers The Secrets To Happiness And Well-being!

The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!

Description: Are you trying to make changes in your life, yet you find yourself digging deeper into a hole? Do you want tools to feel more confident, self-empowered and successful? The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life: How to Get Through Life’s Holes Without Getting Stuck In Them! will help you get through the holes in your life without getting stuck in them! This whimsical yet informative book uses the analogy of Swiss cheese as a metaphor for life itself. After all, life is not smooth and predictable like Cream Cheese or American, but rather life is like Swiss with all its holes. Full of cartoons, client examples and mini-lessons, this book will not only help you through life’s holes but will make you more whole! This book offers readers the tools to “Think Straight, Feel Great!” Co-authors Judy Belmont, MS and Lora Shor, MS are psychotherapists and wellness speakers that have joined forces to offer readers the ten secrets to a happy and resilient life. Available also in a full color gift version, this book is the only self help book you will even need! It’s fun and easy reading style makes it perfect for teens and adults!

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Learn To Meditate In Two Minutes - For The Lazy, Crazy And Time Deficient

Learn to Meditate in Two Minutes

Description: Want more peaceful day, mind, schedule, life? You know you need something to take the edge off and don’t want to use pharmaceuticals? Have moments where life is just too much to take? I was once there – overworked, over stressed, running a million miles and then WHAM my body got sick and nearly died. “Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes” gives you the fastest start at meditating for the first time or reigniting the meditation practice you once had. These techniques have been tested and proven to work with tens of thousands and you’ll be using them in a matter of minutes.

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What Matters Most Is What You Do Next: Dealing With Adversity

Dr. Geoff Mount Varner

Description: What matters most is what you do next: Dealing with Adversity, the new book by Geoffrey Mount Varner, MD, is a journey of triumph. At its core, this inspiring book is about preparing for life’s storms with the help of faith and God. It also offers warm reminders of how little things in life can help you through even the worst nightmares. In fact, shocking real life Emergency Room stories also provide humbling comparative reasons why we should feel blessed every day—no matter the situation. Though Dr. Mount Varner focuses his advice for those preparing to weather any storm, the backdrop for what matters most is what you do next: Dealing with Adversity is sexual harassment. It also provides important preparedness information for employers, employees, HR departments, private investigators, attorneys, and even innocent bystanders who might be faced with direct and peripheral involvement in a sexual harassment situation.

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The California Directory Of Fine Wineries

The California Directory of Fine Wineries

Description: The California Directory of Fine Wineries — Fifth Edition — By K. Reka Badger and Marty Olmstead Photographs By Robert Holmes The classic full-color guide to California’s most prestigious wineries The California Directory of Fine Wineries leads readers through world-famous Napa, home of the state’s most recognized cellar landmarks. It reveals scenic back roads on the way to Sonoma’s premier wineries while boldly exploring the hidden vineyards of rustic Mendocino, where the winemakers themselves pour visitors a glass of their specialty. In addition to the logistics of tasting fine wines, this essential visitor’s guide takes travelers on a visual expedition of the wineries’ inspired architecture, lavish salons, museum-quality art exhibitions, and magnificent gardens. Covering both glamorous estate and intimate, family-owned vineyards, this fully updated fifth edition of The California Directory of Fine Wineries is the essential winery guide for tourists and locals alike. Available nationwide at Barnes & Noble,, independent booksellers and fine gift boutiques and in California at BevMo!, Bristol Farms and select Northern California Whole Foods Markets.

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The Heart Of The Wedding- True Love Stories And Ceremonies For Contemporary Couples

The Heart of the Wedding-Wedding and Marriage for Today's Couples

Description: In his new book, The Heart of the Wedding, Gerald Fierst celebrates the changing wedding scene with true love stories, examples of wedding ceremonies, historical background, and common sense how-to's for making one's wedding day meaningful, memorable, and practical. A Civil Celebrant who has written and officiated at more than 250 wedding ceremonies over the past 7 years, Fierst highlights in the book some of the special ceremonies he has witnessed, including: - The first response rescuer from 9/11 who went home from the destruction of Ground Zero thinking "I've got to live." That night, he found his wife through an online dating service. - The Asheville artists who married on a ridge of the Blue Mountains and had the guests create a bower of blessings beneath the trees. - The gay couple who after 25 years could finally legally marry and celebrated with a feast of life. - The older couple who recommitted before a wedding party of grandchildren. - The Jewish/Cuban couple whose combined traditions were a little Spanish, a little English, and a little Yiddish. - The poker playing couple whose 13-year-long love story demonstrated how one can be dealt the cards, but one still needs to know how to play the hand. - And, of course, an amazing assortment of couples whose blending of religions and nationalities emphasize that in love we are all one.

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No Longer A SECRET

No Longer A SECRET by Doreit Bialer and Dr. Lucy Jane Miller

Description: This important book by Dr Lucy Jane Miller provides cost effective, functional, on the spot tips with easily understood explanations for those dealing with SPDs at school and home settings.Anyone can use this book and help their kids with SPD and SPD related issues. Two great minds offer easy, effective strategies YOU can use to help kids with sensory and motor issues! This invaluable resource by Doreit Bialer and Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, author of Sensational Kids, helps teach you cost effective, functional, on-the-spot problem-solving tips to use for children with sensory issues at home or school. Any parent, teacher, or therapist can learn the common-sense strategies in this book to help the child in their life!

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Switched-On Networking Book By Dr. Jerry Teplitz, Donna Fisher And Norma Eckroate

Switched-On Networking

Description: Switched-On Networking™ uses the proven leading-edge mind-body technology of the Brain Gym® system – it’s easy and powerful. It will immediately rewire the default settings in the brain and balance it for optimum success all day long. It starts with each chapter, and the results are instanteous. Top professional speaker and Brain Gym® Instructor, Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz, has teamed up with Donna Fisher; speaker, author and networking authority, to produce a networking book that is truly unique. Switched-On Networking™ gives everyone, not just businesses, ‘the edge’ to power-up their networking skills in order to reach their goals. By combining networking skills with brain exercises, they add another dimension to networking.

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Book: Can't Miss Small Space Gardening By Melinda Myers

Can't Miss Small Space Gardening by Melinda Myers

Description: This book captures the ingenuity and simplicity necessary for gardening in small spaces and provides "Can't Miss" advice for success. It's the perfect book for gardeners with small lots, or those desiring an intimate garden within a larger landscape. Small Space Gardening is a national title, covering a range of small space gardening topics, such as: • Growing gardens and landscapes in limited space • Layering and growing vertically • Suggestions for dwarf plants • Using containers as accents • Maintenance of a densely planted landscape • Lighting, water features, and irrigation for small spaces • Emphasis on minimal work and maximum enjoyment

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GrandCamp Adventures' Here We Go! Around The World Family Adventure Story Book

Here We Go! Storybook

Description: Here We Go! Around the World Family Adventure Story Book is a beautifully illustrated book for any kid who enjoys an adventurous and magical bedtime story. The book is about a set of adventures grandparents and grandkids who with the assistance of papa’s magical compass circle the globe to recover their lost treasures. Discover faraway lands and traditions, breach castle walls, survive a brush with quicksand and meet a stowaway meerkat. GrandCamp Adventures is a company of fun and interactive kids products and games made especially to create deeper connections between grandkids and their grandparents. and this book facilitates grandparents and grandkids to get to know each other and talk about family history and traditions!

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Red Glove By Holly Black (A Novel)

Red Glove by Holly Black

Description: Curses and cons. Magic and the mob. In Cassel Sharpe's world, they go together. Cassel always thought he was an ordinary guy, until he realized his memories were being manipulated by his brothers. Now he knows the truth—he’s the most powerful curse worker around. A touch of his hand can transform anything—or anyone—into something else. That was how Lila, the girl he loved, became a white cat. Cassel was tricked into thinking he killed her, when actually he tried to save her. Now that she's human again, he should be overjoyed. Trouble is, Lila's been cursed to love him, a little gift from his emotion worker mom. And if Lila's love is as phony as Cassel's made-up memories, then he can't believe anything she says or does. When Cassel's oldest brother is murdered, the Feds recruit Cassel to help make sense of the only clue—crime-scene images of a woman in red gloves. But the mob is after Cassel too—they know how valuable he could be to them. Cassel is going to have to stay one step ahead of both sides just to survive. But where can he turn when he can't trust anyone—least of all, himself?

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Green Guide To Earth-Friendly Living And Shopping

Give an autographed copy of Big Green Purse to friends, family, and colleagues.

Description: Want to "go green" but don't know where to start? Best-selling author and award-winning expert Diane MacEachern has written Big Green Purse just for you! This essential guide is filled with hundreds of practical, inspiring and money-saving ways to help you live a greener life. First, the book gives you an easy-to-understand explanation of the environmental issues you care about most. Then, it explains why it's not how much money you spend that matters, but how you spend it. It offers lifestyle tips and product reviews in 12 important categories, including: •Cosmetics •Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories •Coffee, Tea and Cocoa •Fruits, Veggies, Dairy, Meat, Poultry, and Seafood •Green Cleaning •Lawn and Garden •Kids' stuff, including Babies' and Children's Food, Gear, Clothing and Toys •Lights and Appliances •Interior Decorating: Furniture, Paint, Flooring and Fabrics •Cars and Transportation PLUS: Take advantage of five additional pages offering dozens of resources and links. This guide will save you hours of time and hundreds of dollars and help you "go green" as soon as you start using it. Get it today!

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"The Dragonfly Prophecy" By Jacquelyn Castle

"The Dragonfly Prophecy" by Jacquelyn Castle

Description: An inventive and mesmerizing young adult fantasy novel, The Dragonfly Prophecy is an incredible story from a dynamic new voice in the world of teen fiction. With a keen eye for detail and the touch of a deft storyteller, author Jacquelyn Castle fuses together elements of fantasy, romance and suspense in The Dragonfly Prophecy. A charming and magical tale, The Dragonfly Prophecy is spellbinding.

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Melissa's Gift

Melissa's Gift

Description: Melissa’s Gift, a memoir (ISBN 978-0-9836179-3-8) by psychotherapist, teacher, consultant and public speaker Olin Dodson, available now from Bay Tree Publishing. In August 1990, a solitary, unmarried man received a phone call from a stranger who informed him that he was the father of an eleven-year-old child who wanted to meet him. Melissa, who lived with her mother in a small town in Costa Rica, had the incurable disease known as cystic fibrosis. Melissa’s Gift recounts Olin Dodson’s extraordinary relationship with his daughter. Written with elegance, beauty and power, Melissa’s Gift is an unforgettable story and a deeply moving reading experience. “Melissa’s Gift takes us on a thrilling, roller-coaster ride in scenic settings—from rural Costa Rica to Colorado’s Rockies. But at its heart, this story is a family drama unlike any you’ve ever read. It features a man and his daughter who—in the face of great obstacles—never let go of their dreams. The lessons the father learns (often unwillingly) will inspire many to love more deeply. Melissa’s Gift is a must read for every daughter, every father, for everyone who loves at all.” —Isabel Stenzel Byrnes, MSW, MPH, co-author of The Power of Two.

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The I Love Trader Joe’s Around The World Cookbook: More Than 150 International Recipes Using Foods From The World's Greatest Grocery Store

The I Love Trader Joe’s Around the World Cookbook: More than 150 International Recipes Using Foods from the World's Greatest Grocery Store

Description: One of the few grocery stores to boast a huge cult following, Trader Joe’s has enticed shoppers nationwide with its friendly stores, quirky items, and affordable prices. It is also a favorite one-stop shopping spot for foods from all over the world. Drawing on their eclectic mix, this one-of-a-kind cookbook shows how to turn TJ’s international offerings into the tastiest dishes from the world’s countless culinary traditions. This atlas of a cookbook features chapters on the countries with the most popular cuisine — from Mexico, Italy and France to Thailand, China and India. Other multicultural chapters present meal ideas from Africa, South America and any other spot on the map offering a savory treat. Each recipe, from Penne Di Pistache to Butternut Squash Curry, has been tested repeatedly at the author’s cooking school until it is perfect in terms of ease of preparation and general deliciousness. The author also includes quick tips and helpful techniques that bring the flavors of the world to the reader’s table.

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The I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook: More Than 150 Delicious Recipes Using Only Foods From The World’s Greatest Grocery Store

The I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook: More than 150 Delicious Recipes Using Only Foods from the World’s Greatest Grocery Store

Description: Thanks to "The I Love Trader Joe’s® Cookbook," frugal foodies can turn a one-stop shopping trip to TJ’s into a tasty treat in no time at all. The recipes in this book cover everything from crowd-pleasing hors d’oeuvres and healthy salads to gourmet entrees and world-class desserts, including: •Green Olive and Gorgonzola Palmiers •Red, White and Blue Firecracker Potato Chips •Champagne-Saffron Risotto •Prosciutto Turkey Tenderloin with Fingerlings •Sweet-Glazed Salmon with Corn Salsa •Sassy Peach Sweet Potatoes •Hazelnut-Plum Baby Cakes

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The I Love Trader Joe’s Party Cookbook: Delicious Recipes And Entertaining Ideas Using Only Foods And Drinks From The World’s Greatest Grocery Store

The I Love Trader Joe’s Party Cookbook: Delicious Recipes and Entertaining Ideas Using Only Foods and Drinks from the World’s Greatest Grocery Store

Description: As one of the few grocery stores to boast a cult following, Trader Joe’s has charmed shoppers with its quirky items, affordable prices, and healthy offerings. It is also known as the best one-stop shop for throwing together parties for any occasion. This follow-up to the popular I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook is packed with recipes and plans for more than 25 celebrations. Mouth-watering recipes, do-ahead tips, and drinks ideas, as well as suggestions for “no prep required” party menus make this an indispensable entertaining guide. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, Oscar-watching party, or Saturday night cocktail soirée, the festive menu suggestions and delicious recipes impress any guest. From the spicy Margarita Shrimp for a Mexican fiesta to the creamy Pasta with Pumpkin Sauce for Thanksgiving, The I Love Trader Joe’s Party Cookbookgives readers good reasons to look for excuses to celebrate.

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After The Wilfire, The True Story Of A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

After The Wildfire, The True Story of a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes

Description: Disasters happen everyday. We see them on the news, and if it’s a big enough disaster, it may be the topic of discussion for several days. But what happens after the dust settles and the news vans move on to the next story? What happens in the weeks, months and even years following the disaster? Some choose the path of victim while others choose the path of survivor. Whatever path is chosen, for the people affected, the story is just beginning. This is the story of one such beginning. In November 2007, a wildfire started by a few ignorant young men having an illegal party in a Malibu canyon cave changed the lives of several hundred people, leaving many of these people sad, scared and homeless. What would you do if you lost everything? For Jeff Donovan, this fire turned out to be a cleansing, a liberation of sorts. Suddenly, life had changed and Jeff decided to change with it. Join Jeff as he picks up the pieces and embarks on a spiritual journey.

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Enclave By Ann Aguirre (A Novel)

Enclave by Ann Aguirre

Description: WELCOME TO THE APOCALYPSE New York City has been decimated by war and plague, and most of civilization has migrated to underground enclaves, where life expectancy is no more than the early 20's. When Deuce turns 15, she takes on her role as a Huntress, and is paired with Fade, a teenage Hunter who lived Topside as a young boy. When she and Fade discover that the neighboring enclave has been decimated by the tunnel monsters—or Freaks—who seem to be growing more organized, the elders refuse to listen to warnings. And when Deuce and Fade are exiled from the enclave, the girl born in darkness must survive in daylight, in the ruins of a city whose population has dwindled to a few dangerous gangs. As the two are guided by Fade’s long-ago memories, they face dangers, and feelings, unlike any they’ve ever known.

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Falling Immortality: Casey Holden, Private Investigator By Robert Downs

Front Cover

Description: Casey Holden, former cop, current PI in Virginia Beach, VA, screens his clients the way he screens his women, based on whichever drop-dead gorgeous woman happens to waltz through his door first and manages to hold his attention. So when Felicity Farren, widow-at-large, struts into his office asking him to solve the two-year-old murder of her husband Artis, she intrigues him. When Casey starts digging, he learns the murder isn’t what it seems to be and he doesn’t have a big enough shovel to unearth the truth. And to top it all off, his former rival at the police department, Greg Gilman, is determined to disrupt his investigation. Casey's challenge is to learn what really happened to Artis, and why Gilman can’t seem to remove his head from his butt. And Casey will need all of his wits to complete the task.

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Blinding Pain, Simple Truth: Changing Your Life Through Buddhist Meditation By Richard S. Ellis

Front Cover

Description: A self-help book for those who want to heal themselves from pain and suffering using Buddhist meditation. In 2000, incapacitating headaches nearly destroyed Richard Ellis’s career. He suffered from the pain and, even more, from his outrage over the pain. His experiences with all but one of the doctors he consulted were disastrous. Their only response to the pain was to prescribe pills, which changed his personality and drained all his intellectual and emotional energy. One wise doctor recommended meditation. Buddhist teachings and daily meditation empowered Richard to heal the suffering caused by both his physical and emotional pain. The pain, once his brutal enemy, became his best teacher, inviting him to let go of the suffering and the image of himself as a victim. “As I have learned,” explains Richard, “so can you also learn to reexamine your experiences with suffering and pain and eventually to embrace your life with equanimity, gratitude and joy.” Included in Blinding Pain, Simple Truth: * The compelling story of how Richard Ellis transformed his chronic pain and suffering into healing and peace * How Buddhist meditation can help relieve suffering by allowing the body’s natural healing powers to flourish * New insights into the Bible that complement meditation and assist in healing Complete with Appendix, Bibliography, and Suggested Reading.

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The Attitude Girl, A Compelling Winner Of 8 Literary Awards!

The Attitude Girl: "A wonderful read for the young and the young at heart!"

Description: Raising children has never been easy… And guiding them through adolescence in our tumultuous modern world? Maddening! Today's teens want entertainment! What they need, however, is a little bit of guidance. Written for young adults, ages 15 and up, and their parents, The Attitude Girl is an inspirational, timely book that gives them both… Everyone thinks Vicky has an attitude problem, but in her eyes, she's simply being honest about what she thinks and feels. If people can't handle it, well… it's their problem! The novel recounts a young woman's coming of age, with a little bit of sassiness and a lot of heart. Jam-packed with emotional conflict, trials & tribulations, romance and humor, the book follows outspoken, materialistic 17-year-old Victoria Benson on her rocky road to adulthood as she struggles with financial setbacks, idealism, loss and forgiveness along the way. Selected the Best Young Adult Novel of the Year by 2010 Premier Book Awards, The Attitude Girl also placed as a Finalist of the 2010 National Indie Excellence Awards, was named a First-place Winner at the 2009 London Book Festival and in the Arizona Authors Association Annual Literary contest, and additionally received four Honorable Mentions in 2009/2010 literary competitions.

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Easy Freezer Meals

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Easy Freezer Meals

Description: Freezers can be a home cook’s best friend because they allow busy chefs to plan family menus ahead of time, cook them in advance, and freeze them. Cheri Sicard includes 120 delicious meals in her new book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Easy Freezer Meals. These meals are available when they’re needed, simply by reheating them. Thousands of home cooks are realizing that cooking ahead and freezing meals help them: • Save time by planning menus and cooking multiple meals in a single session • Save money by buying in bulk • Eat healthier by preparing good meals, with wholesome ingredients, instead of store-bought frozen foods • Take control of portions to help with dieting • Prepare foods for special dietary concerns ahead of time • Spend more time doing the things they love outside the daily kitchen routine About the Author: Cheri Sicard (Los Angeles, Calif.) was the creator, editor, and publisher of, now owned by She has taught cooking classes for Williams-Sonoma and is the author of The Low Carb Restaurant Guide and Everyday American, and has written for The Boston Herald, Magellan, Canoe & Kayak Magazine, and The Armchair Reader, as well as,,, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Easy Freezer Meals ISBN: 9781615640645, April 2011, $16.95 Author: Cheri Sicard (Los Angeles, Calif.)

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ParentWise: The Emotional Challenges Of Family Life And How To Deal With Them

ParentWise: The Emtional Challenges of Family Life and How to Deal with Them by Loren Buckner

Description: Parents often lament that kids aren’t born with instructions securely fastened to their big toes. In the quiet solitude of night, mothers and fathers wonder: why didn’t anybody tell me that parenting was going to be so hard? An emotionally tough but rewarding job, parenting brings with it innumerable ups and downs— excitement, worry, joy, sadness, intense love and intense fear. With the knowledge of a seasoned psychotherapist, the wisdom that comes from thirty years of marriage, and the experience of raising two kids to adulthood, Loren Buckner is uniquely qualified to join the parenting discussion with her new book, ParentWise: The Emotional Challenges of Family Life and How to Deal with Them. In this extraordinary and valuable guide, author Loren Buckner delves deep into the heart of the emotional and psychological implications of being a parent. ParentWise helps parents understand how their own life histories factor into the parenting equation. Delivered in a straightforward, clear, and imminently readable style, ParentWise includes easily understandable action steps and intentions whereby parents can achieve greater understanding of themselves and their children, overcome common challenges of family life, and ultimately become better parents.

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Turquoise Tally

Turquoise Tally Cover Image

Description: Welcome to the colorful town of Artbox Alley! The fashionable Turquoise Tally works here in the wig shop but she has a problem with her hair - the style never sticks!!! She asks Mr. Mad Maroon Moe to make her a magical potion, or a sticky doo-goo, but when he takes a look at her hair he discovers that she is always wearing a wig! She is using her wigs to cover up a secret. With the help of Gramala Gray & Moe's magic potion, she learns to be proud of that secret under her wig. She is no longer embarrassed by it and passes on that lesson to all of her customers at the wig shop!

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The I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook: 150 Cheap And Easy Gourmet Recipes

The I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook: 150 Cheap and Easy Gourmet Recipes

Description: The ultimate one-stop shopping guide, The I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook finally offers starving college students a welcome relief from microwave mash-ups, fast food fiascos, and cardboard crust pizza delivery. Instead they whip up late-for-class breakfasts, backpack-friendly lunches, and as-hearty-as-mom-made dinners. And since all the ingredients come from Trader Joe’s, they’re both inexpensive and scrumptious. Whether the reader is a first-time chef or coed foodie, this is the perfect book to start them cooking. Each recipe — from fabulous finger foods to delicious desserts — has been thoroughly tested to guarantee it’s not only tantalizingly tasty but also easy to make when kitchen space, cooking utensils, preparation time, and chef’s attention span are in short supply. Designed to help shoppers recognize the best finds and reap the fruits of Trader Joe’s smart buyers, many of the recipes utilize Trader Joe’s signature products to create unique meals like chicken masala, pulled-pork sliders, and spicy fish tacos.

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Book: Paula, The Lighthouse Years

Love and adventure! This is a great "me time" read.

Description: This mother's day take some "me" time and curl up with a good book. Or give some "me" time to a well deserving mother. Paula will become your dear aunt and maybe your best friend. You'll root for love as she suffers abuse from her mail-order husband. You'll feel the wind in your hair from the top of the light tower. You'll smell the oil . . . and the blood. Treat yourself or your mother and come along on this multi-cultural, historical and heart warming adventure.

Price: $16.00 to $22.00 Visit the Website

New Children's Book - Hooper Finds A Family

Jane Paley & Hooper

Description: Hooper Finds a Family, A Hurricane Katrina Dog's Survival Tale, (HarperCollins Publishers, June 2011) is a new children’s book written for children ages 8-12 (grades 3-7) and available in advance of the sixth anniversary of hurricane Katrina. Author Jane Paley tells how a lovable yellow Lab named Hooper is rescued after Hurricane Katrina and makes the long journey from New Orleans to his new family in New York, where he ultimately finds a new, different and wonderful life. The book - based on a true story - is “written” by Hooper and tells about his transition from living in the Bayou, surviving Katrina and moving to New York City. Proceeds from the book will go to Labs4rescue, an organization that matches stray dogs with new families. It’s a perfect gift for parents and grandparents to give to children. Paley adopted Hooper through Labs4rescue. Today, Paley brings Hooper, a certified therapy dog, to visit patients in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and physical therapy centers, to bring joy and comfort to those in need. Hooper is also involved in the reading for buddies program which matches dogs with young children learning to read.

Price: $15.99 Visit the Website

A Beautiful Zen Children's Book!

"Maybe (A Little Zen for Little Ones)"

Description: Based on an ancient and beloved Zen fable, “Maybe (A Little Zen for Little Ones)” is about a wise girl who experiences a series of events that at first seem lucky (or unlucky) but then turn out to be quite the opposite. A bike disappears, but then she gets a new one. She hurts herself, but then she enjoys a nice day at home. For each incident, was what happened good luck? Maybe. Was it bad luck? Maybe. Or, perhaps the girl simply does not get caught up in the emotion of the moment, because she can never know what that event might lead to, good or bad . . . A Little Zen for Little Ones™ puts classic and new Zen stories in an accessible context for today’s kids (and adults!). With children as central characters and narratives that reflect modern culture, these stories help us examine our values as our world becomes more complex and confusing. After all, if our children can get a little bit of Zen in their lives, perhaps they’ll grow up to be adults with a little bit of Zen as well. Wouldn’t that be great for all of us?

Price: $15.99 Visit the Website

Wallie Exercises By Steve Ettinger

Wallie Exercises by Steve Ettinger

Description: Wallie Exercises takes parents and kids on a fun and whimsical adventure, as they soak up lessons about fitness, friendship, and staying active. The story follows Wallie, a loyal but lazy dog and his best friend who convinces the lethargic pup to get out of the house and get moving. Beautifully illustrated and impeccably told, this book helps teach kids important fitness concepts while following Wallie on his hilarious journey to get in shape. The book also includes a special section with original exercises (performed by Wallie) and kid-friendly fitness information at the back of the book that will get every child (and pup) excited about exercise. Wallie Exercises is a must have for parents, kids, teachers, families, and anyone else who may need a little boost getting motivated and getting into shape. Available at select bookstores, Barnes and,, and

Price: $15.95 Visit the Website

"SEAsoned: A Chef’s Journey With Her Captain" By Victoria Allman

"SEAsoned: A Chef's Journey with her Captain" by Victoria Allman

Description: Written by yacht chef Victoria Allman, SEAsoned takes readers on an extraordinary journey across the Bahamas, Italy, France, Greece and Spain. Peppered with over 30 mouthwatering recipes, and spiced with a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction narrative, SEAsoned is a book to be savored. A fantastic mix of food, fun, and foibles, SEAsoned is a delightful, delectable—and wholly devourable—look at what happens when life on the high seas turns out to be anything but smooth sailing.

Price: $15.95 Visit the Website



Description: IACP award-winning baking authority Judy Rosenberg’s famous Rosie’s Bakeries are a beloved New England institution, her mouthwatering confections have garnered countless Best of Boston awards, and her legendary Chocolate Orgasm Brownie is pure gustatory ecstasy. When it comes to sweet indulgences, Rosenberg knows that great desserts call for authentic ingredients: real butter, real cream, real chocolate, and lots of it!! Packed with over 250 recipes for delicious cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, and bars, THE ROSIE’S BAKERY ALL-BUTTER, CREAM-FILLED, SUGAR-PACKED BAKING BOOK imparts the baking wisdom gained from Rosie’s Bakery’s 30+ year history of serving award-winning treats. As a self-taught baker whose career began in a tiny Boston apartment (every doorknob was coated in chocolate and the sugar-dusted floor crunched with every step) Rosenberg is a connoisseur of real homemade flavor and her recipes are easy, crowd-pleasing, and irresistible. In THE ROSIE’S BAKERY ALL-BUTTER, CREAM-FILLED, SUGAR-PACKED BAKING BOOK, Rosenberg offers the home cook words of encouragement, step-by-step instructions, and helpful tips for everything from writing on a cake to decorating with fresh flowers to salvaging a mistake to executing a delicious “end-of-anxiety” pie crust. For a celebration, try show-stopping delectables such as Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan Pie, Caramel Apple Casserole, Velvet Underground Cake, Blueberry-Plum Crumb Pie, or Rosie’s Famous Chocolate-Sour Cream Layer Cake with fresh Butterscotch-Coconut Topping. From Chocolate Peanut Butter Volcanoes to Ginger Shortbread to Pumpkin Whoopie Pies to Dagwoods, the cornucopia of cookies will be the hit at any office party or school bake sale.

Price: $15.95 Visit the Website

Children's Photo Board Book Keepsake

Children's Photo Keepsakes

Description: Children love story time and they love to look and smile at photos of themselves...The Barb-A-Mel Books combine the best of both with a series of vibrantly illustrated children's board books. Simply insert your own 4"x 6" photos and watch children smile with delight as they see themselves alongside the Barb-A-Mel Bears and hear parents, grandparents and caregivers read positive, caring messages of love on every page. Available Titles: "I Love Mommy Because...", "I Love Daddy Because...", "I Love Grandma Because...", and "I Love Grandpa Because...".

Price: $15.95 to $15.99 Visit the Website

Simply Sugar And Gluten-Free: 180 Easy And Delicious Recipes You Can Make In 20 Minutes Or Less

Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free: 180 Easy and Delicious Recipes You Can Make in 20 Minutes or Less

Description: Eliminating wheat and sugar from a diet doesn’t mean seeking out exotic ingredients or spending hours in the kitchen. In this handy cookbook, blog sensation Amy Green presents the most popular of her taste-tested, reader-approved recipes. Featuring recipes that are as tasty as they are quick, "Simply Sugar- and Gluten-Free Meals in 20 Minutes" makes it easy to cook smart without the stress. From healthy entrees like garden-fresh turkey burgers and chicken potpie with biscuits to decadent desserts like chocolate walnut flourless brownies and pumpkin spice cheesecake, these are recipes that satisfy the entire family.

Price: $15.95 Visit the Website

7 Weeks To Getting Ripped: The Ultimate Weight-Free, Gym-Free Training Program

7 Weeks to Getting Ripped: The Ultimate Weight-Free, Gym-Free Training Program

Description: Getting a fit, slender body requires only one piece of exercise equipment — your body. Featuring over 100 exercises and more than 250 instructional photos, "7 Weeks to Getting Ripped" presents a day-by-day program for completely transforming your body using an exercise regimen based on natural movement and resistance. Nothing is more convenient, inexpensive, or effective than these workouts and since none of them require a trip to the gym, it’s easy to find the time to do them at home, stay on the program for all seven weeks, and achieve amazing results. No matter what area of your body needs toning, "7 Weeks to Getting Ripped" has detailed exercises for it. There are push-ups for arm and shoulder strength, hot-circuits and burpees for endurance and cardio, cross-ball workouts for core strength, and squats and lunges for leg sculpting. With its step-by-step photos and detailed workouts, this is the ultimate plan for getting you in shape fast—anytime, anywhere.

Price: $15.95 Visit the Website


Hieroglyphics of the Heart Cover Design

Description: Hieroglyphics are beautiful, fascinating, enduring images. So too are the poems in Dr. Susan Marc Lawley's Hieroglyphics of the Heart, a collection of poetry full of nuggets of wisdom gained through a life well lived. The book escavates generations of stories and decodes the universal messages and emotions they hold. This book is especially suited for those in the midst of reinvention or anyone searching for a deeper meaning to everyday life. “I was inspired to write this book because I believe it is often hard to express authentic emotions in our society; we push them down rather than release them,” says Dr. Lawley. “We often talk in code or jargon to one another. This book is about being real and saying what is true. It is about transforming our conversations from undecipherable hieroglyphics to meaningful connections.” $15, or

Price: $15.00 Visit the Website

Devin Alexander's - The Biggest Loser Quick And Easy Cookbook

Simply Delicious Low-Calorie Recipes to make in a Snap

Description: The first cookbook in the bestselling Biggest Loser series to focus on fast, simple meals that you can eat on the go, The Biggest Loser Quick & Easy Cookbook will feature more than 75 easy recipes with 20 minutes of prep time or less, accompanied by beautiful 4-color photography. The book will also provide an overview of The Biggest Loser eating plan; include five 20 minute workouts with tips on how to burn the most calories in the least amount of time, offer healthy cooking and baking tips and techniques as well as shopping lists and pantry basics; and as always, will feature tips from the trainers and contestants on time-saving techniques for fitting healthy meals into busy schedules. The 75 quick and easy recipes will include such categories as breakfast on the double, speedy soups and sandwiches, throw-together salads and sides, mains in minutes, lickety-split sweet bites, and more. Sample recipes include: Asparagus & Chicken Apple Sausage Scramble, Caprese Burger, Garlic & Herb Mac & Cheese, Coffee Crusted Chopped Steak, Philly Cheese Steak Pizza, Meyer Lemon Seared Scallops, and Chocolate Raspberry Dreamers.

Price: $15.00 to $21.99 Visit the Website

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