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18 Greatest Golf's Luxury Golf Books - 18 Greatest Irish Holes And 18 Greatest Scottish Holes

18 Greatest Golf - Irish and Scottish Books

Description: 18 Greatest Golf is a luxury, large format golf book that features stunning photography of the most beautiful courses in the world along with in depth text and interviews with the greats of the game. Printed and hand-finished in Italy, the high definition and high density treatment of the photographs and illustrations in the 18 Greatest Golf Collection is truly mesmerizing, providing a more beautiful and accomplished collection than any other golf books on the market.

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Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

Star Trek Pedestal and Contents

Description: This expansive history covers the first 150 years of the United Federation of Planets—the intergalatic democracy that governs the Star Trek universe. With more than 50 previously unseen documents—letters, treaty excerpts, and intelligence reports—highlighting historic moments that began it all, this gorgeously illustrated history of the Federation gives fans new insight into the Star Trek universe. The 176-page deluxe volume, licensed by CBS Consumer Products, is housed in a sleek display pedestal that features electronic lights and audio narration provided by famed actor George Takei, the original Hikaru Sulu.

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30DYC - 30 Days To Fit & Fabulous Home Study Program

30DYC 30 Days to Fit & Fabulous

Description: 30DYC a transformative system that enables you to achieve the mind, body and spiritual fitness you need to get Clear, Healthy and Happy. It’s a proven, powerful and effective way to detach from anything that is no longer serving you in your life. This simple system will allow you to get in the best shape at your pace and in the privacy of your own home. The program combines the advice & guidance of our favorite health experts, like Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Oz and Dean Ornish, with proven diet & fitness techniques utilized by fit & fabulous folks like Christy Turlington, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Gisele, Russell Simmons and Matthew McConaughey. No stone is left unturned, from a yoga & fitness plan, to a customized diet, to practices for inner well being, to ongoing support, 30DYC Renew You! is the complete packaged plan for total self renewal and transformation. “It’s about developing healthy habits that benefit every dimension of your being.” ~Dashama Includes over 30 short video sessions to mix and match creating a new unique workout each day, 10 audio classes and meditations, green smoothie cleanse, 3 stage energy diet, daily health journal, journey to joyful book and yoga training manual + much more. Digital version + Hard copy version available. Members area + community forum + live weekly training calls with Dashama!

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The Gospel According To Coco Chanel (Leather Bound)

The Gospel According to Coco Chanel

Description: Life Lessons From The World's Most Elegant Woman. Coco Chanel brought us the little black dress, the timeless Chanel suit and classic Chanel No. 5 perfume. This charming leather-bound, limited edition book explores the philosophy of this fascinating woman on topics ranging from style to passion, from money and success to femininity and living life on your own terms. You can pick up your copy at or at 180 Papyrus stores nation wide.

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The NAUSICAÄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND Manga Deluxe Box Set Includes All 7 Volumes


Description: • NAUSICAÄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND Deluxe Box Set, collects all 7 volumes of the original celebrated manga (graphic novel) series by Hayao Miyazaki into 2 new hardcover editions packaged in a special illustrated slipcase. A full-color double-sided poster is also included and each volume features 8 full-color page inserts. In a long-ago war, humankind set off a devastating ecological disaster. Thriving industrial societies disappeared. The earth is slowly submerging beneath the expanding Sea of Corruption, an enormous toxic forest that creates mutant insects and releases a miasma of poisonous spores into the air. At the periphery of the sea, tiny kingdoms are scattered on tiny parcels of land. Here lies the Valley of the Wind, a kingdom of barely 500 citizens; a nation given fragile protection from the decaying sea's poisons by the ocean breezes; and home to Nausicaä. Rated ‘T’ for Teens • $60.00 U.S. / $67.99 Canada

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L Is For Love By Nico Cervantes

L is for Love by Nico Cervantes

Description: L is for Love, the new book by event designer Nico Cervantes, is a heartwarming and visually stunning exploration of the special events that make up the romantic journey from the first date to the wedding day and beyond. Through heartfelt advice and beautiful photographs, Nico encourages couples to stop and celebrate the tender moments and milestones. In Nico’s own words: “There are so many smaller celebrations and events that take place before the actual wedding happens. With my book, I want to help my clients and people like them bring to life these types of gatherings. Although every chapter is titled for a specific occasion, I hope that each person who reads the book can take a little something from each chapter and let it inspire them for whatever they are planning. Some may think the wedding shower design is not what they would like for their own, but I love that, hence each chapter's unique theme.” L is for love makes the perfect gift for romantic couples of all ages. Share this book with them as they make love’s journey together.

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DaddyScrubs Bag 'O' Books

DaddyScrubs Bag o Books

Description: Bag O’ Books from DaddyScrubs makes a perfect shower or holiday gift for any expectant daddy. It comes with the “I’m the Daddy” Trunk Bag stuffed with five of our most popular baby and daddy books, plus a parenting guide – perfect for new daddies! Product Features: Includes I’m the Daddy Trunk Bag made from 1005 natural cotton canvas Includes 6 Books! I Love You, Daddy! by Edie Evans Daddy Hugs by Karen Katz The Daddy Book by Todd Parr Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer The New Dad's Survival Guide by Scott Mactavish Clifford's Big Day with Dad by Norman Bridwell Price: $39.95 (includes a savings of almost 10 dollars!)

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Description: Ever hear the expression “easy as pie”? In Your Time to Bake, best-selling author and expert baker Robert Blakeslee shows you just how easy it is. With its comprehensive, reader-friendly, highly visual approach, this book is designed to turn even the most inexperienced bakers into successful creators of all sorts of delectable baked goods. To help establish a firm foundation, the book opens with three primer chapters that provide essential baking information—staple ingredients, basic equipment, and common baking terms and techniques. What follows next is a fantastic array of easy-to-prepare recipes, including a delectable assortment of cookies, brownies, pies and tarts, cakes and cupcakes, cheesecakes, muffins, quick breads, and flaky puff pastry creations, as well as luscious frostings, fillings, and toppings. Over 1,500 full-color photos and illustrations help make the step-by-step instructions clear and accessible—whether they are showing you how to separate an egg, test a cake for doneness, or add a top crust to a pie. Rounding out the book is a chapter devoted entirely to decorating your delicious baked goods. It presents simple instructions for putting the frosting on the cake—as well as beautiful borders, edible fondant flowers, and much, much more. Your Time to Bake offers the perfect blend of instruction, advice, and humor to make the art of baking both easy and enjoyable. Now you can become the baker you want to be—and have fun in the process.

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Unique New Release Is Both Literary Fiction And Musical Concept Album Combined

Classical Musician and Composer Strikes a New Chord with the Written Word

Description: David Houston wanted to take readers from what a book is, to what a book can be and the result is his unique new release, Fugue, a work of literary fiction coupled with a downloadable six track, musical concept album. Fugue blends dystopian, romantic, and suspense elements within a plot-driven narrative that spans thirty years of time and moves across four continents, unfolding primarily in New York City, Seville, and Afghanistan and is carried by three main, beautifully-created and unforgettable characters who face a dramatic, life-changing event around the age of eighteen, setting them upon a path that irrevocably intertwines their story and romantic involvement – for better and for worse. The plot then shifts in a dystopian direction halfway through the story after terrorist attacks redefine the geopolitical landscape of not only the United States, but the entire world. The music, which accompanies the book, is extremely diverse, ranging from rock to classical to metal to singer/songwriter. It was designed to include three vocalists to personify the three characters, along with acoustic and electric guitars, piano, cello, bass and drums. His lyrics, both original and adaptations of famous poems, always relate to the central themes expressed in the book.

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HANDeBand Mobile Device Hand Grip


Description: The HANDeBand is a new accessory for any smart phone, tablet, e-reader or other portable device that attaches to your finger to streamline the ease of use of any device, and overall makes using the device more fun, comfortable and enjoyable. Everyday tasks like taking photos, texting, managing email, surfing the internet, and even watching videos become easier because your hand does not have to grasp the device, freeing up your thumb for a wider range of mobility and usability with a full 360 degree rotation. Available at for $28.95 for 2-pack.

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But By The Chance Of War

But By The Chance of War by Richard C. Lyons

Description: “But By the Chance of War” by Richard C. Lyons, a new book coming out Fall, 2012 is a uniquely different type of book. Between its covers, the book presents four dramatic stories of war from India’s fight with the Ephalite Huns, to the Fall of Fort Niagara, in the Seven Years War, to the trenches of World War I, and finally to modern day circumstances and actions in the Middle East. Author Richard C. Lyons took a creative approach to presenting his stories by writing in a dramatic poetic style. This rhythmic style is not only entertaining, but also enlightening to the tragic and sometimes violent stories presented. The reader cannot but marvel at his use of words and poetic timing.

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Rainbow Kit By Today I Ate A Rainbow

Eating Rainbows is Fun!

Description: Setting healthy eating habits just got a little easier! “Today I Ate A Rainbow!™” is an interactive nutritional chart that makes eating fruits and vegetables fun for your children! Consisting of a colourful rainbow chart and bright cartoon magnets this tool will allow your children to easily track the fruits and vegetables they eat throughout the day. This package contains the complete Today I Ate A Rainbow!™ chart and The Rainbow Bunch book. These tools turn healthy eating into a fun challenge! *** Please note, magnets to not adhere well to stainless steel fridges. The package contains the following: • Complete "Today I Ate A Rainbow!™" Chart • 1 Today I Ate A Rainbow!™ chart (not magnetic) • 4 sets of coloured magnets • 4 achievement magnets • 2 fridge magnets • 1 colour-coded shopping list • The Rainbow Bunch Book • BONUS! Rainbow Bookmark

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The Healthy PC: Preventive Care, Home Remedies, And Green Computing, 2nd Edition

The Healthy PC: Preventive Care, Home Remedies, and Green Computing, 2nd Edition

Description: Save yourself time, money, and frustration by becoming your own computer guru. The Healthy PC: Preventive Care, Home Remedies, and Green Computing, Second Edition shows you how to find out what's wrong with your PC and solve the problems yourself. You'll get expert tips for making your PC start up faster, keeping its hard drive in good shape, and updating Windows with the latest security fixes. This hands-on guide also explains how to protect your PC for free using Microsoft Security Essentials, use the Internet safely, and configure parental controls to protect your children both online and offline. McGraw-Hill; November 2011; ISBN 9780071752916;

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Read To Achieve With Don Yaeger’s Greatness: The 16 Characteristics Of True Champions

Greatness: The 16 Characteristics of True Champions (Hardback Edition)

Description: For the avid reader looking to achieve a little bit more in their lives, Don Yaeger’s Greatness: The 16 Characteristics of True Champions takes motivational and self help books to a new frontier. Based off of lessons learned from the many sports stars and athletes Yaeger has interviewed as a sports writer, Greatness is ideal for any reader looking to achieve their personal and professional best. From practical tips to detailed plans, Yaeger inspires his readers to implement new habits of greatness. As an award-winning inspirational speaker, Yaeger is able to captivate his readers with his mentoring voice.

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International Author And Doctor Links Physical And Mental Ailments To Prenatal Care

Life Before Birth

Description: All parents can agree, with birth, life changes. Actually, much of your child’s physical and mental life may be determined before birth. According to internationally renown psychologist and best selling author of The Primal Scream, Dr. Arthur Janov says, “The origins of heart disease, depression, anxiety, substance addiction and even cancer can be linked to early trauma during pregnancy and birth.”   In his revolutionary new book, Life Before Birth: The Hidden Script that Rules Our Lives, Dr. Janov shatters conventional ideas on the importance of pre-natal care and says mothers-to-be cannot be too diligent when caring for their unborn child. In Life Before Birth, Dr. Janov explains why, and how, expectant mothers should avoid stress, drugs and poor nutrition during labor, birth and while breastfeeding.

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2013 Entertainment® Memberships

2013 Entertainment® Book

Description: Entertainment Promotions, a leading provider of discounts and promotions, has introduced an array of new benefits, ways to access savings and expanded programs with its 2013 Entertainment® Book Membership and™ Savings Membership. Entertainment Memberships include countless 50% off coupons and 2-for-1 discounts from leading national brands and regional businesses, access to online printable coupons and links for even more local and national offers, and a free download of the Entertainment® Mobile App to easily search and redeem deals right on a smartphone. By registering on, members can get the most out of their 2013 Membership. There, they can unlock even more savings with member benefits, exclusive deals. The Membership Card in the front of the book features the access code to register online. The Frequent Values® Key Tag and Membership Card, available with book purchase only, can be used in conjunction with the Entertainment mobile app or the directory found online at to uncover ongoing 10% to 20% offers that can be used again and again with thousands of participating merchants. Memberships can be found at the website, a local fundraiser, a retail partner, or call 888-231-SAVE (7283).

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Sex, Politics And Religion: How Delusional Thinking Is Destroying America - Steve Siebold

Sex, Politics and Religion: How Delusional Thinking is Destroying America - Steve Siebold

Description: Steve Siebold is one of the world's foremost critical thinking experts of our time. His ability to explain hot-button issues through logic-based unemotional thought will open your eyes to the most pressing and controversial topics under sex, politics and religion that are tearing America apart. His wisdom and insights cut right through the delusion and allow us to truly understand these issues for what they are - free of persuassion and misinterpretation of political and religious leaders. A must read for all Americans!

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Holly Clegg’s Trim&TERRIFIC™ KITCHEN 101

Holly Clegg’s trim&TERRIFIC™ KITCHEN 101

Description: Does the kitchen intimidate you? This book is your answer as it offers “the easiest of easy” recipes. Whether you're off to college, your first apartment, getting married, having a family, single or just plain busy, KITCHEN 101® will hold your hand through the cooking process with simple, super-satisfying healthy recipes as well as the basic tools and tips you need to cook with confidence. KITCHEN 101 offers: • 150 easy recipes with full-color photographs • Nutritional and diabetic information with each recipe • Highlights Diabetic Friendly recipes within ADA guidelines • Highlights Freezer Friendly, Vegetarian and Crock Pot recipes • Terrific Tips offering recipe short-cuts and options • Kitchen reference chapter with cooking fundamentals Get confidence in your kitchen through: • Cooking Basics • Start Simple • Ready-Made Menus • Rapid Rotisserie Chicken Recipes • Building on Basics • Fix It Fast • Crock Pot Convenience • Sweet Temptations Holly Clegg, author of the best selling trim&TERRIFIC® cookbook series, which includes trim&TERRIFIC® Diabetic Cooking with the American Diabetes Association and Eating Well Through Cancer, has sold over 1 million copies. Holly has appeared on national shows including Fox & Friends, NBC Weekend Today, The 700 Club, USA Today and The Huffington Post. For today's busy cook, she offers an app, Mobile Rush-Hour Recipes, bringing her simple, signature trim&TERRIFIC® recipes to the person on the go.

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Description: Back in the good old days, mothers-to-be visited their obstetricians once a month and gave birth to their babies heavily sedated, while their husbands paced nervously in the waiting room. Today, most parents choose to be active players. If you want to be a participant in the birth of your baby, Pea in a Pod is your playbook. Taking you from your first day of pregnancy through your child’s first year, Pea in a Pod presents everything from relaxation exercises to practice during pregnancy, birth positions, and breathing techniques. This comprehensive guide offers a month-by-month breakdown of the physical changes to expect during pregnancy and describes the emotional aspects of pregnancy. It also provides a nutrition plan for the pregnant woman; exercise plans for the mother-to-be, new mother, and cesarean mother; and a wealth of hints for the father-to-be and labor partner. The basics of infant care and breastfeeding are included, and over 200 photographs and illustrations clarify the text. A step-by-step handbook, a ready reference, and a source of practical advice, Pea in a Pod is a book you’ll turn to time and time again.

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Children's Book- What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow? (The Secret Of The Golden Mirror)

Every child wants to know "What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow."

Description: This Beautifully illustrated children's book takes children on an amazing journey to discover and understand what their feelings are for. Mr. Positively becomes every child's understanding friend as he helps to guide each child through his feeling doors until they find at the end of the rainbow is a fantastic Secret which will put a smile on their face and create a good feeling in their heart.

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Thinking Your Way To Happy!

Overcome common barriers to Happiness!

Description: Human beings are creatures of habit. The brain loves the comfort of repetition even if it brings great pain and suffering. Everyday people make choices to; be late, over eat, or to be too busy or stressed for their children, to delay health, to hold a grudge, to react instead of respond, to indulge in immediate gratification - essentially people choose to neglect important areas of their lives – yet often it does not feel as though any choice is involved in this process at all. The books fundamental message is around governing your thoughts and interrupting automatic behaviors in favor of personal freedom and results that inspire. The intention is to help you to begin to think from a new place, thus engaging the frontal lobe the area of the brain responsible for conscious choice. The more you do so, the easier the process of change becomes. Thinking Your Way to Happy! also identifies the most common ‘Happy Traps’; Give up the ’someday, one day, when day, western mentality where you reserve joy and happiness for when your business is finally thriving, you lose that extra weight, your credit cards are paid off or you meet that special someone.’

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Zylie The Bear Adventure Kit

Zylie the Bear in her signature outfit!

Description: Join the worldwide adventure with Zylie, the fashionable new 18" bear designed to be dressed and played with like a doll! Follow Zylie as she travels the world, meeting new friends along the way. Learn about new cultures, languages and geography alongside her and her silly brother Theo as their adventures are spelled out in their beautifully illustrated storybook series. Collect all of Zylie's stylish outfits, her fun friends, and awesome books as the line expands with each new adventure. The collection currently features the Zylie Adventure Kit, complete with 18" jointed stuffed Zylie bear, her signature flounce top, white coat and skinny jeans, orange bag with her map, diary and passport inside, and the first book from her Adventure Series. Collect Zylie's friend Shen the Panda from China in his Adventure Kit as well, complete with 18" jointed stuffed Shen panda, his signature outfit, backpack with his drum sticks and passport, and the second book in Zylie's Adventure Series! Eight additional outfits are available separately! Stay tuned for more adventures along the way, and don't forget to go to to register your traveling bear's passport to unlock exclusive new adventures and fun activities!

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The Dream Team Of 1947 – Book By Arno P. Niemand

The Dream Team of 1947 proves that any team with talent and heart can win

Description: The Dream Team of 1947 is a classic but true David and Goliath story that transcends the sport of wrestling. It’s the remarkable story of the greatest team you have never heard of, the wrestling team of Cornell College, a tiny, private college that won the NCAA wrestling championship in 1947, defeating all the major powers, becoming the first school outside of the state of Oklahoma ever to win the team championship since teams were officially recognized by the NCAA; no other private school before or since has done so. Then the champions traveled to San Francisco and won the equally prestigious National AAU championship, completing the grand slam of amateur wrestling. The story is informed by the Great Depression and World War II, as well as the GI Bill, which leveled the playing field for several years after the war. It involves a coach direct from central casting, a nurturing small college, three freshmen superstars, and five service veterans, all of whom bonded as a team to defeat all comers. Were it not for a serious car crash the following year that injured two of its stars, there is no telling how much more the team might have achieved. $19.95 - available on Amazon and several bookstores

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Special Intentions: Remembering Others In Personal Prayer

Special Intentions: Remembering Others in Personal Prayer by Claire Coleman

Description: A powerful and inspiring book, Special Intentions offers a unique look at the true power of prayer. With its simple premise—say one prayer, every day, for someone other than yourself—and the beautiful, heartfelt, and poignant prayers offered in the pages therein, Special Intentions shows readers how to add a new dimension to prayer life when they combine prayer with empathy and compassion. Beautifully written and resplendent with touching and heartfelt prayers, Special Intentions is an extraordinary guide that includes prayers for a wide variety of people—parents, soldiers, veterans, children, the terminally ill, those who struggle, and those who simply make the world a more beautiful and better place. Much more than a guide to remembering others in personal prayer, Special Intentions, with its lovely, inspiring and eloquent verse, will not only touch the hearts of readers but will also serve as a means of inspiring readers to make praying for others an important part of their prayer life. With its beautiful message of love, compassion, selflessness, and grace, Special Intentions opens the door to enhancing one’s prayer life, strengthening faith, and loving and serving others.

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The Mystic Cookbook: The Secret Alchemy Of Food - By Denise And Meadow Linn

The Mystic Cookbook Cover

Description: The Mystic Cookbook is the extraordinary and gorgeous new book by international bestselling author Denise Linn and her daughter, food columnist Meadow Linn. It's a treasure of unique wisdom and knowledge that illuminates the power of food to transform. Do you want to nourish the spirit, as well as the body? Inspire love and romance? Elevate all diners to an enlightened state? Create harmony between everyone at the table? Charge the meal with all the delicious elements that will attract wealth and abundance? Or set the stage for a leap in consciousness? They open a portal for readers to embark on the sacred journey from nourishment to nirvana—and to harness the hidden dimension of food. Readers will learn how to infuse purpose and intention into the cuisine, how to invoke the secret alchemical power of a spice, and ways to combine ingredients for specific results. More than 40 scrumptious recipes and 100 color photos adorn the book...A beautiful, fun and thought-provoking book.

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Southern Living Wedding Planner & Keepsake

Southern Living Wedding Planner & Keepsake: What to Do Before Saying

Description: Introducing the first wedding book from Southern Living magazine: Southern Living Wedding Planner and Keepsake. The go-to guide for creating a dream Southern wedding, Southern Living Wedding Planner & Keepsake covers everything from tying in signature details like monograms or grandma’s heirloom wedding lace to finding that perfect Southern honeymoon spot. Whether planning a laid-back, Lowcountry affair or a soiree at a Louisiana estate, splurging or working within a tight budget, Southern Living Wedding Planner & Keepsake offers expert advice so that brides-to-be can relax and savor each moment. The lay-flat, concealed wire binder has plenty of pockets to save and organize business cards, dress swatches, receipts and other essentials to help blushing brides preserve their memories. Meanwhile, over 175 images, including more than 100 full-color shots from real, dream weddings across the South provide some vivid inspiration.Southern Living Wedding Planner & Keepsake ($29.95) is available nationwide or online at

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Trial Trauma: Healthy Spirituality For Empowered Living


Description: Trials are “life tests”, those crucial times that reveal the character and integrity of the mind, soul and spirit, revealing your inner person and cause an intense focus on emotional, mental, and spiritual survival. However, if life’s trials are not effectively survived they can weaken the faith of even the most devout Christians and shake their faith in God. Dr. Sharon Mancha has spent her life helping others find their way through these life challenges and shares her spiritual truths for survival in her newest book, Trial Trauma: Healthy Spirituality for Empowered Living. “Life consists of awesome, yet difficult experiences. You can lose your faith in God if you have not packed appropriately for this spiritually enriching journey,” says Dr. Mancha. “This book teaches the learning skills necessary to ensure successful passage through life’s difficulties and reveals spiritual truths about the trauma that can occur if believers do not understand how the Holy Spirit can guide them through each trial.” With chapters that include The Drama of Spiritual Warfare, Bearing Fruit in the Midst of Trial, Trauma Drama and Spiritual Wealth, Trial Trauma was written to motivate people to believe in God and encourages them to recover from life’s challenges.

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The Luminous Portrait: Capture The Beauty Of Natural Light For Glowing, Flattering Photographs

The Luminous Portrait by Elizabeth Messina

Description: Infuse your images with glowing, luminous light. From high-profile wedding and portrait photographer Elizabeth Messina comes this beautiful guide to shooting lush, romantic portraits exclusively in natural light. Whether you’re photographing children, weddings, maternity and boudoir, or portraits of any kind, The Luminous Portrait will inspire you with Elizabeth’s personal approach and award-wining images, sharing the art to making flattering portraits that appear “lit from within.” About the Author ELIZABETH MESSINA ( was named one of the top ten wedding photographers of 2010 by Adorama, one of the top ten wedding photographers of 2008 by Pop Photo and American PHOTO, and one of the twenty-five trendsetters of 2008 by Modern Bride. Her images have graced the covers of Us Weekly, OK, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, and Professional Photographer magazines. For more about Elizabeth, visit her award-winning blog, JACQUELINE TOBIN is the executive editor of Rangefinder magazine and the former deputy editor of Photo District News. She is also the author of Wedding Photography Unveiled: Inspiration and Insight from 20 Top Photographers. ULRICA WIHLBORG (Foreword) is the West Coast weddings editor at People magazine.

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QuickieChick's Cheat Sheet To Life, Love, Food, Fitness, Fashion And Finance On A Less Than Fabulous Budget By Laurel House

QuickieChick's Cheat Sheet

Description: QuickieChick’s Cheat Sheet to Life, Love, Food, Fitness, Fashion and Finance on a Less than Fabulous Budget (St. Martin’s) by lifestyle expert Laurel House offers quick tips for smart, sassy, independent chicks. A cheat sheet to life, QuickieChick is the essential manual on life's lessons delivered in fun, snappy and immediately gratifying bites of information. Beyond a fab pair of stilettos, big shot mentor, and go-to ab workout, QuickieChick reminds us that what every chick really needs are the 3Gs: Gumption, Grace and Guidance. QuickieChick is filled with professional advice from business entrepreneurs, exclusive tips straight from celebrities, insightful anecdotes from real women who have “been there and done that,” end of chapter cheat sheets that simplify the steps to success in concise & actionable advice, and fun quizzes that help you find out who you really are. This is the perfect rescue handbook for 20-something chicks about life and how to live it… fabulously on a budget.

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Who Wins the Battle Between Faith....and Fantasy?

Description: How does a middle-aged, married (with children), man of the cloth, marred by post-traumatic stress from military service in Afghanistan, make a spectacular return to society after years of a quiet, reclusive existence? Not quietly, that’s how. Author Tariq Rana takes an unconventional look at the polygamous relationship between a married Muslim and a blonde bombshell in his sensational new release, A Model Wife for a Gentle Imam. (An Imam. A Model. A Dream. A Novel.) The Imam of Breezewood, a retired veteran of Coalition involvement in Afghanistan, while living a simple life in a small community, discovers a fashion model in one of the clothing magazines for a local high-end clothing boutique. In spite of the profound differences in ethnicity, religion and society, the model bears a striking similarity to the Imam’s wife. Struggling with the expectations of marital fidelity but unable to ignore a growing fascination with the fashion model, he makes a life-changing decision by taking up with a woman of a different faith. A naturally furious wife and an alienated congregation both decry his lack of discretion in a battle between liberal, secular values and the fundamental prerogatives of divine decree.

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"The Benefits Of Socialism" Political Satire Book

"The Benefits of Socialism" is a political satire book that is perfect for gift giving.

Description: Hilarious political satire book ... "Benefits of Socialism" is an exhaustive index of leftist contributions to civilization filling 666 completely blank pages* "I read "Benefits of Socialism" from cover to cover, without putting it down. In my opinion, this may be the most illuminating book on the topic, ever." -Kate McMillan @ "It's so deep, so profound, I was as speechless as the book is textless, it can't be put in words." -Sylvia Gadabout "Solomon is bound into the chords of leftist history, entwined and matted into a pressed mound of congealed wisdom." -Kim Desci "Socialism is tolerance, it is peace. Some turn their backs on peace by shunning socialism. In the name of tolerance and for the sake of peace we must destroy these people." -Hillary Carbon "Finally, a guidebook for life!" -Bill Nilly An excellent political satire gift for leftists you love and people you hardly know.

Price: $17.00 to $18.00 Visit the Website

Injured Skydiver Tells Readers To Never Give Up On Your Dream

Above All Else Book Cover Image

Description: California skydiver Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld is a 6-time skydiving champion who suffered a severe setback when his plane carrying fellow skydivers crashed killing nearly everyone. Even though Dan was left critically injured and told he would never have full mobility or skydive again – he didn’t listen and instead went onto to becoming an international skydiving champ. When Dan isn’t running SkyDive Perris, one of the largest skydiving centers in the world, he’s training aerial skydiving teams to become champions, and coaching individuals on leading in life and work – even if the worst thing in life happens to you. He's the author of Above All Else, which tells his personal traumatic story and presents tools for pursuing your dreams – no matter what.

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Description: The vacation of a lifetime awaits you in Paris--City of Light--with fun-filled days and romantic nights. Now, in this informative guide, Caroline O’Connell reveals the intimate secrets and pleasures of one of the world’s most exciting and beautiful cities. Caroline tells you where to look, what to do, and how to do it. She gives you an insider’s view of the romantic side of Paris--the Paris that dreamers dream about, writers write about, and French lovers know. Most important, she guides you in sharing the city with that special someone. First, Caroline helps you plan your romantic venture, from booking a flight to packing your suitcase. She then fills you in on hotels and hideaways; restaurants and bistros; antique stores and flea markets; museums, historic sites, bookstores, and concerts; street markets and gourmet stores; and so much more. And from intimate cafés to romantic country chateaus, this guide steers you to the very best that Paris and its environs have to offer, including Caroline’s “A” list of romantic spots. Caroline even offers French phrases that you can use when conversing with your chéri. If you’re looking for an experience to cherish, welcome to Everyone’s Guide to Romance in Paris.

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Wacky Jacky: The True Story Of An Unlikely Beauty Queen

Wacky Jacky: The True Story of an Unlikely Beauty Queen

Description: Wacky Jacky: The True Story of an Unlikely Beauty Queen, written by Jaclyn Stapp, wife of Scott Stapp lead singer of Creed, is based off of her childhood experiences of growing up and being bullied. Wacky Jacky's ultimate message is that it's alright to be different. By imparting valuable character lessons in an engaging story, Wacky Jacky is a tool for parents and teachers to teach lessons in self-esteem and positive attitude, and illustrate social issues like bullying.

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"Sun Of Apollo" Epic Novel

Revelations 911 series by Darab Lawyer and Clinton Libbey

Description: In the exciting new series REVELATION 911 by Darab Lawyer and Clinton Libbey we are introduced to a new literary world of fast paced action, astrology, ancient philosophies and intrigue. The modern day story starts off with an ambitious Wall Street stockbroker named Darius Prince who enters the largest trade of his career before the momentum changes course. When a demonic image suddenly appears on his trading screen and interrupts the trade, his client calls to confirm the purchase. Without speaking to anyone, Darius risks everything and verbally confirms the trade only to discover that the order did not go through and that he himself would be responsible for the monumental loss. This is only the beginning of a new world of mystic forces both dark and enlightened that are seeking Darius Prince. Unbeknownst to Darius, many of the people around him are all working to sabotage his current efforts in order to upset the balance that is prophesized to take place. As more and more strange things continue to happen to Darius during the day, at night when he sleeps he begins to see himself in a new way. As he recounts his astrological lineage, Darius realizes that his prophetic dreams and visions provide a window into the future and is shortly thereafter confined to a mental institution.

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Dad Offers Inspiration to Young Women in New Release

Description: Like all parents, Lt. Col. Eric Strumpf’s world completely changed with the birth of his daughter. Not only did he discover how deeply he could love another human being, but he also uncovered his greatest fear – letting her down. Strumpf began to envision the infinite ways he could positively influence the outcome of her life and from that came For My Daughter: Lessons for Life’s Journey, twenty-one inspiring lessons to help a young woman live her best life. From surviving high school to finding their place in the world, daughters face a future full of challenges For My Daughter: Lessons for Life’s Journey offers a powerful vision by sharing loving lessons, such as: Character: Make Integrity the Foundation For a Great Life; Be a Difference Maker; Choose a Mentor; Protect Your Reputation; Distrust Urges; Treat all People as Important; Be True to Yourself Transformation: Become a Master of Words; Measure Twice, Cut Once When Communicating; Embrace Independent Thought; Manage Your “Curriculum”; Seek Opportunities to Expand; Reflect Often; Reject Self-Limiting Thoughts Life: Choose Opportunity; Know the Cost; Seek Balance; Affirm Life; Be The Hero of Your Own Life; Give Yourself a Break; Know that You are Precious

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SWEET ACCEPTANCE VERSUS BITTER RESISTANCE: Overcoming Addiction & Bad Habits Using Psychology, Spiritualism & Law Of Attraction Combined!

Sweet Acceptance versus Bitter Resistance

Description: Sweet Acceptance Versus Bitter Resistance (Booklocker) is a revolutionary book for people who suffer from addiction, contend with bad habits, possess negative thinking patterns, or are held captive by an addictive personality. Author Dr. Peter Andrew Sacco can help readers transform their lives with his practical and theoretical knowledge for overcoming addictions, along with a revolutionary 3-tier approach of psychology, spiritualism and law of attraction. This book teaches that addictions do not discriminate, but people do! Once the principles in Sweet Acceptance Versus Bitter Resistance are applied, readers will definitely be on the road to recovery and find the self that they had been seeking. Using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques along with the 8 Beatitudes from the Holy Bible, this book breaks new ground in combining psychology with spirituality for overcoming addiction. Furthermore, it employs the principles from the law of attraction, teaching individuals how to become what they most want to be, as well as showing them how to receive what they want. Sacco is an author, psychology professor, and former private practitioner/Hypnotherapist. He is also former Editor-in-Chief of Vices: The Magazine for Addictions, Habits and Well-Being, and author of more than 400 magazine articles. Sacco lectures at universities in the USA and Canada. He specializes in relationships, criminal psychology, addictions, sports psychology, and mental health. He has received the Award of Excellence in Teaching. He is also a regular resident expert on several television programs and has hosted the show Mental Health Matters for 2 years.

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Description: Kids love snacks. While these unhealthy commercial products are a problem for any child, they pose a special danger when kids have food allergies, since nearly all supermarket treats contain dairy, eggs, wheat (gluten), soy, peanuts, or tree nuts—the six key foods that cause over 80 percent of all food allergies. To help parents gain some control, Judi and Shari Zucker have written The Ultimate Allergy-Free Snack Cookbook, a collection of over one hundred nutritious and delicious allergen-free treats. The book begins by looking at food allergy basics. This is followed by a complete recipe section of both sweet and savory treats, including Party Snacks, Travel Treats, Lunch Box Snacks, and Sport Snacks. Throughout, you will find useful tips and suggestions to help make it easier to prepare healthful snacks and introduce them to your kids. No parent wants to say “no” when their child asks for an mid-morning or afternoon snack. With over one hundred natural, healthful, tasty treats to choose from, not only will you say “yes” to your child, but you’ll feel good about it.

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Life Is But A Dream


Description: Award-winning writer David Earle’s captivating new thriller Life Is But a Dream is a reverse twist on reincarnation that encompasses the thoughts, emotions and reactions of a man who wakes up in the body of someone he does not know with the realization that the only life he has ever known is gone. Roger Owen, an African-American family man in the year 2011, awakens the morning after his fortieth birthday to discover himself inhabiting the body of Sydney Hamilton, a Caucasian sixty-six year old Welsh Harvard Professor of History, whom he remembers nothing of in what is now the year 2125. Owen’s odyssey of this strange new existence in the twenty-second century takes him from an insane asylum, to the care of an attractive psychologist, to the acceptance of both lost lives and the intriguing pursuit of finding his ancestors from his past life. He must also deal with unraveling the mystery of a secret he unknowingly holds as Professor Hamilton regarding the truth of a catastrophic world event that occurred in 2115 that now threatens his life by a man who seeks to kill him. For all ages, it keeps readers riveted from the begining to its spellbinding conclusion.

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Simple Wisdom Extraordinary Life

Description: Inspiration comes from different things in each person’s life. For author Teresa Rogers, inspiration flows from her mother, Joy. As a survivor, running for her life – many times from her abusive alcoholic husband – Joy rose above life’s hardships and along the way taught her three children many valuable life lessons. In an inspiring tribute to her mother, Rogers now shares those lessons in her new release Simple Wisdom Extraordinary Life. Rogers share the details of Joy’s life, including her poverty-stricken childhood and tumultuous marriage, at age fifteen, to Rogers’ father. Rogers describes the trials of living in a dysfunctional home and the fear of the mental and physical abuse she had as a child – including a harrowing description of the night Rogers and her mother are nearly shot by her father. It was at that moment that Rogers chose to have a purpose in life and her mother has been with her every step of the way sharing these simple statements of wisdom: • Choose your friends wisely • Get an education • Never get yourself into anything you can’t talk yourself out of • You have fifteen minutes to feel sorry for yourself, then get off your butt and do something about it

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The Curious Childhood Of Patty O. (Growing Up In White Bear Lake, Minnesota)


Description: Artist and author Pat Olchefski-Winston had a slew of unique childhood memories rattling around in her head that she felt just had to come out. Missing the charm of her hometown, she began jotting down her favorite memories. The result is a delightful new collection of short stories called The Curious Childhood of Patty O. Beautifully crafted out of a collage of bits and pieces of growing-up memories Olchefski-Winston reveals the charm of growing up in the beautiful village of White Bear Lake, Minnesota in the ‘60s and ‘70s. The Curious Childhood of Patty O seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of short stories that highlights the cast of characters and events which made up White Bear Lake forty years ago. The stories range from having winter picnics with loony neighbor Loretta Latooney and Slick Dick the Car Man’s scandalous wife to the wonderful times shared with grandparents on the St. Croix River and the adventures in all four Minnesota seasons, including snow-filled sauna parties. Olchefski-Winston’s heartfelt stories and memorable, familiar characters display an emotional level of depth – from love to loss, from fun to falling – that all readers will identify with and embrace.

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Unbridled Greed By Barry Johnson

"Unbridled Greed" by Barry Johnson

Description: A sizzling debut thriller that exposes the seamy and unscrupulous world of health care fraud, Unbridled Greed features protagonist Bryan Hampton, a longtime Department of Justice investigator. A tough, tenacious DOJ investigator, Bryan Hampton is hot on the trail of a greedy doctor suspected of insurance fraud. But when this major medical fraud investigation is suddenly and shockingly derailed by politics, greed, and bribes, Hampton decides he's had enough of Chicago's dirty politics and cronyism—let alone fighting corruption on both sides. Hampton transfers to Las Vegas and teams with Paul Dixon, with whom he shares a common goal: aggressively fighting the health care fraud and abuse that victimizes countless patients and robs every American household of thousands of dollars each year. Soon, Hampton and his team uncover a massive fraud scheme operating beneath the bright lights of Sin City. But this highly organized and highly sophisticated band of fraudsters will stop at nothing—violence, torture, and even murder. As he launches a pulse-quickening quest for justice, Hampton will realize the peril of fighting this good fight. This might be the fight of Bryan Hampton’s life—or, if he’s not careful, it could be the fight for his life….

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A Memorable Sci-Fi Journey from Youth to Maturity

Description: Young Henry Parks’ life is forever changed when he witnesses a mysterious object fall from the night sky and crash into his father's field. Henry shares this secret with his younger sister, Kirsten, and together they soon discover it holds a powerful energy. But their excitement turns to terror when an ancient – and angry – beast appears followed by a series of random but interconnected events, which appear to be the handiwork of a malevolent regime known as “New Management.” Henry and Kirsten choose different paths to resist the "New Management" that has taken over their city and their lives. Pressure is mounting and there are many secrets that must be discovered. All Henry knows is protecting the crystals and the ancient gifts that hold the power to fight is the only way to discover the truth and understand why their city is destroyed every thousand years. Henry Parks & The Crystal Blades, a terrific story for readers of all ages, is a memorable journey from youth to maturity and a spellbinding tale that guides readers to an amazing – and unforgettable – conclusion.

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"Burden Of Truth" By Terri Nolan

Cover of "Burden of Truth" by Terri Nolan

Description: When investigative journalist Birdie Keane last saw the love of her life--LAPD cop Matt Whelan--she was caught in his passionate embrace, looking forward to a future with him and free from her alcohol addiction. The next day, Matt is dead. Suspicious of Matt's supposedly accidental drug overdose, Birdie follows the twisting trail of clues he left behind. Each stunning revelation brings her closer to the dark past of the man she thought she knew. Was he a dirty cop? Did he know the truth about a cold case she's currently researching? When Birdie uncovers what Matt was hiding, she must make an impossible choice. But the deeper the secret, the higher the price, and Birdie must face the ultimate betrayal she never saw coming.

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Midnight Sun, Arctic Moon: Mapping The Wild Heart Of Alaska By Mary Albanese

Midnight Sun, Arctic Moon: Mapping the Wild Heart of Alaska by Mary Albanese

Description: Mary Albanese, a young woman from upstate New York, began the adventure of a lifetime when she abandoned her safe and conventional path to follow the quiet but insistent inner voice that called to her—and carried her far. Irresistibly and inexplicably drawn to Alaska, Albanese, who was trained as a teacher, thought the pieces were beginning to come together when she learned of a teacher shortage in Alaska. Intent on her desire to go north, Albanese applied to every school in that sprawling state, but didn’t receive a single job offer. Still, Albanese felt that Alaska was waiting for her—and knew that if she didn’t go there, her life would never feel complete. With a one-way ticket to Fairbanks and a long-held belief that “if at first you don’t succeed, try something that’s harder,” Albanese arrived in Alaska and found herself becoming a geological explorer. Midnight Sun, Arctic Moon: Mapping the Wild Heart of Alaska is her story. Midnight Sun, Arctic Moon chronicles Albanese’s journey and the unexpected path that led her to become an arctic geologic explorer, from mapping remote wilderness areas, to surviving the harsh life Alaska had to offer, to probing the depths of her own heart.

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One Percent My Journey Overcoming Heart Disease

One Percent My Journey Overcoming Heart Disease

Description: This book chronicles the descent from perfect health to near death from heart failure in less than eight months. The surgery to implant a mechanical pump (LVAD), the frustration with the medical community, my journey finding a cure to my disease and recovery. Discussed in this book is life with the Thoratec Heartmate II left ventricular assist device (LVAD) and how life can change so quickly. This book is about taking control of your own health. Optimal health can not be dispensed from a pharmacy. "The publication of this book could not be more timely, considering that over 70 million individuals suffer from some form of heart disease in America. The author's journey provides wonderful personal anecdotes and highlights the importance of personal responsibility for one's own health. In the end there are lessons learned and pathways for examining alternative options in discovering one's own healing process." Ronald W. Jue, Ph.D., Psychologist and Author of The Inner Edge.

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Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan: A Love Story

"Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan! A Love Story" by Lloyd Burlingame

Description: Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan is the story of the adventures—and misadventures—of one blind New Yorker and his two fearless guide dogs. A charming, heart-warming, and sensational story, Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan shares a dog’s eye view of the city that never sleeps. Humorous and heartwarming, inspiring and enlightening, Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan, at its heart, is a love story about the incredible dogs who lavish the gifts of independence, freedom, dignity, and safety on their human partners. Moreover, Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan also pays tribute to the trainers, instructors, and fine humans who work with Seeing Eye Dogs, and enlightens readers on how guide dogs are trained. Much more than a book that simply celebrates the love of dogs, Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan honors the extraordinary canine heroes who keep their owners safe in a daunting urban environment such as New York. Told in a spirit that honors these incredible canine citizens, Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan sheds light on these guide dogs, described appropriately as the “canine equivalents of the Navy Seals.”

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"Death Goes Postal" By Rosemary And Larry Mild

"Death Goes Postal" by Rosemary and Larry Mild

Description: A mesmerizing mystery that enchants from the first page to the last, Death Goes Postal heralds the advent off a charming new series. Filled with captivating characters and a plot to die for, Death Goes Postal takes readers on a wild—and wildly entertaining—ride. Death Goes Postal features reluctant amateur sleuths Dan and Rivka Sherman. Presented with an offer too good to refuse, the Shermans give up their successful professional careers to become owners of The Olde Victorian Bookstore in Annapolis, Maryland. But owning this bookstore turns out to be anything but by the book. Rare fifteenth-century typesetting artifacts leave a horrifying imprint in their wake: mugging, robbery, kidnapping—and murder. Risking life and limb, Dan and Rivka must piece together cryptic clues to solve this perilous puzzle and unmask the ruthless suspect behind the crimes. Will Dan & Rivka close the book on this crime spree once and for all?

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Why Hitler May Not Be In Hell... Minister's New Book Reveals Why There Is Life After Death - For Everyone!

Global Grace: Everyone Gets a Second Physical Life!

Description: For every human being, the fear of death is an everyday reality. Yet…it isn't just the fear of death itself but what happens afterwards. The great unknown. For centuries the Christian Church has taught that Hell waits for those who have done evil and haven't repented and Heaven is the reward for those who do good and honor God with their lives. So why is it that the Bible tells a very different story? Former journalist, minister and author James Glover took on that question and shares his mind-blowing revelations in his newest book Global Grace: Everyone Gets a Second Physical Life! Global Grace begins by asking twelve of the hardest questions that have ever been posed concerning the teaching of the Christian faith such as “If God exists, why does He allow so much suffering?” and “Are Hitler and others who committed great atrocities going to be resurrected, too?” It then provides answers to those questions by separating the most significant elements of the Bible and putting them back together chronologically and in plain language, pointing out the common points of creation and human experience. Global Grace is amazing book for readers of all faiths.

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Vampire Defense By James D. Bell

Vampire Defense by James D. Bell

Description: Brilliant young trial lawyer John Brooks is working hard—but hardly getting any notice. Brooks’ friends think he needs one big case that will show off his talents and help him make a name for himself. Defending Hal Boyd might be just the case. Charged with arson and four counts of murder, Hal Boyd, the Butcher of Belhaven, is the central figure in a grisly murder mystery that has gripped the nation. Eager to cover the case, media from the world over descend on Jackson, Mississippi. But this case could turn into a career-ender when Brooks announces his unorthodox defense: Not guilty by reason of insanity, as his client actually believed the person he killed was a vampire. The media ridicules the “Vampire Defense” rendering Brooks and his defense team the laughingstock of the legal profession. But ridicule soon becomes the least of Brooks’ concerns when he discovers a satanic cult intent on exacting murderous revenge against Hal Boyd and his defense team. And what follows is a dangerous, deadly, and dizzying onslaught of kidnapping, rage, and murder. One thing is for certain: it will be a long, harried, and harrowing ride before this defense attorney rests…

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Tips for Living a Joyful Life...At ANY Age!

Description: For some of us, the golden boomer age and beyond has tarnished a bit with health issues, loss in general and major disappointments. Well, put away the pills and wipe those tears because there is a fun way out! Jan Marshall’s uplifting new satirical survival book, Dancin, Schmancin with the Scars: Finding the Humor No Matter What shows us the way painlessly…and you don’t even have to know how to dance. “Dancin is a code word for anything pleasurable in your world,” says Marshall, who touches on her own scars after surviving cancer and brain tumor surgery. “The Scars, well they are the scars and may always remain in some manner but can be minimized by finding the humor and absurdities around us – that is, after we deal and heal with the pain.” Dancin, Schmancin turns life’s daily hassles into a ridiculous scenario by using exaggeration, satire and tad bit of truth. There are tips on senior dating and where to find love (it involves a prescription!), the importance of appreciating the libido of bald men, the benefits of catching cold, and techniques for living a truly joyful life. Dancin, Schmancin will make your day and keep you smiling!

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Your Killer Emotions - The 7 Steps To Mastering Teh Toxic Emotions, Urges, And Impulses That Sabotage Ou

Ken Linder Guides Thousands of Top Media Hosts with Thier Emotions

Description: AGENT FOR NEWS INDUSTRY STARS RELEASES GROUNDBREAKING SELF-HELP BOOK …. Emotions affect everything that we hold dear: careers, families, friends, social engagements and extracurricular activities. They can be positive or negative, and each, depending on how they are channeled, has significant impact on how we are perceived and succeed in life. Ken Lindner, the founder of Life Choice Psychology ™, and the agent to the top media anchors and hosts in the US, discusses the strategy and the decision-making process of controlling your toxic emotions through understanding your Personal Emotional Triggers (PETS™) in his new book- YOUR KILLER EMOTIONS: The 7 Steps to Mastering the Toxic Emotions, Urges, and Impulses That Sabotage You. In Your Killer Emotions, Lindner shows you how to channel your energy charges - your PETS™. Through his “7 Steps of Emotion Mastery” readers can identify the root cause of their emotions and master ways to prevent negative triggers from affecting key life choices, or as Lindner coins, “Crunch Time” decisions, not only in the short-term, but also over the course of life. “Most books deal with the intellectual component of decision-making,” says Lindner. “Your Killer Emotions focuses on the emotional component of life-choice making, through the unique concept of beneficially bundling and controlling the ‘energy charges’ generated by our very strongest emotions.”

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Astrology Of The 13 Signs Of The Zodiac - Ophiuchus: The New Sign Of The Zodiac Circle


Description: If you’ve been going through life thinking you were a Virgo…think again. Physicist Vasilis Kanatas has proven that a shift in the Earth's alignment has not only changed zodiac dates, but has also added a 13th sign, Ophiuchus. Kanatas, author of Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac Ophiuchus: The New Sign of the Zodiac Circle, proves that a very tiny annual movement of the axis of the Earth called “Precession of the Equinoxes” prompts corresponding discrepancies in the predictions of astrology, which move further and further away from reality with each passing year. By extension, the constellations of Zodiac are also in different positions from those assigned to them by Western Astrology, and a new zodiac constellation, Ophiuchus has been identified in the path of the Sun on the ecliptic. With this shift also comes a change to most people’s zodiac sign and a corresponding much more accurate horoscope. Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac ( examines: • The new sign of Ophiuchus • What the changing of your Zodiac sign indicates • Finding your new Zodiac sign, Ascendant and Sunspots • How the new astrological theory affects how we see ourselves from new astrological point of view

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Catherine Lanigan's "Angel Tales"

Inspirational stories of angelic visitations

Description: Learn how to travel through life on an active angle watch, open to the many ways in which angels contact us, with this thought provoking collection of true-life miracles. Weaving a tapestry of inspiring stories from readers and her own personal experiences, New York Times Best Selling author Catherine Lanigan (Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile) takes you on a beautiful and spiritual journey. Angel Tales will inspire you to pursue your own divine path and leave with a sense of peace and hope. While skeptics may dismiss stories like this as "coincidences" or "just imagination, Catherine Lanigan believes these interventions or deeds are those of angels and evidence of divine in our lives. Most everyone can recall a situation where something was so out of reach and like magic it came together, or they were about to be hurt in some type of accident and miraculously they were saved. Angel Tales is a collection of these and other "chills" inspiring stories.

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The Green Bride Guide: How To Plan An Earth-Friendly Wedding On Any Budget

The Green Bride Guide

Description: Kate Harrison, who has a JD in Environmental Law and a Master's from Yale in Environmental Policy, planned her own green wedding in 2007 and then wrote the best-selling green wedding book The Green Bride Guide: How to Plan an Earth-Friendly Wedding on Any Budget (Sourcebooks, 2008). In 2009, she founded to help couples use their weddings to promote social and environmental change and support the local green economy. The Green Bride Guide is the leading online resource for eco-friendly wedding ideas, product and services. Their Green Wedding Directory has over 1,500 green wedding service providers, such as restaurants that serve local, organic food and limousine companies that use hybrid vehicles. The Wedding Shop has a large selection of eco-friendly wedding invitations, favors, and reception décor. The site's Green Wedding Registry has over a thousand home goods and other gifts hand selected for their quality and environmental savings. For further information on the Green Bride Guide™ go to

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"A Time To Heal" By Seye Oke

"A Time to Heal" by Seye Oke

Description: A sweeping and inspirational novel of historical romance, A Time to Heal is the story of Tori and Chidi, two young lovers bound by the covenant of marriage but separated by the realities of ethnic differences. Newly wed and settling into life as a married couple, Tori and Chidi soon find their relationship, and everything they hold dear, tested in the face of a civil war. An incredible story about faith, hope, and the healing power of love, A Time to Heal is inspirational, moving, and unforgettable. An extraordinary story that brilliantly juxtaposes the turbulent times of a violent civil war and the inner tumult of its characters, A Time to Heal is a bold and inventive tale that takes readers on a journey like no other. A mesmerizing and exciting story that carries an important message, A Time to Heal is a beautiful and triumphant tale.

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A Celebration of Growing Up and of Life Itself

Description: My Mother died on a Sunday. I was admitted to the hospital the following Tuesday with what the doctor said was a “life-threatening” asthma attack; and then things began to run downhill. And so begins Superpowers a funny yet serious account of a responsible, perhaps too responsible, young man named Chipper who must quickly grow up over a period of a few weeks. When he awakens in the hospital, Chipper meets Hal, a moody, funny and cynical apparition who explains that the world is in peril; and at such times he appears on earth to award a superpower to someone. Chipper realizes that he is that ‘someone’ when Hal tells him, “You can choose any superpower you want, but just one.” Superpowers is a poignant yet hilarious account of Chipper and his friends’ struggle to discover their futures. It is a story about growing up, over a two-week period. Along the way Chipper must cope with his illness and his irritable father, fend off his demanding girlfriend and intrusive headmaster, help his friend John come to terms with his homosexuality, investigate a soothsayer and disarm a terrorist. Superpowers weaves an amusing story line within the central issues of adolescence.

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Doctor, Why Does My Face Still Ache?

Doctor, Why Does My Face Still Ache? by Dr. Donald Tanenbaum

Description: We’ve all suffered from headaches, toothaches, jaw, and ear pain.In fact, it’s estimated that 75-million Americans have experienced some kind of facial pain.But for those with chronic, debilitating facial pain the hurt can be so intense that it will cause severe sleep problems, severe headaches and loud snoring. What role does the mind & body play in causing pain and sleep problems? A lot…according to Dr. Donald Tanenbaum, an expert in pain management, who has over 25 years experience helping patients who suffer from facial pain. Dr. Tanenbaum, author of a new book, Doctor, Why Does My Face Still Ache? (Gordian Knot Books, May 2012), says most physicians and dentists look for injury or disease to explain the cause of pain but ignore the relationship between emotions and muscles, which compose most of the face. While the mind-body connection has been applied to treat back, heart, and skin ailments and gastrointestinal disorders, Dr. Tanenbaum says the brain initiates bodily changes that result in persistent pain in their face, ears, teeth, and/or jaw. Doctor, Why Does My Face Still Ache? provides information and solutions for the many Americans who suffer from headaches, ear, tooth, & jaw pain, and sleep deprivation and snoring caused by facial pain.

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"Mom Knows Best" Hysterical Stories In New Book

Joan Wester Anderson's followup book to

Description: New York Times Bestselling author Joan W. Anderson has put away the diapers, strollers and strained spinach and brings us her hilarious stories of her five children as they go through their toddler years, teenage years and young adulthood. She intuitively captures what we all fear at each of these stages and brings levity to her daily encounters. Most Moms try to make everything perfect for their husbands and children, no matter what the cost to themselves. Joan recognizes these stressful situations all Moms face and turns them inside out. From setting New Year’s Resolutions for everyone but herself, to taking a day off so her husband can see for himself exactly what she does all day, her maternal instincts may not be the most conventional, but they are wise and entertaining. MOM KNOWS BEST addresses the inevitable changes in family life, such as dating, proms, jobs, college, and the ever-present text messages. But it also points out the ambivalent nature of parenting during the second half of the job. Anderson shares these stories in such a heartfelt and motivating style that you get to know her family and husband as if they were your own. We get to meet her neighbors (The Hickory Nuts) and the numerous neighborhood children that join in on any and all festivities.

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A Guide On Navigating Transitions To Make The Rest Of Your Life Count

What's Next? Navigating Transitions to Make the Rest of Your Life Count by H. Norman Wright

Description: As you look at what might be ahead in the next year, the next five years, even the next fifteen or twenty, there's one fact you absolutely can count on: life will change. How can you set priorities, seize opportunities, and make sure that you live and love well? Veteran Christian counselor and bestselling author H. Norman Wright says now is the time not to "just let life happen" but rather to ask, "What's next, Lord?" and then to step forward wholeheartedly. Wright has packed WHAT'S NEXT? with crucial questions, straightforward steps, and wise guidance. It will help you make transitions that enable you to embrace and enjoy everything God has given to you and designed for you. You'll discover more about -Parenting through the never-ending seasons of "kids" at all ages -Maximizing the second half of marriage or singleness -Retiring, restructuring, or redirecting your work life -Finding and fulfilling purpose throughout the coming years -Leaving the legacy you want to leave -Navigating life's "last chapter." What's Next?: Navigating Transitions to Make the Rest of Your Life Count H. Norman Wright Available at, Amazon or wherever books are sold.

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The Carlyle Deception

Description: Andrew Williams, author of The Carlyle Deception, takes readers on an international roller coaster ride through Afghanistan and the hottest of the Middle East ‘hot spots’ into the unconventional world of Lambert Greene, an ordinary guy who must make the transition to cunning chameleon after being thrust into a hostile foreign environment. Greene, a San Francisco business owner and dedicated family man, learns he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Facing a dark prognosis, an overwhelming burden of medical bills and the prospect of his family’s future being torpedoed with debt, he agrees to take on a high-risk/high- reward covert assignment by driving Special Forces resupply trucks in Badakhshan, the remote northeastern province of Afghanistan and one of the world’s most dangerous trouble spots. What makes The Carlyle Deception a unique read is that it is set in current time and involves real places with actual weapons and equipment. Readers will see, hear and feel everything Lambert does as Williams takes them on a realistic journey to the most dangerous places in the world.

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An Uncommon Friendship: A Memoir Of Love, Mental Illness, And Friendship

A story of friendship and what we’re willing to do for those we love.

Description: When Stewart Young becomes mentally ill with a variety of disorders, his mind betraying and lying to him, he fights his demons in an attempt to save his own life. His wife, Monique Colver, has her own demons as she takes care of him as best she can while maintaining her own equilibrium. When the marriage ends because of his intense crushes on other women, she continues to take care of him, and their friendship remains strong, despite the isolation, rapid mood swings, hallucinations, and the occasional psychotic episode. An Uncommon Friendship: A Memoir of Love, Mental Illness, and Friendship is their unique true story. Colver gives an in-depth view of mental illness at the most personal level. Through a combination of diary entries and emails written by both of them as Stew fought his illness it gives an intimate view of the progression of his illness and the recovery that appears so close, yet is so far away. It also covers: • The impact mental illness has on a marriage/relationship; • The burn out and isolation that caregivers face • Navigating the way through the maze of doctors, psychiatrists and medical red tape; • The important role of laughter and hope

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Death Of The Republic

Book Cover

Description: An intriguing new novel, Death of the Republic, by F. Scott Andison, presents a compelling case that a Nazi-like takeover of the United States is a realistic possibility. Andison’s novel is set during the background of the 2020 presidential election, where handsome, articulate, independent presidential hopeful Robert Strong is mounting a second bid for the U.S. presidency, and is widely expected to make a strong showing. Meanwhile, Strong's primary backer and brother-in-law, billionaire Sherman Gale, is under investigation by both the FBI and CIA for his activities on his 300,000-acre fundamentalist Christian community in Wyoming. As the novel unfolds, Chu falls blindly in love and learns the hard way that nothing is what it seems. Indeed, Gale believes God's demand that Strong ascend to the presidency is merely the first step in a larger covert "Plan" which Gale is determined to execute at all costs. According to the Kirkus Review, Gale’s “Plan is frighteningly ingenious and leads to many impressive twists, most saved for the book’s final act.”

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"A Short Guide To A Happy Marriage" Is A Small, Inspirational, Self-help Book For Couples.

"A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage"

Description: "A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage" is filled with twenty highly useful and inspiring suggestions that will help couples to rekindle their love for each other and keep them growing together. The thoughts and ideas are simple yet effective when couples make them part of daily married life. This book is beautifully designed and will make a special gift for showers, weddings, Valentine's Day, Mother's/Father's Days, or just because you love your partner!

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The Naughty Bucket List

The Naughty Bucket List: 369 Sexy Dares To Do Before You Die

Description: MAKE YOUR LIFE AN EROTIC ADVENTURE This ultimate list of sexy suggestions dares you to break from your normal routine and experience the thrill of something, someplace or even someone new. Open to any page and you’ll find imaginative ideas for embracing pleasure, getting more intimate with your partner, and enjoying some naughty fun. From mild to wild, there are hundreds of thrilling sexual escapades to cross off your dirty to-do list, including: •Hook up with a childhood crush •Play a game of strip poker as foreplay •Get it on standing in front of a mirror •Score in a football field end zone •Meet for a lunch-hour quickie •Do it on a hot day in the cool rain and many more…

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This Mother's Life

This Mother's Life

Description: One size fits it all... A thought-provoking, humorous, serious book about a working mother's life. Ever read someone’s diary? Now you can…without feeling too guilty. Take a journey through one year of this mother’s life by reading her thought-provoking entries. Travel through her mind and observe her inner thoughts. Witness her frustrations of job-hunting and separation, her questions about relationships, passion and life, as well as the love for her children. Watch her balance the tensions between family, work, and two cultures, while dealing with questions of politics and women’s rights. Learn with her as she goes from disappointment to fulfillment, while she remains a young girl in her heart and never forgets her original dream

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"A Giant Pencil" By Connor Wilson

"A Giant Pencil" by Connor Wilson

Description: Written by a kid for kids, A Giant Pencil will is a charming, clever, heartwarming story with an important message that will resonate with parents, teachers, and kids of all ages. A Giant Pencil is the story of Billy, a grumpy kid who believes that everyone—his brothers and sisters, his parents, his teachers, the kids at school, and even the dog next door—is picking on him. Fed up with being fussed at, singled out, and bullied, Billy just wants people to leave him alone. Everything changes when Billy finds a magic, giant pencil. Now, Billy can erase anyone he doesn’t like and make them disappear. Finally, Billy’s dream of being left alone is within his reach. A few swipes from the eraser and his siblings, classmates, teachers, parents, and even the dog next door, simply disappear. But his dream becomes a nightmare when Billy finds that being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be—and realizes just how much his family, teachers, classmates (and even the dog next door) mean to him. Left with only a nub of an eraser, Billy hatches a plan. Could there be some more magic left in this magic giant pencil?

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An Explosive Mix of Political Intrigue, Post-Apocalyptic Survival, Space Travel, and Revolution

Description: Jacob Foxx’s speculative debut sci-fi novel The Fifth World takes readers into the early twenty-second century where the earth is dying, reeling from the effects of a brutal nuclear war. To save humanity, an international alliance called the Consortium seeks to build a new homeland on a distant plant called Gaia. To send the first wave of pioneer settlers, the Consortium constructs an enormous starship called the Ark, which will allow them to reach Gaia and begin rebuilding humanity. Biologist Becca Newman labors on the Ark Project concerned that her brother Alex will be among the first crewmembers to settle on Gaia. After the starship launches from Earth and heads through deep space, the ship vanishes. Her brother is presumed dead and the only hope for humanity’s survival is lost. Fourteen years later, she learns that the Consortium made a mistake. Not only did the Ark make it, but her brother is still alive. But as she is reunited with him on Gaia she realizes that other visitors from Earth are not welcome. The colonists are quite happy in their solitude and are prepared to fight to remain free of Earth’s control.

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Fans Not Customers By Vernon Hill

Fans Not Customers by businese entrepreneur Vernon Hill

Description: What’s the key to becoming a business success? Turn your customers into fans. So says Vernon Hill, a serial entrepreneur whose new book Fans Not Customers, How to Create Growth Companies in a No Growth World, (Profile Brooks Nov. 2012) tells how he transformed his many business ventures into huge customer service and financial successes. In the book, Hill says the key to be a successful entrepreneur is not to seek customers, but to seek fans, people who seek a better experience. He delivers this experience by offering spectacular customer service and innovative ideas. According to Hill, most companies don’t walk the talk when it comes to customer service. Hill says when you turn your customers into fans; they will sing your praises and become your greatest allies in marketing, sales and success. How can this be accomplished? Hill says make your business hours convenient for your customers, make their dealing with you simple and quick, hire enough staff to maximize customer convenience, make sure your employees go the extra mile to keep the customer happy, have phone answered by real people and not automated robots, and make every customer truly welcome.

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Survival Tips My Cat Taught Me

Description: As anyone who has ever lived with cats knows well, they are wise, wonderful, mysterious, and intelligent animals. Lana Reid, award-winning author and public speaker based in Los Angeles, has lived with cats her entire life. Over the years, Reid realized that no matter what challenges came along, her beloved pets always seemed to have an innate ability to confront them and survive unscathed. Reid was so inspired by watching her feline friends get through whatever struggles they encountered with wisdom and grace that she wrote Survival Tips My Cat Taught Me. With its combination of humor and practical advice, Survival Tips My Cat Taught Me illustrates how applying the innate wisdom of cats to a variety of difficult situations can help humans face their struggles and achieve personal growth. In Survival Tips My Cat Taught Me, each chapter is broken down into a specific lesson that can be learned from cats, such as: • When you get thrown in the water... Swim • You Have Claws for a Reason • Meow – Loudly • When Hunting, Wait…Wait…Wait... Then Pounce • Try to Make Sure Your Crap Gets in the Litter Box • Chase the Light on the Wall Because You Believe You Can Catch It • Climb!

Price: $12.00 Visit the Website

Good, Better, Best Wines, A No-Nonsense Guide To Popular Wines

Good, Better, Best Wines

Description: America is drinking more wine than ever with the nation poised to become the world’s biggest wine consumer by 2012 according to the British firm IWSR. And the vast majority of what Americans drink are popular big brands under $15 per bottle with names like Sutter Home, Beringer, and Woodbridge—a trend that’s expected to continue. But big brands are not created equally. Good, Better, Best Wines, A No-Nonsense Guide to Popular Wine is the first book to rank the best-selling wines in North America. “While wine snobs are swirling and sniffing expensive wines that are tediously hard to find, the rest of America is just drinking wine. Popular wine. Big brand wine,” says author Carolyn Evans Hammond. “Big brands can spell terrific value but you need to know which bottles to buy. That’s where Good Better Best Wines comes in. It’s small enough to pop in your pocket and take with you to the shop. And it’s user-friendly enough to flip through on the fly.” Good, Better, Best Wines ranks the wines by varietal and price up to $15 with tasting notes as well as bottle images to help readers find the wines on the shelves. And its accessible style and useful content—including a chapter on Good Deals at Super-Low Prices—cut the intimidation factor traditionally associated with wine.

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My Feelings Activity Book (for Children Ages 2-5)

My Feelings Activity Book

Description: My Feelings Activity Book From The Mother Company's Ruby's Studio imprint - which includes books that help reinforce important life lessons in a beautifully designed & engaging format. My feelings Activity Book is a beautiful 30-page hard cover picture book for ages 2-5 with enchanting images and empowering messages. Colorful photos of handmade felt creatures engage young children as they learn about the origins, universality and variety of feelings. Based on the "A Little Lesson On Feelings" segment in the award-winning children's show, "Ruby's Studio: The Feelings Show." From The Mother Company a children’s multi-media company, devoted to helping parents raise good people. The Ruby’s Studio imprint is designed to help children with their social and emotional learning. In addition to it's Ruby's Studio products, The Mother Company includes a comprehensive parenting advice website ( helping parents find the tools and discussions to alleviate some of the stress of everyday parenting. The website features world-renowned expert articles from the likes of parenting guru/authors Dr. Andrew Weil, Kim John Payne, and Dr. Laura Berman, on topics of discipline, behavior, and family harmony.

Price: $11.95 to $12.95 Visit the Website

Sally Simon Simmons' Super Frustration Day - Children's Book

Sally Simon Simmons' Super Frustrating Day children's book from The Mother Company

Description: The Mother Company is based on helping parents raise "good people" - the books and DVD's under their Ruby's Studio brand are about teaching children social and emotional literacy in a fun and humorous way. Their latest children's book, Sally Simon Simmons' Super Frustrating Day helps children learn how to deal with the big feeling of 'frustration'. With fun rhymes and delightful images, this book will captivate young children as it provides parents with the tools to reinforce valuable life lessons. Sally Simon Simmons' Super Frustrating Day follows little, red-haired whippersnapper Sally, who is hilariously tasked with building a mile-high, super tall sandwich in class. She sets off with gusto, only to watch her creations land with a splat over and over. Right alongside Sally, children will learn to breathe, take it slow, and try their best in this triumphant exploration of frustration, one of the greatest emotional challenges of early childhood (and beyond!) Hardcover, Suggested age: 3-6 Available at and

Price: $11.00 to $12.95 Visit the Website


Teddy’s Day: On a Bearish Adventure through Everyday Life

Description: Author Peter Liptak, wanting to help kids escape the ‘indoor society’ of TV and video games has recruited the tested and timeless Teddy Bear to take young readers on a trip into summer fun. Teddy’s Day: On a Bearish Adventure through Everyday Life begins with the discovery of one day. As children enter Teddy’s world, they begin their travels into the wider world without fear and full of wonder. Kids enter into a lively, yet comfortable place with bright colors and dreamlike artwork, propelling them through the day with a simple cadence and a rhyme scheme that breathes new life into a tried and true theme – the loveable teddy bear. Teddy’s Camp: On a Bearish Adventure into the Woods takes Teddy’s adventure to the next level as he sets off to summer camp to meet new friends and explore the woods. Children experience the wonders of summer camp with Teddy and his new friends from all over the world as he rides horses, sings songs around the campfire, and swims to his heart’s content. Teddy’s Day HD, also an award-winning app on the iPad, allows children to interact with Teddy’s new adventures around the world by going to

Price: $10.95 to $13.95 Visit the Website

Never Cook Sober Cookbook

Never Cook Sober Cookbook

Description: Every Happy Chef's Secret—Booze! The only thing better than homemade is homemade with alcohol. In Never Cook Sober Cookbook, Stacy Laabs and Sherri Field prove that cooking is a lot more fun when you do it sauced—and we're not talking Worcestershire. With this no-booze-barred guide, every meal you make is a hangover waiting to happen. So unlock the liquor cabinet and get ready to whip up such liquored-up recipes as: Giddy Raspberry Tea Vodka Granola Yogurt Bottoms-Up Mudslide Smoothie Distracted Bourbon Pecan Waffles Happy Hour Clam Beer Bites Tipsy Tequila Lime Chicken Tacos Sassy Salmon in Champagne Sauce Play-It-Again Gin Scallops Half-Seas over Lime Rum Shrimp Kebabs Mixology Cupcakes Zonked Kahlua Fudge Brownies With 100 mouthwatering appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts guaranteed to get your taste buds buzzin', you'll have all you need to drive your family and friends to drink—one drunken dish at a time!

Price: $10.91 to $14.95 Visit the Website

Deadrise: A Ben Blackshaw Novel


Description: Award-winning writer Robert Blake Whitehill’s amazing breakout thriller Deadrise: A Ben Blackshaw Novel... Diving the Chesapeake Bay for oysters after a late season hurricane, former S.E.A.L. Ben Blackshaw discovers the recent wreck of a speedboat mired on the bottom. It’s jammed with millions in gold bullion, and one other box that turns out to be a suitcase dirty bomb…its time counting down to zero just twenty-four hours away. But the real shock is yet to come. At the helm of the wreck bobs a corpse; a man Ben has not seen in fifteen years: his father. That’s when Chalk and his jackals descend upon the god-fearing people of Smith Island. To repel Chalk’s invasion, Ben and his Smith Island irregulars must set aside a corrosive mistrust of each other brought on by the influx of untold wealth. After a rocky start, Ben finally persuades a small cadre– including his smart, no-nonsense Natural Resources Police officer fiancé LuAnna, and his impassive oyster culler Knocker Ellis - that their recent hardscrabble times could be set right if they manage to keep this orphaned gold for themselves, and somehow stop that nuclear bomb before it blows them all out of the Chesapeake.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Whisper Of Crows

Whisper of crows novel cover

Description: Somebody smart once said, "that which is real, is that which never changes." Kanaan James is a disturbed teenage boy obsessed with his childhood friend Abigail Caulfield. A horrible accident leaves Abigail stricken with amnesia and Kanaan, desperate for her attention, convinces her they are soul mates, running from the law. In the midst of a passionate love affair, while hiding in an old abandoned house deep in the woods, Kanaan is forced to test the boundaries of his own humanity.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Daily Decadence: The Art Of Sensual Living By Sherri Dobay


Description: Combine the free spirit of Anais Nin with a generous helping of the bestselling Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook and the result is Daily Decadence: The Art of Sensual Living. It’s a momentary farewell to daily routines and a welcoming parlay to inspired decadence, to the fabulous things all around and ready to delight us. Through stories, recipes, wine selections, and original art by the author, readers are invited to stop, open their eyes and themselves to touch-taste-feel and celebrate something luxuriant each day. Daily Decadence is takes readers on a sexy adventure full of romantic escapes, simple yet sumptuous meals, creative encounters, horse tales, moonlit escapades and enchanted revelations - all paired with author Sherri Dobay's sassy wine picks and evocative tasting notes. Designed to inspire and created with love, Daily Decadence will remind readers to stop for a moment and focus one’s awareness softly, opening the senses in all directions to take in one’s own dazzling world, renewed and enlivened.

Price: $9.99 to $15.00 Visit the Website

Brand Delusions By Bill Leider

Brand Delusions: Exploding the myths and helping you improve your Brand - professionally and personally

Description: Brand Deulsions offers an entertaining new look at modern organization culture, business and personal branding. With interconnected, complex, and well developed characters everyone can identify with, Brand Delusions takes a look at branding from the vantage points of everyone in a company’s hierarchy. A page turner filled with information you wish you had learned in college, and lessons you can apply as a manager, employee, executive, or entrepreneur, Brand Delusions is a must-read. Available online (Ebook: $9.99. Soft-Cover: $19.95).

Price: $9.99 to $19.95 Visit the Website

"A Southern Solution" By Alan Beck

"A Southern Solution" by Alan Beck

Description: Laugh Or Else It Will Hurt Given all the turmoil in our country today about the economy, our debt, foreign policy, you name it - there is only one possible solution, says satirist Alan Beck. Laugh. “If you can’t laugh at it, it’s only going to hurt,” says Beck. “Conveying the message of our downward spiral is important as we seem to stall at any important decisions in our society.” A Southern Solution is a dark satire about the disappearing American Dream. The main character's plans for a lazy, margarita-fueled retirement are thrown into chaos when a zany cast of characters steps into the picture. Both the FBI and the Chinese government seem to have bigger plans for him, and Kopfklopper soon finds himself in a dizzying whirlwind of political intrigue. As he works his way through the mess, he finds the key to balancing America’s national budget without negatively impacting anyone, and now the clock is ticking as he decides whether to become the next big politician or to stick with his new life of leisure on the beach. Beck believes A Southern Solution will appeal to mature audiences disillusioned with the current political, economical and ethical state of America, much like his main character. He takes serious events happening around the world today and puts a humorous twist on them in order to engage readers, rather than bore us with a recap of the events we live through day after day.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Books Of Responsibility

There are 16 books in the collection, each addressing a specific character trait.

Description: “Books of Responsibility” from Young People's Press are beautiful story books that span a wide range of ages. The books help children establish a rich foundation of social-emotional development and learn habits of good character such as sharing, patience, fairness and more. Each book contains a collection of stories from around the word relating to the topic of the book. These books are like little pieces of literature with gorgeous, vibrant artwork throughout. The stories also emphasize diversity as the lessons and stories are adapted from cultures around the world. The collection is appropriate for reading level grades 2 – 5, but the books also serve as excellent storybooks for toddlers, pre-schoolers and kindergarteners who are learning their social skills.

Price: $9.95 to $10.00 Visit the Website

Poignant Memoir On Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease

Beside The Mountain: Finding Strength and Courage Through My Father's Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease

Description: Beside The Mountain: Finding Strength and Courage Through My Father's Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease by Stefania Silvestri is a poignant new memoir detailing Silvestri's struggle as a caretaker from the age of 14. Her father was first diagnosed with the disease at age 48 and quickly declined, eventually not being able to do much of anything for himself. One reviewer/caretaker has said: "As a child of a parent who is suffering from Alzheimer's, Stefania has thrown a life preserver to all of us who are drowning in the trials of this disease. We know we are not alone, and that there is hope to surviving."

Price: $8.99 to $10.99 Visit the Website


Takes readers of all ages on a fantastic voyage into magical inter-dimensions

Description: Robin Howard author of the Jim Long Space Agent Astral Adventure series believes that when we enter into the worlds of science fiction and fantasy we are leaving the normal physical world that’s just the respite we need from today’s hectic times. As a young boy, Howard was captivated by the 50’s era of science fiction and fantasy. Battle of the Archangels, the newest release and book five of his incredible action series, continues the adventures of space agent Jim Long - a character, complete with matchstick figures and storylines, conjured up in Howard’s 13-year-old mind. Battle of the Archangels takes readers on a unique science fiction experience that is seamlessly interwoven with fantasy, the author’s own supernatural experiences and a touch of the paranormal to create a trip through time they won’t soon forget. Agent and astral traveler Jim Long is ordered to explore a slowly fermenting and escalating disorderly chaos amongst planets with peaceful advanced civilizations. For readers of all ages, Battle of the Archangels goes beyond an amazing science fiction tale to explore the meaning of existence between God, humankind and Archangels to prove there is more to life than we will ever know in this lifetime.

Price: $8.70 Visit the Website

SPA WARS: The Ugly Truth About The Beauty Industry

Front Cover

Description: “Spa Wars: The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry” the new book by Consumer Advocate, Beauty Myth Buster and Certified Esthetician Lora Condon brings together the funniest true stories and the professional insight gleamed from over 15 years in the Spa and beauty industry. Irreverent, insightful, hilarious and actionable, “Spa Wars” is an invaluable tome for beauty junkies and wellness purists alike.

Price: $7.99 to $14.95 Visit the Website

Wonderword Puzzle Books

Enjoy A Wonderword Puzzling Book Today!

Description: Wonderword puzzling books are excellent gift-giving options for all ages and are the perfect size for stocking stuffers. For more than 30 years, Wonderword has delighted and challenged puzzle players every day. Legendary puzzle creator David Ouellet builds each puzzle by hand. Puzzles are themed, often bringing in pop culture and trending topics. Wonderword volume books are available at the low cost of $6.95.

Price: $6.95 to $11.95 Visit the Website

Bared To You: A Crossfire Novel

Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel

Description: "If I were to recommend any book today to readers who enjoyed 50 Shades...this would be the first one I would offer. ...scorching love scenes."--Dear Author THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness... He was beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I'd never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily... Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we could become the mirrors that reflected each other’s most private worlds...and desires.

Price: $5.99 to $15.00 Visit the Website

INDIAN AFFAIRS ~ Can Love Triumph Over Destiny?

37the novel, available at (Kindle)

Description: Turning conventional wisdom on its head, Washington socialite Alessandra O'Quinn and her lover, Indian shaman Manuel Mondragon, defy time, space, politics and family to come together in the sweeping canvas of the 1920's New Mexico outpost of Taos. The question is: Can they defy destiny to stay together? The story follows Alessandra, who has been exiled to Taos to either recover from tuberculosis or die. Her lover, Manuel, battles for her health and her love as Alessandra in turn battles her father and her husband for her right to independence. Alessandra willingly takes on the Bureau of Indian Affairs on behalf of the Taos Indians who have been fighting for rights to Blue Lake - the lake revered by the tribe who believe their ancient culture was created out of its sacred waters. As a place of ritual worship, the Indians also believe the lake is essential to their religion and everyday life. Against this beautiful, historic backdrop, pass Mabel Dodge Luhan, Willa Cather, Dr. Carl Jung, Georgia O'Keeffe and D.H. Lawrence, among other prominent personages of the day.

Price: $5.99 Visit the Website

Black Tortoise And The Dynasty Dragon By Eileen Wacker

Award winning children's book series, Fujimini Island Adventures

Description: A popular series throughout the Hawaiian Islands, the award winning Fujimini Adventure series introduces children to Asian culture and important life lessons through an array of endearing stories that all take place on the fictitious Fujimini Island. The series will be introduced on mainland this fall. Written by award winning author Eileen Wacker, the series features a collection of Asian inspired animals, such as the Pink and Green Hamster, Red Penguin, Samurai Tortoise among other adorable animals that all live on the magical Fujimini Island. Each adventure-based story has an educational message and a happy ending. The series currently consists of 5 books that target the 5-8 year old reader. Each book contains a Fujimini Adventure Series Glossary that explains different Asian items found in the stories such as bonsai tree, chopsticks, sushi, moon festival, samurai warriors, etc. and adds to the fun of the stories.

Price: $5.99 to $10.99 Visit the Website


Just Hatched Products

Description: Just Hatched, a brand new baby care line by Garcoa Labs, takes the guesswork out of bathtime. A Sulfate/Paraben/Phthlate and Gluten-Free baby care collection, Just Hatched is love and sunshine bottled with "No Yucky Stuff Inside." Each product,Bright Baby (Shampoo), Happy Baby (Body Wash) and Soft Baby (Body Lotion), is formulated with the mildest and most natural ingredients, all at an affordable price. Just Hatched features yummy-smelling scents including tapioca, coconut, milk and sugar and the brand will debut three new products in 2012: Butter My Bottom (Tushy Cream), Love My Baby (Body Oil) and Precious Baby (Dusting Powder).

Price: $5.00 to $6.00 Visit the Website

FarFaria, The Popular Children's Storybook IPad App

FarFaria, the Storybook App

Description: FarFaria, dubbed the “Netflix for children’s books” by USA TODAY, is an iPad app that helps kids develop a passion for reading and encourages families to read together. Aimed at children ages 2 though 9, FarFaria’s library boasts over 250 beautifully illustrated, captivating stories, with five new titles added weekly. FarFaria’s rich experience offers children unlimited access to an exciting world of stories, including offline reading, the popular “Read To Me” feature, and “Reading Level Badges” to help parents identify stories appropriate for their child. FarFaria’s subscription price remains at just $3.99 per month, and new users can download a free trial with full access from the iPad App Store.

Price: $3.99 to $39.99 Visit the Website

Book: Paint Stop Boom

Cover Image: Paint Stop Boom

Description: Paint Stop Boom, a new thriller by Anna Sarelas, features two remarkable characters—a hero and an anti-hero—who are players in a deadly terrorism game. As terror mounts in Sydney, Australia and tragedy swells, extraordinary heroes rise while adversity impacts the cowardly. As a result of numerous bombings, grief stricken widows, siblings and parents join a supernatural phenomenon which empowers them to save lives, families, landmarks and the nation’s otherwise resolute infrastructure. “Paint Stop Boom is a story of activism versus complacency,” says Sarelas. “The book examines the clash between those who care about the greater good and those who don’t, and the difference between those who just live for themselves and those who want to save the world.” The mystery that unfolds in Paint Stop Boom is a unique puzzle that offers readers clues everywhere and then attaches them to one another in an amazingly original fashion.

Price: $2.99 Visit the Website


The Earl’s Outrageous Lover...Why Love and Passion Rarely Follow a Predictable Path.

Description: With over 40 successful novels to her credit the spirited and sexy characters Elizabeth Lennox brings to life in her newest release The Earl’s Outrageous Lover proves that love and passion rarely follow a predictable path. Jessica Mallory is outrageous, flamboyant and carefree. And… she has a wealthy father who is still trying to control her even from the grave. According to her father’s will, if Jessica isn’t married by age 25 – a scant two weeks away – his companies will all be dismantled, putting thousands of employees on the street. Not wanting to see so many people lose their livelihood, Jessica unwillingly puts aside her dream of finding true love in a quest to marry in fourteen days. Lord Edward Livingston - scheduled, organized and deliberate - has been enlisted by his uncle to find Jessica a suitable husband from his aristocratic bachelor pool. But even when Edward first meets her, and the crazy woman is wearing red cowboy boots, he finds himself falling for Jessica despite his better judgment. Everything about the gorgeous Jessica is the exact opposite of what Edward thinks he needs in a wife and yet neither can fight the attraction they have for the other.

Price: $2.99 to $6.99 Visit the Website

Evil Town- An E- Book

Investigating the murder of a Congressman’s wife takes an FBI agent through the netherworld of American politics, the discovery of hidden war crimes, a sex for hire scheme, international drug running – all leading to the halls of the West Wing. And th

Description: Washington D.C. is a beacon for freedom and justice in an unjust world. In Evil Town by John David Bethel, it is also home to the world’s most corrupt and evil politicians. Conspiracies and secrets run rampant as the leaders of the free world do what they have to in order to raise their personal profits and bend the will of the public to their own desires. Caught in the middle of all this is Clegg Caffery, the seemingly last honest politician in Washington. Senator Caffery is in a unique position to shift power in the senate if he is willing to stay on for additional terms. Caffery wants to stay, but his wife wants to go home to Florida and their old life. Others need him to stay, and will do whatever is necessary to make sure that he does. Phil Bolos Writer and Book Reviewer/ Founder of The book is available at and offers readers multi-format, DRM-free ebooks, ready for immediate sampling and purchase, and readable on any e-reading device, computer or laptop. Readers can sample the book for free before committing to a purchase. It is also available on Amazon Kindle and Nook.

Price: $2.50 Visit the Website

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