Adult Gift Guide - Gifts for Adults for 2011

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ArqueDerma, Artistic Restoration Lift


Description: ArqueDerma™, Artistic Restoration Lift™ is ‘The Filler Lift’. Utilizing current FDA approved dermal fillers, the ArqueDerma™ procedure uses principles found in physics and architectural engineering to artistically reconstruct the face to reflect its greatest potential for natural beauty. ArqueDerma™ trained practitioners collect excess facial volume that has dropped, and redirect it upward to its original, or most aesthetically appealing position. The ArqueDerma™ Technique: · Utilizes 40% less filler to achieve unprecedented results · Provides longer lasting results- up to 6 months longer than traditional methods of filling · Provides a natural, yet dramatic result not achievable using conventional methods ArqueDerma™ is a patent-pending methodology created by Leslie Fletcher, R.N., MEP-C. Find licensed practitioners nationwide, in Canada, or schedule with Leslie in Los Angeles.

Price: $500.00 to $4,000.00 Visit the Website

Hotel Giraffe, NY - Champagne Days & Naughty Nights

Hotel Giraffe Romantic Nights

Description: Take some time out from exploring New York City, and spend some quality time exploring your love for each other at Hotel Giraffe. Champagne Days - A selection of indulgences for the daytime hours... • In room breakfast • A chilled bottle of Vueve Clicquot upon arrival • 4-piece box of Le Belge gourmet chocolate truffles Naughty Nights - An essentials kit for an unforgettable night • Rose petal turndown • "Don't Stop" Massage Oil • "Naughty Bubbles" Bubble Bath • "Add Magic" Lubricant • "Turn Me On" Vibrating Panties • "Good Girl/Bad Girl" Whipper Tickler • "All Tied Up" Bonding Tape • "Good Girl/Bad Girl" Blindfold Designed to celebrate the architecture of the Art Moderne period of the 1920s and '30s, Hotel Giraffe embodies the gentle power, grace and beauty found in nature's most beloved animal. Hotel Giraffe's inspired spaces and award-winning guestrooms create a sense of effortless luxury and unparalleled comfort. In the Grande Lobby, guests enjoy complimentary deluxe European-style breakfasts and wine & cheese receptions. HOTEL GIRAFFE, NYC 365 Park Avenue South at 26th Street New York, NY 10016 Tel: (212) 685-7700/Toll Free: (877) 296-0009/Fax: (212) 685-7771 E-Mail: [email protected]

Price: $255.00 to $494.00 Visit the Website

Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings

Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings

Description: Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings is Symbol Of Love and Proof of love to Your Sweet Hearth and Romance Gifts For Your Someone Lovely. Diamond engagement rings have become an iconic symbol of everlasting love. They have been cherished as love tokens since time and memorial. The Amazing moments if we can makeityouring Diamond Engagement ring. Therefore, There is much to consider when purchasing a diamond especially when purchasing a diamond engagement ring!

Price: $100.00 to $200.00 Visit the Website

Sexy USB Rechargeable Vibrator Women Will "CRAVE"

Crave - Duet

Description: DUET brings a much-desired element of luxury into the ‘adult sex toy’ market, most notably as a pleasure product for women made by women, and as something so aesthetically pleasing it could be left out on the vanity without any concern. Conceived, produced and assembled in the USA, DUET meets unerring manufacturing standards, constructed from the toughest yet most touchable materials. “I wanted DUET to be classy yet sexy,” explains Ti Chang, lead designer and co-founder of CRAVE. "I believe sensual products should be as desirable as the act itself. I chose the combination of silicone and metal because of its tactile quality. Silicone for its velvety texture and body-safe properties, and metal for its beautiful finish and the natural weighted feel in the hand is very similar to precious jewelry" One of the features of DUET getting a lot of attention is its USB chargeability and data storage capabilities. Although this may appear to be a gimmick, it came about through careful consideration. Features of DUET include:  Sleek, compact, beautiful design  Whisper-quiet functionality  Four vibration modes & four power levels  Up to two hours of continuous usage  Body-safe silicone and metal construction  Classy leather storage pouch  Waterproof operation  USB connector for charging  Data storage on 8GB and 16GB models

Price: $89.00 to $189.00 Visit the Website

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY Illuminating Eye Cream


Description: This luxurious, exceptionally rich eye cream transforms the look of the delicate eye area for a luminous, bright appearance. A highly effective blend of botanicals and antioxidants increases moisture, while visibly reducing the appearance of dark circles. This formulation combines Arbutin, beta-carotene and gluconic acid with various organic extracts including white tea, licorice root , and chamomile, which have been proven to lighten discolorations and brighten skin. Natural tea tannins help to reduce the appearance of puffiness. The eye cream also contains retinyl palmitate and vitamin E to help minimize fine lines. Does NOT Contain Hydroquinone

Price: $68.00 Visit the Website

Wahl Deep Tissue Massager

Deep Tissue Massager

Description: For localized aches and pains, the Wahl Deep Tissue Massager offers a range of relieving massages, from light on the surface pains to deep down intense aches. Four custom attachments allow for all-around or targeted pain relief. With top-end power of up to 3,350 pulses per minute and variable intensity control, this massager is perfect for those who are always on the move.

Price: $59.99 Visit the Website

Wahl Heat Therapy Massager

Wahl's Heat Therapy Massager Focuses on Pain Management

Description: One of the ‘hottest’ gift items is sure to be the new Wahl Heat Therapy Massager. It combines heat therapy with nine attachments to create a customized massage for those with stiff muscles. Variable intensity plus a turbo setting allows users to dial in during use and heat settings to help address pain. This powerful massager is light weight and quiet for a great massage at home and is available at most Walgreen’s locations.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Ladies: Feeling Stress? Getting Older? Is It Normal For Your Age & Activity Level To Interfere With Your Physical Relationships?

Give your love life a boost

Description: Scientists believe that we can remain sexual beings for as long as we live, and that our sex lives can be just as exciting over age 40 as they were in our 20s. But too often, stress and physical changes in our bodies making a having a satisfying sex life a challenge. For men, it’s sexual performance. For women, it’s desire. With work, families and hectic social lives, some women allow their ability to enjoy sex to deteriorate. And that’s not healthy. Too many people are not aware that they can make adjustments. An effective way to address the sexual needs of women is by using a unique combination of bio-identical nutrients that naturally increase their overall interest in sex. Now there’s something simple that women can do to improve the situation. With regular use of certain bio-identical nutrients that mimic the human body’s natural hormone production from the brain to the sexual glands, available as Erosyn, most women can start regaining an interest in an active love life within days without side effects. This approach is safe, natural and effective. The ingredients also work as an analgesic and are anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce the pain and inflammation of such female disorders as endometriosis. Nothing is more exciting for men and women than enjoying the most life-affirming activity of all: Sex. We always instinctively knew it and all doctors now tell you, a good sex life is important for your happiness.

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

The Safe Natural Way To Resume A Healthy Sex Life

Eroxil help naturally boost your sex life

Description: Happiness for couples is virtually impossible without a satisfying sex life About 50 percent of all men over 40 – or about 40 million men in North America --experience chronic or periodic performance problems. This inability to connect with the opposite sex in the most basic of ways can be very debilitating. It can cause acute anxiety, frustration, and depression. And the quest for a solution can be very expensive. And if that unhappiness results in a marriage being stressed or breaking up, the rest of the family including the children suffers. Now the use of natural, bio-identical nutrients is allowing men to resume a healthy sexual lifestyle – without the timing or scheduling associated with prescription drugs -- by addressing the cause instead of just the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. “Bio-identical nutrients or phytonutrients safely and economically reestablish normal sexual function for men with the added bonus of increased sperm production for men who suffer from problems of infertility.” He adds these bio-identical nutrients, available as Eroxil, also help increase libido and aid in erection enhancement. “Most men can begin to function sexually as they did when they were younger” Including bio-identical nutrients to their daily regime may help men feel like when they were much younger, and may restore that youthful energy that is starting to wane in the andropause years, without side effects. “

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

ManPower™ -- Natural Solution For ED!

ManPower Dietary Supplement for ED

Description: ManPower™, Natural Solution for ED! Over 30 million men in the U.S. experience erectile dysfunction from mild, moderate, to severe. The likelihood of ED increases with age – 40% at 40, 65% at 65 and so on. Chances are a friend or a family member’s quality of life is affected by this frustrating condition. • Created by a 35-year veteran in the natural products industry. • Unique ingredients work synergistically to free-up the hormone testosterone. • Supports a strong, healthy sex drive (libido) and firm, successful erections. • Designed to be taken daily as a dietary supplement for sexual rejuvenation. • A non-drug, no side-effect, all natural approach to ED. As men age, their levels of testosterone decline as more of their testosterone production is converted into dihydrotestosterone and estrogen metabolites. Consequently, there is less free flowing testosterone in their bodies to support a healthy hormone balance. Our formula contains dindolylmethane (DIM), a component found in cruciferous vegetables, that has been found to balance hormone metabolism thus increasing free testosterone in the body. DIM, along with the other main ingredients, DHEA and DMG, work together to increase energy and strength, improve sexual performance, increase confidence and self-esteem, and give an overall sense of well-being. Although every man’s body is different at different times, ManPower™ works consistently for nearly all the men that have tested it during our soft launch conducted through our six stores in the last several months, we have sold over 3000 – 30 day supplies to hundreds of men!

Price: $34.99 Visit the Website

Spascape Kit - The Ultimate Relaxation Experience For Home And Travel

The Spascape Kit

Description: "The Spascape Kit "- For the girl or woman who truly deserves to be pampered, includes a deep relaxation CD comprised of 10 "chill out" music tracks, organic "Vanilla Vixen" bubble bath, a Spa towel, and a trio of mystic tea light candles. The kit, packaged in a stylized "Spa Girl" box, is being sold for $ 34.95.'Spascape' offers the perfect ambient music to be played while taking time to de-compress, draw a warm bath, light some candles, and gently drift-off into a world of quiet sensation. Produced by downtempo music artist Porkpie, the "Spascape" ambient "chill" album presents a warm and sensual journey into fresh new age terrain.The music pulses with a calm, reflective glow, perfect for bath, meditation or massage time, taking the listener on a gentle ride with soothing piano melodies and introspective tones. "Spascape" delivers a lovely relaxed environment -minimalist "space music," with classical, downtempo and pop music undertones. Featured tracks within "Spascape" include the ultimate chill track "Buddha Time," and the meditative track "Fragments of Memories," a collaboration with new-age recording artist Brenda Warren and electronic composer/producerDamien Heartwell.

Price: $34.95 Visit the Website

Sprayology ManPower


Description: Sprayology is an all-natural collection of 23 oral sprays formulated with the highest grade ingredients (Pituitarum, Korean Ginseng, Pancreatinum, & Acidum Phosphoricum) to improve the health, wellness and overall vigor for men. Sprayology’s ManPower is the perfect gift for a Dad/Husband/Grandfather this Father’s Day as it re-balances the male body for optimum rejuvenation. Whether it’s a lack of energy, muscle weakness or stress, ManPower comes to the rescue relieving negative symptoms with absolutely no side effects. Guys love ManPower because it’s a safe and effective way to gain energy and improve overall wellness.

Price: $32.00 Visit the Website

Just In Time For The Holidays, New Products From K-Y Brand

K‐Y® Brand TOUCH™ 2‐in‐1 Warming Oil and Personal Lubricant and K‐Y® Brand INTENSE®

Description: Add some romance, adventure or comic relief to your relationship this holiday season with a date night, courtesy of K-Y® Brand and For a limited time only, these brands have partnered on an exclusive set of DATE NIGHT Packs, which combine K-Y® Brand’s portfolio of premium intimacy enhancement products with a voucher for $10 off movie tickets for two. With these new packs, couples can not only save on a night out at the movies, but can create some off-screen romance of their own, and with several products to choose from, they’ll find it hard not to make every night a date night. K‐Y® Brand TOUCH™ 2‐in‐1 Warming Oil and Personal Lubricant Enhance every caress for head to toe entertainment. K‐Y® Brand YOURS+MINE™ COUPLES LUBRICANTS® His excites. Hers delights. Together feel them ignite™.

Price: $26.99 Visit the Website

Time Is Money (TIM) - Meeting Cost Calculator & Clock

Time is Money!

Description: Introducing Bring TIM!® (Time Is Money) - a fun yet useful office clock that tallies the dollars spent in long meetings. Simply enter the number of people in the room, ballpark an average hourly wage, and press the illuminated start button. Everyone will be amazed as the dollars pile up with every second that ticks by. Bring TIM!® is the ultimate conversation piece and gift idea for anyone that attends long business meetings. Doubles as an office clock. As seen on NBC's Today Show and Entreprenuer magazine.

Price: $24.99 to $25.00 Visit the Website

A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning For Those Who Don't Plan To Die

A Good Goodbye cover

Description: A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don't Plan to Die (Light Tree Press) by Gail Rubin uses gentle humor to convey vital information about funeral arrangements that most people don’t learn until faced with a death in the family. With chapters named Over My Dead Body, I Got It At Costco, and It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To, Rubin has overcome society’s last taboo with a book like no other - a great resource minus the morbidity! Rubin’s book provides the information, inspiration and tools to plan and implement creative, meaningful and memorable end-of-life rituals for people and pets while taking the fear out of the subject of death. She is a breast cancer survivor and a Certified Celebrant.

Price: $21.95 Visit the Website

StreetSafe - Personal Security Service For Smart Phones


Description: StreetSafe, a new mobile personal security system that utilizes your smart phone’s GPS technology, allows you to instantly connect to help before a situation turns into an emergency. A subscription-based service, StreetSafe combines wireless networks with GPS technology to instantly pin-point the subscriber’s phone within three meters, even if they are inside a moving vehicle. StreetSafe offers two primary features: • Silent Alarm (Red Button): If an emergency arises and you cannot communicate your location and situation to 911, you can discretely trigger a silent alarm, and emergency help will immediately be dispatched to your exact location. • Walk With Me™ (Green Button): In a threatening situation, you can connect instantly with a trained Safety Advisor, who will recommend the best course of action and stay on the phone with you until you arrive safely at your destination. StreetSafe provides peace of mind for less than forty cents a day. Show a loved one you care by giving them the gift of safety.

Price: $19.99 to $149.99 Visit the Website

Fresh Balls Lotion Keeps Your Privates Fresh And Dry

Athena's Home Novelties Fresh Balls

Description: For the first time there is a product that prevents wetness and the uncomfortable feelings of being sweaty, sticky, and chafed, which many men suffer from. It goes on like a lotion, then transforms into a silky, non-talc powder that keeps your privates fresh and dry! Get Fresh is aluminum free, paraben free, and talc free. It contains oatmeal as an anti-irritant and tea tree oil as an anti-bacterial. (3 Fl. oz.)

Price: $17.00 Visit the Website

Orange Guard: Natural Solution To Repelling Insects

Orange Guard line of products

Description: Orange Guard was created as an alternative to harsh chemical insecticides that contain hazardous contaminants which may lead to potential long-term health and environmental dangers. Since Orange Guard is non-toxic, it is safe to use around food, adults/children and pets and kills insects on contact, repelling them for weeks. The effectiveness of Orange Guard lies in the ingredient d-Limonene orange peel extract that is a natural repellant. It is a water-based, indoor and outdoor insecticide that exterminates ants, roaches, fleas, aphids, spider mites, leaf hoppers, and other insect pests. Recognized as safe by the FDA and is EPA registered, it leaves a pleasant citrus smell in the home rather than that harsh chemical smell that conventional insecticides often carry. Now you can control insects in and around your home without worrying about your family, your pets, and the environment!

Price: $16.00 to $22.00 Visit the Website

Pure Romance Heart Massager

Pure Romance Hot Heart Massager

Description: Sensual and therapeutic, this Heart Massager Heat Pack warms like magic to soothe your partner’s body and mind in blissful ways. The portable heat pack stays hot for up to one hour — great for massaging your partner, warming hands during chilly nights, calming unwelcome cramps, and massaging your own sore muscles, too. Use two Heart Massager Heat Packs with the Pure Romance Burning Desire candle for a hot stone massage experience! Reheats easily for use again and again!

Price: $15.00 Visit the Website

Good Head

Good Head by Athena's Home Novelties

Description: For Centuries, the secret of pure pleasure has been well kept...the use of a tingly gel for the ultimate in oral sex! Now this specially formulated, mystical mint ingredient brings an extra boost for oral sex of historical proportions! He will truely appreciate “Good Head,” oral delight gel from Athena's Home Novelties. Available in cinnamon and mint - 4 oz size.

Price: $15.00 Visit the Website

LifeStyles SKYN

LifeStyles SKYN 12 pack

Description: The next generation of condoms, SKYN was designed to give condom buyers what they desire most—sensitivity. Committed to leading the category in innovation, LifeStyles SKYN is the first clinically approved polyisoprene condom. One thousand tests of the condom ascertained that SKYN provides greater sensation and more comfort than other non-latex and even natural rubber condoms on the market today. The majority of users also chose SKYN over the non-latex and natural rubber condoms in a blinded test. Compared to current non-latex condoms on the market—those made of polyurethane—SKYN provides a softer condom that more easily adapts to the form of its wearer. SKYN is also available in SKYN Large. SKYN combines the strength of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom for that Skyn-to-Skyn sensation. Ideal for people with latex allergies or latex sensitivity, SKYN’s long-lasting ultra smooth lubricant enhances the experience. SKYN is the perfect stocking stuffer for your special someone and is also a fun idea for a holiday party favor!

Price: $14.99 to $17.99 Visit the Website

Writing Books For Fun, Fame & Fortune! By Rik Feeney

Writing Books for Fun, Fame & Fortune!

Description: You can write a book! What expertise do you have in business? What are your hobbies? Which of your unique life experiences can others learn from? What are you passionate about in life? If you have knowledge that could relieve someone else’s pain, solve their problem, or show someone else how to get ahead, then you are ready to write a book. In these difficult economic times, it’s actually easier than ever to write and publish a book. Use the simple, but sure-fire methods described within this book so you can establish your expertise in your chosen field of business to develop a steadily increasing income stream while doing what you love to do to provide solutions to help other people. Learn how to write a book within 40 days with simple, but effective tips and strategies. Start writing now! This is a great book for moms, future experts, and problem solvers; a must for coaches, consultants, and speakers.

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

The Nice Girl's Guide To Talking Dirty

Talking Dirty

Description: Ignite your sex life with naughty whispers, hot fantasies and screams of passion. Talking dirty doesn't need to make you feel dirty. This sexy and gun guide shows how to wildly enhance your sexual experience without making you or your lover feel uncomfortable. The Nice Girl's Guide to Talking Dirty provides everything you need to spice up your sex life.

Price: $13.95 Visit the Website

Arouse Coffee - Bringing You Caffeinated Love

Arouse Coffee - we know how to get you up

Description: As the world's most socially accepted stimulant, coffee excites not just the body, but also the mind. And it can elevate mood as it elevates uhm, other things... With Arouse Coffee, transform your coffee fix from merely essential into something unforgettable. We combine the finest, high-quality Arabica coffee blends, with a sexy, flirty twist that will tantalize your taste buds -- and your imagination. Arouse Coffee is a perfect complement for your lifestyle--the busy days, leisurely weekends, or fun-filled nights. It also makes a fun, memorable gift for Coffee Lovers with our unique merchandise. Our products can be shipped right to your doorstep or will soon be found at select novelty gift & adult Web sites. Arouse Coffee makes a sexy coffee gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, wedding/bachlor/bachlorettes, house warming, etc. So go ahead - put the Caffeinated Va-Voom in your coffee lovers' lives... Here at Arouse Coffee want to make sure you're perky. Arouse Coffee -- this is one temptation you can give in to.

Price: $12.00 to $45.00 Visit the Website

Love That Works

Love That Works 1

Description: Good Clean Love designs and sells premium quality organic/natural intimacy products. We are a sexual health company that provides natural sexual wellbeing products and essential educational resources for building healthy loving relationships. Our mission is to increase both the quantity and quality of loving relationships on the planet. Good Clean Love Founder Wendy Strgar's first book, Love That Works, is based on years of her Sustainable Love writing. She tackles the challenging issues of sustaining relationships and creating healthy intimate lives with a disarming and down to earth clarity. Critics have acclaimed that Love That Works is an essential handbook for the daily practice of learning to cultivate the renewable resources of loving relationships and family.

Price: $12.00 Visit the Website

Tropical Transformation Meditation CD

Tropical Transformation

Description: Get the relief of a vacation from all your nagging, circular thinking all in this meditation CD. You’ll be permanently released from fears, angers, resentments and situations that you’ve held on to for too long. This is a soothing transformative experience that is meditative and yet releasing. If you like tropical islands and need a daily mini vacation or a vacation from your vacation then this guided meditation CD is it. There’s nothing like feeling refreshed and restored without taking a pill or drinking caffeine just by listening to this 15 minute meditative journey. You can listen while you sleep or to help you get to sleep. I would say this is our most popular guided meditation because of the holistic and natural remedies that you get by releasing and relaxing at the beach on a tropical island – and you don’t even have to pay the high prices of airfare (LOL).

Price: $5.95 to $12.95 Visit the Website

Lotion's Potions And Things That Go Buzz With Passion Parties

Discover for yourself why this is our #1 selling products. Activates sesual sensitiviy. Designed for men and women. Item 2095 $39.50

Description: Passion Parties offers you sensual products for your relatioship, tips and techiques to enhane intimacy, and the chance to earn free products with the best hostss rewards Program! All this can be done or purchased thur our in home hostess party plan program. Classy yet sassy products along with an experienced consulant that can help you to choose products that will be customized for you bedroom Host a party in you home with your friends and earn free products and discounts, order online at my website or join me in business and become a Passion consultant. Foxy Roxie Independent Passion Consultant

Price: $5.00 to $185.00 Visit the Website

Lotions, Potions And Things That Go Buzz

Sensual Bath & Body Items

Description: Passion Parties has something for everyone and is filled with lotions, potions and things that go buzz! Customize your bedroom adventures with products that will enhance your senses. Purchase directly from my website or a party and earn your LOVE GOODIES FREE! Yes, Passion Parties is like the Tupperware parties your mom used to have.....but a lot more fun! Foxy Roxie....your Romance Consulant

Price: $5.00 to $150.00 Visit the Website

Discover The 60 Second Lover

A Guide to Becoming the 60 Second Lover

Description: Would you like to improve your sexual relationship? It's not that hard to do, with one minute tasks throughout the week your love life will improve. Imagine if you could feel that same romantic stir that you had when you first met. It is possible to have that feeling again. Follow our easy tip guide to a better and more fulfilling relationship. You will have better sex and a better love life.

Price: $2.95 to $9.95 Visit the Website

Say YES To Hope!

Say YES to Hope!

Description: YES! Beat Liver Tumors provides information, support, and hope to those diagnosed with cancers of the liver. When the words "you have cancer" are heard, it changes your life and when cancer spreads to the liver patients often feel alone and hopeless. YES provides HOPE and a FRIEND for the Journey. Visit or call our Toll Free Survivor Line (877-937-7478) for more information.

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

2012 Weekly.agenda - So Much More Than A Calendar!

Weekly.agenda - Your Day Buttoned Up!

Description: The new 2012 Weekly.agenda planner is specifically designed to prevent the 3 productivity-killing mistakes most people make: failure to prioritize, missing opportunities to batch similar tasks, and neglecting to plan ahead. 1. The 2012 Weekly.agenda Features Built-in Prioritization. Each week features only 24 spots for prioritized to-do’s (that’s roughly 4-5 per day), which forces you to identify what really matters at the start of the week. 2. The 2012 Weekly.agenda Has Tools that Encourage Task-Batching. This planner not only separates contact-related tasks from work tasks, but it also has perforated errand and shopping lists built-in. 3. The 2012 Weekly.agenda Features Weekly “Plan Ahead” Ticklers. From reminders to swap out HVAC filters to a prompt to schedule a check-up with your doctor, this planner serves up one important-but-likely-to-be-forgotten task each week. Of course, there are lots of other things to love about this elegant little planner, like 3 bonus months that mean you don’t have to wait until January to get started and a compact size that easily fits in any purse. Everyone who uses this planner agrees: it’s so much more than just a calendar!

Price: $0.00 to $19.95 Visit the Website

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