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That Crazy Little Thing Called Love

That Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Jud Wilhite offers men and women a light-hearted, relevant way to build a marriage on qualities that will ignite passion for a lifetime. The book offers ways to approach marriage and dating rather than continuing on the same path expecting different results. It includes how parents can keep their relationship and sex life thriving in the midst of a busy life and how to maintain a mutually satisfying relationship well into mid-life. The book highlights the health of relationships both emotionally and physically. He encourages couples to enjoy a marriage built on a Chapel of Love, I Only Have Eyes for You, Celebration, Love Me Tender, and other popular song titles. Readers will have firsthand tips on making their love last beyond just the bedroom as they read through the chapters based on recognizable songs that speak to the heart.



God is a Woman: Dating Disasters

Comedian Ian Coburn re-lives his hilarious misadventures in dating and sex. What he learned is offered as great dating advice.

Watch him in an interview:

Read his latest monthly dating advice column: Officially released Valentine's Day 2007 but available to Splash readers right now at the book's website.



Founders/Co-authors - The Fletcher Newbern writing team

Star in Your Own Romance Novel

This Valentine's, any couple can star in their own personalized romance novel from These customized capers - 21 paperback or hardback titles to choose from - are offered in both huggy-kissy "mild" or  sexy-sweaty "wild" with more than 20 details about the starring couple crafted from an online questionnaire. The company also lets couples upload their own photo to add to the book's cover. Among customization are the couple's names, hometown, best friends, perfume and cologne, favorite music, color and more. Settings include the Caribbean, a luxury cruise ship, dude ranch, ski resort, Rome, Tahiti, the Keys, Alaska and lots more.    "We've been dubbed computerized cupids," states J.S. Fletcher. "Doing the undercover research is half the fun," adds Kathy Newbern, his wife/writing partner.    Books range from 150-190 pages and paperbacks start at $49.95 plus S/H; hardbacks start at $94.95.

Website or 800-444-3356.

If Women Ran the World, Sh*t Would Get Done

Dream about the kind of world you'd run. And use the questions and pages in this book to write them down. Make your own dreams come true! Divided into five sections, this uplifting little book celebrates all the wonderful things women do for their family, friends, jobs, the world, and themselves. The mix of real life stories, lists of things women do, and butt-kicking inspirations make this the perfect any-occasion gift for the woman who wants more for all of us. Highlights include: If Women Ran the World' Happily Ever After Wouldn't Require a Y Chromosome, saying yes! to all the things you ever planned to do for yourself, and celebrating friends with Do-O-Grams. Eleanor Roosevelt said, 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.' This book will help you catch your dreams and make them come true.

YourCover  - Personalized Keepsake Magazine Cover
On the YourCover site, the giver simply uploads a photo to the front of a special magazine cover. He or she can crop the photo as desired and then use the site's templates to create a magazine cover that is all about that special someone. Those with writer's block will find the pre-written text suggestions particularly helpful. Font and color design tools help out further. Also included is a back cover with more space for extra photos, an editor's note and even a Top 10 Reasons list about why his/her special someone is the best ever. The YourCover keepsake lets a gift-giver-to-be put that special someone's photo on the cover of a magazine created just for her (or him)! 


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