Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Valentine's Day can be worrisome, confusing and frustrating for those of us in relationships and out of them.  Whether you have a new flame you want to impress, an old love you want to keep happy or are trying to woo a new lover, Splash Magazines Woldwide can help you to find the perfect way to make the 14th of February resplendent and romantic.  

Is this day another example of an arbitrary date chosen by faceless corporate America to generate not love but profit, probably so. Will your girlfriend accept your social protest as an acceptable replacement for a romantic gift or gesture, probably not.  As such, we have compiled a comprehensive survival guide for you, our valued and much loved readers.  Whether it's a sumptuous feast, a luxurious item or an ingenious gadget that gets your heart pumping, we've got it here in our Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

If you're lucky enough to have that someone special in your clutches then we have ideas galore to make them yours indefinitely. 


Our Food & Beverage Guide is a veritable cornucopia of mouth watering sweets and mind numbing elixirs.  Culinary Casanovas rejoice! To see it Click Here

Looking the part is half the battle and our Style & Fashion Guide will most certainly point you in the right direction to get the your date's pulse racing. To see it Click Here 

The Home & Office Guide will help you to make your humble abode as enticing as possible. To see it Click Here 


In our Entertainment & Culture Guide you'll find some literary works that are sure to please in the boudior.  To see it Click Here 


The Health & Beauty Gift Guide is chocked full of sumptuous treatments and products to make you an irresistible target. To see it Click Here 

We've sourced out the hottest Vehicles to make you a lothario on wheels. To see it Click Here 

If it's Technology that really gets you going, we've got some of the most cultivated contraptions lined up for you in our Tech Talk Guide. To see it Click Here 


For those of you with wanderlust, there's no better place to find the perfect romantic getaway than in our Travel & Leisure Gift Guide. To see it Click Here 

If you are planning on spending the night alone, outwardly cursing those couples who are so in love cliched and clutching red roses while gazing across candle lit tables with an amorosity that could rival both Cupid and Aphrodite and silently wondering if you would be just as doe eyed if you had the chance, we've the solution for you.  Our Romance section is full of Adults Only selections that will vibrate, lube up, and illuminate your red-day blues away. To see it Click Here



But if you want to get out on the town and meet other singles, we will be at Hollywood's Le Deux on February 13th.  You want to come too? The scene will be absolutely crawling with singles, embittered and hopeful alike, drinking and dancing our way into the holiest of holy days for romantics the world over. To sign up Click Here 


                              HAPPY LOVE DAY! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX


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