Milk & Honey Gifting Suite Celebrates the 2009 MTV Movie Awards – Gifting and Beauty for Celebrities

Milk & Honey

In Celebration of the 2009 movie Awards, the Milk and Honey gifting suite provided guests with the finest in luxury gifting.  The event took places at the Luau Restaurant on Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills.  Tasty Island drinks and delicious Hawaiian appetizers were passed around and they were so good I now have to make the Luau a new dinner destination.

An Array of Treats

Milk & Honey gifted celebrities with their unique and adorable, whimsical tees.  Jena has been drawing  “Cute Faces” ever since she was a little girl. After college she became a shoe designer and wondered why anyone worked for someone else when they could do it themselves. She left New York and moved to Los Angeles to follow her dreams and began drawing Cute Faces on her Mac.  Anyone and everyone instantly fell in love with her adorable illustrations. She hopes Milk and Honey will put a smile on the faces of children everywhere, even the adult ones.

Milk & Honey's Whimsical Tees

Milk and Honey sponsored a very worthy charity called Spirituality For Kids.  10% of proceeds went to the Spirituality For Kids Charity.
SFK teaches kids tools for life to end the cycle of conflict for children at risk — emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It begins by teaching the tools that will help them realize their full potential and change the course for them and future generations.

Spirituality For Kids

The mission of SFK is to empower the human spirit in every child. We teach children to find their voices and to make conscious choices that end the cycle of conflict for themselves and for future generations. Our commitment is to give children the tools to realize their full potential and to help them meet life’s real challenges. Spirituality for Kids gives children an awareness of themselves, of others, and of the interconnectedness of all things so that they may grow up to become caring and responsible citizens of the world.

From the RAND study:
“The evaluation sets standards for rigorous evaluation of after-school programs and highlights a successful program model. Finally, because of its rigorous research design, it offers the first causal link between spiritual development and resilience.” 


Scanty was there with the cutest line of tops, dresses, and tank tops.  They have an adorable array of bright and fun designs and fanciful prints, especially nice for summer.  Celebrities, VIP’s and media was given their choice of they large array of darling items.

O.P.I. Gave Manicures

O.P.I. Nails had manicurists painting nails and they brought a beautiful selection of all their stunning summer colors.  There was bright pinks, bright oranges, blues, greens, reds, burnt oranges, and even a mauvish shade.   I love the bright pink shade and I like it even more then any I’ve ever used.

Coconut Water

Guests Indulged in photo facials and spray tanning from Vida Emanuel\ and Lynn LaBorde read celebs futures in her cards while Christa Nordeen, licensed Massage Therapist, was giving relaxing massages on her massage chair.  Some invitees were painting their own custom t-shirt.

Other Vendor Sponsors:

Van’s Tennis Shoes
La Mer watches
ILuck jewelry
Opport Unity
Country Love hoodies
MagnaFlow Exhaust Systems
Five Four Clothing
Art by Todd Goldman
Makeovers by Desi
David and Goliath tote bags

All Photos © Judith Orr

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