Melanie Segal Hosts 2009 MTV Movie Awards Gift Suite – Gifts and Giving Back

Melanie Segal and Billy Burke From Twilight

Melanie Segal's Platinum Publicity 2009 MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge, presented by Rev3 Energy, was held in an exquisite 4-story Spanish castle in the Hollywood Hills near Chateau Marmont.  Each room was a photographer’s dream.

Rev3 Energy Bar

Melanie Segal and Rev3 Energy also took this opportunity to help those in need. “The Celebrity House isn’t just another gifting event – we’ve added an important philanthropic component. In honor of each celebrity that attends, we are donating 100 meals to LA’s needy.” Says Melanie Segal, owner of Platinum Publicity. “In these tough economic times, Hollywood realizes it’s not just about receiving – it’s about giving back too.”

Peter Facinelli from Twilight

As well as helping out the less fortunate, Melanie Segal’s Gift House provides celebrities with an exclusive sneak peak at the latest and hippest new products.

The Wonderful Deborah Gibson

“Everyone was excited to try out Rev3 Energy,” says Segal. “With so much to do and so little time before the MTV Movie Awards, Rev3 Energy by Usana offered celebrities a healthy alternative to crash-and-burn, sugary energy drinks. It’s made with a blend of vitamins, teas, ginseng and cacao.”

Willy Wonka Candy

Willie Wonka Candy.  Who doesn’t love Willie Wonka?  They practically brought the entire factory with them to the gift suite.  As promised Celebrities were treated to the exclusive WONKA Purple Card (good for 500 packages of their favorite WONKA candy) or a WONKA Gold Card (good for 200 packages).  It’s the modern-day equivalent to WONKA's Golden Ticket.
Invitees were given Kazoozles (which haven’t been released yet) Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Runts and Everlasting Gobstoppers. VIPs got to experience the Wonkavision Magic Mirror.

Mavi Clothing!

Mavi has been long known for their jeans, but they’re now expanded their line to include all types of great clothing, including dresses, tops and a whole line of trendy clothes.

Socket Sense---What a Great Invention!

Socket Sense is one of the greatest inventions ever.  This is one of those things that makes you go :I should have invented that.”  How many times have I wished there was a way to put all of my different sized adapters into my power strip at the same time.  Well this is it!  YAY! Finally!  I couldn’t wait to take this one home!  They also gifted a very handy USB adapter that moves in all different directions and lies flat against the side of the computer.  These people know how to invent.  

Smart Hood

Smart Food
has long been my favorite  popcorn ever.  It’s been hard to find in Los Angeles but now I’m told their new snack can be found in markets all over the place.  They’ve come up with the yummiest popcorn snack and it’s not only completely irresistible---it’s also a health conscious food!!  It comes in 3 flavors:  Chocolate Cookie Caramel Pecan, Cranberry Almond, and Honey Multigrain.  Which flavor is best you ask?  The one you’re eating, and I’m not kidding.  Besides all that it only has110 calories per 1 oz. bag and only has 2 grams of fat.  Now that’s smart food!

Nature’s Cure Acne Treatment

Nature’s Cure Acne Treatment to clear up acne on the face and/or body to keep the celebrities skins smooth and dreamy.

Reason8 Tees

Reason8 Tees are t-shirts with funny sayings.  The guests were given their choice of fun sayings on different types of shirts.

An Array of Books

Scholastic Inc. has a vast assortment of children's books and had stacks of then for the celebrities to choose from and take home.

Glowelle Beauty Drink
• Mandarina Duck
• Coccinelle
• Cosabella
• Baskin Robbins
• Vera Wang Perfume
• Cigar Bar
• Christy’s Hats
• Vera Wang
• Rockstar perfume
• Ideative
• Make-up Mandy
• Izze
• Icelandic Glacial
• Charles Segal Music
• Hollywood Piano
• Primp Clothing
• Electronic Sports
• Nettie-Scrub
• Dream Arcades
• Classic Photobooth, DDF, RX for Brown Skin

Photo"s of Melanie Segal & Billy Burke, Peter Farcinelli and Deborah Gibson all property of Platinum Publicity.
All other photos © Judith Orr

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