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Brunswick Black Wolf Billiards Table

Brunswick Billiards new line of pool tables for 2007 is its largest collection in nearly 20 years. It reflects a resurging interest in the game and Brunswick’s ability to leverage its unequaled experience to bring stylish, top quality tables to within the price range of virtually anyone who wants to rack ‘em up. The Black Wolf™, table features a dramatic contemporary design, with hardwood rails dressed with satin nickel corner castings that sit atop a laminated base frame, apron and legs. This table would make a bold statement in any home, available in the appropriate color, black. (MSRP $1,799)

Seinfeld Exclusive Coffee Table Gift Set

Seinfeld Exclusive Coffee Table Gift Set

Seinfeld Exclusive Coffee Table Gift Set Celebrate Seinfeld, one of the most groundbreaking television series of all time, with "Seinfeld: The Complete Series", an old-embossed gift set package to house all 9 Seinfeld seasons, an exclusive coffee table book and bonus disc. Relieve all the unique comic genius moments with Jerry, Elane, George, and of course, Cosmo Kramer. Retails for $400 exclusively at Sony Style and Sony Cierge.
Price: $399.99


Description: For someone who has everything but time, Playaway ( is the first and only pre-loaded audiobook player - allowing listeners to just press play and go. With no cumbersome CDs or time-consuming downloads, it’s perfect for the busy book lover. Customers are also encouraged to enroll in the RePlay rewards program, where they receive 1/2 off all future Playaway purchases.

The Star Wars Vault

Description: The ultimate gift for any and all Star Wars fans - THE STAR WARS VAULT: Thirty Years of Treasures from the Lucasfilm Archives, With Removable memorabilia and Two Audio CDs by Stephen J. Sansweet and Peter Vilmur (on-sale October 30, 2007; $85.00). It is the official illustrated book celebrating this year’s 30th anniversary of George Lucas’ first Star Wars movie, and includes removable reproductions of memorabilia, along with two CDs containing vintage radio ads, original cast interviews, George Lucas’ commentary, and even Carrie Fisher singing in the Star Wars Holiday Special.

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THQ/Warner Bros. Holiday Titles

THQ's Ratatouille & Warner Bros.'s Harry Potter DVD

Description: THQ WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008–Features 8 Superstar Fighting Styles Ratatouille–Developed from the new Disney/Pixar film, players can relive the most thrilling moments of the film at home! Bratz the Movie–The video game that allows players to experience the glitz and glamour of becoming real movie stars! Spongebob’s Atlantis Squarepants–This game takes Spongebob, Patrick and the rest of their Bikini Bottom pals on an adventure in the legendary city of Atlantis Warner Bros. "NFL America’s Game Collector’s Set" America’s Game tells the stories behind the story of all 40 Super Bowl champions. This all encompassing 40-disc boxed set will be available for $199.98. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Challenge Harry Potter Interactive DVD Game brings the excitement of Harry Potter into your living room, as you begin your first year at Hogwarts! This game is the perfect blend of action and adventure for Harry Potter enthusiasts! Will be available for $24.98 SRP

Bidding Auction Helps Non Profits

2007 World Series MVP Autographed Baseball & Personally Designed and Signed Jessica Simpson Boots

Description: features more than 13,000 unique items for all budgets and tastes while contributing to a worthy cause, from feeding hungry children to buying textbooks to saving the Earth. From a bottle of fine wine to an exotic vacation package, there’s something for everyone. Shoppers can easily search by hot auction items, charity or geography to find the perfect gift for that someone special on their shopping list.

Street Surfing: The Wave Board

The Wave Board

Riding on The Wave offers a similar adrenaline rush to surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. However, unlike these extreme sports Street Surfing is easy to learn. Riders of all ages are attracted to the sport because they get quick results on The Wave. Whether the rider is used to participating in team sports or prefers individual activities, the fluid motion of The Wave enables riders to easily advance and perform tricks.
Price: $100.00

Personalized Romance Novels

High Seas Romance is the newest novel you can star in from, by Jennifer Price (dressed for a Renaissance fair) in which you assume the starring roles

Description: This Valentine's, any couple can star in their own personalized romance novel from These customized capers - 24 paperback or hardback titles to choose from - are offered in both huggy-kissy "mild" or sexy-sweaty "wild" with more than 20 details about the starring couple crafted from an online questionnaire. The company also lets couples upload their own photo to add to the book's cover. Among customization are the couple’s names, hometown, best friends, perfume and cologne, favorite music, color and more. Settings include the Caribbean, a luxury cruise ship, dude ranch, ski resort, Rome, Tahiti, the Keys, Alaska and lots more. "We've been dubbed computerized cupids," states J.S. Fletcher. "Doing the undercover research is half the fun," adds Kathy Newbern, his wife/writing partner. Books range from 150-190 pages and paperbacks start at $49.95 plus S/H; hardbacks start at $94.95. Info: or 800-444-3356.

Nick & Slim: The Legend of the Falcon Mine by Pam Henn

Description: Widely considered the next Harry Potter, the Nick & Slim series is full of adventures. In the first installment, Nick, an 11 year old boy, is framed for a crime he did not commit. Trapped in a mine during a class field trip, he needs the help of Slim, a man who was also framed... over 100 years ago. Author Pam Henn, a former Disney animation artist, provides original artwork that brings this tale to life. Full of friendship, adventure and excitement, Nick & Slim is good reading for kids and adults alike!

Juno Baby DVDs - winner of more awards than any other children's media company in the country

Juno Baby, winner of more awards than any other children's media company in the country, introduces three new DVDs. For children ages 0-5, each DVD has original songs performed by live orchestral music and sung by the quirky Juno Baby cast. In addition, the content of Juno Baby is based on leading research published in the American Behavioral Scientist. Everything is available online at or at The Right Start.

DVD: Poof! You're a magician ~ Learn Magic with everyday objects


Description: Curtis Eugene Lovell II and his lovely assistant Sarah Moser demonstrate magic with everyday objects at a pool party and a park as they make magical bets only the will win! After their magical and comical journey around Long Beach, California, Lovell will break the magicians' code by revealing and teaching the phenomenal tricks to you. The Magic tricks are easy and fun to perform once you know the secrets! Learn how to: Float a friend ~Read Minds ~Vanish coins ~Perform amazing card tricks ~And more!

A "Fetch"-ing Holiday Gift

Book Cover

Description: Category: Unique Stocking Stuffers 1. A "FETCH"-ing Holiday Gift! What to get that travel-bound pet owner? How about "peace of mind" through a gift certificate for FETCH! Pet Care - the nation's first and only professional pet care network. FETCH! Pet Care gift certificates are a perfect gift for family, friends and colleagues in need of reliable professional pet care for their dog, cat or ANY other type of animal. Gift certificates are available in any denomination from FETCH! Pet Care's online store at You may review a sample FETCH! Pet Care gift certificate at 2. The Cableyoyo™ POP is one nifty solution designed to store and protect iPod and other ear bud cords. The Cableyoyo™ POP is a tiny cord winder with a suction cup to use with iPods®, cell phones, laptops, and more. See more product information at:

"Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier" by Dr. Robert Emmons

Description: Gratitude, the emotion “most neglected by psychologists” has never before been examined by scientific psychologists – until now. UC Davis teaching professor and research scientist Dr. Robert Emmons spent eight years studying gratitude’s effects on the mind, body and soul and found that it benefits all three areas significantly. The eye-opening results from his experiments are revealed in “Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier.” “Thanks!” argues that the secret to happiness and fulfillment lies in the recognition that all of life is a gift. Dr. Emmons believes that with this mindset, people can gain control of their emotional destinies. It takes readers on a journey to discover fascinating truths about gratitude which parallel many classic religious and philosophic principles about the nature of the good life.

What’s a Dame to Do?!’ - A board game for women

Brand new game for fun-loving sassy adult women who love to laugh! "What's a Dame to Do?!"

‘What’s a DAME to Do?!’ is a socially interactive board game that asks women to candidly predict co-players’ reactions to prescribed dilemmas. TDmonthly stated in a recent review, “After two rounds, we initially skeptical gals were convulsed with laughter, mascara’d tears and snot running down our faces. Not attractive, but that made it even funnier.” games for dames, formed by sisters Kerri Neubek and Patti Larchet, is a company whose vision is to develop a series of board games that are specifically designed for – and to be played by - women. ‘What’s a DAME to do?!’ is relevant and timely for today’s woman – whether she’s single, an at-home mom or a busy executive.
Price: 32.00

Knowbody Knows - a Party Game for Adults of all ages

How many times will YOU laugh playing Knowbody Knows? Knowbody Knows! A great new party game for adults of all ages

Description: How many times did you laugh outloud last year? How often does your sister shave her legs? How flirtatious is your neighbor? Knowbody Knows! The \"revealing game of wild guesses\" has NO right answers, just don\'t guess too high or too low to win. But, in this game, winning is secondary to the great conversation, fun stories, and silly debates that follow each question.
Price: 29.99

Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun

Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun

Famous detective Hercule Poirot is back in typical style, turning up at just the right time to begin an investigation into the murder of a famous actress during what should have been the start of a relaxing holiday. Taking on the role of Hercule Poirot, players can scour a stunning tropical island for clues and delve deeper into the mysterious relationships between over 20 unique characters to search out the killer.
Price: $29.99


Description: For the music fan, there’s SLASH (on-sale October 30, 2007; $27.95) by Slash, the legendary lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses and currently part of the Grammy Award-winning group Velvet Revolver, written with Anthony Bozza. Slash’s memoir includes details on how Guns N’ Roses formed and a look at the making and behind-the-scenes details of their four studio albums; drugs and the role they played in the creation and destruction of GN’R; what really happened in Slash’s relationship with Axl; and Slash’s highs and lows: from drugs and rehab, to the GN’R fights and riots, to marriage, divorce, raising kids and his reincarnation with Velvet Revolver.

Sweet Land

Sweet Land

Description: A dvd of the award winning movie Sweet Land. Inge (Elizabeth Reaser) is a feisty German mail-order bride who has come to Minnesota to marry Olaf (Tim Guinee), a young Norwegian immigrant farmer of few words. But in a post-WWI, anti-German climate, the local minister (John Heard) openly forbids the marriage. Inge and Olaf fall in love despite the town's disapproval. But when the town banker (Ned Beatty) attempts to foreclose on the farm of his friend Frandsen (Alan Cumming), Olaf takes a stand...and the community unites around the young couple, finally accepting Inge as one of their own.
Price: $20.00

Pretzel on Prozac: The Story of an Immigrant Dog


Description: Ellen Palestrant's book "Pretzel on Prozac: The Story of an Immigrant Dog" (Elusive Press, 2007) is the perfect Chanukah or Christmas for someone who loves animals. "Pretzel" is a heartwarming true story about an immigrant dog who could not adjust to a new life, had to be given Prozac, and wound up living to age twenty!" Satirical and funny, "Pretzel" cleverly combines the political issue of immigration within an everyday setting. How can anyone not adore Pretzel, who Palestrant renders in Thurberish line drawings as a cute little ball of fluff with droopy eyes? Indeed, Pretzel joins the likes of James Herriot's cache of creatures, as well as other famous hounds, among them Marley, Air Bud, and Benji."Pretzel on Prozac" is available through most book stores and online sites such as and Barnes & Noble.

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History Happened Here

History Happened Here

Description: Randy Howe has complied questions, answers, facts, and websites for 600 of the most important U.S. Historic Landmarks. Contained in a small box that you can carry with you wherever you go --whether stuck on the tarmac, on long car trips, or just sitting around the fire on a cold winter night. Each card is color-coded by the level of question difficulty. It’s trivial pursuit for history buffs. Loads of interesting facts, locations, and websites. Challenge your friends and family!
Price: 16.95


Follow the adorable antics of Chocolate, a real-life Chihuahua adopted by a Hollywood casting agent and producer and taken to live with her at the Four Seasons Hotel

Follow the adorable antics of Chocolate, a real-life Chihuahua adopted by a Hollywood casting agent and producer and taken to live with her at the Four Seasons Hotel.   This is the story of how that very dog captured the attention of everyone he met.  Charming and sophisticated, with a cute factor that's off the charts, CHOCOLATE AT THE FOUR SEASONS introduces readers to a small dog with a big personality. You can purchase CHOCOLATE AT THE FOUR SEASONS at or ($16.95)

A Woman's Guide to Understanding Sports

A Woman's Guide to Basketball

Description: In under an hour, Duffy’s WOMAN'S GUIDE TO SERIES, a trilogy of audio books is designed to help couples get closer while putting an end to sports guilt and nagging during game time. For girls Duffy’s guide can get them out of the kitchen and onto the couch during sports season, helping them to interact with their special man on any given Sunday. Paula Duffy a sports expert and media commentator, can give you a full 101 in baseball, football or basketball. Her series helps women understand how a game begins and ends, basic rules and info on the players and what they do, some terms used by announcers and how they can use what they've learned to "Talk Sports."

MOO cards


Description: Replace those tired old 4X6 photos of your last ugly Christmas sweater party with fun and hip MOO cards or stickers. Use your favorite holiday photos and images to create hip holiday invitations, cards, gifts for friends, or just post them around your room. MOO makes a variety of unique products using your own digital photos or designs. MOO comes in many forms from MiniCards, the hottest new trend in business or personal cards today, to NoteCards, Postcards, Greeting Cards and even mini StickerBooks that make perfect stocking stuffers and unique seals for any card, gift or stationary. Check out our website at

Free Game DVD

Description: A great gift for every gamer in your life. Based on ECD Systems' 2nd Annual Independent Game Developers Showcase, experience some of the best PC games developed by Independent Developers from all over the world. Play 125 games... 29 Action, 30 Arcade, 22 Puzzles, 13 Strategy, 4 Educational and Kids, 5 Sports, 13 Simulator and many more. These Indie Games are fun and exciting, clever and intriguing.

Relient K's first full-length holiday CD Let it Snow, Baby...Let it Reindeer

Description: On October 23, 2007, Relient K’s first full-length holiday CD Let it Snow, Baby…Let it Reindeer. The holiday album features 10 Christmas classics and six original Yuletide songs. From the glory of “Handel’s Messiah” and “Angels We Have Heard On High” to the goofiness of 1950’s novelty song “I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ For Christmas” and “Santa Clause Is Thumbing To Town,” Let It Snow, Baby…Let It Reindeer captures the many sides of the season.

Bart & The Gang: Cookie Party

Bart & The Gang: Cookie Party cover

Description: “Bart & The Gang: Cookie Party” is the first in a new series of children’s books written, illustrated and composed by master artist Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez. The series follows a group of kids eager to find adventure, but they usually end up finding trouble despite the advice of a helpful narrator. “Cookie Party,” will teach children about proper ingredients and baking skills as they read and follow along with the group’s wild adventure in this bright and beautifully illustrated book. An audio CD included in each book features the Bart & The Gang theme song, background music and different voices for each character. It is narrated by Food Network Pastry Chef and Host of the Challenge Program, Keegan Gerhard. Gerhard also provides his own chocolate chip cookie recipe at the end of the book, giving parents a great way to spend time with their children in the kitchen. To purchase the book, visit

CharityChoice Gift Cards

CharityChoice Gift Card & Seasonal Gift Card

Description: CharityChoice Gift Cards, provides online and physical gift cards for a wide range of charities/nonprofits. Once a buyer makes a donation that is reflected on the gift card, CharityChoice is the ONLY non-profit organization which then allows the gift recipient to allocate this money toward the charity/organization of their choice. Currently, CharityChoice offers individual and corporation recipients more than 100 nonprofits to choose from, in areas ranging from poverty and education to environmental support and the arts. Logging in with a unique redemption code to select the charity of their choice, your readers' recipients can support a cause that has special meaning to them. Gifts begin at $5 and all monetary donations are tax deductible for the giver!
Price: 5.00 and up

Great Lines from Great Movies 2008 Desk Calendar

Description: "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!" Growled one. "Go ahead, make my day," warned another. These classic lines evoke great moments and performances from the silver screen. But who said what to whom, in which film? This quiz calendar invites you to name the movies associated with writers, directors, etc. -Aand piquant trivea are proveded. Also included are yearly grids for 2008 and 2009, and pages for notes.

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