WOW Creations Pre-Espy Gifting Suite - A Celebration of Athletes

The ESPY Awards have become to athletes what the Oscars are to actors. With such a big event, there is no one who knows how to pamper athletes like Mark and Matthew Harris founders of WOW! Creations. They kicked off ESPY festivities with the must attend WOW! Creations Pre-Espy Gifting Suite held at the W Hotel on Tuesday.

WOW Creations

Bret Lockett with the Harris Twins

You could not ask for a better setting than the rooftop of the W Hotel in Hollywood. Such a scenic view and the Southern California sun was out in full force as athletes such as;  World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye, Terrell Owens, Greg Louganis, Chuck Liddell and Scott Hamilton all enjoyed the day with WOW!

World Champion Richard Jefferson

Athletes aren't likely to get pampered quite as often as your typical Hollywood starlet, but Dr. Winnie of Parfaire Medical Aesthetics made sure they went to the ESPY Awards looking their best. Dr. Winnie was providing rooftop Botox treatments. Painless and fast, this was a great experience for those who have never tried this treatment before. Dr. Winnie was also letting guests know about all the treatments that she offers at her Parfaire office, and while popular, Botox is just one of the many different treatments she offers to help you keep your youthful good looks. You can book a visit for a complimentary consultation and they also carry a great lineup of skin care products. For more information visit: Parfaire or visit the office at 101 S. Madison Ave., Pasadena CA 91101.

Dr. Winnie

If you are an athlete heading to Los Angeles for the ESPY Awards or going on vacation, flying in luxury and privacy is the best way to go and no one does it quite like Prestige Private Air. Once you are a member with Prestige Private Air you can expect to find rates and flights that will fit your lifestyle and within the timeframe that you are looking for. If you have a lifestyle that you don't want to waste a lot of time deailing with airports and terminals, Prestige offers you amazing service that affords you convenience and allows you to travel without stress. For more information visit: Prestige Private Air

Prestige Private Air

Beso del Sol was sampling their fabulous red and white sangrias. While the majority of sangria mixes are well, you never quite know what the mix is, while Beso del Sol is 100% natural and imported from Spain. Just one sip into your sangria and you can taste the difference, the quality of wines used is amazing. If you still aren't convinced, well Beso del Sol is so highly thought of that Disneyland carries their sangria. For more information visit: Beso del Sol

Beso del Sol Sangria

Black Living Water was gifting their water that while providing great benefits to anyone, really will help athletes with the abundance in this literally black water. What makes this water so special? Black Living Water has the highest quality Fulvic and Humic Minerals, USDA SBO Probiotics, Natural Electrolytes, and a pH of 10, which all by itself would make any water amazing! If you are looking for an alternative to water that is bottled and you may or may not know how it was processed, try Black Living Water and you will quickly feel and taste the difference. For more information visit: Black Living Water

Black Living Water

Our personal favorite cookies, Sarah's Skinny Sweets, was gifting her sugar free, gluten free and vegan cookies. Anything but your typical healthy cookie, these are moist and flavorful and full of healthy ingredients. Coming in such incredible flavors as; orange cranberry almond, double chocolate macadamia. This is the cookie that will satisfy everyone including; Celiacs, Diabetics, Paleos and Vegans. Sarah's Skinny Sweets were recently featured in Paleo Magazine praising her for great flavor, being low-glycemic and containing only 2 grams of net carbs per serving, what an honor! For more information visit: Sarah's Skinny Sweets

Sarah's Skinny Sweets

Solsol was gifting their solar powered hats. Featuring a lid that is covered with solar panels, this is the perfect hat to wear when you are out and about to make sure that your phone stays charged. If you are looking to create a hat for company, this is the perfect hat that will carry your logo and will always be a hit with the easy to use and built in charger. For more information visit: Solsol


If you like sour kraut, you are going to love Pickled Planet. Started in 2002 in Oregon, Pickled Planet has fermented their way to a tasty lineup of sour krauts. If you are looking for a way to flavor up your dog or sausage this is it and if you want the closest thing to a pastrami sandwich, close your eyes and try the beat kraut. Just full of rich flavor, this is so good you can just eat it right out of the jar. For more information visit: Pickled Planet

Pickled Planet


Gary Red was gifting shirts from his fashion line that while stylish, also carry a message that is meant to inspire such as; "Beach Peace", "Slave 2 None" and more. For more information visit: Gary Red

Gary Red

Churned Creamery was showcasing their state-of-the-art ice cream machine that is not only used at their location in Tustin, but can be used to cater parties. Small batches of flavorful ice cream are created right in front of your eyes, creating an amazing fresh and smooth taste. Unique flavors are also a specialty and Churned Creamery uses only the freshest ingredients and also offers healthy alternatives. For more information visit: Churned Creamery

Churned Creamery

Anyone looking to walk the red carpet had to be happy to see M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection on hand. M Andrews begins with creating made to order hand crafted collection of footwear and then completes the look with a custom suiting program and accessories to finish off the look. When M Andrews is done with you, the red carpet and any night on the town will be done in style. For more information visit: M Andrews

M Andrews

To make sure that athletes were putting something not only healthy, but great tasting and organic, Burkart Organics was gifting a variety of their organic products that they have been producing on their farm since 1965. For more information visit: Burkart Organics

Burkart Organics

Ranch Organics was gifting their mineral-rich bath and beauty products honed from nature’s apothecary. Made from certified organic ingredients, including lavender grown on the ranch, Ranch Organics is a stunningly beautiful collection of soaps and lotions. Relax by treating yourself to a variety of fragrant scents, including; Cedar Wood, Rose Geranium, Sweet Grass, and Lavender and they just released an amazing bar that is just for men. For more information visit: Ranch Organics

Guests were gifted CryoMax, a reusable 8 hour cold pack that fits nicely in a comfort wrap so it stays on the spot that you need relief. Coming in four different sizes, CryoMax can treat any part of the body that is sore or stiff. For more information, visit: CryoMax


Guests were also gifted the Thera Cane Max Deep Pressure Massager, Dr. Tim's premium dog food, Rumba cigars, Sock it to Me Socks and also enjoyed Hint flavored water.

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