WOW! Creations Emmy Gift Suite - The Place to Kickoff Emmy Weekend

When you see twin brothers Matt and Mark Harris, you know you are in store for something special. When it comes to hosting a gift lounge no one does it quite like WOW! Creations and they did not disappoint as they wowed guests at the W Hotel in Hollywood on September 16th with their annual Emmy Awards gift lounge.

The Harris Twins with Eric Roberts

The rooftop at the W provided the perfect setting for guests to be pampered and gifted and simply enjoy a glorious sun-filled Los Angeles afternoon.

The Harris Twins at the Emmy Awards

The Harris Twins with Kato Kaelin

Reve Calme was gifting an assortment of their pillow sprays and unique blend of bath salts. Reve Calme pillow sprays are more than a scent, founder Tammy Leemon suffered from sleeping issues and researched and eventually created her own blend of relaxing pillow spray called “Pillow Mist”. From there Reve Calme was created and it now has a product line of subtle fragrances that when sprayed, the process of aromatherapy starts to work preparing the mind and body for relaxation. Also don’t worry about spraying it on your bedding, it will not stain or discolor anything you spray it on and it also offers zero irritations. For more information visit: Reve Calme

Reve Calm

CBD Care Garden was gifting an assortment of their skin care products that contain Cannabidiol. For more information visit: CBD


Sarah's Skinny Sweets was gifting her sugar free, gluten free and vegan cookies. Anything but your typical healthy cookie, these are moist and flavorful and full of healthy ingredients. Coming in such incredible flavors as; orange cranberry almond, double chocolate macadamia. This is the cookie that will satisy everyone including; Celiacs, Diabetics, Paleos and Vegans. Sarah's Skinny Sweets were recently featured in Paleo Magazine praising her for great flavor, being low-glycemic and containing only 2 grams of net carbs per serving, what an honor! For more information visit: Sarah's Skinny Sweets

Sarah's Skinny Sweets

Global Vodka was mixing up cocktails with their smooth and high quality vodka for guests. For more information visit: Global Vodka

Global Vodka

Grace in LA Jeans was gifting an assortment of their designer jeans and shorts to guests. These stunning handcrafted jeans are created locally in the City of Industry, so while you get to show off your stylish jeans, you also can feel great about supporting an American made product. For more information, visit: Grace in LA

Grace Jeans

Videau Natural Health, where alternative medicine meets beauty and grooming, was gifting their unique skin care products along with a look at their new fragrances. Catering to both men and women, this lineup was created by Dr. Shimeca Videau. Dr. Videau did all the research so you don’t have to, finding the perfect herbal and medicinal ingredients. You will find products unlike any other and you will notice amazing results. For more information visit: Videau

Videau Natural Health

Queen C Hair Extensions offers that long, flowing beautiful hair that you might not be able to create on your own. QUEEN C Hair Extensions are made with 100% Remy Double Drawn Human Hair providing you with amazing and natural look. For more information visit: Queen C

Queen C Hair Extensions

If you like sour kraut, you are going to love Pickled Planet. Started in 2002 in Oregon, Pickled Planet has fermented their way to a tasty lineup of sour krauts. If you are looking for a way to flavor up your dog or sausage this is it and if you want the closest thing to a pastrami sandwich, close your eyes and try the beat kraut. Just full of rich flavor, this is so good you can just eat it right out of the jar. For more information visit:Pickled Planet

Pickled Planet

Le Bris Cupcakes brought a seemingly endless supply of their amazing and flavorful cupcakes that featured such flavors as;tiramisu, caramel and more! They offer a fabulous catering service out of San Diego and can deliver in most Southern California locations. For more information visit: Le Bris

Le Bris Cupcakes

Touch, the world’s first 6 hour sanitizing germblock, was gifting an assortment of their portable aerosol sprays. Quit buying hand sanitizer, Touch is the true answer to fighting germs as it stops them before they get to you, not after. One spray on your hands and you are protected for six hours and it won’t dry out your hands like most hand sanitizing products on the market. For more information visit: Touch


Solsol was gifting their solar powered hats. Featuring a lid that is covered with solar panels, this is the perfect hat to wear when you are out and about to make sure that your phone stays charged. If you are looking to create a hat for company, this is the perfect hat that will carry your logo and will always be a hit with the easy to use and built in charger. For more information visit: Solsol


Dama Tequila was serving up an assortment of cocktails using their tequila that was created for the palate of a woman. For more information visit: Dama Tequila

Dama Tequila

Ziggit was gifting their clipable pins that are meant to get people talking ago. You can choose from the words or expressions, create your own or get the limited Zicon emoticon pins, simply a great way to express yourself! For more information visit: Ziggit


Momentum Water was keeping everyone hydrated on the rooftop of the W Hotel with their water that is formulated with a pH of 9.5. For more information visit: Momentum

Momentum Water

With the holidays right around the corner Cookies in a Snap is the perfect thing to have in your kitchen. If you make homemade cookies, Cookies in a Snap offers the easy solution with a variety of discs that come in different designs, you just lay out the dough and press and cut and you have the perfect cookie. For more information visit: Cookies in a Snap

Cookies in a Snap

Heelusions was gift an assortment of their over 27 patterns that you just connect to your high heels to not only change the style, but it will also protect those expensive shoes as well as giving you some extra comfort. For more information visit: Heelusions


Unique Energy Drink provides a unique blend of Exotic Red Reishi Mushroom Extract, Green Tea, and B-Complex Vitamins to give you a sustainable, energy.

Unique Energy Drink

Maa Veda was gifting products from their luxury face and body care line that is free of parabens. Originally created for use during the delicate stages of pregnancy, now it avaliable for all to enjoy. Maa Veda features body and face scrubs and a number of other amazing products that will make you feel pampered, even if you aren't pregnant. For more information visit: Maa Veda

Maa Veda

If you have ever been in rain or snow and wound up ruining your shoes, getting soaked feet of slipping Seal Shoe Covers were made for you. Seal Shoe Covers were gifting their shoe covers that offer a water-resistant outer shell that repels water, mud and snow to keep your cherished shoes clean and dry. For more information visit: Seal

Seal Shoe Covers

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