WOW! Creations 2014 Pre-Emmy Gifting Suite – A Rooftop Emmy Celebration

Emmy Awards week got off to an early celebratory start with the WOW! Creations 2014 Pre-Emmy Gifting Suite that was held on Saturday, August 16th at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills. Guests were treated to an amazing day filled with gifts and fun while enjoying a perfect sun-filled Southern California afternoon.

The Harris twins with Elliott Gould

WOW! Creations founders the Harris twins

Guests were gifted stylish t-shirts from Gary Red Brand Apparel. Gary Brand has based their clothing line on a commitment to connecting people using the power of diversity, freedom and community  and use the motto “Touch the Heart Open Your Mind” to convey this message. For more information visit Gary Red Brand Apparel.

Elliott Gould with Gary Red Apparel

For the celebrity who is always on the go and is worried about getting all of their daily vitamins and much more, they were gifted the amazing nutritional shake, Rockin’ Wellness. Perfect for breakfast or to help get you through the afternoon, Rockin’ Wellness is loaded with vitamins, minerals, omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as being high in fiber and protein. You can use Rockin’ Wellness in a number of ways, but simply mix it with some almond milk and you have a great tasting and healthy shake that is also vegan, wheat, dairy and gluten free and made with non-gmo ingredients. For more information visit Rockin’ Wellness.

Radar Watches had a tough time keeping up with the requests for their stylish watches. Radar Watches allows you to change the band on your watch to fit your mood or event based on color. They are so easy to take the watch portion out and put it into a new color band and they have a color for everyone! Find out more about this stylish and fun watch at Radar Watches.

Radar Watches

The kettlebell has been brought back to life in recent years as a great workout tool, but cost along with being limited on how you can use them when it comes to portability and weight can be an issue. Guests were gifted the great alternative, the Koreball. This is a great all-around workout tool that you can adjust by filling the core with water or sand to change the weight and the fact that you can empty it allows you to use it when you travel. Koreball also has a number of great workout videos on YouTube for you to use. For more information visit Koreball.


That combination of a little heat with some tasty sweet is what guests received with their package of HeatSweets. These hand-crafted products include; jalapeno strawberry jelly, habanero strawberry jelly, jalapeno ginger jelly and sweet jalapeno relish. For more information visit HeatSweets.

Angeline Rose Troy with HeatSweets

Sarah’s Skinny Sweets are a line of cookies that taste so amazing you would never guess that they have no sugar, are low in carbs, diabetic friendly, soy, dairy and gluten free and paleo. Pretty much the perfect healthy cookie that somehow kept all of the flavor! For more information visit Sarah’s Skinny Sweets.

Sarah's Skinny Sweets

Ranch Organic was gifting an assortment of their mineral-rich products that include; body wash, body lotion, goats milk soaps and botanical soaps. For more information visit Ranch Organics.

Ranch Organics

The cure for how to deal with the moment you finish a pedicure came from Pedi Princess. Fashion and interior designer Laura Slipak created these stylish flip flops that have toe spreaders, making this this perfect way to walk away from your pedicure in style. For more information visit Pedi Princess.

Pedi Princess Laura Slipak with Elliott Gould

Trying to find a use for all of the sheep wool that that was coming from their sheep, Millstone Farm & Organics created their Natural Wool Dryer Balls. You simply put the wool balls into your dryer and your clothes will dry in half the time and you can choose from a number of scents that will make your clothes come out fresh. For more information visit Millstone Farm & Organics.

Victor Ortiz with his Millstone Farm & Organics

Beantown Bedding was gifting their biodegradable laundry-free linens. These one-time use linens are perfect for a trip to a hotel that you might feel more comfortable with your own linens; they are perfect for a college student and more. The bedding sets are disposable and environmentally friendly. For more information visit Beantown Bedding.

Beantown Bedding

The Indiexhibit was showcasing a number of the independent artisans that they help to promote. Guests were gifted their choice of one of the unique and amazing pieces that was created from one of their artists. For more information visit Indiexhibit

The Indiexhibit

The Maui Cookie Lady brought an assortment of her handmade cookies all the way from Maui to gift everyone in attendance. The Maui Cookie Lady has created a cookie line that is full of amazing and unique flavors including; Da Bacon-Nator, The Dentist Dilemma, Kona Coffee Espresso and Nutella Raspberry Truffle just to give you an idea of what she creates and they taste as good as they sound. For more information visit The Maui Cookie Lady.

The Maui Cookie Lady cookies

Derwood Couture has become known for creating ties that will make you stand out at any red carpet event. Now they have ventured into the canine world with a line of adorable ties for your dog. Derwood Couture was gifting ties for dogs and if you take your dog about town, this is the perfect accessory to set him apart from the rest of the dogs. For more information visit Derwood Couture.


To make sure everyone in attendance had perfect looking hair, Neo Choice Professional Hair Tools was gifting an assortment of their products including; hair dryers, straighteners, twisters, accessories and more. For more information visit Neo Choice.


Cottage Kitchen was gifting an assortment of their crackers that contain no hydrogenated oils, no yeast, no sugar and they are GMO free. These unique crackers are thick and hearty and full of flavor, perfect for wine tasting or to serve at a party with a great cheese. This is one cracker you can taste the quality ingredients in. For more information visit Cottage Kitchen.

Cottage Kitchen

To find out more about WOW! Creations ,their amazing gifting lounges as well as all of the latest news from Matt and Mark Harris, visit WOW! Creations.

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