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WOW! Creations 2013 Pre-Emmy Gifting Lounge – The Harris Brothers Host Another Unforgettable Event at the Luxe Hotel

By Splash Magazines Staff Writer

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The Harris brothers present a glamorous gifting lounge

 09.16.2013 - The 2013 Emmy Awards are celebrated days in advance with the pre-Emmy gifting lounge, presented by WOW! Creations. The renowned Harris brothers hosted this glamorous giveaway-party at the posh Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills! A wide variety of brands and companies presented their top-of-the-line products to all of the celebrities who attended.


ECBC displays their class-A luggage line

ECBC shows us how their innovative and top-of-the-line luggage is perfect the modern jetsetter. Traveling just got easy with their high-quality bags featuring various "easy-access" compartments, perfectly designed for electronics and delicate garments.


Ranch Organics gives out their posh, organic body products

Ranch Organics displays their incredible, all-organic, line of body washes and lotions. Made on a ranch in Colorado, these high-quality body products are not only authentic, but also smell incredible!


Five Wives Vodka prodives outstanding drinks for guests

Five Wives Vodka serves out their award-winning and noteworthy liquor to the event's guests.


Daisy Skin Institute gives out samples of premium skin-care products

Daisy M.D. Skincare is a noteworthy Beverly Hills secret; this ultimate skin care treatment guarantees the most significant and outstanding results for all skin types and issues.


Lovesque Fashion presents their trendy line of clothing and jewelry

Lovesque Fashions gives away couture charm bracelets and shows off their stylish line of top-notch clothing accessories.


Sure Thik gives out samples of their hair-thickening products

SureThik presents its organic keratin hair fibers, which make hair appear thicker and more volumunous; the superior hair product comes in a variety of colors to perfectly match every natural hair color.


Joseph's All Natural presents their sugar-free snacks

Joseph's award-winning sugar-free products are presented to guests; cookies, syrups, and other naturally sweetened products are up for grabs!


B Toffee gives away cute and delicious dessert gifts

B Toffee gives away their adorably packaged toffee; this sweet treat is perfect for gifting with its presentable and chic  package design.


Real Chemistry provides demonstrations of their skin-enhancing peel

Real Chemistry has associates doing product demonstrations on each guest's hand! Their famous "3-Minute Precision Peel" works its magic right in front of our eyes and the best news is that everyone gets to go home with a jar of it!


Life Extension gives out their renowned health supplements

LifeExtension's line of health care supplements are presented and distributed by M.D.'s so guests can have all of their nutrition and health questions answered, as well as learn about the many benefits of this superb product.


Global Hyperbaric

Global Hyperbaric offers a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy that allows a person to breathe highly concentrated oxygen while lying in a pressurized chamber.  It helps in revitalizing cells and can be a highly effective therapy for Asthma, Anti-aging, sports injuries and more.


rocky&james displays their vogue line of accessories for dog-lovers

rocky&james shows off their couture Los Angeles-made clothing in accessories, designed with chic, dog-lovers in mind. This edgy and elegent line of inspired scarves, necklaces, and more, will benefit your closet and your heart: a portion of proceeds are donated to organizations for saving dogs.


Tortuga feeds the masses with their rum cakes and chocolate treats

Tortuga provides deliciously sweet bites for the event's guests; their booth features their famous Caribbean rum cakes and chocolates.


Real McCoy Snax gives out delicious, healthy, and high-quality bites to eat

Real McCoy Snax gives away bags of their various rice chips- a snack that has the perfet balance of nutrition and flavor.


Permanently Beautiful demonstrates their innovative cosmetic technology

Permanently Beautiful presents their groundbreaking series of cosmetic tattooing, making the make-up tricks that you love, available in permanent and semi-permanent applications!


Niagara's Honeymoon Sweets gives out gourmet chocolate gifts and treats

Niagara's Honeymoon Sweets gives out edible works of art: the brand features chocolate picture frames with equally edible photographs- outstanding.


Published on Sep 23, 2013

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