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Wow! Creations 2013 Academy Award Gifting Suite - The Harris Brothers Win Again for Oscar Style

By Dana Anderson

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William Shatner and Wow! Creations Tastemakers Mark Harris and Matt Harris

And the winner is…each one of the many celebrities, designers, press and vendors at the Wow! Creations Gifting Suite at the Luxe Hotel in honor of the 2013 Academy Awards.

Wow Creations Tastemakers Mark Harris and Matt Harris

Designer Mark Roscoe

Hosted by the dapper and congenial Mark Harris and Matt Harris, the suite was a must-stop on the week-long celebration that leads up to the Oscars every year. The Harris twins are known internationally for their elite gifting suites, gift bags, marketing and publicity campaigns for top leading brands.

Miss California USA 2013 Mabelynn Capeluj and Wow! Creations Matt Harris and Mark Harris

The suite was held on the glamorous rooftop of the Lux Hotel on the famed Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Celebs in attendance included Hollywood icon William Shatner, Miss California USA 2013 Mabelynn Capeluj, John O’Hurley (“General Hospital”); Oscar Nunez (“The Office”); Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi (“Shahs of Sunset”); Chase Masterson (“Star Trek,” “Doctor Who Big Finish”); and the writers of the Oscar-nominated film “Beasts of the Southern Wild.”

Miss California USA 2013 Mabelynn Capeluj

Designers and companies participating in Wow! Creations’ event were:


Caribbean Living Magazine  - http://www.caribbeanlivingmagazine.com

Caribbean Magazine for luxury travel ideas

Caribbean Living Magazine gifted a five day Caribbean vacation to celebrities and press. Enjoy a luxurious week in paradise, with destinations ranging from St. Lucia and the Bahamas to Belize, St. Maarten and the U.S. Virgin Islands, with each port of call featuring exclusive hotels with luxurious amenities and all-inclusive comforts and cuisine.


The Printed Palette - http://www.theprintedpalette.com

The Printed Palette -- arty and fun!

The designers of The Printed Palette have imaginations that run wild and. Exhibiting a passion for art and design, they create wow-filled experiences in clothing with designs that inspire. The Printed Palette features designs for women, men, kids, babies, along with accessories and products for the home.


Skinny Rich Bitch - http://www.skinnyrichbitch.net

Skinny Rich Bitch offers t's with attitude

Adorable t-shirts that spell the meaning of the word hip: Join My Entourage. Only One Spot Left. Genetically Fortunate. I’m Always on the List. Skinny Rich Bitch – show the world how famous you deserve to be.

Tata Harper Skincare - http://www.tataharperskincare.com

Tata Harper Skin Care brings out the natural glamour in you

Tata Harper was a popular stop at the suite, displayed with elegance and natural style. Personally owned and operated, Tata Harper and her team are constantly seeking to stay on top of the newest research and technology related to the biology, chemistry and needs of the human body. Tata Harper Skincare is formulated and tested for results, creating state-of-the-art skincare for all ages.


Dressed In Case - http://www.dressedncase.com

This bag is a dress! And this girl is on fire in it…with a unique, literal twist on fashion, the fabric turns inside out and becomes not just one but several different styles! Perfect for the beach, or just to take a daytime outfit into night, Dressed In Case’s sexy style becomes even cuter with matching leggings.


ENERGETIC Wellness - http://www.energetix-wellness.com/en/

ENERGETIX Wellness magnetic jewelry combines elegance with purpose

With over eight million customers delighted with the effects, ENERGETIX Wellness combines the power of the magnet with an exclusive jewelry design. Founded in 1999, ENERGETIX now offers designer magnetic jewelry and wellness products from ENERGTIX Wellness through network marketing. Gorgeous designs plus the latest in magnetic technology equals balance, wellness and energy!


Mark Roscoe Designs - www.MarkRoscoeDesigns.com

Chicago-based Designer Mark Roscoe: Making his mark on Hollywood

Designer Mark Roscoe made quite an impression with his stunning fabrics and personal manner of design at the WOW! Oscar suite. Featuring original couture designs and gifting gorgeous neckties, Designer Mark Roscoe is a Chicago-based fashion icon, best known for his mens ties and women’s gowns, currently making his mark on the Hollywood fashion scene.


Thermal Aid – www.Thermal-Aid.com

Miss California USA 2013 Mabelynn Capeluj enjoys Thermal-Aid

Thermal Aid presents the cuddly, cooling, heating and huggable zoo animals – for all ages! Celebs of all ages, shapes and sizes flocked to Thermal Aid, due to their adorable and functional therapeutic treatment. Tested and recommended by doctors, with flat pads for the back and neck, as well as sweet stuffed animal versions, Thermal Aid delivers stylish comfort from a natural, therapeutic source.


Energy X - http://goenergy-x.com

Energy X Gum and Lip Balm...mmmm!

A new product to boost your energy and get you through your next workout! Affordable, convenient and effective, Energy X Gum comes in Spearmint and Peppermint flavors, and Energy X Lip Balm comes in five great flavors. Want delicious energy on the go? Check out Energy X!

Urgent RX - http://www.urgentrx.com

Urgent RX for fast relief

Urgent RX Fast Powders offer immediate relief from headaches, upset stomach, aches and pains, allergies, heartburn and more. Urgent RX: No Water. No Waiting. No Thinking. Just Right Now Relief. Because pain happens away from the medical cabinet.


Jet-Lev Jet Packs - http://www.jetlevsouthwest.com/

Fly like you do in your dreams with JetLev!

Like many people, Jet-Lev inventor Raymond Li always dreamed of flying, so he created a jet pack that would mainstream personal flight. A Jet-Lev flight begins as a 200-HorsePower marine engine pumps water up a 33-foot hose at over 1,000 gallons-per-minute, generating over 420 pounds of thrust. With basic training and certification offered onsight, you can fly like your favorite superheroes on Jet-Lev.

Red Velvet Cupcakes - www.velvetropebakeshop.com

Red Velvet Cupcakes from Velvet Rope Bakeshop

In Hollywood, the most elite events and hottest celebs are always behind the velvet rope. Yet at Wow! Creations, Red Velvet Cupcakes from Velvet Rope Bakeshop were available in a range of assorted flavors, for the asking! A visit to Red Velvet Cupcakes’ website provides a look at their mouth-watering options: Double Chocolate, Red Velvet, Lemon, Carrot Cake, Chocolate-Covered Banana, Coconut, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Café Mocha, S’mores and more!

Paradise Bikinis - http://www.paradisebikini.com

The aptly named Paradise Bikinis

What a variety! Island bikinis, Sexy Bikinies, Hot Bikinis White Bikinis, Black Bikinis headline the Paradise Bikini site, and one definitely gets the idea that everyone who sees you will feel like they’re in paradise! Hot temptress-y fashion presides over this line, designed by Valerie Blanchard. Paradise’s bikinis are radiantly adorned with high-end crystals that dazzle in the sunlight and twinkle by moonlight. Whether you are at the beach, lounging by the cabana or on a paradise vacation, Paradise Bikini sets you apart. 


Turbine Fashions - www.turbine.ca

Turbine's hot designer Lisa Drader-Murphy brings international style

Lisa Drader-Murphy is one of the most creative, insightful designers to hit the international fashion scene in quite a while. Her sophisticated taste combines with her eye for unique fabrics and Drader-Murphy’s personal sense of flair, making for a hot line for both professional women and fashion conscious women-on-the-go. Turbine regularly appears on runways, in fashion shoots and on celebrities internationally, having become a favorite at Sundance, the Cannes Film Festival, the Superbowl, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the Golden Globe Awards.

Hollywood Eye Magic - www.hollywoodeyemagic.com

Hollywood Eye Magic...Voila!

Looking for a revolutionary new skin care product? Hollywood Eye Magic Instant Under Eye Tuck Serum was all the rage at Wow! Creations. Notice a dramatic change in seconds with this anti-aging treatment that blends with the skin of both men and women. We’re not at liberty to say all the celebs that were thrilled to try Hollywood Eye Magic, but one pump from this bottle will tell you exactly why it’s a favorite. Whether your skin damage is due to age, stress nicotine, alcohol, lack of sleep, pollution, jet lag or another cause, give yourself skin the youthful glow you deserve with Hollywood Eye Magic.

Life Extension - http://www.lef.org

Life Extension: aptly named!

A one-stop shop to purchase top quality vitamins and supplements, Life Extension is also an excellent site and magazine to garner in-depth health tips, medical advice and more. A visit to the site or a free-trial of Life Extension Magazine proves how extraordinary and indispensable this company’s products and services truly are.


Happy Hippo - http://www.happyhippobath.com

With their natural, Epsom-Salt based products, Happy Hippo boasts the #1 bath bomb on the market! With revolutionary ingredients combined with twelve scrumptious, mouth-watering aromas, Happy Hippo products relieve stress while they relax & relieve tired, achy muscles! All of Happy Hippo’s bath & bodycare brands (including the new Salon & Spa brand available at www.lollipopbeautybar.com) are handmade in Alberta, Canada, offering the freshest, most natural way to your comfort, everyday. 

Paper Shower - http://www.papershower.com

Paper Shower: clean comfort when you're on the go

Quick and easy, the Paper Shower affords one the ability to feel fresh and clean on the go. Well loved by celebrities, travelers, athletes, kids and parents alike, Paper Shower is convenient to carry and is attracting the attention of press worldwide.


The Perfect Tan 

The Perfect Tan self-tanning spray were on-hand at Wow! Creations in a portable booth to give celebs one final glow before awards night – and a welcome stop they were! With their ability to set up quick and easy tanning, Perfect Tan is available for events, as well as for personal, home use. Their spray tan system provides a beautifully bronze, air brushed sunless tan, with no splotches. Unlike sunlight, The Perfect Tan is anti-aging and risk-free.

The Spatty and Spatty Daddy - http://www.thespatty.com

The Spatty: a perfect spatula, at last!

Ever wish you could get the last little bit from your lotions, cosmetic and moisturizer bottles? As seen on ABC Television’s The Shark Tank, The Spatty is a smart, no-waste solution to not being able to access the product at the bottom of expensive bottles of make-up, lotion and kitchen condiments. Don’t waste, use more of the products you love with The Spatty! It’s available in a variety of sizes. Why didn’t someone think of this brilliant idea sooner?

Botanicals for Hope - www.botanicalsforhope.com

Botanicals for Hope Founder Kimberly Lukas

Created by cancer survivor Kimberly Luker and a team of natural cosmetics formulators, Botanicals for Hope produces only the finest quality natural products, free of unnecessary additives, using only 100% organic ingredients whenever possible. Proudly made in the USA in an FDA compliant facility, Botanicals for Hope formulates earth-friendly, skin-friendly and cruelty-free products, packaged in recyclable materials; the company offers a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Luker, who owns and operates Botanicals for Hope, works closely with her formulators to ensure that not only are her products effective, but that they also meet her exacting standards of being purely plant-based and free of potentially irritating ingredients.

DB Bourbon Candy -  www.dbbourboncandy.com

DB Bourbon Candy: a popular stop!

The name is DB Bourbon Candy, but the versatility of this company is an additional delicacy. With flavors including Bourbon, Specialty Liqueurs, Rum, Schnapps, Vodka, Scotch, Tequila, DB Bourbon Candy and Brandy, these confection perfections are right for weddings, private parties, corporate gifts, special events, gift baskets, organizations, VIP areas, and holiday gifts. Owned an operated by Johnnye Smallwood Cunningham, the personal touch provided by this company is a treat in itself.

Ruck Pack - http://www.ruckpack.com

Ruck Pack: designed by US Soldiers in action

RuckPack is the only caffeine-free nutritional shot created by U.S. soldiers on the battlefield and designed to sustain peak mental and physical performance. Frustrated by having to take up to twenty pills and capsules per day, Rob Dyer and his team of Special Ops Marines came up with the idea for RuckPack®––a single-source, power-packed vitamin & energy shot capable of delivering maximum performance, caffeine-free. Marine Special Operations Forces tested and used the product while fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan. Ruck Pack is a favorite of elite athletes and other active people at work or at play.

Elsa’s Curves - www.elsascurves.com

Elsa's Curves make yours more beautiful

Created using the highest quality fabric and materials, Elsa’s Curves – and your curves – have never been more beautiful! Gifting compression garments and shape wear designed to improve posture and aid with back support, Elsa’s Curves hold your body firmly in place, all the while retaining versatility, flexibility and comfort.

Baubles Bags and Bows - www.baublesbagsandbows.com 

Baubles Bags and Bows - for jewelry and other valuables

Founder Jodee Prouse and her Baubles Bags and Bows were a great hit at Wow!, gifting satin travel bags in a variety of colors. Compact enough to fit in a purse, yet large enough to carry many accessories, the bag offers one the ability to keep items both organized and secure while on the go. Use it for rings, watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, as well as makeup and other valuables.

Do All Outdoors - http://www.do-alltraps.com

Do All Outdoors

Many of Do-All Outdoors' products have been independently field tested and approved by organizations like the North American Hunting Club.

Hi-Chew Fruit Chews - http://hi-chew.com

Hi-Chew Fruit Chews

Soft, sweet and irresistible, Hi-Chew Fruit Chews is a cultural icon in Japan, and feature 113 different flavors with a growing, global popularity. A long-lasting, mouth-watering treat, these compact candies are often used in fundraising for non-profit organizations.

 Arctic Ease - www.arcticease.com 


With Arctic Ease, comfort is a breeze!

With reusable compression wraps in several different colors, Artic Ease soothes pain for hours. Eliminating the odor and irritation that can come from menthol patches, Arctic Ease is a portable way to get pain-free without ice, heat or gel packs.

Ranch Organics - http://ranch-organics.com

Ranch Organics - a sensual experience

Handmade on a ranch in the Rocky Mountains by a family-owned and operated company, Ranch Organics features mineral-rich bath and beauty products honed from nature’s apothecary. Made from certified organic ingredients, including lavender grown on the ranch, Ranch Organics is a stunningly beautiful collection of soaps and lotions. Relax by treating yourself to a variety of fragrant scents, including Cedar Wood, Rose Geranium, Sweet Grass, and Lavender, that wear on your skin like your favorite denim.

TV Star John Hurley with The Harris Brothers

For more information on Tastemakers Mark Harris and Matt Harris, Wow! Creations and their future suites, media opportunities, gift bags and celebrity gifting, please see www.wowcreationsmedia.com and www.youtube.com/wowcreations.


Published on Mar 07, 2013

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