WOW! 2012 Emmy Gift Lounge - Mark & Matt Harris' Lounge Sizzles with Style


Mark Harris and Matt Harris on the 2012 Emmy Red Carpet


Matt Harris, Buzz Aldrin, Mark Harris


Here’s some simple math, Hollywood style: Celebrities + Beauty + Glamour + Style + Elegance = WOW! And Mark Harris and Matt Harris are clearly at the head of their class with their WOW! Creations Media 2012 Emmy Gift Lounge.


Mark Harris, Nominee Mayim Bialik, Matt Harris


BeautiControl - 

BeautiControl is a beauty company that specializes in Spa treatments, Personalized skin care and Advanced Anti-aging products (SPA) through a unique at-home spa experience with an unmatched income opportunity. BeautiControl’s lovely Yahraseil Colbert was in attendance to preview elite skin care products to top talent who rely on her recommendations.


BeautiControl Skin Care Expert Yahraseil Colbert


Baubles Bags & Bows -

These adorable products include bauble bags, swag bags and charms that are sure to charm any woman. Designed for both style and practicality, they were a hot item at the WOW! Lounge.


Baubles, Bags & Bows...Beautiful!


BeautyGram -

Forget flowers! Give her the perfect gift…a BeautyGram. It’s a unique, fun and unforgettable way to surprise a wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter, best friend, colleague, or bride-to-be, beautifully packaged, tagged and delivered to the woman you want to pamper…even if it’s you. Log on and build your own!


BeautyGram: a most thoughtful gift


Life Extension -

Life Extension is an excellent site and magazine to garner in-depth health tips, as well as a one-stop shop to purchase top quality vitamins, supplements and more. You can’t afford not to shop here!


Life Extension - Verifiable, Medical Answers for Vitality in Life


Tata Harper Skincare -

Elegantly packaged and displayed, Tata Harper was a popular stop at the suite. Tata Harper Skincare is formulated and tested for results, and her team is constantly seeking to stay on top of the newest research and technology related to the biology, chemistry and needs of the human body.


Skin Care Creator & Beauty Expert Tata Harper


Hollywood Photo Booth -

A favorite destination at WOW! was the Hollywood Photo Booth, where celebs’ playful side took center stage. It takes just one click to start the party.


Paradise Bikini -

You’ll feel like you’re in paradise with these gorgeous & glamorous bikinis and monokinis for both women and girls! Born somewhere between the island of Manhattan and the islands of the Caribbean, Paradise Bikini began by catching the sunlight to enhance a woman's sparkle. Designed by Valerie Blanchard, Paradise’s luxe bikinis are radiantly adorned with high-end crystals that dazzle in the sunlight and twinkle by moonlight. 

Whether you are at the beach, lounging by the cabana or on a paradise vacation, Paradise Bikini sets you apart. 


Paradise Bikinis: Playful Elegance!


Botanicals for Hope -

Botanicals for Hope is Skincare that Cares™.  Botanicals for Hope skincare was created by a cancer patient who sought relief for the dry, irritated, and sensitive skin she developed as the direct result of her breast cancer treatments. With every moisturizer, cleanser, and balm sold the company donates 10% of your pre-tax purchase to help support organizations, programs and foundations offering wellness and support services for cancer patients, their loved ones, and survivors.  Botanicals for Hope is skin care with a conscience...our products not only leave your skin feeling great, but also a great feeling inside.


Botanicals for Hope...effective skin care and a worthy cause


Oh CoCo Instant Coconut Water –

Oh Coco is an amazingly rich powdered drink that comes from pure coconut and is as refreshing as sipping straight from the shell on a desert island.


Oh Coco...authentic, coconut taste!


Dr. Kathy Gohar

As one of the busiest celebrity surgeons and skin care experts in the Beverly Hills, it’s hard to see how Dr. Kathy Gohar could find the time to appear personally at an event. But it’s easy to see why stars and starlets turn out faithfully to get her expertise: that same personal touch and long-standing reputation make Gohar a key name in many stars’ rolodexes.


Plastic Surgeon & Skin Care Specialist Dr. Kathy Gohar can exhibit a playful touch but has celeb clientele lining up for her expertise


Lovesque -

Incredibly comfortable and stylish, the Lovesque look caught on big at the Emmy suite, and more styles are due out later this year. Can’t wait!


You'll Fall in "Lovesque!"


Cali-Blue Fragrance - 

Inspired by the California ocean and lifestyle, Cali Blue is a new unisex citrus fragrance with citrus top notes of lemon, orange mandarin and bergamot, created specifically to help an important cause. Ten percent of sales from Cali Blue will be used to build fresh water wells in third world countries. Many celebrities have already jumped on board as fans of the scent and its cause.


Cali Blue: Elegant and benevolent


The list of Nominees and celebrities in attendance include Best Supporting Actress Nominee Mayim Bialik, “The Big Bang Theory”; Astronaut and Space Pioneer Buzz Aldrin, Chase Masterson, “Star Trek”; Lou Ferrigno, “The Incredible Hulk”; Mark Margolis, “Breaking Bad”; Deidre Hall, “Days of Our Lives”; actress Bai Ling, reality star Michael Stagliano, “The Bachelor.”


Matt Harris, Bai Ling, Mark Harris


Mark Harris, Lou Ferrigno, Matt Harris


Matt Harris, Michael Stagliano, Mark Harris


Urban Class Boutique -

The Urban Class Boutique is where the trend-setting urban, underground, fashion designers showcase their works of art. When you think of exclusive, edgy, futuristic, swagged out apparel that’s The Urban Class look.


Paper Shower -

Paper Shower™ is the world’s first combination wet and dry towelette pack. It is designed to provide a refreshing body wipe when on the go.


Monster Energy Drinks –

Everybody loves Monster…the leading drink for refreshing taste and energy!


Matarromera Spanish Wine -

Celebs also enjoyed delicious, refreshing Matarromera Spanish Wine and Cutie Pie Creations.


Cutie Pie Creations


Splash Magazine Publisher Lawrence Davis



Mark Harris and Matt Harris are also renowned for their WOW! Creations Sundance and Oscar suites, as well as for luxury gift bags for all occasions. For information, see


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