Wounded Warrior Style & Beauty Suite - A Pairing of Wounded Warriors and Celebrities

The Wounded Warrior Project hosted the Style & Beauty Suite at Avalon Hollywood on Friday, September 20th that honored not only celebrities on this Emmy Awards weekend, but it was an event to always gift and pamper wounded service members and their families.

iiJin footwear

The day was truly a celebration of the Wounded Warriors and their families. The Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors and this day was the perfect day to do just that. For more information visit Wounded Warriors.

iniiJin was gifting women’s and men’s footwear along with women’s apparel. The iiJin footwear is famous for their signature invisible wedge and they come in everything from sandals to stylish sneakers and boots. iiJin will soon be opening their flagship store at 116 S. Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles. For more information visit iiJin.

Ali's Collection gifting Linda Cardellini

Alicia Mohr was gifting to the Wounded Warriors and celebrities items from Ali's Collection. Ali's Collection was showing off their latest design, the Supernova Necklace. Guests, including Linda Cardellini of Mad Men, loved the Ali's Collection unique line of jewelry. For more information visit Ali's Collection.

Vine Street Market Bags

Guests were gifted the beautiful eco-friendly bags from Vine StreetMarket, USA that is based right here in Los Angeles. Vine Street has a style for everyone, beautiful designs and material that range from canvas to vegan fur. For more information visit Vine Street Market.

Splash Magazines Worldwide Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Davis with Retro Brand T-Shirts

The Original Retro Brand was gifting their stylish t-shirts that not only had a vintage look and feel, but they also had some of the leading brand names in sports. These were a huge hit and you will certainly be seeing Retro Brand shirts all over the streets of Los Angeles. For more information visit Retro Brand.

100% Gumdrop

100% Gumdrop was gifting a unique necklace that was created by owner and designer Sarah Litt Cole just for this special to honor the Wounded Warriors. For more information visit 100% Gumdrop.

This Bar Saves Lives

Not only do This Bar Save Lives taste amazing, they do more than any other bar on the market. For each bar you buy, they givea  packet of life-saving food to a child in need. Guests were treated to an assortment of bars. For more information visit This Bar Saves Lives.


AQUAhydrate was providing everyone with plenty of there water that  contains performance-grade electrolytes and a pH level that is higher than 9. If you are looking for something to refresh you during your next workout, AQUAhydrate is it. For more information visit AQUAhydrate

Atzen Skincare

ATZEN Skincare was gifting their skincare products that avoid the toxins that so many other products contain. If you are looking to get rid of those wrinkles, blemishes or sunspots, ATZEN was made for you. For more information visit ATZEN Skincare

David Bacco Chocolates

David Bacco chocolatier was gifting an assortment of his unique chocolates. Some of the tasty flavors that David has created include; Montserrat which contains Caribbean spices, Cantare that gives you the floral essence of jasmine and Nyeri with 100% Kenya coffee infusion. For more information visit David Bacco

DiaNoche Designs

DiaNoche Designs was gifting gift certificates for the their unique and stunning pieces of illuminated art. For more information visit DiaNoche Designs

Evolution Man

To make sure every man in attendance looked their best, EVOLUTIONMAN was gifting their line of men’s skincare products including their new cleanse and shave combo product. For more information visit EVOLUTIONMAN

Fond of Cake

For those with a sweet tooth, Fond of Cake was treating everyone to a wide assortment of their tasty cupcakes. Fond of Cake also created a stunning cake that was a tribute to the Armed Forces. For more information visit Fond of Cake

Funrise Tonka Trucks

You might not recognize the name Funrise, but you will certainly know the toys that they manufacture and distribute. The long list includes; TONKA, My Little Pony, Baby Alive and Furby just to name a few. Funrise was gifting some of their fun toys to guests in attendance. For more information visit Funrise.

Get Shaved

Get Shaved was treating everyone in attendance to a refreshing treat as they were making their way through style and beauty suite as they were serving a number of great flavors of their shaved ice that is paired with ice cream and assorted toppings.For more information visit Get Shaved.

Quinton Aaron with Koostik

Koostik was gifting their Apple IPhone and IPad that are made from finely crafted wood. Not only will Koostik amplify the sound you are getting, but they make for a beautiful piece to have in any home. For more information visit Koostik.

Mona MELisa Designs

If you are looking for an easy way to customize a bedroom or change any room decor Mona MELisa Designs was made for you. They were gifting an assortment of peel and play wall sets that allow you to create almost any setting for boys or girls. For more information visit Mona MELisa Designs.

Zumer Sport

The most creative product of the day came from Zumer Sport. They created athletic bags out of actual sports balls. If you love tennis, your tennis bag is made out of tennis balls. These are so eye-catching you will have to have one. For more information visit Zumer Sport.

Honest Tea

Honest Tea was on giving everyone plenty of their healthy and organic drinks. Honest Tea comes in a wide assortment of flavors and it is the perfect drink to open at any event or occasion and you can feel good about what you are drinking. For more information visit Honest Tea.

Snowboarder Kevin Pearce

In addition to gifts and pampering experiences, guests were also treated to some amazing speakers including snowboarder Kevin Pearce. Kevin suffered a traumatic brain injury while snowboarding and recently had a documentary about his recovery released.

Each VIP in attendance also received a gift bag with products from the following sponsors; Ambush Board Co., Bebe Bella Designs, Dream Water, Fearless Chocolate, Flipper Toothbrush Holder, GoGo squeeZ, Healthy Surprise, Hillside Farms, HuMn Wallets, John Paul Pet, Kai Fragrance, Katz Gluten Free, Ketzali, The Knot Genie, Women Wipes by LADYGROOMER, Liddabit Sweets, Make My Day Beautiful, Biz Wipes by MANGROOMER, Milktape, Moxie Jean, OPI Products Inc., PAK, Plomo Shoes, Promax Fit ‘n Crisp, Puppy Luv Glam, Sabi, SCOUT by Bungalow, SHANY Cosmetics, Shutter Huggers, Skin Authority, Sylca Designs, UrgentRx, Vapur and Yelp.

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