The 1st Annual Backstage MOVIEGUIDE Awards Gifting Suite Review – Fashion, Health and Humanity at its Best

YM & Associates was proud to organize and host it’s very first backstage MOVIEGUIDE awards gifting suite on February 7, 2014, at the beautiful Universal Hilton hotel during the 22nd annual MOVIEGUIDE Faith & Values Awards Gala and Annual Report to Hollywood. The Awards ceremony was hosted by Comedian Bill Engvall, and included a special performance by Richie Sambora and Billy Ray Cyrus. Mark Burnet, Roma Downey, Willie and Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty attended as well. The gift suite was filled with various companies that represented the best of the best in fashion, spa, health and more.

Wells of Life

Upon entering, we were welcomed by the the Platinum sponsor for the First Annual Official Backstage MOVIEGUIDE® Awards Gifting Suite Experience, Wells of Life, an organization that aims to bring clean and safe water to one million people in Uganda. They are dedicated and committed to sharing their vision with the world. They target today’s youth, families, individuals and corporations by spreading the word and helping each other work hand in hand to provide the helpless people of Africa with the basic right to humanity – water. Their mission is to fund the drilling of 1,000 water wells in the course of 10 years for the people of Uganda. What a beautiful mission! For more information, please visit Wells of Life

Journalist Sabrina Aman with Geek Eyewear

 Geek Eyewear was there with their fun geeky eyewear that are super trendy this year. Their mission is to celebrate the creativity, individuality, ideas, and uniqueness of geek culture. We all know, everyone has a little geek in them, so why not grab the original geek eyewear for a fun accessory? If you need prescription lenses, your optometrist can insert the lenses onto your geek glasses! For every geek sunglasses/eyeglasses purchased, they give one to someone in need. So as Geek Eyewear says, you can make an impact by saying “I’m in, give a pair!” For more information, please visit Geek Eyewear 


Herbalosophy was there proudly presenting their hair products that are made of all natural ingredients that are proven to be safe and healthy for our hair that gets damaged by the everyday life. 80% of their product ingredients are derived from botanicals and are free from chemicals that damage hair. Not only do they protect the hair, but they love to protect the planet by using earth friendly manufacturing and packaging practice and protecting the animals by using animal free products that are never tested on animals. Herbalosophy’s mission is to “rebalance your desperate strands back to their natural blissfully heathly state”. For more information, please visit Herbalosophy 

Custom Tobacco

Custom Tobacco was there to present an assortment of imported blends and handcrafted wrappers that scream sophistication and class. With the various available wrappers, customers can pick their favorites depending on their desired flavor, style and taste. In addition, customers can combine his or her favorite blend and wrapper to their own perfect smoking experience. These are world-class cigars that provide customers with the best and luxurious smoking experience. For more information, please visit Custom Tobacco

The sweet Donya and Donna, The Donna Mizani sisters

Renowned for her signature “cut out” dress designs, Donna Mizani, is a fashion designer who aims to designing high fashion and trendy dresses that accentuate the already beautiful female figure. As a child, she began redesigning her clothes in her closet, leading her to becoming a rising star in women’s fashion and design today. Her dresses are sexy, bold, and demand attention, yet they have a taste of elegance that would make every woman feel beyond confident! For more information, please visit Donna Mizani 

Beautiful mom and daughter of Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

Ronaldo Designer Jewelry was there to show off their amazing handcrafted jewelry that brings imagination to life. Each piece is very unique, elegant and simple. Ronaldo is one of the premier hand made jewelry artists in the United States. Every piece of jewelery is custom made to perfection. It’s a work of art that is full of quality. He only uses raw material to create the beautiful pieces, so don’t expect a low quality mass market creation. For more information, please visit Ronaldo Designer Jewelry 

Journalist Sabrina Aman with Nomad Footwear. Absolutely stunning shoes!

Nomad Footwear was there to tease the females with their ultimate obsession – shoes! Created for the free spirited or “nomad” girls, their shoes are known to be comfortable and stylish! They displayed their absolutely beautiful selection of sandals and their uniquely designed rain boots. Nomad Footwear designs all sorts of shoes from sandals, flats, boots, heels, wedges to even kids shoes! Their style is elegant, fun, trendy, and hip. They have a pair of shoes that fits every type of woman. It is hard to find shoes that happens to be comfortable to wear, until you wear Nomad Footwear 

Great flat irons from ISO Professional

Hair is a woman’s best accessory, so why not treat it right? ISO Professional was there to showcase their 100% ceramic flat irons that are made to straighten and protect a woman’s hair from the damages and horrible split ends other flat irons cause. 100% ceramic is absolutely necessary in flat irons to prevent damage. Some cheap flat irons are ceramic coated causing the hair to get frizzy and not as smooth as we intend it to look after straightening it. ISO Professional are adamant about providing the best hair products that will protect your hair from heat damage, while still allowing you to have beautiful hair style that fits your mood. For more information, please visit ISO Professional 

Husband and Wife and owners of Bella Mira Essential Oils

Bella Mira Essential Oils was there to educate and inform guests about aromatherapy and how to tell the difference between pure essential oil verses a modified essential oil with “extra” chemicals that are not healthy for the body. Bella Mira is proud to provide customers with clean, pure, organic essential oils that come from organic farms. They carry many different kinds that fit your need. The smell of every oil is so rich and raw, and you can tell instantly that they are very pure with zero added chemicals. For more information, please visit Bella Mira Essential Oils 

Tikkun Holistic Spa

To look good on the outside, one must take care of their inside. Tikkun Holistic Spa was there with gift cards to inform guests of their holistic spa located in Santa Monica, which aims to providing men and women with not only relaxation, but to heal them in the emotional, spiritual and physical level as well. Their spa offers therapeutic massage, anti-aging skin care and holistic medicine. Their practice is a combination of Eastern and Western medicine that is created to heal the body. For more information, please visit Tikkun Spa

Amazing designs by Nredom Snoitome

You couldn't miss the beautiful, elegant, stylish clothes designed by Nredom Snoitome. They were absolutly stunning. They had a variety of options from cocktail dresses, cute summer dresses, to casual and dressy shirts. For more information, please visit Nredom Snoitome 

Mouth drooling chocolates by Megaload

Megaload is a chocolate company that creates mouth drooling chocolates that will hit the spot! Their peanut butter and caramel cups are to die for. Each bite is better than the last. For more information, please visit Megaload 

Great products by Miracle Hydrate

Miracle Hydrate was there to help keep their guests skin young and healthy. They are proud to provide anti-aging products that have exotic ingredients that come from all parts of the world. Deb and Bryn, started the company together after noticing how expensive luxury skin care was, so they spent years researching and putting together ideas on how to create luxury skin care that the average person can afford. Here they have reached much success with their amazing skin care line. For more information, please visit Miracle Hydrate 

For more information on the MOVIEGUIDE® Awards visit MOVIEGUIDE

** YM & Associates is a boutique firm located in Beverly Hills, that provides full service PR, Marketing strategies, and business developments for their clients. For more information, please visit YM & Associates 

** Below is a list of celebrities who participated in the 22nd Annual Movieguide® Awards Gala and attended the Backstage Movieguide® Awards Gifting Suite Experience.

Bill Engvall

John Heyman, Legendary Producer

Korie Roberston, “Duck Dynasty”

Willie Robertson. “Duck Dynasty”

Richie Sambora (Will be present with his daughter Ava)

Billy Ray Cyrus (Performer & Presenter)

AJ Michalka (Performer & Presenter)

Jacob Latimore (Performer & Presenter) (doing a number from BLACK

NATIVITY) Joni Eareckson

Jordin Sparks

Andy Garcia

Mark Burnett

Roma Downey

Holly Robinson & Rodney Peete

James Denton

Ali Landry

Zane Stephens

Pat Boone

Corbin Bernsen

Kelly Grayson

Sharif Atkins

Jacob Latimore

Kyla Kennedy

Susan Ward

Zane Stephens

Cory Oliver

BLUSH (band) (5 girls)

Invited Celebrity Guests:
James Lesure

Jen Lilley

Kate Linder

Mayra Veronica

Sterling Jones

Lindsay Kay Hayward



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