Steve Nguyen and Associates Legacy Lounge Iconic Suite Review - Just In Time For The MTV VMA's

Kicking off the VMA weekend in style was the Steve Nguyen and Associates Legacy Lounge Iconic Suite which was held in the Kensington Ballroom at The London Hollywood Hotel. 

Roxx Vodka Served Themed Drinks For The Occasion! Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Deliciously Smooth Cocktails by Roxx Vodka! Courtesy Photo

Throughout the event guests were able to sip on cocktails provided by Roxx Vodka, a ultra premium vodka imported from Poland. "Roxx is a premium vodka that you don't have to mix with anything," stated DJ Jen Jones, who was onsite at the event. "All you need is Roxx"! Weekend themed cocktails such as: Moon Roxx, Iconic Tonic, and Legacy on the Roxx.

Great Travel Products! Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

We all know that traveling can be very tough. Thanks to the Savvy Traveler, traveling just got easier! Composed of various cleansing wipes that are 'smart, simple, and safe' these easy to carry items will make your life a whole lot cleaner. Savvy Traveler offers different kits such as: Jet Set, Freaky Klean, and more kits based on your needs. 

Brambila Did Touch-Ups On Site! Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Brambila Salon provides the perfect ambiance for looking glamorous- beachside! Attendees of the suite were able to get touchups on site to last throughout the day as well as come into the salon to enjoy a complimentary beachside blow dry and style from a professional stylist along with an express make up application by renowned artist David Rodriguez! 
We may not enjoy waxing as it can be a dreadful service, however the end results are simply amazing! Making it a little more manageable is the Stript Wax Bar, which was voted as one of the 'best places to get waxed' by Vogue Magazine and as a top waxing destination in LA in the May issue of Allure Magazine.

Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

At the Iconic Lounge guests were able to discover one of Hollywood's best kept secrets- the Thibiant of Beverly Hills. Guests were invited to try the Genesis V treatment in the studio as well as try different scrubs, creams, and daily healing treatment. 

Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Kalologie 360 Spa is an all around skin, body, massage spa. Combining restorative  massage, rejuvenating skin care, and expert waxing services all under one roof. 

Abstract Charms- A Great Layering Accessory! Courtesy Photo

Music festivals are just around the corner and delivering a great layering accessory was Abstract Charms! Full of bold charms and bright hues abstract charms showcased its necklaces as well as bracelets that are sure to complete any look!

Guests Enjoyed Both The Wristboom and Headphones by BigR Audio! Courtesy Photo

Wristbooma wearable wireless bluetooth speaker is perfect for every day and on the go!  With wristboom you are able to link it to your cellphone as well as your music while keeping your hands 'free'. With a long battery life of 4-6 hours, you're able to take the party with you and play music when and where you want.
Following in the mindset of well being and health I-Flow Studio was offering sample massages using the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu, which focused on pressure points of the body in order to bring an overall calming and relaxed sensation. 

Purr-fect Clothing Line by Feline Company! Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Cat inspired clothing- need I say more?! Feline Company is a line of clothing composed of hilarious cat-puns such as, "you've cat to be kitten me". Sewn and fully made in downtown Los Angeles, Feline Company produces timeless and worthwhile pieces with 5% of all proceeds going to the Panthera 

Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Attendees were able to support a great cause-'It Gets Better'! Created by Dan Savage, the 'It Gets Better Pledge' helps raise awareness of the LGBT youth around the world that are facing harrassment. Focused on inspiring changes, creating opportunities and spreading the positive message that, it does in fact get better, the movement has helped tremendously and has given a vocie to those who feel unheard.

It Gets Better! Courtesy Photo

The suite had everything you could possibly need in order to primp and prepare yourself for the eventful weekend ahead! 

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