Secret Room Red Carpet Style Lounge Review - Honoring the 2011 Emmy Nominees and Presenters

Gourmet food and cocktails were provided early morning on Sept. 15, at the L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills from 8 a.m until 8 p.m. to celebrities and VIPs in honor of the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Secret Room Events held its annual Red Carpet Style Lounge where the Emmy Awards nominees and presenters were given a bag load of swag, including luxury trips and airfare, skincare, shoes, handbags, electronics, jewelry, apparel and much more.

From the start guest were able to replace their orange juice or coffee with vodka cocktail from Vuqo. More spirits and sweets were provided by Ocean Bar Service, Six Rivers Brewery, Castle Brands, Sweetsies Bakery, One Coconut Water, and the Comfort Gourmet and Immaculate Confections.

The crowd gathered to the Humane Society corner where they showed their support for the Humane Society of the United States. Adorable tiny plush animals were given and celebrities freely signed their autograph on posters, posed for a quick photo-shoot while giving donations to the organization. Secret Room Events donated two VIP gift bags to the Humane Society/U.S. to be auctioned off with proceeds going to the organization.

The L’Ermitage suite had a full-house, while Loni Anderson couldn’t decide which necklace to choose, Lorraine Bracco seemed so excited to get dresses for her grandchildren. The hard part at this event was trying to squeeze by lugging the gifts around (well they don’t carry the items because their too special, they have someone else do it).

The excitement is two-fold: each vendor has the goal to give to the stars, and hopefully, gain great exposure for their product. Here’s what they gifted to the rich and famous (and not so famous).

Whitening Lightning gifted Dial a Smile Professional Whitening Kit do-it-yourself, easy system to get your teeth their whitest. It comes with a Blue light, which assists the process, and gives you astonishing results! The Booster Pen keeps them white in between whitening treatments. Professional whitening results for a lot less.

The Brazilian Bella gifted body slings, handbags, hipsters, byways, capes, and launching her not heart-shaped bag by designer, Vania Silva whose talents will complete any outfit with elegance and style.

Bogace Jeans, D'eonli Designs introduced the jeans to LA from New York. When you recognize the zig-zag stitching, you’ll discover it’s the softest jean and can be worn for almost any occasion, day or night.

Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills Formula Inc. provided a bag full of the skin products that are considered the highest quality and most effective skincare products within the industry. DBH carries a complete line of professional treatments to fulfill any skin type or condition’s needs. 

Toby and Max Jewelry jewelry collection both elegant and affordable. Her new designs are cast in repurposed pewter and hand-burnished to an antiqued silver patina, offering the look and feel of sterling designs but at a "giftable" price. More new designs coming -- bracelets, pendants, earrings, and wearable art for your pets and you.

 Lotty Dotty, is a t-shirt line with 3-D detachable parts that you can change to dress your doll in jeans, designer shirts, or sequin dresses. Change the style to fit your mood.

Growing Through The Arts By Aleksandra explore the concepts of speaking up for you, bravery and imagination in this Christmas classic. Clara uses courage to fight off the Mouse King and save her beloved Nutcracker, who turns into a prince! The story of the Nutcracker is beautifully illustrated and the story is brought to life in a whole new way with real-life pictures of ballerinas and interactive learning.

My Dream Bag Boutique designed by Carrie Ella has a collection ready-to-go if you are the instant gratification type of gal, or has s system set up to make your perfect bag come to life. First you choose your style, second, you get to pick from 100 Plush Italian made leathers and exotic skins, and third, you pick silver or gold embellishments to finish off your dream bag.

Sasha Eillenna Pellow Jewelry Jewelry designer, Sasha began her creates her jewelry with silver, gold, bronze, and earthy stones with bronze feathers and heart-shped clasps that tell her story.

Rachel Tribble Artwork gift artwork which are known as “dream-like paintings with meditative quality.” Her technique is a combination of influences from early in her career, and a lifelong interest in the environment and light. t

Advanced Home Actives developed the Brazilian Peel, an effective, safe, single-step glycolic acid facial treatment that has become a favorite among Hollywood and earned the Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2010.

Miss Jessie's,   offered a new product for curly hair - Curly Pudding, Curly Buttercreme™, Curly Meringue®, Baby Buttercreme™, Unscented Curly Pudding™and now Rapid Recovery Treatment®. Miss Jessie's products garnered a cult following and continues to be a market innovator in the natural hair and naturally curly hair segment.

Clear Conscience Pet  products are made in the U.S.A. and come from grass-fed, free-range, or organically fed sources. They create healthy and tasty treats for cats, dogs, and ferrets, too.

Found Animals Foundation  is the place to find all of your information about adopting a pet or finding a home for a stray. They supply information on pet adoption, pet care, pet spay and neuter, pet identification, and how to get involved with the cause.

Jenny Clip, is the device that allows every woman to go from heels to flats right after work, without having to change their pants. Jenny Clip is the fashion accessory that is stylish and oh-so-smart. Perfect for suit pants after a long day at the office, jeans after a long night out, or any other time you need to make a quick change, without wanting to drag your heels about town. You can grab a pair.

Kiss Products, Inc. lets you bring the salon home! Kiss has been known for their amazing nail products, nail art, false eyelashes, and tools to help you apply your product.

Found Animals Foundation is the place to find all of your information about adopting a pet or finding a home for a stray. They supply information on pet adoption, pet care, pet spay and neuter, pet identification,

Other sponsor companies that were handpicked to participate in the Secret Room Events Red Carpet Style Lounge included Tahiti Legends, Tadrai Hotel, Air Pacific, Advanced Home Actives, My, Puma, Gregory Mikaelian and Sons, Inc., Rococo Fine Foods Inc., thinkThin,  Kiss Products, Inc., Clear Conscience Pet, Jenny Clip, Amaloa, Herbal Answers, Inc, Chocolat Skin Care, Kelly Hong Dental Corporation, Emtage Hair, Toby and Max Jewelry, Bangkok Dermatology Center Co, Ltd., Clairvoyant Beauty, Found Animals Foundation, Basic Books, Buddy Meals Int'l Inc., Making It More, Arm Pocket Enterprises, Caribbean Living Magazine, Loudmouth Golf, Sweet Petunia Clothing, Discreet Green Services, LLC., Fanny Wang Headphone Co., Paradiza Swimwear, Thorlo, Inc.,  Bunches and Bunches, Pajama Sutra, Gelaskins, Fitlips, Luna Bar, Hepp's Salt Barrel, CA Botana Int.,, Bella Mira Essential Oils, Quincy Bioscience, Blackstone, Cliff Bar, Kozmo Pets,  Chaacoca, Bella Una, Neolia, Justins Butter, Candace Kelly, Good4You, Maui Maid Teriyaki Marinade, Herff Christiansen, Revision Skincare, Alaska Mist, Green and Blacks, Pet Head, Blue Ridge Gypsy, Shop NBC (Valuevision Media), Martin's Marvelous Naturals, Kraft Foods/Mio, Eucalyptus Clothing, POSHAQ, Krickette, Ever, Vaseline, Oneoneonezero and Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals/Z-Distribution.

The TV stars and VIP’s were having a hard time getting around the crowded suites, but in the end, they received fabulous gifts that, I’m sure, made them all feel like winners.

For more information on sponsorship for an upcoming event, please contact Amy Boatwright [email protected]

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