Roger Neal Style Hollywood 19th Annual Beauty & Couture Academy Award Suite Review – An Oscar Prelude

Roger Neal and Academy Award nominees seem to go hand in hand over the years and 2015 was no different. The 19th Annual Roger Neal Style Hollywood Beauty & Couture Academy Award Suite held over three days at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills had ten Oscar nominees and over 150 stars in attendance including Oscar winner Alexander Dinelarias, who won for best screenplay for “Birdman.”

The list of celebrities attending the suite was lengthy including; Diane Warren, Danielle Brisebois, each nominated for best original song, Max Fry, nominated for best screenplay “Foxcatcher,” along with Lea Thompson, Paul Sorvino and many more. While you not only witnessed these stars walking the Red Carpet on Oscar night, you were also likely to see appearances from the new gowns from Rhonda Shear Couture, which made their debut at the suite. Iva Schell, widow of Oscar winner Maxmillion Schell, came to the suite already with a gown picked out, but she fell in love with a gown from Rhonda Shear Couture and wore that gown to the Oscars. In addition you were likely to see Timmy Woods Beverly Hills handbags on the Red Carpet, which were also featured at the suite.

Lea Thompson (Photo: Glen Lipton)

Laura Dern – Nominated Best Support Actress “Wild” (Photo: Glen Lipton)

Over the three day event, stars were pampered with beauty treatments such as healthy spray tanning from Tanique to help them prepare for the big evening and guests also enjoyed massages from Brynn Cannon, massage therapist. While guests were treated to so many amazing things, the event also was put on to benefit Hollygrove.

Hollygrove, the official charity this year of the Roger Neal Style Hollywood 19th Annual Beauty & Couture Academy Award Suite, has more than 140 years of experience providing mental health and social services for children, foster youth and families in crisis. Hollygrove provides services to over 720 children and their families each year on their campus, featuring such programs as; Endless Summer afterschool program, summer day camp, Family Search and Engagement and Project Fatherhood parent groups. In addition to being part of the event, Hollygrove was gifted a gorgeous painting of Marilyn Monroe for the charity by Mario Della Casa. For more information visit: Hollygrove.


Famed Artist Mario Della Casa also unveiled his one-of-a-kind FREDDIE THE FLUTE from the iconic children’s series H.R. Pufinstuf, created by Sid and Marty Krofft. This FREDDIE THE FLUTE is encrusted with diamonds valued at over $250,000 and one star will take it to the Oscars for good luck. Marty Krofft  the co-creator of H.R. Pufinstuf, Land of The Lost,  The Bugaloo and other show was on hand for the unveiling on February 19th. Mario also unveiled in celebration of the I DREAM OF JEANNIE television series, a special I Dream of Jeannie Bottle, also a one of a kind creation.

Other than actually winning an Oscar, the next most important thing is how good you look on the red carpet. Rhonda Shear introduced her new line of Shear Couture evening dresses and they quickly became a hit at the suite and on the red carpet.

Rhonda Shear

Some other fashion highlights from the suite included; Lea Thompson wearing a gown by Maricela David on Oscar Night,Raju Rasiah and nubra unveiled a $500,000 dollar bra covered in diamonds , their were beautiful handbags from Timmy Woods Beverly Hills and also from Madeline Beth Handbags.

Other products to make sure that everyone looked their best included; NueLash, which helps fortify lashes against damage while also nourishing them; Shelly Hill of Sparkle Nails was providing manicures and pedicures; Renee Taylor’s Face Love, which provides a facelift without the surgery and Grounded Beauty, which is a pure silver pillow case which allows you to sleep better while keeping wrinkles away.

Paul Sorvino (Photo: Glen Lipton)

While not everyone could walk away with an Oscar or get to carry the magical FREDDIE THE FLUTE to the Oscars, everyone did get to go home with the amazing chocolate Oscar that was created by Niagra’s Honeymoon Sweets in New York.  The creator of the chocolate Oscar awards, Mary Ann Hess, also creates edible picture frames and simply some of the best gourmet chocolate around! For more information visit: Niagra’s Honeymoon Sweets.

Niagra's Honeymoon Sweets

Mary's Cake Shop was the official bakery of the Roger Neal Suite for the 3rd year in a row and there is little question why. A stunning cake that was embossed with the Oscar nominee films, the cake itself looked to perfect to eat, but then after one bite and seeing that it tasted as good as it looked, it quickly disappeared. Mary’s can design a cake for any occasion and you will find the quality and flavor of whatever cake you choose is unparalleled. For more information visit: Mary’s Cake Shop.

Mary's Cake Shop with their amazing Oscar cake

Pairing the perfect rooftop setting of the Luxe with all of the tasty treats at the suite, this made for the perfect relaxing experience leading up to the Oscars. Presidential Chef Kurt Ehrlich along with Jeannettes Edelweiss restaurant provided a gourmet dining experience topped off by their authentic apple streusel. Brand new to Thousand Oaks, Jeannettes Edelweiss provides a true German dining experience. To go along with this great food, guests were treated to wine and champagne from Lorimar Winery in Temecula. To cool down while taking in the Southern California sun, guests could drink Starfire Water, the official water of the suite and one that is becoming so popular you can find it back stage at some of the biggest concert venues. Brazilian Sweets Glamour Bombonier was providing some flavorful chocolate treats to finish off the afternoon. Longshot Coffee was serving as assortment of speicalty drinks for guests.

Lorimar Wine & Champagne

Starfire Water

Brazilian Sweets Glamour Bombonier with Jake Busey

Longshot Coffee

For those guests looking for that fresh out of the sun glow, but don’t want the damage that the sun can cause, Tanique was offering their healthy spray tanning formula in the suite. An amazingly healthy way to get a tan, this is a service that can come directly to your home.


Getting ready for the big day can be more than a little stressful, so take help make sure guests were relaxed and comfortable, Brynn Cannon, Massage Therapist, was giving guests a rooftop massage.  Twenty minutes with Brynn feels as good as an hour with most massage therapists.

Brynn Cannon Massage Therapist

Dr. Bruce MacFarlane of STAR MAKER BEVERLY HILLS ORTHODONTICS, the official orthodontist of the suite, was sharing his WINE TO WHITE Instant Teeth whitener that will remove red wine stains and coffee stains instantly to give you the perfect red carpet smile. For more information visit: Star Maker Beverly Hills

Star Maker Beverly Hills Orthodontics

Donkeyland is a rescue center for donkeys and wild burros that have been abandoned or injured and are given a second chance at the rescue center. Donkeyland was inviting people out to the rescue center to experience all of the amazing work that they do. For more information visit: Donkeyland.

Nadia Khalil Bradley was gifting her book “Original Love” and Lisa Luxen was gifting her book “Black Sally.”

Nadia Khalil Bradley

Nominees and star gift bags contained; couture jewelry, couture gown, gourmet chocolates, couture handbag, couture Lingerie, Art from Mario Della Casa and a $10k stay at the Belleek Castle in Ireland.

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