Red Carpet Events LA 2014 Grammy Awards Gifting Suite – The Biggest Weekend in Music

As the music world began to to take over Los Angeles for the 2014 Grammy Awards, Red Carpet Events LA put on their annual festive Grammy Gifting Suite on the rooftop of the W Hotel in Westwood on Friday to get the weekend started. It would be hard to top this day of celebrating the Grammy Awards as guests had a beautiful sunny Southern California afternoon, amazing drinks, fashion, electronics, health products and more, everyone left this event in a joyous mood!

The African Millennium Foundation was the charity beneficiary for this Red Carpet Events LA Grammy Event. The African Millennium Foundation helps to promote health, education, economic development and social change while also strengthening civil societies by empowering women and children. The African Millennium Foundation is currently working on the “Apron Project” to help introduce solar ovens with related microcredit enterprises to the women of Mozambique and also “Girls Helping Girls” which empowers young girls orphaned by AIDS through jewelry making. For more information visit The African Millennium Foundation

African Millennium Foundation

Purity Organic was sampling and gifting some of their flavorful drinks including; iced tea and lemonade, strawberry lemonade, grapeade and their organic coconut water. Coconut water has become a huge trend lately in the fitness world for all of the benefits that it provides, including five essential electrolytes, but that fact you know you are getting an organic version will make this taste even better as you drink it. Purity Organic not only gives you an organic drink, but they make sure you get an amazingly tasty drink as well. For more information visit Purity Organic

Purity Organic

Guests who wanted that unique jewelry piece that would set them apart from the crowd were introduced to Ruby Roxanne Designs. Ruby Argresta has been creating unique pieces for twenty years and the high quality and great look has made her a hit among celebrities.  For more information visit Ruby Roxanne Designs

Ruby Roxanne Designs

Devotion Vodka was providing some amazing cocktails that paired fresh fruit with a variety of their flavored gluten free and sugar free vodkas. Devotion comes in such flavors as blood orange, wild cherry and black & blue, providing you with the perfect vodka flavors to make any cocktail that you desire. The 80-proof Devotion is the first and only sugar-free and gluten free vodka on the market, so if you are looking for something other than your typical vodka, give Devotion a try. For more information visit Devotion Vodka

Devotion Vodka

Joy and Mario introduced guests to their line of footwear that merges casual with high fashion. A beautiful line of shoes that you could use for any walk of life, but they have such a beautiful design and style that people would be asking you about what you are wearing. The stylish shoes were so popular guests weren’t just leaving with them, they were leaving in them. For more information visit Joy and Mario Shoes.

Joy & Mario Shoes

With such beautiful designs it was no wonder that their was a long line to check out the fashion line that Nredom Snoitome was gifting. Beautiful dresses, sweaters and jackets that would be perfect for any occasion, the only problem was trying to decide which item to choose from. Nredom Snoitome was also celebrating the fact that they will have their grand opening on February 7th. For more information visit Nredom Snoitome

Ronaldo Designer Jewelry was gifting their stunning bracelets for men or women. These gorgeous pieces are all made in the United States and are created from the artistic mind of Ronaldo. What you are going to find when you purchase a piece from Ronaldo Jewelry is you have something that is more than jewelry, it is a creation, a piece of art that you wear on your wrist. Not only do you get handcrafted items but you can also work to have your own one-of-a-kind piece created depending on what you are looking for. For more information visit Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

Splash Magazines Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Davis with his new bracelet from Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

Guests who were looking for that high end yet casual look were gifted clothing from Felio Siby. This stylish brand of handmade clothing that is made exclusively in America, but incorporates a sense of African, European and American culture was a popular among all guests.  Felio Siby uses the finest fabrics for their jeans, shirts, bermuda shorts, cargo pants and t-shirts. For more information visit Felio Siby.

Felio Siby Clothing

Who is not looking for a little edge when it comes to maintaining your proper body weight? A great new product to the United States comes from Appethyl, Go Green Stay Lean, which is an all-natural appetite suppressing product created from spinach. You can mix a spoonful with almost anything from iced tea to water and you will quickly notice a reduction in hunger. In addition to reducing your appetite, it also has shown to reduce blood sugar and insulin levels. For more information visit Appethyl.

Go Green Stay Lean

Elin Bianco was gifting products to make sure each guest would look their best for those red carpet moments with their line of hair care products. Elin Bianco offers an assortment of products including; hair perfume, treatment serum, treatment mask, treatment shampoo and treatment conditioner all of which are enriched with 100% organic palm kernel oil and a unique blend of five other oils. These products are meant to leave your hair feeling light, clean and beautiful and your hair will quickly become addicted to Elin Bianco. For more information visit Elin Bianco.

Elin Bianco

Whitey Boards was gifting an assortment of their dry erase products. Unique designs such as clouds and notepads that are reuseable, Whitey Boards are also a great product for the environment. For more information visit Whitey Boards

Body Shots Tequila was introducing guests to the new and more flavorful way to enjoy a shot of tequila. No more of the salt and lime that is so commonly known to be used with a shot of tequila, Body Shots Tequila has created a sweeter way to go. First you lick the Body Shots Tequila “Body Candy,” take your shot of tequila and then take a bite of an orange. Once you try tequila this way there is no turning back. For more information visit Body Shots Tequila

Body Shots Tequila

Geek Eyewear made geek look cool for Grammy Weekend with their stylish collection of glasses. Coming in a wide assortment of colors and versions for both men and women these are the perfect accessory if you want to change your look. For more information visit Geek Eyewear.

Geek Eyewear

Nuwati was gifting their wide assortment of Nuwati Herbals. Guests were loving the Healer Tea, a great product that will help you with immune system support for sinus, allergies, colds and headaches. For more information visit Nuwati Herbals.

Nuwati Herbals

Anytime you can avoid a prescription or an over-the-counter medicine that has way to many ingredients, you know you are better off for it. Bio Terra Herbs is the perfect alternative as they have created a line of herbal supplements that are vegan, 100% natural and the herbs are engulfed in vegetarian capsules. Guests were gifted an assortment of Bio Terra Herbs including; immunity, help from snoring, detox, digestion and many more. If you are looking for an alternative way to stay healthy, visit Bio Terra Herbs.

Bio Terra

Bo-Po Nail Polish nail polish was recently purchased by Worx Toys and they have resurrected this unique nail polish. Bo-Po is the easiest to use nail polish around, you put it on and when you want to take it off, you just peel it off. No need for chemicals or nail products, it comes off just as easy as it went on. If you want a different look after lunch, simply peel off and apply a new color. Bo-Po is the easiest to use fashion accessory around. For more information on Bo-Po, visit Worx Toys.

Bo-Po Nail Polish

Monster DNA headphones were introducing guests to the amazing sound that you will hear once you put these headphones on. Created by Noel Lee, the man behind Beats by Dr. Dre™, these headphones have quickly taken off as the headphone to have if you want quality sound. For more information visit Monster DNA

Monster DNA

Awards season is always busy and to help guests unwind and relax Tikkun Holistic Spa was gifting visits to their spa in Santa Monica. The Tikkun Spa has it all, from the steam room to a clay room, sauna, reflexology mats and an ice room just to get you started. Tikkun also offers some unique services such as a detox facial, Korean body scrub and a number of massages to choose from. If you are looking for a truly relaxing experience visit Tikkun Holistic Spa.

Rafia Cooper was gifting some of the beautiful pieces that she has designed for her Rafia Jewelry Collection. Her designs quickly caught the eye of Hollywood and have been popular ever since as she showcases designs that are not only inspired by nature, but they are quick to catch your eye with the use of rich colored gems and stones. Keep your eyes open for the Rafia Collection on the red carpet or in the latest fashion show, for more information visit Rafia Jewelry Collection.

Rafia Jewelry Collection

To find our more about Red Carpet Events LA and the work they do with celebrity product placement, gifting suites, gift bags, red carpet events, product launches, marketing and event planning, visit Red Carpet Events LA.



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